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  1. Agreed - but as I recollect the price difference is significant.
  2. @time2jet - Trying to PM you - but says you can't receive any messages...
  3. Wanted to cross-reference the other post that I started in which I got the issue resolved. https://www.c4forums.com/topic/37532-ds2-login-after-factory-reset/?tab=comments#comment-293908
  4. Thanks @Cyknight - your steps worked like a charm. The only couple additional points to note, in case someone else runs into a similar issue: After the DS2 reset, I think my unit used to be assigned a static IP address of and I had to hit the doorbell 15 times to switch it to DHCP. The other thingI is that after the DS2 reset, it took about 15-20 mins for the DS2 to fully boot up and the web UI to be accessible. And I had to configure the DS2 using the following video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC1cKNmFF_Y as there were additional steps in the WebUI configuration beyond the password setting. But I do have a functioning DS2 now - thanks again!
  5. So you are saying that I should delete the DS2 driver in C4, then factory reset the DS2 - which should allow me to login via the Web UI with default userid/pwd and then change the default pwd. Finally add the driver to C4 and change the pwd in the driver. Ok - i will try that and see if it works. Thanks for the tip.
  6. Tried it but since the C4 driver is new - it only has the old default password which isn't authenticating...
  7. Hi all I had to factory reset my DS2 and also delete my DS2 driver from my system. So, how do i log into the Web UI for the DS2? I tried the admin/total... credentials (from the driver documentation) as well as the admin/2n credentials (from the 2N wiki) but they both don't work. The driver documentation says that the the randomly generated password will be listed there, but in Composer, the default password is listed and I get the following output from the driver (when I try to do anything in it - auto config, factory reset, restart, etc.): ------ Proxy -----> [5003 (Intercom)/CURRENT_STATE_CHANGED]: { CURRENT_STATE = 0 } [NOTIFY] gSipPort not available... Retrieving gSipPort... Subscribe Unsuccessful: { "success" : false, "error" : { "code" : 9, "description" : "authorisation required" } } And the apitest.html on the IP address of the driver also asks for credentials - the only thing I was able to get without credentials was this: { "success" : true, "result" : { "variant" : "Control4 DS2 Door Station", "variantId" : 14, "customerId" : 6, "serialNumber" : "xx-xxxx-xxxx", "macAddr" : "zz-zz-zz-zz-zz-zz", "hwVersion" : "570v5", "swVersion" : "", "buildType" : "", "deviceName" : "Control4 DS2 Door Station" } } So, what are the right credentials for the DS2 after a factory reset and a new driver? Thanks
  8. But what do I do if I deleted the driver from Composer and I factory reset the DS2 - how do i find out the password or set it to something I choose? Thanks...
  9. Hi all Looks like I am in the same boat. I believe I was beyond the firmware (the firmware when they instituted the changing of the default pwd) but was having issues with the DS2 being unresponsive. So, I decided to factory reset the DS2 and now I can't login to the Web UI with the default userid/pwd - it just says incorrect userid or pwd. I need to go in there to make it not use as the IP address but use DHCP instead. And since its not using DHCP and my network is on 10.x.y.z, C4 can't see it either. I don't think reverting back to an older C4 backup will help either, because now the DS2 is factory reset. Looks like I am in a chicken-or-egg situation... The only thing I can think of is changing my entire network to and trying to see if C4 can identify it and give me the userid/pwd (assuming that its somehow not the default). But that will be a crazy amount of effort as all my devices are using DHCP reservations on MAC addresses Any other ideas - please help? Thanks in advance...
  10. So whats the difference between Plaun II (https://www.everfocus.com/product/ins.php?index_m1_id=3&index_m2_id=28&index_m3_id=85&index_id=702) and Netco (https://www.everfocus.com/product/ins.php?index_m1_id=3&index_m2_id=28&index_m3_id=85&index_id=719)? Is the PALUN II POE while the the NETCO Ethernet only?
  11. Anyone have an update on this? I am interested in a driver for Infomir Mag 424 W3 IPTV box. Thanks
  12. Had the same issue a few months ago - but loud hum / noise through some of my speakers. I think its the audio matrix which is at fault as i am not even able to power it up and identify it. Trying to replace it with a used matrix in hopes that it addresses the issue - will know in a few weeks....
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