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  1. Kinda but at the moment those are single purpose Cat cables. C4 may want to run more than one wap off each of them.
  2. If it is close enough to zigbee mesh and can take the power load then your solution sounds great. Needs a plastic box for the radio to work properly.
  3. Sounds like you would need to find a place per floor to have a switch likely a poe switch to power the waps. That gets your data and WiFi distribution over those cables you have already run. For audio you and dealer may may want to discuss that but an EA3 and audio matrix / amp per floor means you are not retro stringing speaker wire between floors. There are also moca adapters and other tricks to get ethernet in retrofit.
  4. Third the suggestion about. The Room TV uses the paid driver as the free one does not do the TV on off Control
  5. Josh AI interfaces well with SONOS. A single SONOS connected to Josh and then connected into a matrix will give you a lot of the functionality you need.
  6. I came here to say exactly the same thing. I don't think the OP needs to spend money on shiny new WiFi as the current is fast enough for any known use cases. More importantly it works.
  7. I would imagine it would be a challenge to hear the current draw of a few LEDs through the noise of everything else in the home. I'm finding it hard enough to train Moen Flo that my water ph balancer is cleaning / backflowing 80 gallons every 3rd day and this is not a flood event. I can't put that in a Moen Flo ignore rule because it is not on every Wednesday or something but every 3rd day. Wouldn't it be easier to put a heat sensor in the stove extractor or the oven heat vent or somewhere that would notify the oven was on. From their website Low-wattage consumer e
  8. This. I had similar problems. Blamed my owned equipment, replaced it with their equipment found the same problem. Replaced the drop from my roof to the modem / internal cable and then I had to schlep their equipment back to them.
  9. Your new roku needs the same in address as the old one. Your new roku needs the setting checked for ip and app control. Don't think you need a dealer.
  10. I used these. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01DZQ43AI#Ask And the materlink multix and driver.
  11. The motor just needs to be shorter than the window / tube. It sits in one end. Both ends have the required caps for the tube size. One of those caps will have an x in long motor on the other side of it.
  12. Few things to unpack here. 1. One powerwall is not whole home. You would need two. 2. You depleted the powerwall but you have solar on the roof that will replenish them during the day. So depending on time of year and sunshine and energy draw two PW could get you from 3 days to 6 days off grid. One PW on essential loads. Oil pump and heat circ pump, lights (led) fridge, microwave TV and Internet could keep you going days or have a dead spot between say 2 am and sunrise. On the dead before outage they communicate with the grid and weather and if a weather emergency
  13. Masking tape and a rattle can of silver paint?
  14. In this day, why a generator not Tesla Powerwall or similar. Zero maintenance, no startup pause or power flicker. Often big rebates from tax breaks and the utilities having access for brownouts. My $30k solar and Powerwall has a 5 year ROI.
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