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  1. The driver comes with a 21 day trial.
  2. It's based on the filename as far as I'm aware, not the model. For example if my driver filename was um_netflix.c4z the path should be: <Icon height="300" width="300">controller://driver/um_netflix/...</Icon>
  3. Yes, you can also launch the application on the TV and then look at the Application ID property in the driver. It should always tell you the ID of the active foreground application. I've reproduced the '.zip' issue on my android device, it's not happening with my desktop (windows). But msgreenf is right the file is just a zip, cut out all the extensions at the end (my android device is showing '<name>.c4z.zip') and just make the extension .c4z and you should be good.
  4. Clicking download should give you a single .c4z file which is the mini driver. Changing the source field will change which driver the mini driver will work for. The WebOS option will build a driver for the annex4 LG WebOS driver. Viera will do the annex4 Panasonic Viera driver and universal will build a universal mini driver. You can upload existing universal mini drivers to add or change application ID values as well.
  5. You can now modify or build your own universal mini drivers here: https://mdc.rjboucher.com There's a few 'source' options for things like the annex4 LG and Panasonic driver, but as of the latest push it will do universal mini drivers as well. There's also a field for entering Vizio Application ID's for the universal mini drivers as support for mini drivers will be available with the annex4 Vizio driver soon.
  6. The power portion of the SmartGlass protocol does not require any encryption. It's actually quite simple and there's a github repository in Python that will let you power on the Xbox. The funny part is the off command is encrypted, so you can only easily power it on, not off. All that being said there is documentation on SmartGlass but last I looked it would be a serious amount of work to implement into Control4.
  7. Likely this, there's likely a driver doing something on initialization or shortly after that's causing problems. Director log should show a sigkill event, you may want to see if there are any logs related to drivers before it. Deleting the driver from /mnt/internal/c4z (both the .c4z and unpacked folder) should allow director to start properly once the problematic driver is gone.
  8. @JJ7 I tried to reproduce the issue you're describing but was unable. Both paths you describe run the same underlying function to turn the device on. If you can set 'Debug Mode' to 'Debug' in the properties and then replicate the issue a log will appear in the Lua Output tab that should display what's happening. If you want to PM that to me I can take a further look and see what's up. Is anyone else experiencing power on issues as described?
  9. They added support for launching apps through the API recently. We'll be tying them into the universal mini drivers.
  10. It might but I doubt it has Wake on LAN capabilities, so while you likely have control you won't have a functional way to power it on besides IR.
  11. That driver from Bitbucket is the one I initially wrote, for anything newer than 2016 you'll want to use the v2 version from here: https://annex4.link/drivers/vieratelevision-v2
  12. Update pushed out with the changes. Direct download here: https://control4drivers.s3.amazonaws.com/2.9.206/oppo_udp203_bluray_annex4.c4z
  13. @turls '6' seems to be working, no error. I'll create a new HDMI connection for you and add it as a command as well.
  14. I'm not seeing the a command in their uploaded API doc. I do see this referenced in the last firmware update though. It may just be the next number in their sequence of inputs which would be '6'. Making the changes now to check, I'll keep you updated.
  15. It exists real-time via the 'Wifi Connection' event. You'll need to program a conditional against the 'User' variable with the MAC address you want to monitor for.
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