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  1. If you are budget conscious, suggest you explore decoupling alarm monitoring from your Control4 dealer. I pay a local company in my area $17/mo for cellular monitoring with no contract. At that price, I was not motivated to try and DIY the cellular connection. If internet based monitoring is acceptable for you, there are options that come at $0 monthly fee. Any monitoring company should be able to switch you over.
  2. Where are you located? Do you pay the alarm monitoring fee directly to the monitoring company or to your C4 dealer? What is your basis for saying that all changes must go through the C4 dealer?
  3. I am also very tech savvy and a fan of DIY when possible. My C4 system is integrated with a DSC alarm and I recently changed monitoring companies. If you are only changing the monitoring (as I did), there was no work required in C4. The new monitoring company just replaced the cellular communication box with a new brand with their own SIM and did a bit of alarm programming. And honestly, not sure you will save any money trying to use a T-Mobile sim vs using what they provide. My new provider charged me $89 to do this and did not even require a contract. Is your current system monitored by ADT? From what I remember in past research, those systems can be locked down pretty hard to limit the ability to take the equipment to another provider. Not sure about your specific model tho. Good luck!
  4. My IrrigationCaddy kept crashing and I thought I fixed it by disabling the IC cloud but then it kept losing its IP address. I recently replaced it with a Rachio2 and have been super pleased with the upgrade. Agree 100% about being worth the switch.
  5. Just figured it out. I am very strict about not allowing apps notification ability on iOS. When I went into iOS settings and allowed notifications for the Control4 app, the device appeared in control4.com and I was able to get it working.
  6. I am just now getting around to trying to make push notifications work. I am running 2.10 and have multiple devices appear on customer.control4.com under Account->Devices. But when I go to Automation -> Notifications I get the following message: No mobile devices on your account which support notifications. Please install or upgrade the Control4 application on your mobile device. What do I need to do in order to get push notifications working? All devices are iOS and have the latest app installed.
  7. Are you sure about this? All of my dimmers are legacy on 2.10 and all of the features you described still work on my system.
  8. Are you sure the factory reset worked? Which exact model did you purchase? Only the HC-300C has the factory restore feature (the rest require a USB stick).
  9. I have a couple legacy dimmers where the toggle is losing its crispness... meaning the nice click is gone and it is sometimes unclear if the on/off action has been initiated. I have several embernet switches laying around that are no good to me - has anyone taken a dimmer apart to see if the radio can be swapped into a newer (or better functioning) body? Or found a way to clean the inside contacts to regain the click?
  10. Just purchased 2 brand new LDZ-102 white dimmers only to find out they are still on embernet. They have been powered up but are otherwise in mint condition. Face plates included. I paid $120 for the pair but make me an offer.
  11. Depending on your capability, find an online dealer (several are on this forum), do the physical install yourself, and have them remote connect for all programming. It can be done - I have never had a dealer set foot in my house and I probably saved thousands.
  12. I just bought the Roku Premiere+ and am very pleased. I chose the Premiere+ because of 4k support (future proofing) and the built in ethernet since I prefer hardwired over wifi.
  13. Have you considered LTS Security cameras? Many if not all of their cameras are Hikvision hardware with unique firmware developed and supported by LTS (a US company). I have several turrets and could not be happier with them. Great firmware support, a local US office that is very responsive, and they were significantly cheaper than Hikvision. Go read up on IPCamTalk.com if you are interested. I got mine from a member over there named milkisbad.
  14. I would do some troubleshooting on your home network first. Try pinging the controller's IP next time you are having problems to verify the connection is still active. Also try rebooting your network equipment (router, modem, etc) instead of the controller and see what that does. Can you log in with Composer after emails stop? Check these and you should be able to get closer to isolating the problem.
  15. I have had a CardAccess Wireless Contact Sensor running on batteries for a while and recently added a Wireless Relay to the same area. The relay requires a power supply and it looks like the power requirements are the same for both devices. Is it possible to power both with a single transformer? I tried hooking them up in series but that did not work. Is it possible? Update: I think I just found my answer. Looks like they have to be wired in parallel (like electrical outlets).
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