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  1. The Dmx devices and decoders are kept. The driver changes.
  2. The Enttec ODE may better align with your existing hardware setup and has a free C4 driver. It's not quite so silky smooth as the driver below as it uses controller CPU cycles rather than offloading the messaging to a second box. I use this. Rock stable and actually have the din rail one in the C4 panel light box. This is the silky smooth alternative. But may result in two dmx message systems on the same bus. Depends if you are looking for a wholesale replacement or a day to day user friendly alternative.
  3. What is wrong with the HC800 and do you use the OSD from it? Amr> Nothing Wrong, its just a great piece of hardware, but it has its limitations and C4 will phase it out as quickly as possible, all new features will be limited to EA so am just planning ahead, so many changes and it will cost a significant amount of money at once, so gradual upgrade is a better way! Never used it as OSD, am using a 250 for that reason! Well in the original post you said on its last legs so didnt know if that was an EOL qn it hardware problem. There is no indication it is going EOL any time soon and then a used EA3 or 5 will be cheaper anyway.
  4. What happens to make it on last legs?
  5. What is wrong with the HC800 and do you use the OSD from it? If the 800 is running fine I'd start with the touchscreens and enjoy the upgrade. Swap the 250 for an EA1 and get the enhanced display, put the other EA1 in for a second display instead of using the current 800. Remotes could get some interesting new hardware with the Swiss acquisition so bide time there. Will then have a new looking system. Engine (800) should run fine for a couple more years.
  6. Have you looked at this in real life? HDR is harder to achieve well on a projector. You are sitting far enough from the screen that this pixel count is technically less an issue. By all means drop a lot of cash on new toys but confirm that the change in quality is sufficient. Likely you want a new hdcp 2.2 compatible avr (cue Wapping)
  7. Yes it works great. Have this done in my galley shaped kitchen. But 8 ohm speakers so a 4 ohm load presented to the amp.
  8. As msgreen says. That said many of us are still running HC 800 systems and many of is still have gen 1 switches in secondary locations. Controller hardware has a long life a decade or so. Light switches even longer. Aesthetically touch screens and SR are the ones to hold off on. Especially with the recent hardware acquisition.
  9. Good to know. I know they were busy explaining as the new hi rez audio as enhanced audio
  10. Good point. Want speakers stick an avr in the middle of that hdmi signal path
  11. Ea1 - 1 audio stream. Hdmi. Ea3 - 3 audio streams. Hdmi two others Ea5 - 5 audio streams. Ea = enhanced audio.
  12. Is it the volume adjustment for that specific audio output on composer. I've seen that happen on updates before. Audio output volumes reset to zero.
  13. Don't relink. Don't touch those links. Add links but don't touch existing links.
  14. Can you set up MA anyway using a VPN to create it and travel the ownership rights into the MA account until the time they do open that up globally. MA is curious insomuch that once in there often rights holders give global rights. I was in the Bahamas and Mexico and Microsoft Movies will play my titles on Windows.
  15. Stop play; start record Stop record; start play Is how we set it up.
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