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  1. It hasn't really been a huge issue, just a minor inconvenience. There are 2 people in the household that experience it, both on a OnePlus.
  2. Good to hear, is it more reliable? I find sometimes that the app isn't really connected to the system, I have to close and re-open it to get it to properly communicate again.
  3. Quite useless. Just lets you know the command was sent.
  4. Driver was encrypted but the protocol is available. The commands are sent with Basic authentication so it shouldn't be a session issue. It does mention nothing is returned with the HTTP response though. The formatting of the commands also looks to spec.
  5. What's odd is it looks like whatever response the driver is getting they're accepting as a valid response for the command. If the session is timing out you would think they would login and try the command again. I'll take a look at the driver and see if it's encrypted or not.
  6. They're referred to as toasts as far as the LG docs go. It's also the common term when you see them on web pages, either "Toast messages" or "Toast notifications". The Anthem MRX series of receivers can actually display small toast messages as well, but that's not directly on the TV. As for other TV's I'm really not sure about them all but Vizio does not offer them in their API.
  7. The "Front Door - Unlocked" thing in the top right is a toast message.
  8. Just looked at source it's using the AVTransport service. I'm not sure which of the UPnP services are still supported, but at first glance it looks like it's still a MediaRenderer. https://github.com/duncan3dc/sonos/blob/master/src/Queue.php Also, the SMAPI isn't really locked down to Sonos, at least it wasn't last I checked. They made a general interface that Music Services were to adhere to. It's how I made the Songza driver back in the day integrated into Control4. I would imagine it's still possible to integrate some music services directly into Control4 using the SMAPI even now. https://musicpartners.sonos.com/node/71#toc0
  9. Just to bump this as I don't think we actually announced that the driver is released. The driver supports digest authentication and as such all events, all real-time. https://annex4.link/drivers/amcrest-ptz-camera @R_Willis I'd assume it works for that model, but I don't have it on hand to confirm. As with all our drivers there's a 21 day trial so you can verify for yourself before making a purchase.
  10. Make sure you're running the latest version of the driver, or at least version 0.2.75. It has the HDMI 5 input you're looking for. https://annex4.link/drivers/vizio-smartcast-tv?changelog=latest
  11. Bind the Mini Driver to the "WebOS App #" and "LG WebOS Mini Drivers" connections.
  12. As of today you can now find it on our website: https://annex4.link/drivers/nanoleaf-aurora Refer to the associated drivers for the webview portion.
  13. Still looking for a couple people to beta test some of the Rhythm functionality, PM me if you're interested and have the Rhythm.
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