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  1. Appreciated! I don't think the Unifi WAPs have this backhaul option unless mistaken. Like you, I have homerun every WAP I have installed but can see some scenarios for folks where backhaul is an easier option to deploy. I did pick up on some of the Ruckus postings that Backhaul is better than MESH as latter truncates speed. I'm assuming that if you backhaul you uplink to the 1G port then daisy chain off the 2.5G port and then you can't use POE and have to have a separate power supply. Not great documentation on the setup options I could find so this is just me trying to piece togeth
  2. Any idea why SnapAV would set up something like this? I'm just thinking if you change your C4 dealer, it's simple and you just register the new dealer on your C4 account and it automatically replaces the old dealer. What a pain it would be if you had to go to your old dealer and have to ask him to release you before adding a new.
  3. @lippavisual I confirmed the iPhone 11 is definitely connecting to the Ruckus WAP at 802.11AX WiFi 6. As far as I can see, WiFi 6 is performing fairly well.
  4. Hi Lippa, Yes connected to the 2.5G port. You don't need Cat 6A for 2.5G at this distance. It's regular Cat 6 (2.5G can actually run on Cat 5e and verified in my house at over 100'). I was trying to research last night and its not entirely clear to me but I think the Ruckus might not actually uplink from switch at 2.5G and rather the 2.5G is for backhaul if you want to daisy chain another Ruckus WAP at 2.5G. If you can shed any light on this, please do. The Iphone 11 has been verified to be connected to the AX band when I tested with another Unifi AP (its a tad better that AC b
  5. Good points and agree with you completely that practical measures should be taken and not faulting anyone who wants to take those measures to whatever degree they want. My only point was if someone "wants" to get in your network and they're skilled at it (typically not onsite thieves my guess) they will likely get into to most consumer or prosumer gear and they wont need to stand at your doorbell with a laptop to do it.
  6. Assume if the evil hacker really wants inside your network and they are skilled, they will get in and there are likely less risky ways for the hacker to enter (eg not committing physical theft or being onsite) ...
  7. I think getting hacked via a Chime ethernet cable is lower risk than an asteroid taking out the western hemisphere Now getting it stolen or spray painted with black paint are a different story
  8. Thanks, and how does the problem manifest itself... The port stops working?
  9. so a visual inspection is good enough to catch this? or is not able to be picked up by the eye?
  10. Same with me... Curious what is the issue with these connectors that some have experienced? I test every one of my terminations with a Fluke tester and have never seen anything crop up as a problem but maybe I need to be looking out for something that I'm not aware of...
  11. Can someone shed some light on how a stolen chime will then allow someone to compromise your network?
  12. My IPhone 11 is WiFi 6. It was connected on the AX band .
  13. Got a single R650 installed in my house. Put it in a central location of the house on the second floor ceiling which also has large area in the center of the home with 2 story ceilings (eg it can reach the first floor main areas without a floor to go through. For perimeter rooms on the first floor it has to penetrate a ceiling as well. Like some have said in other threads, setup was very easy (maybe even simpler than Unifi but both are not difficult imho) with all bands presently on auto aside from setting up a separate ssid for 2.4G and 5G. My home is around 5000 sq ft and surp
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