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  1. Thanks Ryan. Could you rank the best tv services in your opinion to leverage your points above?
  2. Any idea if the new remote can access a specific channel directly from a streaming service like AT&T Now or Google TV? I see channel icons on the demo video but not sure if they can access from the above mentioned services.
  3. To each is own noob, feel free to mic up your house anytime lol
  4. If it has a mic, there should be a way to disable it as I won't have a device with an open mic to a third party in my living room (at least knowingly).
  5. You can use the Unifi Cameras through the Unifi Video NVR software and have a screen shot.... (doesn’t work with The new UniFi Protect App).. or live without the screen shot but you do get the video stream. I don’t think you can do C4 alerts on motion but the Unifi software does it.
  6. Yep, no snap shot with UniFi Protect. Something I can live without but would be nice in the future.
  7. Matin Logan makes a soundbar without HDMI switching called the Verse. It has been recently discontinued and you can find some close out deals on it potentially for $500 or less. Has C4 drivers and IP control and works great.
  8. I had to do this once, a full factory reset which was a PIA...
  9. can you PM me the price and how he can do it? I have his Control4 registered email address. .
  10. I have a friend who needs to purchase HE... Can someone sell him from the forum or does he have to go to his dealer which is Magnolia? Didnt know if this could be done easy by one of the remote intergrators on the site. THanks,
  11. Ive used both ubiquiti and UniFi and no issues for 3 years now with the sole exception of sometimes quirkiness with doorbird SIP integration... the pakedge stuff looks very nice though but it seems you are tied to dealer integration for cloud access(?)
  12. Some routers cannot be placed in bridge mode. The AT&T UVerse giga modem/router cannot.
  13. I've read the sorting and finding high resolution songs is a pain versus Tidal but haven't tried yet.
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