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  1. hmm ok thanks. for some reason I ony see 5 channels from pandora. yet my account says i have 38 channels or something like that. I dont need all 38 in c4, maybe ~10
  2. How do I add sources to the "stations" feature within c4? I have some pandora channels and siriusXM channels I'd like to add. I have a few in there, so I've done it before but for the life of me I cannot figure it out. Do I do it in C4 or in the streaming service itself by marking it a favorite or something? Making a favorite on Sirius is easy, I am struggling with Pandora mostly
  3. My sources - like Pandora and SiriusXM - are not populating options. I know I am logged in because the streaming services work when I play them around my house. I am also noticing the driver used to turn my LED’s blue when music was on, but not anymore. These are the LUA errors I just got - no idea if its about trying to find the sources to play, or something with the LEDs not working, etc. It mentions “global preset sources” so I am thinking it has to do with not finding my stations/channels, etc? Any ideas? LUA_ERROR [id: 5643][name: Kitchen Room Control][file: room_control_keypad.c4z][method: OnPropertyChanged]: [string "Lua Code"]:350: attempt to index global 'PRESET_SOURCES' (a nil value) LUA_ERROR [id: 5643][name: Kitchen Room Control][file: room_control_keypad.c4z][method: OnPropertyChanged]: [string "Lua Code"]:350: attempt to index global 'PRESET_SOURCES' (a nil value)
  4. 2n helios it works on t3s. Support for intercom anywhere app is coming soon I think but they have their own app anyways so it’s still a 2 app solution that works fine. I use 2n Helios video kit tied into a holovision doorstation. Works fine. at Cedia they announced these 3: Comelit, 2N and Akuvox
  5. I didn't get too fancy. I am using Monoprice 12AWG but I had also used some 14AWG in the past. Given these are in ceiling speakers for background music it is really not noticable. These are not "critical" listening areas. I doubt you'll hear a difference. Just make sure if they are going in wall they are rated as such.
  6. 12 AWG or 14 AWG depending on length of the runs, etc
  7. what is the source? the source itself may have a driver that is telling that button to do that action do you have Composer Home Edition? If so you can investigate that source's driver and also do your own programming per button at the room level for each room.
  8. for MyQ you can either get the driver (which works perfectly but can be broken by any API changes since its not "official") or you can wire up sensors to the door, break open an extra remote and solder in a relay to press the button open/closed. For sprinklers, there are a few drivers that work with Rachio and no additional wiring is needed. Networking gear - C4 recommends unmanaged - but you said you need PoE switches so that may limit your options especially for larger switches. If you are a very network savvy that is one thing, but if not, get the network hardware recommended by your dealer. If they are setting it up, it should be something they know works and how to work it.
  9. original VTX 100 had digital audio outputs available. Newer Shineco models do not but there is one in testing that rumor has may have digital/dolby audio support.
  10. depends on how much power you need - from the marketing email I received: Here’s the breakdown of the power budgets available based on the type of PoE you have: Traditional IEEE 802.3af PoE (your switch just says PoE) – 10 watts total IEEE 802.3at PoE (your switch says PoE+) – 22 watts total IEEE 802.3bt PoE (your switch says PoE++ or 802.3bt) – 60 watts total
  11. there is fragmentation too - I was a former Hulu Live TV user, and only Roku had their latest UI with the better live TV Guide. If you were using Hulu on other devices say any Android box/TV be it Shield, built in TV or a fork like FireTV - it was not available for about 4-5 months after it was available on Roku. Heck when I first starting using Hulu you could not watch live TV on certain Android Hulu instances. I could only imagine where C4 would fall if they were to offer video streaming services. They would be a very low player in the game and who knows what updates they may have access too at what point. Again to add hardware for audio streaming is expensive so native services make sense. Hardware to add video services is cheap so less of a need for it to be in the controller. As you said Netflix is very much on top of the experience, as is Hulu, and I am sure others. Not sure it would be pretty to have C4 controllers with these features built in.
  12. no extra cost for hardware when I go to add music I can add Deezer or Tidal I dont use either service, so they may charge you Just saying to get streaming video services you can buy a stick for $40 and get Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and 100's of other optins. What $40 stick gets you those services (Without airplay/google cast or whatever).
  13. at the speed of release for C4 controllers I think I am ok with getting a streaming stick for under $100 Off the top of my head, to get streaming audio services to C4 is not a cost under $100. Yes you can do an echo dot or a chromcast audio device or something, but I mean to go into your app/touchscreen and be able to select pandora, siriusxm, radio, spotify, deezer, etc and get a premium experience. To see the apps and be able to navigate that way - you need a Sonos Connect ($300-$400 for just ONE Stream) or VSSL or Nuvo or something like those devices. Not a $40-$100 streaming stick.
  14. Speaking of PoE got an email today about this device. Pretty nifty. I use their Midspan https://www.amazon.com/PoE-Texas-GBT-4-IW-Gigabit-Extender/dp/B07Z59SG17/ref=mp_s_a_1_6?keywords=poe+texas+outlet&qid=1579562761&sr=8-6 https://www.poetexas.com/products/gbt-4-iw
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