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  1. It also works with the card access relay/contact sensors and the Z2IO's. The remote sensor would be an alternative to the internal temp sensor of those devices. Can't use both simultaneously.
  2. The eds driver stopped working around 2 years ago. Sorry for not being clear. I can sell and install any driver. Feel free to pm
  3. You're referencing to the EDS driver. Good luck getting a refund because this driver was free (when it used to work). If you bought the Houselogix MYQ version, the licence code should be in one of your emails. Go buy the cinegration version of MYQ so that you can get the best version available with support.
  4. That is incorrect. You can connect a 3.5mm male to rca audio cable from the mac mini to the end point. It would be an rca audio output connection from the itunes driver. But this all depends if your end point device (matrix, amp, avr) can receive analogue inputs. If not, then you would need an audio converter. Either a digital to analogue converter or vise versa. I know the mac mini can output a digital (toslink) signal too.
  5. I have not tried this yet but is it possible to connect the audio out of the mac mini into the video matrix? This connection needs to be made in your project. I'm not sure if this is the best way to do this but it will isolate the mac mini as a watch and listen device. Ideally you want to bypass the video matrix for just an audio device.
  6. I'm not 100% how you have all this connected but I tend not to use the HDMI output of the itunes driver as I watch my movies with other devices. Ideally you want to have an audio connection from the mac mini either into an audio matrix or into a C4 controller. You need that audio path available to all your rooms. An HDMI connection only makes the itunes driver interface dissapear when playing audio and automatically selects the mac mini as a video source for the rooms.
  7. A Z2IO will detect temperature and humidity without that remote sensor. You can program actions on those readings and the temp and humidity can be set up to display in the navigators. That wired remote temp sensor wire can be used on this device, card access contact/relay sensors, or C4 thermostats as an alternative method to detect temp in a different location but you cannot have both the the internal thermostat and wired remote sensor readings. It's one or the other
  8. I think it was the slap that did the tick Anyways, it might be better to do a 9 button press to factory reset
  9. It's probably on embernet firmware. If it's NOT an WMS10-2, it will for sure be on embernet firmware and will NEVER update to zigbee pro. Slap your "friend" for not telling you this.
  10. Depending on which controller you have, there's a network reset method that could potentially get your controller a new ip address on the same subnet as your temp router. That would be just the start of what may need to be done next.
  11. What I sometimes find interesting is the first attempt to connect fails. Then when you click around and work on other things, by the time you come back to check on the shared folder... it's connected. Although interesting, definitely not funny
  12. iTunes should be in your Listen menu too. Try scrolling there and select music.
  13. Are you selecting iTunes from the Listen menu or Watch?
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