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  1. i've been happy with my Tripplite racks....
  2. whenever i sell mine, i will remove the lighting and put $1.50 decora switches and all AV remotes in before i even list for sale.... once a buyer sees your C4 stuff they will use it as a negotiation sweetner to buy the home but ultimately give you nothing for it. I will leave the one older controller a touchscreen and security cams and that's probably it. I'll remove all my networking gear also and put a linksys $50 wireless router Imo, most buyers will not pay for home automation and prosumer networking but will not want you to remove it.
  3. Go with a current Wattbox model. Some of the prior gen models floating around for cheap on Ebay have design flaws and have a high failure rate.
  4. Hi All, My setup sends a warning chirp to the alarm keypads whenever my internet goes down. I seem to recall a setting in either the TL280 or overall Neo Panel setup where you can disable this but can't locate it easily. Appreciate if anyone knows the alarm panel subsection to disable this if they can share. I only have the TL280 for C4 integration and have a cellular alarm connection so its not critical for me to hear the chirping (versus someone that has alarm solely connected via internet monitoring). Every time i upgrade my switch or internet goes down it can wake up folks if sleeping etc so want to disable it. Thanks!
  5. I see there is a version 1 and version 2 of the caseta pro hub. Does version 1 have any issues with c4 integration for Lutron shades? Thanks!
  6. How is your UniFi controller software running ? On a PC or via cloud key?
  7. A local controller needs to be cloud enabled and then you and your other tech can access via iphone or android....
  8. If mostly for TV, i would go with a Denon X series AVR or an Anthem AVR if you want a step up.
  9. If you want a little higher end, Hegel H190 has c4 drivers provided by Hegel.
  10. I have tried several and the best I’ve had so far is a Triad passive... the bigger clunkier one, not the real low profile versions. Paradigm Reference and Goldenear make good passive LCR. I would though go passive and power it separately. I installed a Leon in a second home and wasn’t impressed.
  11. Thanks Gary, That indeed worked!
  12. i saw that, may need to get it installed but dont think i have it now
  13. ok, thanks for the quick response.
  14. Hi all, is it possible to reboot my C4 controller in my second residence remotely from the IOS app or C4 website? Thanks!
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