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  1. I would just need a property that has the access key. That being said configuring permissions on AWS for the key should be done properly. I'll need to put an example AWS IAM policy together for the permissions required so in the event a key is comprised the only thing anyone can do with it is synthesize text.
  2. I can add a local time variable later today. As for more voices we pull them directly from the Amazon Polly API so it should always have the latest. There are some more advanced and natural voices in a different section of the API they're just substantially more expensive to render. If people want them I either need to price hike the driver or require the dealer/user to setup an AWS account and manage their own costs for voices.
  3. The driver has been updated to fix a parsing issue with Digest headers. It should handle any format now. If someone still has issues let me know here or through PM.
  4. As mentioned there's a release candidate with a fix, contact us at our support email and I can provide it.
  5. Besides excluding the icon right now, we haven't found a solution to get icons to work in toast on the latest models. There may be a new permission flag related, what that is yet I'm not sure.
  6. I've tossed the feature request into the backlog, next time I have a small time window available I'll slot it in.
  7. We're working on a way to securely allow this, no timeline for release yet.
  8. T3 only at the moment, although technically the page can be accessed on mobile. There's just some query string parameters you would need with the URL.
  9. No VLAN stuff yet, is there a specific use case you're looking for? The API is quite open ended so it's likely possible. All the events have associated values set as variables in the driver. You can create conditional checks to see if a specific client or device was the trigger for the event using these. If you wanted to check if a specific client joined the wireless network you can absolutely do that.
  10. @Waring192 If you'd like to beta test PM me, I'll be handing out drivers and beta licenses on Wednesday. Pictures of Webview below. Clicking any device, client, or guest brings up a modal dialog to block, reconnect, authorize, etc. Programming Events and Actions
  11. LG actually broke the command if you include icon data in the toast messages on WebOS 4.5 televisions. The command actually fails on the firmware without an error response. We're looking into a fix or workaround to get them back. I have a release candidate so you can get the toast messages with just text for now, PM me if you'd like it.
  12. It hasn't really been a huge issue, just a minor inconvenience. There are 2 people in the household that experience it, both on a OnePlus.
  13. Good to hear, is it more reliable? I find sometimes that the app isn't really connected to the system, I have to close and re-open it to get it to properly communicate again.
  14. Quite useless. Just lets you know the command was sent.
  15. Driver was encrypted but the protocol is available. The commands are sent with Basic authentication so it shouldn't be a session issue. It does mention nothing is returned with the HTTP response though. The formatting of the commands also looks to spec.
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