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  1. Hi, Is Somfy Tahoma now working with Control4? The base unit appears to be available now for sale in NA and I was told a driver is available. Thanks.
  2. There is a for sale section in this forum... maybe post there?
  3. agree, you will not be able to just set it and never have to call the dealer. It's the C4 business model.
  4. I was counting the minutes until that post Took longer than i thought!
  5. There is a Casetta C4 driver for the bridge and registered on your network during setup. I think you may need the Casetta bridge pro if not mistaken.
  6. I would put a cheap Unifi wifi access point off the shed switch and use the TP link Kasa products. They have worked great for me.
  7. updates or maintenance if something stops working....
  8. No rush. Just unifi actually releases new features often so not just your typical bug fix many times. But you are right, probably shouldnt rush them. Same with c4 updates
  9. I upgrade firmware routinely as I'm also adding new devices like phone, new cameras etc. I try though now to stay away from beta releases if I can because a home setup really is not the right environment. Plus when you are beta firmware, they are pushing updates very frequently which is another inconvenience. If the UDMP fails, I will plus a couple of critical devices into my ATT gateway (even use the ATT gateway wifi if needed) until a new device arrives overnight. I do have an edgerouter lite and a Mikrotik switch/router also that I can use in a pinch but have never needed.
  10. The only other alternative I would consider is Mikrotik which I have sampled and I like a lot... Problem is with their router, no cloud access to speak of, to do things like setting up a simple VPN tunnel between sites requires a PHD, and the feature set for prosumer items like cameras, phones are not there. It's a hard core router to set it and leave it but also amazing performance and quality for the dollar. With your networking experience, it's something to consider but I would not shy away at all from the UDMP. The occasional bugs you may encounter, you will be able to address with your experience.
  11. Just to give folks balance to what looks like a horror story of issues, I have not had anything like the experience above with my UDM-P in my home network aside from the initial restore from backup which was a convenience issue more than a stability issue. I'm not sure what defines small network or not but my home system has a UDMP, 11 Switches, a mix of 10G/2.5G/1G/100/10 devices, Unifi VOIP, WAN failover, VLAN/firewall configuration for video and IoT with past Unifi APs and now Ruckus. Sure there have been a few minor quirks but glad to say its been solid so far. The UDMP is actually one my favorite pieces of gear from them... a crazy value for what it offers.
  12. I love Tech Lighting. Generally viewed as premium brand.
  13. I run a primary AT&T ISP and a cheap Xfinity as a failover. Works well but if done over I would reverse it to avoid the double NAT with the ATT gateway router.
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