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  1. I have used my Peachtree DacIT and its a noticeable improvement
  2. Either drill through frame or put a box on side of frame and cover later with a valence or something. Not an easy pre wire decision. One of the reasons I went with batteries.
  3. I have lutron Serena shades , battery powered and they do not require any wiring to the window area. They have been working flawlessly with c4 but honestly I don’t see the need to invest in c4 keypads to control them when you can get their pico remote for $15. I think if you go to the lutron sheer shades the windows and keypads need to be wired.
  4. That’s the way I did mine so the compoint mutes the music if someone is playing music. Having extra cat 6 runs to each location creates a lot of future optionality for different devices.
  5. I have a russound intercom system and has worked perfect for years. I have c4 lighting and other elements but I don’t think everything has to be routed to c4. The russound intercom has worked for 10+ years without an update or dealer intervention.
  6. Any internet or VOIP phone line like vonage still exposes you to losing your entire alarm capability if someone cuts your outdoor internet line which for many homes is very accessible to a burgular. For the same reason as the panel has a battery backup for power outages, cellular gives a burgular no easy option to stop a signal to get to the monitoring station. All depends on in ones risk tolerance.
  7. i would not say changing a panel and programming is trivial and takes a few minutes imho. How many zone to you have ? All wired or some wireless? Also, I would not go internet only with no cellular backup communicator.
  8. I don't believe my fiber and broadband are in the same trench but certainly not far from each other. Understand the logic though. I've heard of cellular backup so certainly an option maybe when speeds / costs improve.
  9. Probably not consumer grade can do this but I think I could configure similar with Unifi. What are you putting on the vlan to xfinity?
  10. curious if you do load balancing then does this imply both of your providers are at similar download/upload speeds? In failover, i have primary at 1000M service and failover at 60M service. Strategy was to get the cheapest backup service I could.
  11. I'm not talking about same provider backup. In my example, i used AT&T and Xfinity. What would be nice is if providers offered a different pricing model for a backup service (eg you are only charged on usage etc)
  12. Curious how many installs today are being configured with a secondary broadband provider as a failover / backup option? Currently, I have AT&T fiber as my primary and in the past i have kept a secondary Xfinity lower spec (eg $30/month) service as a failover where my unifi home network automatically switches to if AT&T goes down. As homes get more and more connected with cloud apps etc, do you see this becoming more a standard option? I know this "insurance" all comes down to a providers reliability but I have had my primary temporarily go down while traveling / away. Also, would be great if providers start offering this service and charging as used per se vs the same as someone using as their primary.
  13. Thanks. I didn’t know the newer modules were less expensive. I like the Frankenstein analogy
  14. Hi dcovach, Just a question please. My Yale YR220 has had the touchscreen basically haze over from the sun and didnt realize that the screen is covered by a lifetime warranty (not the lock is covered that long). Yale is sending me a replacement lock but i think (despite asking) that they will send a YR226. Do you think i can keep the backside of the YR220 with my old C4 module and just use the front face of the YR226? curious
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