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  1. Confused as to what your referring to. I was just responding to the incorrect compliance comment, nothing more.
  2. 100% correct. Referring to the use of custom email services, which were subsequently moved into the cloud, and nothing to do with the incorrect comment reference C4 compliance.
  3. Then web server driver was written/released a few months ago and has no connection to what you are referring to. Like I say, it is no more complicated than Ryan’s original HTTP driver.
  4. What modifications has this driver had at the request of C4? The driver is based on Ryan’s driver, just goes further but I’m not aware of any modifications made to be more compliant? Thank you
  5. My IoT Gateway provides Homekit/Siri integration along with Google Assistant and Alexa coming soon. It also allows integration of may other IoT devices. See https://berto.io/berto-iot-gateway and https://berto.io/how-it-work
  6. The issue was that SetOption19 was on for auto discovery for a Home Assistant system which changes the published messages from the device for tele and stat reporting. Will have a look at making the Gateway work with the HA format also.
  7. A Push should happen after a Discovery completes, what is the Tasmota module that is set on the device? The MQTT client does only restart when a Discovery is started but I could probably force a restart on the Custom Topic change, will take a look. I’ll check the event firing issue. Any issues can be emailed to support@berto.co.uk. Thanks David
  8. So does the Alexa driver rely on the OpenVPN connection being up? Interesting post.
  9. Yep, but I've seen lots of configs with the multiple names in the Topic. I could look at using the + placeholder in the Full Topic if that helps but not sure how the publish would work?
  10. Yes, that will not work. Better to make the outdoors and basement names part of the Topic. Ie. basement/retroconsoles & outdoors/patio_lights
  11. Multi level topics are supported as long as the same prefix is used for all devices and they all have the same Group Topic. The MQTT Bridge is not required and the plan is to remove the need for it all together as the IOT Gateway does 90% of the job already. Thanks David
  12. Anything is possible to expose to the third party services but not sure what you're trying to achieve here? The external integration is designed to exposed the ultimate target device ie. the Light, Fan, Switch etc. I've partially added Video and Audio endpoints.
  13. Yes, the IOT Dimmer driver support dimming and RGBW. The WebView driver provides a native interface on the T3 touchscreens. I’m working on zigbee2mqtt at the moment along with the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge, zwave2mqtt is in the pipe line. Thanks David
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