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  1. Whether or not it's a fully supported door station with control4, you can most likely still bring that door station into blue iris. It depends if blue iris supports it.... which is more likely than not.
  2. There are a couple of great 3rd party driver options for sale on blackwire. 24 cameras in blue iris would require a decent computer to process all that. Keep that in mind. If your dealer is unfamiliar with this type of integration, I can offer remote service to set it up.
  3. Maybe. Depends how bad the train wreck is Sent from my BBB100-1 using Tapatalk
  4. Something different worked for me once..... I can't remember for sure but I think it took an extremely long hold of the ID button after plugging in and magic happened after.
  5. I never had this problem with an older FireTV but quite frequently with a FireTV stick. Switched to Roku shortly after.
  6. It is a retrofit so always expect a few hiccups. Keep in mind that in 2003 it may not have been code in your state for electricians to run neutral wires to ALL the switch box locations. You will most certainly find them in multi-gang boxes but not always in the single gang (if it wasn't code at the time). Not having a neutral at a switch box location means that you no longer can use a C4 switch (not to be confused with a dimmer). Dimmers don't always need the neutral but you will almost be guaranteed a smoother dim in both directions with LED lights if an adaptive phase dimmer is used with an available neutral wire. Sometimes you can get away with a forward phase dimmer (without neutral wire) and be pleased with the dimming in both directions or maybe only one. Your dealer should know what lights you have and which lighting devices to select. Some dealers will convert a dimmer to act like a switch (in the software) but I'm not sure how long a dimmer will last when used like this. Maybe well past the warranty. Hard to say.
  7. They're deeper so it can be tricky to fit them in standard or multi gang switch boxes when there's a bit of extra wire inside already. Deeper boxes make it easier. 3 way wiring with C4 is tricky as it isn't wired like traditional 3-way. This stumps almost everybody in the industry until they've done a few.
  8. Yes, the zone will still be on with the echo dot as the source. You could program the room to turn off when audio stops sensing, which will be 10 seconds. OR, you could start a timer when audio stops sensing (2 minutes maybe), and then turn the room off when that timer expires.
  9. stop the stream (alexa, stop). wait 10 seconds. It takes the matrix amp 10 seconds to realize there is no audio before the audio sensing programming will work again. now try starting the stream again. the logic doesn't work the same as "while audio is sensing". the stream has to start from a quiet state
  10. An EA3 and an EA5 has audio sensing on the inputs too. They respond faster than the C4 matrix when audio stops sensing. Eg, it takes the matrix amp about 10 seconds realize audio has stopped sensing while the EA3 and 5 controllers detect it within 2 seconds.
  11. Something must have offended you recently to choose me for a call out that never involved you at all. You've commented and twisted words for no apparent reason other than maybe a guilty conscience. I hope not. I just find this conversation odd and useless.
  12. I did not start a conversation with you. I'm not sure why we're talking in the first place. Thats why your unhealthy obsession with my posts are bothersome. You are still hung up on your mis-interpretation of what "a dealer" means in the context of my sentence. It could be one, a few, or many. It does not automatically mean all. It's possible you're great at your job. I'm not sure if this is what you need in order to move on to hijack another conversation.
  13. I don't remember referencing you specifically or all other dealers. Again, you're mis-interpreting a rather short sentence. Your obsession with me today is a bit alarming.
  14. Why are we arguing? I'm not sure if it's worth going back and forth. My apologies if you're offended. I think the OP just wants a running system. Sent from my BBB100-1 using Tapatalk
  15. However, I highly suggest the end user start with a local dealer and ask many questions and compare quotes (if necessary). Because of this forum, end users can get some info already before meeting a dealer. Sent from my BBB100-1 using Tapatalk
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