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  1. Hi Is there any way to re-image a T3 touchscreen? I have one that frequently locks up and want to rule out any software issues prior to replacing it with new hardware. I am assuming the factory reset doesn't really re-image the base OS and configuration. Thanks
  2. FWIW - For my last house, I did replace the Yale Real Living Deadbolt cylinders to mul-t-lock MT5+ cylinders (https://www.mul-t-lock-online.com/store/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=230) And you can key them in a lot of different configurations (keyed alike, different, etc.) Mul-t-lock also has these other retrofit cylinders that could be used: https://www.mul-t-lock-online.com/store/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=231
  3. I too used Sinope Thermostats with Zigbee on my electrical baseboard heaters and they have worked great.
  4. Is there a way to know the hardware version from the unit's label?
  5. Would love to know that myself too!
  6. I am in the same boat with 2 dead WB-600 units - willing to offer some incentive if some dealer wants to help be the liaison with SnapAV. Thanks
  7. Hi Do you know if this driver will work for Vizio M75-C1 TV? Thanks
  8. The product is making major claims - of being able to support 18Gbps, is YUV444 compliant and has C4 drivers - not to mention an excellent price for the package as well. Any folks here who have tried this product? Thanks
  9. Can you please let me know what the KB article number is? Thanks
  10. Hi guys In case it is helpful for anyone, I had electric baseboard heating and found Sinope Technologies that provides a high-voltage thermostat that works with Control4. They also have switches & dimmers that are almost 1/3 - 1/4 the price of their C4 equivalents. The switches & dimmers are visually not that appealing, have no color flexibility on the facelate, and have less control4 over the LEDs on the device. I have got the thermostat, switches and dimmers all installed and working well with Control4. I haven't done any programming with it - but don't see a reason that it won't work. They also have a few other devices that like electrical load controller, water leak detector, and a water control valve - but I believe they don't have Control4 drivers for them as yet - only a SmartThings driver. In case, it is helpful for someone - here is a link to all the Zigbee products that they offer: https://www.sinopetech.com/en/product-category/products/our-products-zigbee/ Enjoy! PS - In case it matters to anyone, I am not affiliated with them in any way - just a happy customer (so far at least)...
  11. Hi guys I have a gas fireplace that I would like to automate, and was looking for a fireplace switch. If someone has one, can you please PM me? Thanks
  12. Finally got it working by reverting to an old backup - I guess something got corrupted somewhere over time. But DS2 still keeps switching from offline to online - not sure what is going on.
  13. Hi all My DS2 door station and my T3 touchscreens all seem to be offline - the intercom mentions "Station Offline" when I try to make a call or connect with another touchscreen or the door station. I have tried power cycling the touchscreens and the EA5 controller (as well as the Ubiquiti Edgerouter and my Zyxel Network Switch) in various orders of sequence - but the issue remains. Strangely enough, the camera of the DS2 works fine and the touchscreens are able to do other functions fine - so I doubt its a network issue. I am running the latest OS if it matters. The DS2 door bell not working is my most immediate concern. Thoughts on what issue it could be? Thanks
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