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  1. for simplicity sake its best to get matrix the proper size and then get some dumb amps. one could get a matrix/amp combo and piece 2 of them together. If you are going over 8 zones I'd get a stand alone matrix + separate amps. C4-AMP108-BX is just an amp - may be end of life regarding support but fairly sure it can continue in a C4 project for years to come. I do not know for sure, but since its just a network amp not really sure it being EOL will make your system fracture. again may have issues sourcing parts, there is no warranty, etc.
  2. I'd get an Ea3 or 5 depending on how many unique streams you need at any 1 given time. Then get some dumb amps and a matrix. C4 makes a new 8x8 and 24x24 matrix. They have older 16x16's you can find on this forum or ebay. Video Storm also makes a 16x16. For amps you can use the new Triad amps or several others that are discussed here often on the forum. I moved off of Sonos, could not be happier. C4 native services just work and it makes it easy to get announcements into various rooms (such as doorbells)
  3. what controller do you have? C4 has native services. Can you run speaker wire to various rooms and get an amp/matrix combo? How many zones?
  4. when you have that size house and someone walks in the door to do any work, the price goes up substantially. I have seen this first hand, not me, but through some peers in the area. If you have a 12,000 sq ft house a contractor knows you have money and things cost more that should not cost more - but it is how the world operates in these markets. If you are some financial tycoon and all you know about technology is your cell phone and tablet and someone says you need to update this box every 3-6 months most people with means just say yes, they do not come to a user forum like c4forums or avsforums and ask questions. Heck most of them have property managers and accountants who just write the checks and they are 2-3 steps removed.
  5. maybe they are ditching the current HE platform in favor of something more modern? You know with better features like better copy/paste functions or bulk actions? So maybe everyone is right - a new OS that is supported by new Composer Pro and Composer HE software? I've only been around here for about 5 years, but has Composer really seen any improvements or upgrades? So maybe that is whats in store? Everyone is going cloud and monthly revenue model so maybe $15/month for 4sight + Composer Cloud HE or something? They are already pushing cloud with back ups, When/Then programming, etc. If they pulled Composer HE without a real replacement I would at least hope its only if you upgrade OS. If that is the case, I'll be stuck on 2.10.x to the bitter end.
  6. exactly the OP said he only looked at Matrix and I was just letting them know JAP/VS are matrix, just not fixed HDBaseT models but Video over IP models that are more modular and flexible.
  7. JAP is a matrix. Video over IP As is Video storm - www.video-storm.com
  8. i have a matrix and really like it. That said I got it when I was originally using cable boxes in the house and wanted a clean look without boxes everywhere. I have cut the cord and now use Roku/AFT and yes I have those devices in my matrix because I already own one, and its nice to just update 2 sticks vs say 10 sticks (2 sticks per 5 tvs) but it certainly adds $$ to your project that may be better spent elsewhere it is your money though and if you got it a matrix can add some nice features like PiP, IP cameras easily integrate, Splash tiles, etc
  9. just for shields? any other inputs? if not likely over kill.
  10. an old statistics teacher once told us about buying optional (aka not auto or home) insurance. Stuff like when you buy a TV, camera, trip insurance etc. I almost view monitoring as "insurance" in this case. He said the way the actuary tables or whatever line up, from a customer standpoint you should ALWAYS buy the insurance or NEVER buy the insurance. he said insurance companies make their money on people that buy it for a $4,000 TV but not a $400 camera lens. Again I see monitoring services for an alarm as insurance/protection so I view it in the same bucket. Yet I do not listen to my stats teacher and I do not always buy insurance, so what do I know!
  11. yeah that is a personal decision. I think I pay about $380 a year for "landline" really using Ooma + cellular backup. I am sure I do not see that entire cost as a credit from insurance but I do see some of it back. That said, you can live in a house for 1 year or 10 years, it only takes 1 break in or fire or something where it was not being monitored to make the difference. Its like any insurance, you may only need it once, but the one time you do could be a life or money saver.
  12. for what its worth I can speak first hand - @Cinegration support is top notch. on this specific driver I was having an issue using my own sensors. They got into my system and did troubleshooting and updated their driver to allow for a new feature to invert sensor state within the driver and now it works fine.
  13. if you are using VOIP and your internet connection is down, what good is internet monitoring? I have Ooma (VOIP) and my alarm is tied into it and I use cellular GSM as a backup. I do not know how internet monitoring works but if you lose internet due to work, bad connection, etc you are SOL there as well as SOL with your VOIP connection.
  14. if you want a device per tv you put the shield at each TV or you can get a matrix and only get 2-3 shields. the cost effective route is just to get a few shields and stick them behind the TVs. you mention up to 8 TVs, but how many different streams do you need at once? I have 5 TVs in a 2 person household, so I never need more than 2 things on the TV.
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