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  1. Guys the driver is available. We are waiting on C4 to finish certification, however, if anyone has the system please let us know and we will provide you with the driver.
  2. That is correct. It is more so for those looking to upgrade their system.
  3. Hi everyone, Spoke with Pentair and the IntelliCenter will be out later this month. Also to address your point of cost. The new IntelliCenter will actually end up being cheaper as the integration driver is FREE. Furthermore, there are no extra boards/parts needed for the integration. The IntelliCenter is light years ahead of the current lineup with added features/functions and ease of use thanks to the all-new touchscreen.
  4. You can also program that via the Steamist driver, if you are using the Steamist system.
  5. WeMo outlet is your best bet, it will allow you to set schedules as well as having on-demand control. https://homeation.com/app-details/Belkin_WeMo_for_Control4
  6. Hi Dave, From what we have been told, end of Q1 beginning of Q2. Ted
  7. This driver can now be found at Homeation.com For more information please contact support@homeation.com or the Help Desk at homeation.com
  8. What driver version do you have??
  9. Hi, Can you please shoot me an email or pm so that i can see why this was never resolved for you. We have also updated our pricing in the past year. Rita@thedriverslab.com
  10. Good morning, we have two week free trails. Our driver also offers more features/functions over the other driver. https://homeation.com/app-details/Ecobee_-_Single_Thermostat_for_Control4. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. Ted@thedriverslab.com
  11. They have a few test units out in the market. The driver is now with C4 for certification.
  12. Hey guys, This is a little late, we are the creators of the steamist driver. If there is a need I can reach out to our contact at mr steam and thermasol and see if they are interested in a having a driver developed. I will post as soon as I have an answer.
  13. Don't shoot the messenger, just relaying what we were told last time. I tried to explain that the C4 crew were very busy.
  14. We spoke with them a while back and were hoping C4 would develop the driver for them. Let me reach out again. email me at Liran@thedriverslab with any specific models and features you guys need.
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