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  1. I figured it out. Wire COM to Ground and NO to Zone 3 which is setup for normally open relays. Make sure you add the end of line resistor. I simple bent the resistor into a U shape and you put one side in the ground on the panel and the other to Zone 3
  2. OK so I do have a question. On the Concord 4 panel I am using zone 1 so there is a ground terminal and a Zone1 terminal. The hc800 has COM, NO, and NC. I am wanting to wire as normally open so that if the power goes out my alarm doesn't go off while it still has power via the battery. I'm not sure if I have the wiring wrong because the relay driver on toggle mode causes the panel to see it open and then closed about a second later and the opposite if I invert the driver. I expected me closing the relay to cause the panel to read as if I opened the window and stay that way until I open the relay. Can someone explain how I need to wire this?
  3. In composer I don't see how to trigger the alarm in programming. I have ComposerPro so I have access to everything. I am a developer by trade so I have the programming worked out in my head but the only thing holding me back is to force the Concord 4 into an alarm state and I just can't find a way to do that. I thought about creating a duress code because I could just send the code through the director but then I read that the duress code is a silent alarm which will not work for what I want to do. What I want to do is say that if my nyce door/window sensor opens then trigger the alarm. I have a bunch of windows I will put sensors on and when the system is armed i want any of them being opened to trigger it immediately so I'm OK with crude programming that doesn't take groups on the Concord into consideration or report a zone. I guess if there is no other way then I would have to look into using a wireless contact relay wired to a zone on the panel and close the relay when any of my ZigBee door/window sensors open. Any help you could give would be awesome, thanks!
  4. Sorry I think I must not have explained it well. I was wanting c4 sensors to be able trigger the alarm so I guess even if c4 sensors tripping could just send the serial code to trigger the alarm like a panic then that would work
  5. So just to be clear, there isn't a way outside of what you mentioned to have a Control4 sensor programmatically send a code through the serial connection to trigger the alarm to go off?
  6. So I finally got my concord4 and automation module hooked up and everything is working. My question is if I can add some of my zigbee sensors like my door sensors, motion, etc. to my project and connect those to zones in the security panel so that they will actually trigger that zone to fault just as if the sensor connected to the panel had tripped itself.
  7. Stop crying over it lol. You hijacked my thread and I tried to give you as detailed of a response as I knew and now I'm just trying to get it back on track so I can get some answers.
  8. So now that we have that out of the way, can anyone help out with what model number of Concord 4 I should be looking for?
  9. Ah I see what you mean. Here is my insight on that, pro is only given to dealers and others tied to a dealer account because it is a way to trap customers and force them to call the dealer, for a fee of course, to make any little change. It's the dealers way of making sure that they always have you in their pocket. Part of the employee thing is that they just throw the stuff at you but you get zero support or install help from the company. I am pretty tech savvy and am a developer by trade and I don't think it was horrible to learn and wasn't too advanced. The last time I looked at composer he just for fun, it was by appearance and functionality the same as pro up to the point of adding stuff or changing configuration which is where the dealer wants you to call them, more money in their pocket. I love Control4 but I honestly think that dealers aren't necessary to a degree. I think they would have an incredible future doing consumer sales directly for the diy guy or through a dealer. When I launch pro, every 3 weeks or so it forces me to reenter my "dealer" credentials and it authenticates my account every time I launch it.
  10. Not sure what you are getting at but like mentioned above, you can have a valid composer pro. My wife works for Control4 so we get free access
  11. Any advice on the model number I should be getting for the Concord 4? I'm totally lost
  12. So the vendor I went through didn't ever ship the Concord 4 so I canceled my order with them. I'm going to find a new place to order from but I wanted to know what is the model number I should be looking for since there seems to be many versions of the Concord 4.
  13. What model number are you going to get on the concord4?
  14. Awesome, thanks for the clarification. Hopefully it won't take long to get the parts in so I can get started.
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