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  1. Thanks for this awesome driver that opens a new world to controlling devices from C4. I just configured a Logitech Pop button to switch on/off Hue lightning. Works great, however the total time it takes to go thru the Internet, IFTTT platform and Pusover platform makes it not the best solution for lightning. Looking forward to a driver to connect te Logitech Bridge directly over IP to the C4 controller. But as said, great driver to connect to a lot of new devices! Next play: My BMW i3 connecting to C4 Regards, Peter
  2. @Vince: 'turn tv on' creates the loop that I mentioned, so that won't work. And I don't understand the 'don't use the driver' within a C4 project.. @d1: I need discrete on/off, mute and volume settings, which are not available bij IR. Thanks for your thinking anyway! I'm gonna post the question in the dealerforum. Regards, Peter
  3. UE49KS8000. I did searched the service menu for a setting that maybe have to do with the TV not waking up, bit did not find anything there. thnx, Peter
  4. Hi All, I have some trouble with switching on a brand new Samsung TV over RS232. The TV won't switch on the very first time. When sending an OFF command, followed by a ON command, then I will switch on without any problem. So I thought to program OFF+ON at the trigger ON. Problem is that I'm in a loop at that moment. Tried to use the STOP and BREAK commands, but that doesn't work, because the trigger ON is fired again. Does anybody has a tip/trick for me for this issue? Thanks! Peter
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