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  1. Right. Turning on zwave there doesn't actually turn it on unless you have the c4 zwave module and dongle. Only a small hand full of specific model zwave devices actually have c4 drivers. Vera is separate. Once you pair devices there, look for "micasa" drivers in the c4 database.
  2. I'm near Toronto. I've helped out some people in your time zone.
  3. There's no extensive manual specifically for the DS2. From C4, there's basically a data sheet, installation details and info on all the terminals. There may be a few more on the list but nothing in regards to configuration. You may get more info on 2N site in regards to that but not all settings apply to the DS2. You could potentially break the integration if you mess around with the settings too much. Do at your own risk. The DS2 is meant to integrate out of the box without much need for logging into it. The DS2 advanced driver properties has many settings that are safe to adjust. https://www.2n.cz/en_GB/support/documents/manuals#filter-category-intercoms
  4. to log in: admin t0talc0ntr0l4! for the DS2 driver (should be set to this when the driver is added): root t0talc0ntr0l4!
  5. I can help. You need the new driver from drivercentral.io, starting with the cloud driver so you can get updates. The houselogix auto updater driver is no longer relevant.
  6. Its a No-Control driver and in the database.
  7. What does your network equipment and setup look like? The last time I connected to your system, it was v e r y s l l l l o w w w w w while using c o m p o s s s e r r r.
  8. Cool. I never paid attention so I can't remember. SR260 rooms are in same order as project in OS3. Just noticed.
  9. SR260/SR250. I don't use the T3 as much and neither the C4 app but I don't remember the room order ever changing regardless how the tree was changed. I stopped paying attention for a while because this is how I always remembered things. Now that OS3 is out, I like how room order changes with the project tree. I have to double check whether its reflected on the SR260/SR250.
  10. Just checked as I did not pay attention to this. You are correct that in OS3, the room order in the project tree follows in the navigators. It does NOT follow in OS 2.10.6 and lower. Thanks.
  11. The room order in the navigators will never change no matter what order its changed to in the project tree. The room order in the navigators is determined by the order in which the rooms were added initially by the dealer/composer pro. Hopefully, in the future, moving rooms in composer pro could reflect the order in the navigators OR enable the ability to change the preference of room order using the C4 app/t3/HE, etc...
  12. Its unfortuante you're moving away from Control4. The lighting devices are pretty fantastic and also work well to expand the zigbee wireless mesh so that you can integrate and communicate with other potential C4 zigbee devices in further locations. What were the failures? I'm a dealer and do remote programming services. I may be able to help if interested.
  13. The T3 touch screens are only supported in os3. You may want to consider an ea3 or an ea5 (if you really need it) if you want a tv navigator. You can run a project on an ea1 but that may not have enough audio outputs for your system (i haven't looked at it yet). If you use the PC app a lot, then stay on your current system
  14. Yes. The HDMI output from the hc800 to a tv or avr won't display the navigator. You'll have to rely on the c4 app, or c4 remotes. No pc/mac navigator either os3. The app is nice, I must admit
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