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  1. I have a property that has commercial grade wiring (eg metal boxes). Has anyone used the metal box from C4 for the T3 touchscreens? Can it be retrofitted without a lot of drywall cutting (eg does it have ear tabs like the plastic box?) Many thanks!
  2. I assume folks are using a standard c4 light switch to control the bathroom fan? Always wondered if the fan load was in spec of the light switch?
  3. Thanks, sorry my question was not clear. Does the purchased driver include a license for multiple Roku TVs in a home? Also, i have 2 homes each with at least one Roku TV, can a single purchased driver be used in 2 different projects if the same owner? Thanks!
  4. Is the driver for multiple TCL TVS?
  5. I went conventional also for the same reason. C4 switches and dimmers and works great. Can revert back if desired or sell the house.
  6. What are you trying to do with the watt box? Remote turn on and off? If so I think you need to add a relay to the project.
  7. Hopefully we see an announcement in September!
  8. Any chatter around new C4 remotes coming? I seem to recall they purchased a company that specialized in higher end remotes? Just checking if a new higher remote is likely to come in next 3-6 months. thx
  9. I thought it does do hand offs between WAPs?
  10. Lol. True on amazon. Even on doorbird though access is not an issue while at home in the home network. The latency issue for me is only really when remote.
  11. Dealer only business model has only so much life left imho.
  12. DS2 has to access cloud just like other brands when away from home.
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