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  1. THEORY - THANK YOU! Sorry for taking a couple weeks to respond but I was traveling when you responded to my question and it wasn't until today that I was able to try your suggestion. The switch worked perfectly using the wiring you suggested. Surprising to me that the red lead in the house goes unused so that was throwing me off in all my attempts. Your help is greatly appreciated. Based on my reading, I understand that the 2-button keypad I installed in the second location will not operate the lights (like the switch does currently) until things are programmed and the keypad is "paired" w
  2. Hi all, I'm sorry if this is another in line of 3-way questions but this had me stumped. I'm have 4 exterior garage sconce lights with cfl bulbs on a 3-way circuit with switch1/box1 inside the front door foyer and switch2/box2 in the garage. I'm trying to get these exterior lights onto a c4 switch and 2button keypad so I can time/dusk to dawn them. My task is complicated since each of my switch locations shares a double gang box with another sitch for another circuit. My issue; - the double gang box in the garage has one switch for the garage interior lights and one 3-way switch for the e
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