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  1. Here's a manual: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1110875/Pakedge-Device-And-Software-Wk-1.html?page=23#manual Page 21 and 22 will help you log in
  2. If you pay attention, do the labs with a serious effort, you should be able to pass the exam 'automagically'
  3. Try it with a T3. I know it won't work with a TV Navigator
  4. From what I remember, not with an HC250. I had to roll back a client from 2.10.6 to 2.9.1 after making the mistake of updating too soon. The page flip (camera bookmark) works just fine on 2.9.1 but disappears on 2.10+
  5. 2.10.6 is fine but I've only heard from a few dealers that hc250's run best on 2.9.1. I like the "page flip" feature (a camera pop up on a TS) so if you update past 2.9.1, that programming feature is gone.
  6. @Gezza First question I usually ask end users is 1. how comfortable are they with setting up a home network and 2. Are they willing to accept good advise. Other questions I might ask are what are your goals for integration and budget. Can you confirm if that HC250 is a BL-1? If not, don't bother using it as a primary controller. It doesn't have a site licence (no free app). Maybe consider an HC800 BL-1 or an ea3. Sent from my BBB100-1 using Tapatalk
  7. I've been using yatun's temperature display driver all along. Thanks for the driver link!
  8. did that driver disappear from the database?
  9. The control4 temperature display driver works with a Z2io only. The yatun temperature display driver works with the older wireless cardaccess contact/relays and programming off one of the variables. Default temp is in celsius (yatun's driver) so you need programming every time the project loads to force Fahrenheit units.
  10. Make sure your sonance is configured properly. They have great support if you're not sure. The native sonance driver works well.
  11. Your dealer may not want to sell you a copy for a number of reasons. One of them could be that you're in a service contract and risk of system integrity if incorrect programming is accidentally implemented. How long have you had your system? Sent from my BBB100-1 using Tapatalk
  12. I sell Composer HE. Just sayin'. No pressure.
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