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  1. Myq driver is working for me. Which driver/version number do you have?
  2. You also get a year of 4sight with HE so really it’s $50. If you use it 1-2x you have paid for it
  3. You can buy an extra remote and wire it into a relay. You’ll need door sensors too. So a few extra costs but if the price is low enough and you like amazon key you can make it work
  4. shouldn't be confusion if the lock/door is labeled mud room entry door. I have 3 doors/entries into my house (Front, basement and patio) and we have them listed in ALL rooms. in case we want to know if we left something unlocked we don't want to go into the c4 app, then pick a room. I just want the app to load and open up that room that first pops up and check the door locks. If I had 20 doors with locks it may be different, but with only 3, it fits into each room. Each room may have 2-5 sensors max, so adding 3 doors does not really bog down the UI in my opinion.
  5. Or to make less rooms why not combine the mud room and garage into one room? I am assuming you do not have audio/video in these rooms, likely just doors/locks, sensors, and lights. Really could be 1 room if you want to be super efficient and already have too many rooms.
  6. there is no link https://www.amazon.com/Rechargeable-Wireless-Tubular-Motorized-Electric/dp/B074TKQ8DJ it says its BroadLink remote, so you'd have to google to see if that is RF, Wifi, etc. That said, if you just want a tube like that you can get Somfy - it works. RT 30 series. they make them wired or wireless (for power) and you can use the bond bridge or the Somfy My Link to control it within control4.
  7. what did you find? if you found any RF remotes for the blinds you can use a bond bridge
  8. Somfy? can use their somfy gateway which is cheap or a bond bridge the RTS motors are fairly quiet. The Bali ones are cheaper but a bit louder.
  9. No idea there are BI forums at IP Cam Talk and they would know
  10. You can likely use generic onvif drivers for the cameras. @lippavisualrecommends this set up so maybe he can chime in i mean it’s an NVR you own already. And you can see the cameras on c4 or the synology app. Not sure what another system would offer? Blue iris does offer some cool stuff with c4 like motion detection and changing profiles and stuff. So something to consider
  11. https://www.synology.com/en-us/surveillance
  12. Personally I’d use a pc with blue iris or a synology with enough licenses. It’s more flexible in terms of camera compatibly, it works in c4, etc. and by flexible you now have an extra PC or a NAS for additional storage vs a pure dedicated NVR. You can get a dell refurb pc for 300 or so that will work for a modest blue iris set up
  13. If you don’t have an NVR you won’t tape anything. So if there is an issue there is no record to pull off a hard drive. Defeats the main purpose of security cameras if you ask me regardless of c4 in the mix or not
  14. also I pay a few bux a year for Pandora, I forget what account level I have. But I just create a pandora driver per room. Pandora Walk In Closet, Pandora Bathroom, Pandora Kitchen, Pandora Gym, etc. So I have 8-9 Pandora drivers in my project. And I can play up to 5 unique pandora streams at once. All with an EA5 (now I only have 4 audio outputs so I can only do 4 streams but you get the point)
  15. if you are using native pandora it WILL work. That is what I use 98% of the time in my house. EA5 native Pandora use. send me a PM and I can give you my email address
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