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  1. Fact is that in the last 24 hours this thread has ascertained that the data set mostly exists and that Alan is already thinking about this. That's progress.
  2. The US and a few others. Like 38 countries. That's likely the majority of the streaming world. Once you are signed in it remembers which subscriptions you have. And being as the deep linking database exists and is being maintained turning this from a website / app calling those links to a C4 driver surely isn't the most impossible idea using the my movies interface and search.
  3. An valid point. A decade ago video hardware was expensive so video distribution was a thing. Now stick a Tivo Stream and Roku or ATV and forget about distribution.
  4. Taking a guess here, but I think you could see them allowing major streaming services inside the controller. It will take a good while. The SONOS ZP / Play solution was defacto for a good while. Roku is on Gen 8 of their streaming hardware. C4 is not going to be anywhere near leading edge on this. The streaming apps that could remain allow use through the C4 GUI, that's the SONOS and Spotify falling out with C4. Also who writes the code for the audio streaming services. I would anticipate that you don't want a buggy video streaming app / ui-ux taking down your controller. You would need a good sandbox there and Netflix is very particular about their ui/ux and the auto play and auto preview functionality.
  5. The Gillette school of business Vs the making money selling hardware school of business. Fire TV gets the user to buy movies. The loss leader hardware is paid for in content purchase. C4 needs to make money selling hardware, that is what it does. Apple makes money selling hardware. It also makes money selling content but does not loss lead on the hardware.
  6. Legacy Roku controllers no longer being updated! The depreciated Roku are about as old as an HC300/500/1000. Just checked. The standard size devices are all about 6 years old or more. The youngest streaming stick 3420X was in the wild around October 2012, about 7 years. Roku and C4 have similar hardware longevity
  7. True but Roku being product agnostic have no skin in the break things game. The have just been getting better from OS 2.3 when I started this on an HC250 to now.
  8. It's one of the default C4 backgrounds. Mrs SMH complained about having a picture of the room so I swapped for this.
  9. But put a Roku stick in a spare HDMI port of your TV and do this.
  10. LMGTFY https://www.bose.com/en_us/index.html Is there?
  11. C4 wireless keypads. Local high voltage. Coloronix fixtures. Local high voltage. DMX driver in rack. Powered in rack. Daisy chain of cat5 from coloronix fixture to fixture.
  12. Yes but can be slower or less reliable. Sucks if you use the amp for announcements.
  13. But the device is not in wall / in ceiling rated. What are the consequences of that. And how do you get to it for upgrades, reboot etc! Are they not putting enough light switches in?
  14. Yep. Delete all the programming. Install the Control4 power amp driver. Build virtual bindings for the rooms and sources. Bind that relay. Job done. Your programming overthinks something C4 already wanted to save their dealers hours programming.
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