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  1. Does the fan speed vary according to the dimmer or are there preset speeds that you can program (off, low, med, high, etc.)?
  2. Hi all I know there are Zigbee based temperature sensors (like Z2IO, etc.) that integrate with Contol4... But I am looking for a WiFi based temperature sensor that could be integrated into Control4 for sensing the temperature and turning a fan/off via a relay. Again Zigbee is not an option as the location is too far from the EA5 and there are no other Zigbee devices in the system - so I don't want to start adding repeaters just for this one device. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. I have no experience with a VOIP PBX. I have no influence with other tenants - so, that doesn't seem like a feasible route. I guess I will leave the security desk as a separate phone line/system for now.. Thanks all...
  4. Hi guys I have a DS2 door station (no keypad) and a dedicated Yale deadbolt. When the door bell is pressed and the video shows up on the T3 intercom screen, is there a button or something that can be enabled to potentially unlock the Yale deadbolt? Thanks
  5. That is the fallback - would love to not have more equipment on the wall or a table. Not just aesthetically but also won't confuse folks trying to answer the security phone vs the landline. I am intrigued by the SIP integration "experiment"...
  6. Sorry, but that is not possible - are there any other options?
  7. Hi all I have a weird question - tried searching the forum but couldn't find anything close to my issue - so here goes... I have a C4 installation in a condo in a larger apartment complex. There is a security desk downstairs that has the ability to call each individual condo via a phone line (or so it seems - don't know how its done as there is no dedicated phone number for each location). The easy option for me is to get a 2-line phone system (1 for the landline and 1 for this intercom to the security desk). But I'd rather have the security desk integrated into my C4 system as an intercom - I would like to make audio-only intercom calls from the C4 touchscreen / mobile app to the security desk and vice-versa. Is that possible? If so, do i need special hardware? Thanks
  8. Hi Is there any way to re-image a T3 touchscreen? I have one that frequently locks up and want to rule out any software issues prior to replacing it with new hardware. I am assuming the factory reset doesn't really re-image the base OS and configuration. Thanks
  9. FWIW - For my last house, I did replace the Yale Real Living Deadbolt cylinders to mul-t-lock MT5+ cylinders (https://www.mul-t-lock-online.com/store/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=230) And you can key them in a lot of different configurations (keyed alike, different, etc.) Mul-t-lock also has these other retrofit cylinders that could be used: https://www.mul-t-lock-online.com/store/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=231
  10. I too used Sinope Thermostats with Zigbee on my electrical baseboard heaters and they have worked great.
  11. Is there a way to know the hardware version from the unit's label?
  12. Would love to know that myself too!
  13. I am in the same boat with 2 dead WB-600 units - willing to offer some incentive if some dealer wants to help be the liaison with SnapAV. Thanks
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