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  1. Hey Alan, love your plex full driver, incorporated it on multiple clients already.  Any plans on allowing favorites to work since it's such a big feature in OS3?  

    Anyways won't take any more of your time thanks. 

  2. Hey Alan, fan of your drivers.  Wasn't sure which would be the best place to ask, was wondering if there are any plans to update the C4 IFTTT Driver to grab the pushover URL variable to make extracting urls much easier in programming.  There is an OS3 image push notification driver that someone created on this forum that would work great with this. 

  3. Any possibility to make the url a variable that can be updated via programming? This driver + IFTTT could potentially grab image urls from other online services. Driver is amazing btw and thanks for it.
  4. Wanted an announcement pop up with an image URL, but the url changes every time. Is there anyway to make an announcement that grabs the image url from a variable? On a side note, on older looking C4 documentation, they've mentioned announcement text(which can accept a variable) that renders HTML. This could also potentially solve my problem with chowmain's variable manipulator to add the custom url with a set of predefined html. Alas I could not get it to render any html. Reason for doing this is to get an Image URL from IFFFT(like automatic pro location map) to display on the nav
  5. Was thinking along the lines of the driver being smart enough to handle it on it's own. For example, the generated text could be "front door opened". If "front door opened.wav exists in \\sambashare\ then play local copy else generate wav in nas then play from there.
  6. @TheWizard Would be nice if was able to store the generated wavs on a nas or other location for commonly used announcements so they are able to still work when it's offline. Seems like a shame to have to use up a request for a simple "front door opened" etc...
  7. Forgot to mention that you can use this same method with variables. I was able to setup computer notifications for the office this way (even verbal). It's pretty responsive.
  8. I was able to get my mac controlled by creating a PHP file that would grab variables from an HTTP POST request (using chowmain's driver). Hosting it with my synology and enabling ssh2 php module. You can even use it to reboot servers or anything else that you could otherwise do via terminal. HTTP URL example (will open google.com in default browser): <your webhost>/cmd.php?ip=<ip of controlled computer>&user=<remotely controlled computer's username>&pass=<password>&cmd=open%20google.com The commands need to get encoded, which can easil
  9. @alanchow Not sure if this was asked before, but would it be possible to make this driver cache requests, and store wav files with a filename that matches the words that will be spoken. If wav exists play from local location only. If it does not, retrieve it from the net then store this newly added wav? Feel that would get us faster announcements and allow for it to work even offline. Just a thought, appreciate all your drivers. Thanks.
  10. I've actually already implemented this and it works well. Setting it up wasn't easy from what I recalled, but doable if you know anything about running Docker Containers ( running mines on a synology). Once you have it working going to the "website" of the docker container will issue which ever command you have. Then using the generic TCP driver from Chowmain to hit that site. I have my roomba start when I arm the alarm system, and if i disarm it before it finishes its job it will start heading back home, pretty useful.
  11. Hey Alan, got in contact with them but they were not able to help me. It seems kodi is unable to import videos if no cover art exists online. Would it be possible in a future update to have a generic cover art for movies that are not found so they are at least able to import? Or a manual way to import them via the media tab new media button? Thank you for all your help and sorry for my persistence. Some use cases for this. Client's Family Videos, provide them an easy way in control4 to view them Business' wanting to show a client a specific product video on the tv's, could even be trig
  12. I'm not referring to the thumbnails, I would just like the ability to select it, regardless of what thumbnail it has and have it play from the control4 interface. Notice how my overview video is missing? Do I have some data that doesn't jive with the driver, or control4's media importer? Thank for the input.
  13. Hello Alan, I've tried Kodi Lite and it works well, but I am having an issue. I am trying to import "Home Videos". I have them appearing on KODI in the Movie List but they don't import into the C4 Media List. I've tried with these two methods and no luck. http://kodi.wiki/view/Custom_video_entries Is this an unsupported feature or am I doing something wrong?
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