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  1. You are correct but changing out close to 100 is time consuming. I am testing 1-2 areas, some have the new sensor bar and others have the old sensor bar but the first photo actually has the new bar. the photos with 3 devices are using the older ambient sensor, the one with the 2 is using the latest sensor. so yes its better but clearly not the same. and the house was pitch dark so the ambient reading should all the identical. other than white - are there any gray/tan tones that may get closer to matching for daily use? I want to keep the red for when the alarm is on, red backlighting is too jarring to have on all the time.
  2. Photos taken in my pitch dark house at night. The one with 2 devices isnt awful, certainly not a match - you can see how the one on the right is way more intense/brighter. one photo has 2 of the 3 light up, I know why the middle one isnt but you can see the left/right device are a mismatch. and the 3rd photo has 3 devices light up and again its clear that they are not matched, - heck the device on the left is not even balanced on all 5 lines.
  3. i have one bank I see right at the top of my stairs. every day after a long day at work, I come home, walk up the stairs and that is the first thing I see, smack in the face. I got so furious I just changed them all to "Black" in the entire house, I just could not look at it anymore. its impossible to see in dim/low light situations, its hogwash and a total pity given how much $$ was spent on the hardware and engravings. Really hurts when you pay a premium for premium hardware and this is what you get. If I have time tonight or tomorrow I'll take a photo of the red since I use that still for my alarm setting. You'll see its maybe not as bad but still an eye sore.
  4. I've tried using the stock color picker as well as the sliding scale to get an RGB # too. this one is the best example as the device on the left is super bright, the middle one is a tinge green and the one the right is a muted white. yes I did "apply to" so all settings should be 100% identical on these 3 devices. I makes me go insane just looking at these photos.
  5. my original idea was White backlighting when the alarm is off (disarm) and when armed (stay or away) make it red. Both White and Red looked bad. I kept red because no one but me and the wife will see it so who cares. But the white was bad (not worse or better, just as bad as the red) and I was embarresed to have people at my house and see it so I just went to "black" aka off. so when the alarm is off the backlighting is black, when alarm is on its red. I did try normal/default blue, green, gray, light blue, yellow, etc. I even spent 10-20 mins trying to take the one that is a much brighter white and scale it down adding some gray tones in there but I could not get it to look normal. To say I am desperate is an understatement.
  6. there are 3-4 default options and then the customized setting - that what you mean? I've tried all 4 options in that area. And when I did customized I did "apply to" and picked the device right next to it. Its happening in every single instance. So I am just playing with 1 section that has a Keypad Dimmer and a Dimmer side by side. When I make a change to one I do "apply to" the other device so their settings should be identical. I have a feeling it may be different ambient light readings, though I am using the newer black ambient sensor provided by C4. That did not work. Sometimes the ambient sensor is just ~1-2 digits off yet the color is way off so that seems a little touchy to me, if something is ready ambient light at 4 and another at like 6, not sure why the colors would be so noticeably different.
  7. I have brand new engravings. I won’t hijack this thread but I’ve posted asking for help without much a response. Every single instance with multiple devices in a multi gang box is a disgusting nightmare. I turned off all backlighting because it was so distracting
  8. My 1 issue w c4 lighting is backlighting on the engravings. Good luck matching. If you have 2 or more devices in the bank good luck. Otherwise increase zigbee. Single/double/triple tap and led feedback make it a great option.
  9. I am told it is a delay on the C4 side of things. If you wait for the temp to display in the temp icon on the main page of the app that will be enough time for their icons to load. I tried it 1x, it works. But still a bit annoying - when I want to open the app to just open the garage its silly to have to wait 2-3 seconds. Is it the end of the world, no. Is it annoying, yes.
  10. thanks for chiming in. I had these engravings all done on the same order to minimize changes in the engraving process. For now my only solution is to not use the backlighting which is fine during the day but awful/worthless at night.
  11. 6 weeks now and other than the 1 response telling me to use the black sensor bar (which I did) and nothing else - this is really poor support. Everyone is pointing the finger at someone else. @Derrick Cain - would it be possible to talk off the forum re: this persistent and annoying issue? Seriously - on this entire forum not 1 dealer or end user has at least 2 switches/dimmers/keypads next to each with engravings who use LEDs? Is my use case that rare? I am using the features they sell - get our $200 dimmer vs the $50 big box store zwave dimmer because we have custom engravings and backlighting. Great, sold by the dozens to me, and now when they are not performing, crickets.... No wonder I have zero interest to upgrade HC800/HC250 and 4 touchscreens so I can get on the latest OS....Bugs with the MyQ driver and the driver writer and C4 point the fingers at each other ($200 driver) but they tell me just upgrade to OS 3 and it will work - why did it not work on 2.10.x for starters??!?? Why would I spend $1,000s more to hope it works when it should have worked on the current platform from the start? engravings/lighting not working properly. after spending $1,000's on the hardware and engravings and installation costs....
  12. If near Rockland or westchester PM me. I have a referral.
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