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  1. Are these working now? I have a 2021 Frame TV on the way now...
  2. @IntrinsicGroupDoes the driver only work with the latest Gen KEF LS50 Wireless?
  3. Agree and why would you want to give up the Protect functionality which is really good with good IOS functionality. Just run a RTSP stream via C4 if you want but honestly I rarely use my RTSP streams.
  4. I have a similar setup but have since changed the wireless APs to ruckus but otherwise same. I started by setting up 4 or so VLANs but later reverted to just 2. One the primary network and a VLAN just for my video cameras... I'm sure one of the folks on the site can help you set it up. It's very straight forward and easy to do remotely.
  5. One other question comes to mind, If I put the Wattbox flush into the bottom of the Versabox as they advertise, the power inlet is in the front of the Wattbox. Does this mean you still have to install an outlet inside the Versabox and then run a short power cable to the Wattbox? Or do others run a terminated romex straight into the box and into the Wattbox? Thx!
  6. i have to run it in a open cavity behind the mantel area for the gas fireplace to an adjacent cabinet about 8-9ft (vs having to fish it any distance in a wall). I ran a MTP Fiber cable almost 110ft in walls/attic so this will be a lot easier
  7. That was my thinking so thanks for confirming. It just doesnt have the protective sheathing like romex. It will not be in an area with really any risk of puncture.
  8. Thanks, main sofa for viewing would be about 14ft back so not right up on it. I read on one review that the panel used doesnt have a wide viewing area vs others.
  9. many thanks, was just curious as would think that's the primary reason anyone would pick that model. Thanks again.
  10. Thanks, I'm going to run the connect cable behind the wall and maybe in a conduit, i just don't see the risk at that voltage / wattage but if someone has a different opinion then please share. I can fit the XL versabox just not sure it's worth it at this stage. Can you please elaborate on why you never ran art mode?
  11. Hi, I need to wire power, ethernet and AV cables into a flush mount box to go behind a wall mount TV over a fireplace and mantle. I don't need to put AV devices like Roku, ATV into the box as I was going to route the cables to a nearby cabinet where I can put any source devices along with maybe a one connect box if I go Samsung. Question is the Versabox the way to go or would anyone recommend a different brand/option? Second question: Is the Samsung Frame TV and solid choice for visual appeal in a nicely appointed living area or is it a bit hokey / techie in actual installs (vs the great marketing hype shots on Samsungs website)? I know the FrameTV is not the best pure TV for the money but question is more around the look of the TV when off and with paintings visible. Lastly, I hate to mount a TV too high but I may have to make a sacrifice. The bottom of the 65" TV would be about 62" off the floor. Any views whether this is a "manageable height" or would it just be misery at that angle. Many thanks!
  12. Is "Dear Leader" a combination of the DPRK Supreme Leader and Dear Abby? CEO's leave all the time after an agreed transition period following an acquisition but who knows in this case. Just saying you likely don't have the full reason of why someone is leaving so no need to always weave the negative spin angle...
  13. ejn1

    Cut the Cable

    Doesnt Tivo charge a subscription or is it all in the initial equipment charge?
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