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  1. Thanks for the added info. So it appears the driver basically allows C4 to access the Roon Nucleus library of music. Seems similar to how C4 accesses a NAS share of music. Do the C4 audio endpoints show as Roon endpoints in the Roon app?
  2. yep, but i have my NAS scanning in background weekly so at least for me, I'm not adding new music to my library that frequently. I wonder if there is a quality difference with high rez digital music when direct connect to a NAS vs DLNA? How things buffer/latency in digital music can make a difference if memory serves me. For multiroom audio with ceiling speakers not an issue I would presume.
  3. Indeed but i thought the entire purpose of Roon was it's interface and metadata integration so not sure why a Roon lover would ever want to run through C4? Does all the Roon information show on the C4 touchscreens like if you were using an Ipad?
  4. For those with a non C4 multi-room amplifier or don't want to spend the money on a Triad system, I just picked up a used C4 audio matrix and connected via RCA outs from my EA3 and C4 integration has been seamless. In my case, I connect my existing music library from my NAS drive which many C4 users already have (and don't need use via DLNA). There are some limitation on how many concurrent different sources can play from a EA3 so that could be a factor for some. For folks wanting C4 music integration, there are some less expensive routes that can be considered.
  5. well said, For me, I would never have an open mic in my home where folks are incented monetarily to listen to me... But for others, folks say come right in and no worries... I do believe the millenials will have even less of an issue with it going forward as they have no problem putting tons of apps on their devices with little permissions and tracking their every movement.
  6. I have a DoorBird and speed is slow and misses people at door also. I’m starting to think that in general the technology has too much latency via cloud to connect to someone before they leave the front door (at least reliably).
  7. I just use a KASA outlet plug for ~$10... Works perfect and complete control from their app or you can buy the C4 driver...
  8. I suggest going all LED no matter which brand you choose... I would avoid mix and match standard and LED bulbs...
  9. You can buy their stuff online and install yourself... I installed most of mine. I've had LED bulbs running now 5 years and still running strong.
  10. I use Vista Pro/LED and have been extremely happy with it...
  11. I have Rachio as well and works very well... Is there a C4 driver for it now?
  12. I'm 100% with you... It's a comment that periodically gets brought up in this forum and normally ends in long and contentious debate
  13. You're right... If no need for any data to move on the network then this is a perfect scenario for a POE injector.
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