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  1. I have some ethernet only versions of speaker points available for $50 each if anyone is interested. They still work fine.
  2. Because of this, I switched to blue iris. I'm happy with it but I was also happy with Security Spy
  3. Silly question, do you have itunes running and have entered in the 4 digit pairing code there? (0000)
  4. Moving forward, that would be the better option. Downgrading the controller OS just to accomodate an older touch screen wouldn't give you the best experience. T3 touch screen's are MUCH better
  5. I'm pretty sure bookmark favorites disappear if controller OS is updated higher than 2.91.
  6. Is it a guest share with no password?
  7. There are KB articles on this for dealers or installers with access. It's not a 'click once an done' method. I don't mean to rub it in but you're asking a pro question in a diy forum. Try dealer forums.
  8. There's a correct way to do it so that you don't have to start from scratch. This method will also migrate your zigbee mesh over so you don't have to re-id all the devices.
  9. You can run composer he in parallels for mac (minimum windows 7)
  10. Awesome. There's so many good people in these forums, eh?
  11. I'll share with you what ever you find out. Maybe someone else can give you more feedback sooner.
  12. I'm pretty sure neither the free blue iris control4 driver or the paid one (at Houselogix) have motion triggers. I remember it being mentioned in one of these driver docs that it may be supported in the future but I haven't seen it yet. You can try using chowmain's tcp ip driver in combination with ryan e's web events driver to get motion triggers in Control4. I'm pretty sure I saw this mentioned in the docs of the houselogix version of the blue iris driver.
  13. You need an EA series controller and output the hdmi video out to a TV in order to use the Navigation agent for programming camera jumps (or pop ups). If you have T3's, you can program cameras to pop up on there too. Once a dealer sets up the blue iris drivers with control4, you can do the rest yourself. Add the Navigation agent with Composer HE and do the programming as you wish. I also find it handy to voice control a camera to pop up when not using motion sensing on the camera. I've also seen a demo of cameras constantly cycling on a T3 touch screen but I haven't tried implementing that programming myself.
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