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  1. They are on backorder but I was able to order a Satin Nickel last week.
  2. The Blue Iris VMS Camera driver (full version) includes all that for $200 MSRP. I can set you up with that if interested.
  3. I made a driver. It has a few mappable buttons for the most popular apps but not all of them. PM me.
  4. If you're able to get yourself a copy of parallels for the mac, you can either purchase a Composer HE lifetime licence from a dealer (Composer Media Edition is built into it) OR if your Control4 OS is 3.1 or lower, you can download just Composer ME for free. All the OS's higher than 3.1 no longer offer a standalone Composer ME. It's only available with Composer HE. If you need to purchase, I can help you out with that.
  5. NK1 firmware version 1.4 ---> https://www.dropbox.com/s/kceyq8zm0ai73k1/NK-1_v1.4_n0oju0.zip?dl=0 * I'm not 100% sure if you can downgrade from 2.0 so don't BRICK your NK1.
  6. I'm usually available 7 days a week to new clients for remote driver purchases and installs from the Annex4 site and all the rest of the developers (blackwiredesigns, drivercentral.io, etc)
  7. Nice. Does that knob do volume only or can it be configured to do both volume and light dimming (depending on which button is pressed)?
  8. I see something similar to that if I change my email but I don't have a clickable "change" button for display name. Thanks anyways.
  9. There's no "change" option beside my display name. I can change my email and password but not the name. Anyways, maybe some accounts can and some can't. Not too important really. Still same ol g
  10. Can't seem to do that with my account. Lucky you.
  11. Unrelated question... how did you change your display name? Are you an admin or did you contact admin? I feel like this is a stupid question but I've never seen the profile setting that enables that change. Peace, love and automation
  12. I can set you up with that. I"ll PM you but, in the future, don't hesitate to contact me for anything else whether it be simple or complex.
  13. I see your point. I'm just using the preconfigured DAKBoard template and the url works fine once it's loaded. The clock displays the seconds and it never misses a number on the T3. I suppose if you created your own fancy template and if it was really busy then maybe not everything would fit on a T3 or update as nicely compared to viewing on a monitor or a TV.
  14. If you had Control4 touch screens, you could insert your DAKBoard url in the Generic URL driver from Blackwire. It may display a bit small on a 7" ts but it works!
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