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  1. Mostly. Yes C4 does develop hardware. I'm sure ST will continue some but leave non core to others. It's still a big pivot in their model and moves it closed to C4 model.
  2. "SmartThings goes big on the ecosystem: This is the end for SmartThings devices" https://www.the-ambient.com/features/smartthings-matter-no-more-hardware-2651 Seems like C4 Samsung wants to develop code and mostly leave the hardware to others.
  3. So my moenflo and rachio is now working as planned. Both have c4 drivers and I put the flo to sleep when the irrigation runs. I'll probably get smarter with the programing later. Capture flo status as a variable and then return to original status after irrigation runs. Also with lights or security you can set flo to away when security or motion or other devices do the same. If front door locked and motion sensors detect no motion for 24 h put flo to away. When door unlocked put flo to home.
  4. OK so random update. I updated my code to include push notifications and I was not seeing the push notifications either. Monday morning I wake up to push notifications and working code. I didn't change the code! Driver updates are set to auto as is C4 code base. Perhaps driver fairies updated something and fixed this.
  5. Partner with Roku for the internal streaming hardware. Would only put costs up by $1-200.
  6. I have two dealers that I work with that many positive feelings of running director on the 800. Both my systems are on 800s. I need to set up VPN to migrate the one with an EA3 over as you can't do that remotely.
  7. When you do that do you see it in the Flo app?
  8. It's tough to teach it Rachio as Rachio is not dumb schedules and rain skips but adjusts monthly etc.
  9. I'm on a well. When town water comes to the street I can keep the well for irrigation.
  10. So I'm trying to do what I think should be simple. 1. When Rachio irrigation turns on (zone 1-8) Set MoenFlo to sleep. 2. When Rachio Off Set Flo home. But C4 does not seem to pick up on the event when triggered from the Rachio or C4 app. I need this as the long waterings trigger the flo ai as a leak event.
  11. June 2019 they collapsed a listed company CTRL into snap. Why didn't they just reverse takeover back then.
  12. What Saffer said. My main Living Room keypad has 4 lights in the panel and an outlet dimmer and 8 dmx channels in the bound scene. If I press it sets them all to their less than 100% levels. If I hold it starts ramping up all the lights in the scene. Isn't that the default behavior?
  13. I bought an older 250 like this to keep the licences. Likely if you are handing over a working home like this you are doing the buyer a solid favor as everything will continue to just work. Then your dealer, or a dealer here can tweak to their liking. No frustrating it doesn't work I want to rip it all out. But this house with panelized lights and dmx lights would have to have a CA1 or Hc250 or Ea1/3 left behind and properly programmed so the lights work. Just saying.
  14. But a switch is a critical part of an internal network
  15. This was an interesting article I read today that made me think of this question. "My Evolution from Reluctant Smart Home Customer into a Fully Committed Enthusiast" https://restechtoday.com/reluctant-smart-home-customer/amp/
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