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  1. What is an "alexa remote". This... Alexa Voice Remote (2nd Gen) with power and volume controls – requires compatible Fire TV device https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B6L2QCF/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apa_i_EZqJEbHY91FM2 If so, why are you controlling stuff with your SR250 and another remote something is fundamentally broken in that scenario. Fix C4. Use Alexa Voice and the SR250
  2. By Alexa remote do you mean the SR250? You are on the C4 forum so the Denon has a C4 driver that should be installed and then the SR250 can control it. Once the C4 system and SR250 can control it then you can use the C4 Alexa skills to control the Denon.
  3. The C4 remote is not a learning remote like Logitec. Is the device that needs more IR commands already in your system?
  4. Seems you have this well optimized so I'd say no, at this time enjoy being able to stream UHD HDR to 4-8 screens at any one time.
  5. Those numbers are way above anything you need to do anything on the Internet these days. 4k HDR streaming is a 25mbps need. You could stream multiple of those based on your info.
  6. Usually super quick. Though if the engraver is working from home then that may be a challenge.
  7. Also consider this. http://www.chowmainsoft.com/drivers-for-control4-io
  8. So you have HV and wireless networking. Does the wireless networking also have the ability to connect wired products?
  9. You are right. @rf9000 what you want to do is recommended, positively advocated for by Control4. Build away.
  10. Your home is 6000 ft. That puts it into huge home category. Average 5 person family home is 2500-3000 sq ft. 25 loads is about perfect for panel in a new built. 8 loads per dimmer pack. Wire ceiling fans conventionally (4 core to the switch). I'm not sure what back in the day for panel was. It has never gone out of fashion in many countries.
  11. So depending on distance from load to panel would be best with a single panel 5 section. With 3x8 dimmer packs. That will save yiu the cost of one tin box Or two. One location with 8 or fewer and one with 16 or fewer in 2 X 2 panels. If all these are secondary loads then all the switches and hardware yiu have for rooms remains. They just activate scenes with the secondary loads. Also they will activate the primary load, regardless of if the controller is on line. You just bought a dealer. Congratulations. Panel lighting is great. Use this home to learn so you can sell it effectively. You'll like it.
  12. Yep Please tell where we can get BNIB lighting hardware cheaper than a dealer? Indeed like a train wreck [emoji577] Some would say it's the same. Some would say it's going to cause problems and go against C4 design. Also, you are custom building a 6,000 sq ft house and complaining about $1,000 price differences on lighting. If yiu want a C4 install here yiu should be putting 5-10% of build cost into tech. Some of that moves from electrical and other budgets. How many hidden loads. How many floors. How is this 6000 ft distributed. Still trying to help but drip fed info makes this a tough thread.
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