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  1. Make sure you're running the latest version of the driver, or at least version 0.2.75. It has the HDMI 5 input you're looking for. https://annex4.link/drivers/vizio-smartcast-tv?changelog=latest
  2. Bind the Mini Driver to the "WebOS App #" and "LG WebOS Mini Drivers" connections.
  3. As of today you can now find it on our website: https://annex4.link/drivers/nanoleaf-aurora Refer to the associated drivers for the webview portion.
  4. Still looking for a couple people to beta test some of the Rhythm functionality, PM me if you're interested and have the Rhythm.
  5. Looking for people that have T3 touchscreens and Nanoleaf Aurora panels to beta test a driver. If interested please PM me.
  6. It's a network utility driver I wrote that I never finished putting on our platform, I added a few more things to it like HTTP PUT, POST, GET, and DELETE commands. Are you just after the WAN IP detection?
  7. If I remember right you need to base64 encode the URL string for the image. C4:Base64Encode(gNowPlaying[id].ImageUrl)
  8. You just need to provide the base proxy types: thermostat.c4i light.c4i light_v2.c4i lock.c4i control4_contactsingle.c4i fan.c4i I'm sure there's more but I believe that's the core of what you had provided. <property> <name>Devices</name> <type>DEVICE_SELECTOR</type> <items> <item>thermostat.c4i</item> <item>light.c4i</item> <item>light_v2.c4i</item> <item>lock.c4i</item> <item>control4_contactsingle.c4i</item> <item>fan.c4i</item> </items> <multiselect>true</multiselect> </property>
  9. <property> <name>Device Selector</name> <type>DEVICE_SELECTOR</type> <items> <item>tv.c4i</item> <item>media_player.c4i</item> <item>dvd.c4i</item> </items> <multiselect>true</multiselect> </property> The above would let you select drivers using TV, DVD, and Media Player proxies. Add this for the proxy types you're using and just let the dealer select the actual devices they want to monitor. I've included an example of a device selector searching for remotes: <property> <name>Remote</name> <type>DEVICE_SELECTOR</type> <items> <item>control4_sr260.c4i</item> <item>control4_sr250.c4i</item> </items> <multiselect>false</multiselect> </property>
  10. I've been running it since day 1 (as I wrote it) and I haven't had any hiccups with it. The volume ramping can be a little odd at times, as we only send the next request after we receive a confirmation for the previous request and I've noticed the TV is sometimes slow to respond to the HTTP requests for volume. This may have been fixed in recent firmware, it's just something I noticed when I initially wrote the driver. It means sometimes you'll get a small delay when ramping volume. It only occurs with volume which is even more strange, everything else instantly responds. Holding directional inputs for example doesn't experience the same issue. Pairing is easy and can be done without the original remote. Power on occurs discretely over a HTTP command and doesn't require WOL. It's one of the drivers we never really get support calls for, it just works and the install is simple. If you have any questions about technical details PM me.
  11. Use a websocket so you get bidirectional communication. EDIT: Just to expand a little more. Use something like the JSON RPC protocol on top of websockets to support method calls and broadcast messages. https://www.jsonrpc.org/specification
  12. The following would cause 'Hello World!' to be played. As soon as it finishes it would then play the time and date. No requirement to explicitly play the announcement unless you want to replay the previous wav file.
  13. Synthesize commands should definitely be rendering the audio and playing the associated announcement. Make sure that the 'Announcement' property matches the announcement you created as it is case sensitive. By default the property is 'polly'. The 'Announcement Finished' event occurs when the announcement is finished playing. We included it so you could accurately have something execute after the announcement was finished. @livitup Hopefully this clears up any issues. If you still have issues feel free to PM me.
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