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  1. I have just developed a driver for the Shelly relay range, https://shelly.cloud/product/wifi-smart-home-automation-shelly-25-switch-relay-roller-shutter/ See https://github.com/davidmassot/Berto Good piece of reliable hardware
  2. I have an IFTTT driver that allows direct secure HTTPS connections from IFTTT and also integrates to Webhooks. I use it a lot with the button widget on my phone to do simple tasks like open gates etc. Responds time is very good, much faster than opening the C4 app. See https://github.com/davidmassot/Berto
  3. With the latest C4 driver using the new security proxy you need Texecom firmware version 4 or above. The UDL code is only available from the Engineer's menu so you will need the six dight code to access that or hope your installer will share it with you.
  4. Thanks. Applied patch, event though already on latest 2.10.6 and 24 hours later all my remotes now show 2.1.117, automatically updated from 2.1.109.
  5. I have the same issue on several sites. I can not see the article you are referring to on the support link at all. I’m on EU site so not sure if that is different. Could you post a link to the actual article? Thanks
  6. I've bought several of the UE75NU7100 and 65 versions in the UK, specifically as they are supported by C4, but none of them have the IP Remote option so have had to resort good old one way IR. Not a C4 problem but more Samsung model variation in the UK despite the model number being totally supported by C4. Why do manufacturers do this!
  7. Adam, V4 available and working as you suggest. Thanks David
  8. Vert interesting! Will take a look.
  9. Adam, I'll look at changing this to update on receipt of last PINGRESP packet. That makes more sense. Thanks David
  10. Any beer. Is the issue fixed? Thanks
  11. Problem duplicated, will investigate.
  12. Mmm, not sure what would cause programming to disappear, that's a new one on me. How are you updating the driver?
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