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  1. I do the video storm route too. Super easy @time2jet if you like the look the DS2 is the easiest but if there is any doorbell you can add any camera and still get the same results. Doorstation just help with intercom functions so a “door station” isn’t needed to get PiP on a tv FYI
  2. any tech needs support. I’m getting my 3rd cable box in 14 months on Thursday. Nothing to do w c4, just junk hardware. It’s life Depends on your model of garage stuff like: https://www.creativeaccesssolutions.com/Universal-Security-20™-Interface-Module_p_13.html https://www.garadget.com/product/security-2-0-dry-contact-adapter/ Then tilt sensors Which work on any door https://www.nycesensors.com/product/garage-door-tilt-sensor
  3. Nope not needed. A wireless c4 relay with an extra myq remote. And then NYCE tilt sensors on the door there is even a website that sells the remote with the wires already solder on so you just to put those end wires into the c4 wireless relay.
  4. You don’t need to run wires out of the garage to make myq work FYI it
  5. Add a bunch of IoT devices without c4 and you have the same issue. Sonos is known for flooding networks and bringing them to a halt. C4 or no c4 - add IoT devices and good luck with a 80 router
  6. You spoke to 3 integrators. Did you ask any for references to speak to with a similar sized project? I mean you likely ask for references for an architect or a builder/overall GC. So do the same to find a good integrator. If you did kudos to you - you should have a smoother experience this time around.
  7. you've referred to MyQ a few times. I still have the driver and it works fine - at least as of last night it still worked fine. For a few bucks you can also get some sensors to put on the door, a spare relay, and you are in business again - probably less than $300 in parts and quick remote programming. What I have learned - stick with c4 drivers or 3rd party drivers with direct support from the vendor of the product of integration. If you look at MyQ's website they do not list C4. But say look at NuHeat - they mention c4 and its a paid driver (just 1 of 10,000's of examples). The good thing is C4 is going through the driver database and talking with 3rd party drivers and mandating unsupported aka hacked 3rd party drivers cease to be sold. So I think the 3rd party headaches should be minimized over time. What does sonos offer that native C4 is not offering you? You mentioned a matrix breaking, I mean I've had C4 hardware since 2013 and here I go cursing myself, the failure rate has been almost non existent. But yes, things do break over time. If I had to do my home again I'd still go with C4. Maybe plan it out a bit different and make a few small changes here and there but overall the platform has a lot of power, lots of integration partners and there is enough DIY to keep me happy and enough dealer support where I can throw in the towel and just get it working right if its above my pay grade or I am just too busy. People do complain about not being able to add their own devices but honestly, how often are you adding a TV or a light switch or something. When people complain about that I wonder how often they buy hardware. When I started with c4 I had 4 Tvs, after 6 years I added a 5th TV.
  8. Contact holo. They have been good with me. They sold me a 2n video kit to work as the sip piece to connect my model 424 holo to c4
  9. in 7 years I've had the walls open 2x. So I did a lot of the wiring the first time around and the second time just a few more had to be run. I am probably close to 80-90 ethernet runs in a 3600 sq ft house. in basic rooms I have 2x2 ports, then in some rooms like my office I have 3x4 ports, plus 2 behind the TV, 1 for the Access Point and 1 for a camera so 16 ethernet wires just in that 1 room alone. adds up fast but I planned a lot and when the walls were up it was easier/cost effective for the electrician to run it all.
  10. I have a few wall mount screens in entry ways - foyer when entering from the front door, an area that is between a basement gym and entry from the garage, and one in my kitchen on the wall next to the doors leading to the patio. the other one is in the master bedroom, not near any exit doors. we have a wireless tabletop one in our office on the 2nd floor. Our thought was by entry/exit is a good place because we do not have any alarm keypads showing, so by the door you can get access to the alarm functions, turn things on/off when coming/going, etc. Its also helpful to have intercom function near the gym, master bedroom, 2nd floor office and kitchen as those are heavy use areas where we could not respond quickly to the door ringing. really depends on your layout and how you use the rooms.
  11. Any decora will do. There are “jumbo” ones or “oversized” with a bigger profile yet same size decora opening. I’m sure they make them screwless. Nothing magical about the c4 ones
  12. There is an “add music” driver that may be installed already. If so you could click Spotify and add your Spotify account info if that add music driver isn’t added you will need a dealer to add it. Might as well get a dealer to help move the account into your name too
  13. Ah makes sense either way it’s really quick to get done remotely
  14. @msgreenf can help but when you purchased this from a dealer and they added it to the project why didn’t you ask them to set up that aux input? It should be a 2 min job at most id assume though I don’t have Pro but I’m just guessing
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