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  1. Hopefully its announced here but you can also check the website.
  2. What would you like help with? Feel free to send me a PM.
  3. By your description, it doesn't sound like the optimal setup for the router. Unless there's a need for vlan's (zones), only the primary switch should be the connected to the router. The SX24P is managed so let it do its job as a primary. All the rest of the switches and waps should be connected to the primary switch. A Flat network is the best option.
  4. I don't really know exactly what that all means..... I also still don't know which modem you have. Some ISP modem/router combo's need certain features enabled for phone/cable tv while most others allow you the ability to turn off all commercial features (DHCP server, firewall, etc...). <--recommended 100% if you can. Best setup is this. Modem <-- router <-- primary switch <-- all other switches and the rest of the ethernet cables. POE devices connected to POE switch (obviously) Latest firmware on all pakedge gear is a good idea. There's no reason why you can't use pakedge, even if you aren't a dealer. You just won't get support from C4. It's not rocket science to set up pakedge but it also doesn't take rocket science to set up the network wrong either.
  5. What modem/router combo unit are you using? Has it been "dumbed" down to just a modem?
  6. Contrary to your last statement, network setup is possibly the most related to your problems. Maybe your networking skills are top notch.... I have no idea. I'm just sensing network issues. You really need to start there before moving forward. Did you power cycle each device after you reserved the ip addresses in the router? How are all the switches connected? Star topology? Daisy Chain? Hopefully no "loops". For the devices that need to be static (although not recommended for all devices) allow for a range of static ip's in the router and start the dhcp server range above it. DHCP reserve important devices and power cycle them right after. Make sure to adjust the transmission power on your waps so you achieve -70 db at the midpoint. The NK1 is just for managing all your waps in one place instead of logging into them individually.
  7. I have an account with them. Can order and ship direct if interested.
  8. Yikes. I'd hold off on the next couple bottles of whiskey and get 4sight. It'll last longer and no hangovers...
  9. Kodi uses MyMovies. I've been using Kodi a lot over the years but not lately. Decided to switch over to plex and dlna for music. I liked the iTunes driver but its now limited to playlists once updating to OS3+. Plex can be a standalone system and enhanced in C4 with Chowmain's plex driver (which could use an update).
  10. I'll put it to you this way. I have programming on an event that cycles to the next camera every 45 seconds. It starts to get all crashy and buggy after the 4th or 5th camera. It didn't do that before the update. Same thing happens when I manually select a camera 4 or 5 times. Not the same ones either. TS reboots and System reboots don't fix it.
  11. What audio streams are you expecting to use? Sonos has MANY. C4 has some so if it has all you need then I recommend getting an audio matrix /amp combo, not just an amp like you mentioned. Triad is spectacular but it's going to be 2 pieces. C4 has a matrix amp combo that sounds nice too but not as good as the triad. Sound quality will depend on your speakers too.
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