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  1. June 2019 they collapsed a listed company CTRL into snap. Why didn't they just reverse takeover back then.
  2. What Saffer said. My main Living Room keypad has 4 lights in the panel and an outlet dimmer and 8 dmx channels in the bound scene. If I press it sets them all to their less than 100% levels. If I hold it starts ramping up all the lights in the scene. Isn't that the default behavior?
  3. I bought an older 250 like this to keep the licences. Likely if you are handing over a working home like this you are doing the buyer a solid favor as everything will continue to just work. Then your dealer, or a dealer here can tweak to their liking. No frustrating it doesn't work I want to rip it all out. But this house with panelized lights and dmx lights would have to have a CA1 or Hc250 or Ea1/3 left behind and properly programmed so the lights work. Just saying.
  4. But a switch is a critical part of an internal network
  5. This was an interesting article I read today that made me think of this question. "My Evolution from Reluctant Smart Home Customer into a Fully Committed Enthusiast" https://restechtoday.com/reluctant-smart-home-customer/amp/
  6. You would still need hardware for the playback.
  7. The panel has wiring blocks that the HV primary conractor wires to and can test to. The loads into that block will be on the RCD, so only 3 needed, or based on load calcs fewer still as potentially all 3 dimmer packs could be on one breaker. Here in the US my lighting panel loads are on a single breaker for the panel. You are overthinking the RCD and dimmer pack. You would not be asking if each light switch or dimmer in a traditional wiring structure needed their own RCD, centralizing doesn't change the current flow. Just the location of the parts. The panel has a HV side (
  8. Hi Best way to integrate this, is it through IFTTT? I also have water radiant heat through an oil burner and ecobee thermostats. I'm using IFTTT to switch between the systems at 32f but wanted a more integrated approach. Stephen
  9. Do you have Roku at your TVs I use the Synilogy Plex server and then plex on Roku. Can select Plex instead of my movies and no more hardware needed. As lippa said you need more hardware for MyMovies
  10. 1. The tidal is 24 bit. All music must be converted to analog before you can hear it. 2. Where is the sonos app powering the surround speakers. In the rack? If so you can add it to the matrix.
  11. Is yours the biggest C4 install?
  12. I ❤️ the sound of the KEF Qi range but that would be for the mire premium listening areas.
  13. Shielded is great for this use case.
  14. In that temp range if the cable is in wall rated then there is no need to further protect it. Your biggest problems are fishing the cable and keeping the attic envelope sealed from the living space envelope to keep your heat and cool in the living space and minimize energy loss. Also why so many cables. Isn't it easier to put say a POE powered mini switch in the bedroom end and route one cable there, or one and a spare?
  15. Likely your best bet would be to work with a remote dealer here. Get a new, or eBay Ea3. Then get the lights connected to that and move on from there. That should have you running for we'll under $2k. The light switches should be just fine.
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