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  1. I’m looking for a rechargeable battery cover for the SR250 remote. Hoping someone has an inoperable 250 laying around.
  2. Once again, Neil comes through in a pinch. I got a bunch of new gear for Christmas and couldn’t wait to get it all connected to Control4. Sent Neil a quick little email and he had it done that evening and it works great!
  3. I had the same problem. What solved it was making a jumper on the green connector that is on the back of the amp and then flip the trigger switch to on. Once I did this Alexa immediately played in whichever room was selected. One caveat though is that you pretty much have to leave that room on with the dot selected. And the amp stays on too.
  4. Is Neil still around? I've been shooting him some texts for some programming I need done, but I'm not getting a response.
  5. Kudos to Neil!! My system was a mess, my remotes barely worked and it was just cluttered up. Not only did he clean up my system and get it working like it should, he added my Echo Dot to the system and I love it!!! Be patient, he can be tough to get a hold of, surely due to his skill.
  6. Ok, I have an audio/video question about Alexa. Will I be able to just say Alexa play pandora in kitchen? Or play Napster in the living room? I guess I need to know if I will be able to select the source and room for all of my audio and video?
  7. I got one, thanks for replying though.
  8. Not sure if this the appropriate venue or not. But, I own a decent amount of C4 stock and it is plummeting. Am I missing something, I thought this company was doing pretty well. Not sure if I should dump it or buy more while it's low. Any insight will be greatly appreciated.
  9. You should definitely talk to C4 4 Walts, Matthew has been great working with me. Answers every call and email as well as texts really quickly. And his prices are way more than reasonable!
  10. Thanks, but I need the rear port version. Thanks, for the input. I've been using the Araknis for over a year now and no problems.
  11. I am looking for a Snap AV Araknis Network switch with either 16 or 24 ports (rear ports). Is anyone a dealer for them and can get me a deal on one of these? AN-100-SW-R-24 or AN-100-SW-R-16
  12. I am looking for a rack mount for a HC 250 controller, I think the part number is C4-1URMK1B-B. Thanks!
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