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  1. It’s playing the analog output first out of the ea3 and then the digital output only of another room is selected with a new source. I tested just now. I would have guessed the opposite. Maybe because there is a external DAC in that output
  2. Thanks, is digital out seen as higher quality vs analog out? Not sure how c4 would rank them on what basis?
  3. When the audio matrix has 2 sources being played in 2 different rooms, is there a way to see which source is playing with which input? eg I have a coax coming out of my EA-3 to a DAC and then to one of the audio matrix inputs then i have the EA3 analog stereo outputs going to another audio matrix input. Not sure how the priority takes place (eg does the EA-3 choice the digital output first? then analog second?) or how you know which one is paired? Thanks!
  4. Yeah, your first suggestion is awesome fix.
  5. Was just thinking.... My multichannel amp has a sense dip switch for each channel. Basically, if selected, the amp channel turns on only when an audio signal is sensed from the source. As I'm using a C4 audio matrix, I assume the matrix will only send an audio signal if the room audio is turned on? The amps main power would be on but I think this DIP setting is provide individual channel power on/off in the multichannel amp. Do you think this will work also?
  6. Hi all, I have a programmed Relay linked to an IP controlled Wattbox that can power on and off a multichannel amp used for 4 rooms in the house for audio/music. I'm looking to program the Relay "closed" eg "amp on" if any of those 4 rooms are playing audio and the relay is programmed to be "off" if all of the 4 rooms audio connected to the amp are not being used. Is there an elegant or possible programming solution to do this? Thanks in advance!
  7. On a t3 or mobile app navigate to the camera and tap and hold on it. An option to favorite will come up Huge Thanks!
  8. That just means you haven't favorited cameras to the room Thanks, I need to figure out how to do that still...
  9. you guys are correct, the cameras are in 3.1.1. You just have to select left to see additional menu bar appearing on left of TV screen. Thanks!
  10. Big thanks on this suggestion as I was able to find the matrix with volume control for $110 on EBay delivered so could be a very cheap solution. I will likely leave my analog controls in and set them to the upper range for starters. Thanks!
  11. Many thanks for checking as I can’t seem to find it.
  12. I agree its great to have an employee help on the forum and dont want it to stop!!! My observation is most of past posts from him have stayed away from "marketing" a product but rather supporting it but there has been some positive Kellyanne Conway "spin" attempted on this remote for sure given the avalanche of strong opinions on it 😉
  13. I have 3.1.1 and not in yet so maybe next version?
  14. Thanks for the quick reply, is there also a reason that the Security Experience button is now removed from the Navigator feeds to TVs? was nice to get my camera feeds on my TVs this way in the past and think with 3.0 its gone. Not sure if there is a way to get it back.
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