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  1. Yes. I normally change to and manually number the cameras 1 to 16 etc. The the benefit is you can access all aspects of the camera via its actual IP address rather thank just it’s web interface.
  2. If you want to access the cameras on the subnet you just need to set the default gateway on each camera to and then set a static route on your router to route the via the lan IP address of your NVR.
  3. Following Control4 dropping the CardAccess keyfobs I ordered an RF bridge, still waiting for delivery. I believe they’ll accept your existing RF remotes. Will be interested in the range. David
  4. I have a native Google Assistant service and driver for Control4 which is currently in beta. If you would like to test then PM me your email address and I will provide details. Thanks David
  5. No, it just does basic control of NowTV box. If I get time I’ll look at app control. Thanks
  6. I have a NowTV driver, see https://berto.io
  7. We use a cloud platform but its design, along with the drivers, ensures that connectivity to the Internet and the platform itself are not required for a driver to operate which I believe to be essential with any online platform unless of course the driver itself is an Internet centric driver. What issues do you have with the DriverCentral platform?
  8. Ping me a mail and I’ll send you the sample. What is the model of the 5ch relay you are using? Thanks David
  9. Lukas, Not a problem. I actually do have a sample MQTT Client driver that I can email you which provides a template of how you can interface to the MQTT bridge driver, if you send me an email, I'll pass it on. Thanks David
  10. Lukas, I've believe the problem is to do with IP Forwarding which gets turned off by my driver when OpenVPN is disabled, this happens by default when the driver is loaded. I've not be able to test fully but can see that the Navigator on the controller runs in an LXC container and requires that IP Forwarding is turned on otherwise the VM is unable to reach any network address beyond the controller itself. I've now removed this, as it is no longer needed, and will push an update, V9. The iptables changes you refer to is actually the insertion of a Masquerade rule, the same that is required for the LXC containers, so that the VPN subnet can receive traffic back from the local LAN when a client connects. Zuhair, thanks for your testing and support. You may want to check again after turning the OpenVPN server On/Off, not sure if you use or not but regardless the V9 update should sort the problem if it still exists. We don't use the master controller as a Navigator so have never seen this issue but will setup a test configuration to satisfy myself that it is fixed. Thanks for your help. Regards David
  11. Lukas, I've also been in discussion with C4 and with agreement removed certain features from the public version of the driver some time ago. The /etc/crontabs/root entry was missed. The OpenVPN service is inbound only and does not create any tunnels, it allows users to setup their own VPN endpoint but this was disabled also. I have now removed the update to the crontab and also disabled the Watchdog and OpenVPN options on the Properties page. I've not be able to duplicate the camera issue both this version of the driver and previous versions, we have many installs using T3 touchscreen with cameras and EA1 navigators and this issue has not been reported. Can you give the setup you have to duplicate as whilst I've removed this from my public release, in the private version we still have these activated, I'd like to test. Thanks David
  12. Amr, The setup does not sound correct. You should have the MQTT bridge installed purely to connect the Sonoff Relay driver to your MQTT Broker, you do to need to put anthingy in the Topics property on the Bridge, this is for custom message subscriptions. You should put the topic used on the Sonoff into the Topic property on the Sonoff Relay driver, in your case Control4/Sonoff/Flood, they should be identical. The driver will then pass the related subscription topics to the Bridge driver which in turn subscribes to your Broker. Glad your see stability with the Shellies, I have several RGB versions and they do appear to stop announcing now and again and need to reboot them, very strange. My Sonoff is rock solid, great kit. Thanks David
  13. What firmware are you using and is it set correctly on the driver? Is the topic set the same on both the Sonoff and the driver?
  14. Correct. The install.sh script does the appropriate apt-get installs and then gets the flicd daemon etc. As long as the flicd daemon can see the BT adapter then you should be good to go.
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