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  1. Thanks for sharing . I set up up something where I use one button and then each press of the button cycle through my tidal play lists. I think I loaded about 4 playlists. When it cycles through a different playlist the led on the button changes color linked to a playlist. I cycle each through programming. I do something similar for preset radio stations on another button.
  2. Good to know. Since they released a 2.5G switch specifically called Unifi 6 switch rumor has it they will be releasing 2.5G capable Wifi 6 AP's in future. Probably will be flagged a Pro version like they have done with other products in the Unifi lineup.
  3. Which Wifi6 AP did you install? The Lite or Long Range Version?
  4. Good luck with them. I’m waiting for the 2.5G versions of the AP s to be released. Hopefully soon.
  5. I still haven't figured out how the next Gateway is priced almost 1/3 higher than the UDM Pro and has less features. It must be a speed performance angle but none of the stats shared seem to show that yet. Folks that say they like to keep their systems modular for better risk management against single point failure, you can disable any of the same features on the UDM-Pro so confused at their price tierings.
  6. Ditto on Beta hardware but be careful as Ubiquiti releases a lot of items in Early Access and they "really" are beta and they use the EA groups to beta test and report for them. On an AP seems low risk but then many times you have to upgrade your router/controller software to a beta release and that is what you may have a kids and wife relying on
  7. I use VPN and its a lot faster than my Unifi USG-Pro connecting to a USG VPN LPT2.
  8. I have both in two different homes and can say both are very fast. Think about the fastest ISP service for homes are 1G and the UDM does 850 with full DPI and IDS/IPS turned on. From my lens, the Pro is better value if you want to run video as well where the UDM is better in a small home where 1 Access Point can give you full Wireless coverage.
  9. FYI, WAN 2 of the UDM-Pro requires a SFP to RJ45 card.. Below is the one I used... https://www.amazon.com/ipolex-Ubiquiti-Gigabit-UF-RJ45-1G-Transceiver/dp/B01GFN40UQ/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=ipolex+Gigabit+RJ45+Copper+UF-RJ45-1G+Transceiver+Module+for+Ubiquiti%2C+Cisco+GLC-T%2C+Cisco+Meraki%2C+Netgear%2C+D-Link%2C+Supermicro+Mini-GBIC+-+1000Base-T+Copper+SFP+Module+(CAT5e+Cable%2C+100-Meter)&qid=1595788261&s=electronics&sr=1-1
  10. Are you going to run a second line for a second ISP connection for failover? Looks great!
  11. See if you can find a couple on EBay.
  12. Can you please share how you rip your movies eg ripping and storage process?
  13. Have a T3 that in the last 2 weeks or so has constantly been freezing (Connected via Wifi). It just has the circle status icon swirling in a stuck mode. I have to unplug the T3 to get it to reconnect. It has worked flawless for like 2 years or so via wifi so just checking if anyone has experienced the same and identified a fix?
  14. Yeah, I also have had a handfull of the top and bottom slender strips break on me. I like the look of them so I guess its just a maintenance item to have to deal with.
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