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  1. Holy necro post batman. At this point neither of these is a sensible upgrade path. EA are affordable on eBay now. To migrate the dealer will need a VPN or team view or physically be on-site.
  2. This. It depends on your price point. LG OLED or SONY at the top, TCL series 6 Roku is a lot lower price.
  3. So an EA3 and SR260 on eBay plus some remote dealer to set you up would be $2k. I assume the other expenses are in other busget line items. Cameras speakers and amps there is $2k
  4. If you live in Mass, the Mass Save [emoji2400] Program is amazing. $3400 of building envelope work being done on this residence for zero of my own money. Adding mini split HVAC to supplement oil heating gets a $1600 a ton rebate and the balance onto a 7 year interest free loan!
  5. Or the Ecobee 3lite at the same price and far better integration. I have 3 sitting in a box. Need to pull some new 18/8 to replace the 18/2 and no common and replace the current mercury stats.
  6. Default is off and the there is the option of fan icons x 1-4 But I put Music or Blinds on the top
  7. So anyone done this on a well. I'm also thinking that I could put a C4 switch on the well power and if a leak is detected shut off the well pump in addition. I'm thinking this because the water line runs all the way across the basement before I get to the place the flo can be installed. The well was moved on the property, but the basement plumbing was not. Add the Moen teardrop sensor on the basement floor and if that line breaks then I have a second stop to the system.
  8. So what I'm saying is the light switches. Original C4 light switches are still going strong. The original, and 2nd Gen wall screens are now end of life. Just like your original flip phone or iPad or your iPhone. You need to budget that these panels will be being rebought every 5 years or so. Light switches and keypads, not so much.
  9. I see an IP driver for the B&O in the database. Go for it.
  10. 4 10in in-wall touch screens is spendy, especially if you also have the Neeo Remote in those locations. I'd consider the need for all of those and / or all at that size and / or all as I'm wall. Really think about why / what you want them for in those locations and if that is the best spend. Put a POE Ethernet drop to each site so you can go back and fit later. Get a portable one that you can try in each location, if it is just a couple of things you want to do then you can put a keypad there. Eg by the front door a home/away button, or a door lock that will automatically do that instead. They look nice but also have a ongoing cost to update compared to light switch. Spend this money on automated lighting.
  11. I've got an eBay one that only seems to charge half full. Admittedly, at this time I don't know what that means in time as it is not connected.
  12. To continue this what is the experience of battery health. And then, can you get replacement batteries, and how much?
  13. Hmm. Is the B&O existing equipment?
  14. Also your dealer should know about this driver for sky. Paid for but best. http://www.chowmainsoft.com/uk-sky
  15. LG, Sony and TCL Roku TVs all play nice. https://drivers.control4.com/solr/drivers/browse?q=Lg Is a good place to check for compatibility.
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