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  1. You can buy composer home edition cannot add drivers or devices with it but you can do basically all the programming once a dealer adds the hardware and drivers
  2. Well you need the heos driver. Those avr with 2 zones for heos - is that built into the Avr or you are putting two heos devices into the inputs? Is there a zone 2 on the avr? This could get messy depending on the avr set up and how the rooms are arranged adding @msgreenfas he is the heos guru
  3. Here is the path Audio OUT of the Controller into the Audio IN on an Audio Matrix (not video matrix) Audio OUT of the Audio Matrix and Audio IN to the Multi Channel Amp Multi Channel Amp has speaker wire OUT to the speakers The controller will tell what stream to go where. So if its a ceiling speaker - you do whats above if you have a local AVR in a room, the audio out on the Audio Matrix goes to an audio input on your local AVR and then those speakers are wired to that AVR I believe the current Triad Audio Matrix is either 8x8 or 24x24 so that means X input
  4. I always start by looking at CEC - disable it. Called Bravia Sync in Sony system menus. Make sure its off.
  5. There are 3 sides to every story In this case its (1) the Dealer/C4 POV on what the device can do (2) end users POV on performance and what features are/are not implemented (by reason of lack of dealer knowledge, lack of hardware ability, etc) (3) the truth which usually floats somewhere in the middle None of us, and I repeat none of us, have identical experiences. The DS2 hardware is a static device, but the placement on a house, the dealer involved, the network backbone, perceived thoughts, device that the DS2 is calling, etc are all different and vary. Hence - your
  6. Most Door stations are flush installs usually on siding, brick, etc. I'd hope c4 does everything in their power to keep the DS2 and/or form factor around as long as possible with updates because these are easily retrofit for new hardware given the holes they create. Just my two cents - nothing against the chime but the mounting options for a Chime to replace the DS2 isnt really up to par for a luxury home.
  7. you cannot add devices on your own. You can buy software called Composer Home Edition (HE) that will let you do 95% of the programming a dealer can do but to add hardware and make bindings, you need a dealer. Dealers are required for upgrades too. Others can chime in on how to move the account over from the old homeowner to you. Do you know what hardware is being left behind?
  8. nah that's America's Most Wanted where they arent caught. On Dateline they capture and put them on trial 🙂 Oh man talk about thread drift....
  9. I watch way too much Dateline - those recordings usually being pulled from outdoor security cameras certainly do not look like 20-30 fps 🙂 But I am no industry expert. The 2x I needed to use my footage for real my 10 FPS were more than ample.
  10. Cripple a second stream? I guess I look at security cameras differently but as default I have my security cameras all at 5-10 FPS even on the main stream. I am not watching these for cinematic quality presentation - if someone approaches my house or a dog does its business on my lawn 5-10 FPS are ample - and I did not do this for C4 purposes but I did it to increase hard drive storage on the NAS. Never got why people have security cameras running 20-30 FPS but I guess there may be a use case for it. Cant speak for Aqualink, never used it, no clue what it does, its history, etc.
  11. certainly a disconnect not putting down platinum dealers but a lot of that is based on sales not necessary support. You are using Honeywell hardware not supported. And you just say resolution is off on the cameras but you aren't stating which cameras, is the feed coming into C4 via an NVR or direct from the camera? A Hik camera with a generic IP Camera driver should work. Have you tried to play with the FPS? These are easy things to fix and should have been done by your dealer.
  12. For what it’s worth my local nursery / garden center sells FX. They installed for me but I didn’t go with the FXL series just standard outdoor lighting products so you can likely find someone other than snap that sells it
  13. I agree. At the time I knew the risks and still went with it. Its been 2+ years so I've gotten my money out of the driver if it went belly up tomorrow. Had I done it again I probably would have asked my contractor to not put in MyQ from the start but when doing a complete home renovation some of these "small details" like the motor on a garage door kind of fall through the cracks.
  14. Is there a reason you are using hardware that has known issues with C4? For a garage door - sensors on the door + a relay on an extra remote is all you need. I mean I have MyQ with the MyQ driver and knock on wood, it still works. But again that is MyQ closing their sandbox and asking C4 (or other partners) to pay them for each cloud call - aka each time a customer opens/closes the door, MyQ wants money from C4 or others. Hikvision - so many people here have Hikvision maybe I am missing the problem. I use Dahua, Vivotek and Foscam cameras without any issues all while using a 3rd
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