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  1. Yes, that's my fault. Way back when I was mucking around with getting the states to properly update (as timely as possible) and I'm improperly updating the states when they shouldn't be. I'm working on getting this fixed for the next release.
  2. Heheheh. I'm less bitter now. I had fun finding beta bugs but for the best as I don't really have time anyway now. Hope all is well!!
  3. Hey there. With all the proper bindings you can control the doors from the "Locks & Sensors" view through navigator without the need for keypads. I really should update the documentation with this (and will do so for next release), but here are some things to check: Connections: MyQ Controller -> MyQ Door Opener MyQ Door Opener (Relay and contact sensor) -> Generic Garage Door In the attached images, I show how I have mine setup. "Main Garage Door-MyQ" is the MyQ driver and "Main Garage Door" is the generic garage door. Note that while I have toggle butto
  4. That is an interesting one. Are you still having the issue? Sorry for the incredibly late response. Every time I get back into the mood to dig into the drivers I seem to get piled up with work from the day job.
  5. Hi, how did you  get on with the hot tub driver?

  6. I recently got a dog that insists on going outside every 15 minutes. Excellent find indeed! Checking it out now.
  7. Funny thing is that the drivers for these new controllers has been part of the Composer Pro load for awhile now. Next release, take a look through all the folders after installing. They always tend to leave little nuggets in there. You can then confirm if it's coming by emailing Matt Sand. If no response, that means yes.
  8. Thanks for the info. I'll check it out this weekend as I noticed something squirrelly after I updated my home system but hadn't looked into it.
  9. Sorry folks. Of course, I start work on it then get snowed under and work and no hobby time. I did work on it a bit today but need to get back home (will be back on Friday 02/05) because I can't test to see if the damn thing works as it's time to power cycle the tub to get the wifi back. Very frustrating. I hope to have you at least something to test this weekend. I know, you've heard that before :-) But I am excited to see if these updates work and no plans so fingers crossed.
  10. @badjesus - I just might. Can you provide more information?
  11. Sorry, but it took me quite some time to figure out the command encoding they use. There is no official API so I was doing this with WireShark and many months of tinkering.
  12. Good timing. I actually got an itch to work on it some today. I'll see if I can get it in limited functionality mode that's suitable for testing today.
  13. Updated the first post with a new version that supports additional door openers.
  14. galvitron78, Turn on debugging (level = debug), re-enter your username/password, make sure polling is enabled, then try resetting bindings. Cut and paste what is in the Lua window and email to me (eric@ericscales.com). I'll take a look and see if I can figure out what is going on.
  15. I updated the first post to include the latest release which is free. I have gotten a couple of emails from folks that have dealers telling them the driver requires a license which is not the case with this release.
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