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  1. I am using Pro. Went to the master driver and set-up account again and all working well. Doesn't pull in the devices but when you add the Protect driver you can bind to the correct proxy. Bind a dummy smoke detector to the protect and you are away.
  2. OS is 2.10, driver is the 2.7+ version 6. Master Driver doesn't show the different protects, the protect driver just shows Online True. Programming off the generic smoke works great but can't seem to specify different Protects.
  3. Apologies an extra question. How does C4 deal with multiple Protects within the home? As far as I can see there is no way to identify different units within C4, is that correct? I would like to program different Protects to turn different lights on if they detect smoke but don't think this is possible.
  4. 8.1.2 is the legacy non endorsed version
  5. All tested ok over the weekend, so thanks for that. Amazingly my wife did actually burn the toast this morning and we all got the notification!
  6. Great, much more straight forward than I realised. Time to go and burn some toast!
  7. Sorry to dig up this thread but can you confirm exactly how you are programming against the Nest protect? Are you programming against the UI colour state of the Protect or the Smoke_Alarm State. I have bound the Protect to a generic smoke detector but can't see a way of programming from the Nest to tell the generic smoke detector it has detected smoke.
  8. I have the same issue. Pressing stop exits the Dune out of Zappiti altogether.
  9. Ok will test using Sonos. I did think that would also help with the volume ramp issue you get when going through the matrix.
  10. Alan are you suggesting a way this can be done more quickly? We have a number of clients that have asked about this.
  11. I like the zigbee doorbell, been useful on a couple of jobs recently.
  12. Sorry what was the conclusion to this? Is it done in real time or only when it checks in?
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