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  1. @Costa I'm sorry that you are feeling frustrated by the app's lack of VPN support. Unfortunately, VPNs haven't ever been fully supported, even in OS 2. However, if you can setup a VPN to forward multicast packets, then SDDP should work and allow the app to find Director. We haven't intentionally done anything to take away or block VPNs, it's mainly that VPNs aren't compatible with how the apps discover Director. I discourage using 4Sight or a VPN for support. Instead, I encourage dealers to use Composer Pro and a remote monitoring tool (e.g. OvrC). Personally, I find a lot of value in having a 4Sight subscription that allows me to receive push notifications, answer my door with Intercom Anywhere, and monitor my home remotely (not to mention Alexa or Google voice). But that's me and I am biased. *Disclaimer: I work for Control4. RE: evaluating bringing back the manual IP address setting. I can't comment on when or if it will be brought back. At the time of my original post we were looking into bringing it back for other, not vpn, related reasons.
  2. @lax Try out this driver. I haven't tested it on a system running OS 2, but I believe it will still work. You will need to bind it to the temperature out bindings of the module. A (uncontrollable) thermostat will show up under the Comfort menu. Also, I am a Control4 employee, but Control4 does not support or endorse this driver in anyway. Please use at your own risk. No is warranty implied or otherwise, etc.. TstatConnector.c4z
  3. @Vercingetorix Yes, we never removed cabin mode, but unfortunately there have been a couple bugs that blocked some customers from connecting to a system that is not connected to the internet. To my knowledge the issues have been fixed and released.
  4. @hunger (If you haven't already) Could you email app logs to appsupport@control4.com with your make and model of the camera it crashes on. We did change out the iOS camera rendering engine at the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, some (mostly older) cameras experienced issues. The easiest way to email logs is to go in the app to Settings > Preferences () > Email Logs.
  5. @Anish I agree, twenty seconds is too long. Would you mind saying your country (or direct messaging me (DM))? I don't have time frames, but we are working on speeding up remote connection times for countries outside of North America.
  6. @terminaldisclaimer Unfortunately, Control4 does not directly support VPN access. The issue blocking VPN access is that most VPNs don't forward multicast packets across the VPN. Our mobile apps use multicast to find the controller that is running the home automation system. If you can setup your VPN to forward multicast packets (both directions), then there is a good chance the apps will be able to connect over VPN.
  7. @rosenqui Unfortunately, push notifications are not supported on the Amazon fire tablets. Amazon uses a different push notification service than Google. Currently, we don't have plans to implement Amazon's push notification service in the Android app.
  8. Amazon got back to us. They did something on their end and the Control4 OS3 app is now live on their app store.
  9. @josei Control4's Android team has been looking into the issue. We haven't been able to pinpoint what is caused the app to be unavailable in Amazon's store. We reached out to Amazon, but haven't had a response from them.
  10. @PapaSmurf74 Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I'll have the team look into it right away!
  11. @lbf It appears the Samsung galaxy tab e lite runs Android 4.4 (Kitkat). Control4 only supports Android Lollipop 5.1 (API 22) and higher for the mobile app.
  12. Hi, Sorry for the delay in response. The app will technically work on Kindle Fire tablets, the issue is that the Amazon store is filtering it from being visible for those devices. We have identified the issue, and we have a fix. The fix is currently going through validation. Once we feel confident that the fix doesn't break other areas of the app we will release it.
  13. I rewrote the security spy driver. Note: Even though I am a Control4 employee, this driver is not supported by Control4. Control4 will not warranty this driver. Please do not contact Control4 regarding this driver. This is my personal driver. securityspy_camera.c4z
  14. Hi Folks, I'm the manager of the Mobile and Embedded UI teams at Control4. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I can assure you we didn't intentionally disable VPN use. However, VPN use through the app isn't an officially supported feature. Currently, 4Sight is the only supported way to connect remotely. Our apps rely on multicast networking and SSDP to find the primary controller's IP address. Most VPNs are not enabled to transmit multicast packets to a client device. In OS 2, the apps had a manual IP address setting. By using the manual IP address setting, you could bypass the need for multicast. To simplify app configuration for the customer, we removed the manual IP setting. We are currently evaluating bringing back the manual IP address setting to provide a workaround for misconfigured networks. Also, VPN does work on Android as long as the app has connected one time. VPN works on Android due to a speed optimization that caches the last known IP address. As long as the address hasn't changed, VPN will continue to work. We are also evaluating adding that optimization into iOS to speed up the iOS connection time overall. As a side benefit, that will also enable VPN access, if we decide to add it to iOS. Thanks again! Joel
  15. @daerai I'm not aware of any issues with Samsung's. I have an S9+. We have a few S10s we test with also. Do you have a 4sight license? I have seen issues where the SSDP traffic doesn't come through to the phone. Do you know if your network allows SSDP? Usually having a 4sight license fixes the issue, but it also means you are stuck on a slower remote connection.
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