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  1. So the driver does enable a snapshot workaround for Unifi Protect which is not available with the standard IP camera driver?
  2. This is awesome! I'm running the UDM-Pro with the beta UNVR-4 Raid based NVR 4 drive. Much quicker than the cloud key configurations or old Unifi Video.
  3. No, I use my unifi app for camera access on my iphone. Its very fast. I was just timing it to see if any difference with 3.1.3.
  4. I timed my cameras opening in iOS C4 app. 7-8 seconds for stream to load and when advanced to next camera about the same for next stream to load. iPhone 11 on home WiFi. Just a reference.
  5. Im not entirely sure but you may want to check section 6, Page 112 [300] on communicator Paths and make sure you have communicator paths you want turned off otherwise it will show a trouble alert when it senses no signal. I've attached the manual for reference in case you dont have it. HS2016-HS2032-HS2064-HS2128_V1-2_RM_Eng_R001.pdf.pdf
  6. I use the generic IP driver so maybe that plays into it. It’s not on the Unifi side i think as I have an app on my Apple TV that accessed the same RTSP Streams almost in an instant .
  7. mine is a little faster but I wouldnt say night and day difference.
  8. Marantec is an option here. Mine is wired to a C4 relay and works great.
  9. DSC Neo. Some other threads on this you can reference.
  10. Did you download the Wattbox App for the PC and see the device there? Also, my firmware is WB10.9a17
  11. Trust me, i have a huge investment in C4 like you! I want them to survive and be king of the mountain. Sometimes to do this requires some vision and courage to adapt to change and that is always helped by starting to listen to the customer more and dealers a wee-bit less It would also be helped by them fixing the 4-5 SR260 screens i have that have all gone dim !!!!! hahaha
  12. Peloton is great example which i have myself. Their business model of cool bike, hot babes and subscription training annuity is easily replicated and others are doing it now for half the cost. Some are offering ipad options to sync your own training subscription with. Prior to the pandemic which has helped them a lot, many of the analysts were commenting that there future business model was in serious risk given the low barrier to entry and high margins just like my point above with C4. Your other examples not sure are apples to apples. Lets let it rest, this debate is ancient and both sides have some good points. Darwin will solve this problem I'm sure.
  13. Don't think you have anything to worry about sudden change! They change like an elephant changes direction
  14. Ha, I was referring to earlier post about arguing this point here was like arguing with a group of Foxes about them guarding the hen house
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