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  1. Agreed. An honest and professional response, a step in the right direction. Unfortunately for a NASDAQ listed company this particular service is not good and regular outages are far to common. Maybe is the US, and other parts of the world, remote cloud services are good but in the UK they are unreliable and are the brunt of complaints. We always sell 4Sight but for remote connectivity and performance it can not be relied up on here, VPN is the only reliable and secure alternative. Hopefully it will improve.
  2. In the mean time I've released the source for some sample MQTT drivers that integrate via the Cloud driver to an MQTT broker of choice along with a Mail driver show SMTP integration. You could write your own zwavejs2mqtt gateway... Available at https://beta.berto.io/download/Berto_SDK.zip Thanks
  3. I need to add zwavejs2mqtt to my IoT gateway, looks very good. Does it support all the Fibaro devices? Have made a fix to the relay light so hopefully scenes supported now. Thanks
  4. What is the model number of the switch? What are the payloads for the relay?
  5. What is the device you are using? I’ll look into the relay light issue with lighting scenes as it should be supported. Thanks
  6. Berto Cloud now has SMTP_SENDMAIL and MQTT_CONNECT, MQTT_DISCONNECT and MQTT_PUBLISH functions exposed. Available at https://prod.berto.io/download/Berto_Cloud.c4z and example of how to use functions at https://prod.berto.io/download/Berto_SDK.c4z Thanks
  7. You could use either the Berto_Camera driver which lets you take a snapshot of the camera and email it or you could use the Berto_Cloud driver which lets you send emails with URL attachments either using your own email server or our Cloud service. See https://prod.berto.io/download Thanks
  8. Sorry, Here you go https://prod.berto.io/download/Berto_IOTGateway.c4z I'll shortly be pushing an update to the Cloud driver that opens up SMTP and MQTT functions on that also. Thanks
  9. Thanks I've also opened up the Cloud driver to expose the SMTP function. The integration to the IoT Gateway is great if your just working with a single MQTT broker ie. your local IoT setup, but for multiple connections I'm opening up the MQTT functions on the Cloud driver also which means that you just need to install the one driver to use any MQTT broker or SMTP service from any other drivers.
  10. Hi all, I've just released version 1.27 of my IoT Gateway driver which has been opened up to allow other driver developers to access the MQTT functions. Just a few simple proxy functions to REGISTER and PUBLISH messages and ExecuteCommand handlers to receive MESSAGEs. Driver available at https://prod.berto.io/download/Berto_IOTGateway.c4z Sample driver with source code showing integration available at https://prod.berto.io/download/Berto_IOTClient.c4z Thank you David
  11. Are you using the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge or Zigbee2MQTT? I have it working on both setups. If Tasmota then what version are you running? Thanks
  12. The hub exposes Control4 devices that you set in the driver to Homebridge not the other way round. Sorry
  13. What are the powerboards you’re using? I assume they are running Tasmota, you’re just using Tuya to flash the devices? What module are they configured as? The hub is used as the mqtt broker for all devices and the IoT Gateway. The assist pin code is used for Google Assistant integration and does not use the hub at all.
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