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  1. I'm not sure as never have used savant. I saw it on their website and was impressed with the design. My guess is it does both depending programming but maybe someone familar with savant can chime in.
  2. This is what I do and then put and up and down arrow key on bottom. Works fine but the rotary knob would be a lot more practical imho.
  3. Would be great if C4 made a keypad with a digital rotary knob kind of like the savant keypad which has both buttons and the knob.
  4. It's under [user], [account settings], [display name] Disclaimer, My user name unchanged, just trying to help out
  5. Wasn't trying to reach for anything, the article still has relevant points today. It was just a point that home automation, cloud, IoT security breaches are hitting everyone and consumers will never be able to have the type of password protocols that mesh with their daily lives without the aid of technology and then that will be breached also... They handled the situation poorly and hopefully they will learn from it.
  6. I think I'm in the the @cdepaola camp on this one. This article is a bit dated but supports this view and also ironically mentions C4 security flaws in the past. https://www.techhive.com/article/2883246/connected-homes-can-be-easy-targets-for-hackers-says-cybersecurity-firm.html
  7. The metadata not advancing comment is happening also in CarPlay for me so it may be a Tidal issue vs C4 or Bluesound.
  8. Anyone know if that DAKBoard 24in screen is touchscreen?
  9. Good point, I'm not using and voice control in my setup.
  10. (2) (2) In Above, I just say "Main" for the primary bedroom light and then "closet", "lamp".... I have same naming convention in each kids room or Guest room etc... I agree with your thinking on less is better and adding "lights" after everything is super redundant.
  11. There are lot of other forums out there when you ask a question over and over again, you get absolutely roasted as people don't think you are respecting someone's time who is answering you for free (40 replies in prior thread is a lot of folks giving help). Just a bit of explanation. Also, when someone takes the time to basically answer detailed design questions with depth, might be helpful to give them an occasional thank you. Just some thoughts to think about...
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