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  1. Even if a new controller comes out an EA5 would be far from out of date. I'm running an eight year old hc800 with zero issues
  2. Just tested mine, both garage doors work with no issues
  3. In OS2 it's under Settings then Preferences
  4. If you have composer he you can program it yourself
  5. Yes. Not a dealer but have a few of these.
  6. unfortunately Plex doesn't play ISO files. a raspberry pi with osmc and kodi will play ISO files
  7. definitely. planning on moving in the next month and will be installing Control4 in that house as well
  8. Anyone else know anything about Denon receivers with Heos built in. Dealer said he couldn't find the driver and he didn't know anything about it. He was a low level tech so I had no expectations, plus he got the main stuff done. Any info I can pass along would be great.
  9. Is it programmable in Composer HE? When using existing doorbell wiring does it ring the chime? Also, can the camera be tilted up, down, etc..?
  10. Add push notifications agent in HE. Go to control4 account online, pick which devices you want to get notifications and the type of notifications. The rest is just like doing the email notifications
  11. I'm no dealer, but i'll give you my experience. I had my main controller crap out. my dealer sent me a new controller and identified it remotely. He remoted in to my computer installed composer pro, and I pressed the identify button when he told me too. He then installed the newest version of composer pro (2.5) at the time and updated my OS version. It may not be part of best practices but it can be done and I bet some of the dealers on this forum would have no problem helping you out.
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