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  1. Try taking the cover plate off. If not aligned right, sometimes they're tight and bind against the rocker. That can cause odd behavior.
  2. Sometimes I force a reboot (complete system shut down and re-start) and it includes EVERYTHING. Right now FIreTV is always reliable for loss of control after the re-start. My wife is pretty good at assuming everything is broken when FireTV doesn't work.
  3. @videostorm Reboots of the Fire TV causes me the same issue as the OP. Loss of control because the IRUSB app needs permission again.
  4. I gave up and switched to blue iris
  5. Didn't I see you post something recently asking about the recommended amount of times a controller should be rebooted within a certain duration? Can't remember exactly how you worded it but the fact that you're using an ISP modem/router combo could explain the need for frequent controller reboots. I'm just commenting on what I vaguely remember.
  6. I'd like half of your referral bonus for all leads I send you. Thanks
  7. The link works when you "view" and download. I always log in before I do all this.
  8. You can evaluate the Rachio driver as well on a trial
  9. There is a driver for it on driver central. IF you would like to try it out before purchasing, let me know. https://drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/utility/skydrop/
  10. I can get that driver and have an account with Blackwire.
  11. I can't remember if I updated firmware while on 2.91 or 2.10+ I will lose money on it regardless because of the pains that come along with updating to zigbee pro. PM me.
  12. I have one. Box is rough but it was only opened to update to zigbee pro and current firmware
  13. There seems to be only comments on the UI. What about the new features included for programming with HE? Doesn't anybody like how a line can be edited instead of deleted and re-written? The navigator tab now allows you to change what you can show or hide for many or all the rooms instead of one room at a time. How nice is that? There's also a summary tab (beside properties) at the Room Level. You can now see all your programming related to that room in one place!
  14. You need a dealer to integrate a new or used system. The licence you're asking about is included with the controller. It's actually a "site licence" which gives you a GUI access to your system through the Control4 app on phones, tablets and PC's. This will also require a properly configured network for home automation before starting the Control4 project. Here's a link that explains what's required.
  15. yes sir, for rockers. just one color for a keypad
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