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  1. http://www.chowmainsoft.com/sainsmart-imatic-v2 This is a more affordable relay solution.
  2. There are a couple of DMX drivers that could work from the controller to the lights. One from engineering solutions and one from Enttec. Engineering solution uses a serial connection and does most of the processing on their red box so can give smoother fades etc. That has a paid driver. Enttec is a legacy extra vegetables driver so free from Control4. The processing is done on the Controller so fades are a little more choppy. I have this but the impact is sufficiently minimal that I am not changing it anytime soon.
  3. What do you need to do with the door. A separate hid access that sends a signal to a contact sensor when the hid demagnetizes could create the necessary feedback.
  4. Has anyone integrated unifi access. It's sitting on the same machine as protect etc.
  5. I'd leave the director alone. It's working. My fave suggest of the week. Consider an HC800 for those additional audio etc at the remote location. Saves $$$
  6. All true but this is going into a 4 zone legacy amp. I just picked up an eBay HC800 for $116 taxed and delivered. Gets more Audio streams than the one $40 breakout HDMI device.
  7. Get an HC800 on eBay and use that for the audio connections?
  8. http://www.chowmainsoft.com/drivers-for-control4-comfort Daikin drivers from Chowmain? Daikin Wifi Split - The Daikin Wifi Split driver for Control4 allows you to integrate any Daikin split system with any Daikin split system with wifi for full 2 way control and feedback over modes, setpoints, fanspeeds, fan swing, presets and scheduling. Wifi modules can also be retrofit into older Daikin split systems that have the S21 port.
  9. Absolutely but for the occasional game day party taking the arc or a RCA pair into an audio matrix gets the job done.
  10. Most TVs allow an audio out for a matrix and audio in other rooms etc.
  11. Netflix is the biggest bugbear. So many allows sign in by the 4 letter codes on Roku but not Netflix. After I had my Netflix account taken over it has a securely generated Google password but it's a bugbear to type that in on a keyboard let alone an OSD.
  12. That makes the C4 GUI to pick your watch channels pretty awesome.
  13. I believe it needs at least a UI controller. I've not used their cameras so don't know if you can connect third party cameras to their infrastructure. It would be a cloud key 2 plus HDD at a minimum.
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