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  1. * Composer Media Edition is a free download but its no longer a stand alone download after OS 3.10. It's already bundled with * Composer HE. You'll need to chat with your dealer to it, or any dealer, as long as it doesn't conflict with any service contracts that you may have. It's best to ask your dealer first.
  2. If you already purchased it then you can download it from your Control4 account in the My Account --> My System menu. You'll see a licence code there. I also sell lifetime Composer HE licences upon request. Includes a 1 year 4sight subscription too.
  3. An EA1 would be the best option in case you decide later that the navigator is worth having, an IO extender will be overkill because it has way more IO than you need (unless you find a cheap used one), but a Z2IO would be the most economical because it has 2 IR ports (4 ir total). You might be lucky to find an older Z2IR which is a bit similar to the Z2IO but doesn't have contact or relay options.
  4. I'm a fan of deezer hifi. I offer a discount referal link to my clients if they decide to use it.
  5. If you're not in a service contract with your current dealer, it's safe to ask any dealer to sell you Composer HE. You will most likely enjoy using it and will be able to accomplish tasks like you described. I can sell you a lifetime licence and include a 1 year of 4sight.
  6. Top (highest possible) and bottom (lowest possible)
  7. I believe the older CCZ-T1-W is a repeater but the newer C4-THERM-WH is not
  8. @vitaliI have an account with Sinope if interested in their Control4 zigbee products
  9. Are you talking about Composer HE?
  10. Wow. What a rollercoaster of a post! Hopefully there will be C4 integration (drivers) with the new Ezio firmware in the future.
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