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  1. Had the same issue a few months ago - but loud hum / noise through some of my speakers. I think its the audio matrix which is at fault as i am not even able to power it up and identify it. Trying to replace it with a used matrix in hopes that it addresses the issue - will know in a few weeks....
  2. I am using the Control4 versions of Sinope Thermostats to control my electric baseboards in the basement - and they work perfectly with their Control4 drivers. I can't imagine the plain Zigbee versions of the thermostats will work as the Control4 Zigbee protocol is a modified/proprietary version of the Zigbee protocol.
  3. Biggest difference is that the older Pulse (black) hub connects to C4 via RS232 / serial port while Pulse 2 (white) hub connects via IP. This is huge as it gives you a lot more flexibility in terms of where you can place the hub (ideally centrally to all the shades you are controlling). Also, Pulse 2 can do sunset / sunrise based scheduling directly via the Rollease app, which I don't think the old Pulse hub could (it could only do it based on absolute time). I also think the Pulse 2 app now supports iPad natively. Here is a detailed comparison https://www.rolleaseacmeda.com/d
  4. Is there feedback from the fan via this driver?
  5. About a year ago, I had contacted Foxun about this exact model (SX-MX12B) and they had mentioned that they have Control4 drivers for it - IP based as well as serial based. Is that not the case? And how is it working for you?
  6. I tried this and it didn't work - same driver as the one online...
  7. Hi there - can you post the link the driver? Having the same issue. Thanks
  8. Hi all I am installing a Zigbee 2 IO module (C4-Z2IO) to sense the temperature within a cabinet and based on the temperature, I want to control a 240V Control4 Wireless Puck Switch (C4-SM201-Z) on/off to essentially control a vent. I know that the Z2IO has a relay built-in that could potentially control the 240V vent directly, but the vent is already on the C4 switch. I would also like the current temperature to be displayed at all times. What's the best set of drivers to be able to do this? Would I be able to set the on/off temperature via the touchscree
  9. Would the Bitbucket IP driver work with an old Panasonic plasma model TC-P50GT25? Thanks
  10. Does the fan speed vary according to the dimmer or are there preset speeds that you can program (off, low, med, high, etc.)?
  11. Hi all I know there are Zigbee based temperature sensors (like Z2IO, etc.) that integrate with Contol4... But I am looking for a WiFi based temperature sensor that could be integrated into Control4 for sensing the temperature and turning a fan/off via a relay. Again Zigbee is not an option as the location is too far from the EA5 and there are no other Zigbee devices in the system - so I don't want to start adding repeaters just for this one device. Any suggestions? Thanks
  12. I have no experience with a VOIP PBX. I have no influence with other tenants - so, that doesn't seem like a feasible route. I guess I will leave the security desk as a separate phone line/system for now.. Thanks all...
  13. Hi guys I have a DS2 door station (no keypad) and a dedicated Yale deadbolt. When the door bell is pressed and the video shows up on the T3 intercom screen, is there a button or something that can be enabled to potentially unlock the Yale deadbolt? Thanks
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