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  1. Could give it a try. Seems logical. I don’t have these set anymore. Slowly put in keypads. So single tap for me is starting music.
  2. I've toyed with it. I'd use the bottom rocker. I find a double or triple tap on the top rocker will still turn the load/light on regardless, yet still will do whatever you have programmed for 2 or 3 taps. so bottom rocker double tap for mute, triple tap to cycle thru.
  3. what phone? Landline phone, VoIP phone or cell phone? I think iPhone based on your post. Do you have the Shairbridge driver? I have no idea if it works on a call, but have you tried?
  4. 2n is coming to intercom anywhere yet they have their own stand alone solution too that I am using. And when someone rings my doorbell, I can see it all on my T3s, and I get notices to talk to people at the door with a live camera feed on my iOS and Android phones. It all rings at the same time or you can set it up to ring the T3 first, if no answer, then ring 1 phone, then another phone or after the T3s you can ring all cell phones at once. That may be options too within the DS2 UI but I was told by others the DS2 UI is a bit more restrictive than the 2n UI when it comes to set up options. https://www.eholovision.com/product-categories/ - as I mentioned dozens of designs and face plate color options https://www.2n.cz/en_GB/products/intercoms/2n-helios-ip-video-kit - can add this to get it to work within c4 Again the DS2 is way quicker and easier, but just pointing out a fairly solid solution that works if you are install is not cookie cutter (need to install on a gooseneck pole for example) or you want something with a different design. Holovision also offers up Doorbird products but with different faceplates too. I could see why a C4 dealer would want to sell the DS2 - easier purchase, quicker install, etc. This forum is about a small but dedicated "power user" base so just wanted to let "power users" know of other options. and maybe some dealers will kick the tires on Holovision and maybe offer their product line too to some customers who want something that is not the DS2.
  5. It’s very modern looking and my house is northeast traditional. The original DS1 was more of a generic look that could work with many house styles. Just my opinion.
  6. Everyone’s options and needs are different. Personally for the ascetics of my house the DS2 is way too futuristic and not to be rude, but I think its ugly. Prior to the DS2 even being an option, I had a Holovision 424 model that used their own VIO hardware as a SIP server. Houselogix had a driver that went belly up with support after Houselogix shut down and C4 made a big SIP change in 2.7 or 2.8 (I forget which exact upgrade). Holovision wanted to try and support old sales in the field, so they sold me a 2n Helios video kit, which replaced their VIO hardware, and I connected it to the Holovision face plate and camera and it works just fine. I am not affiliated with holovision, but they have probably close to 60-70 models and in dozens of finishes, so its easy to find something that works with your size/style house. The DS2 is very limited in color options and as far as style goes, would not work at all with my house.
  7. did the black ambient bar even help? I have those and I cannot get any multi bank of keypads/dimmers/switches with engravings to match up. It was a big selling point, looks great in the catalog but its hogwash when installed. My biggest gripe about C4 to date. Before you program everything, test it out one with bank first, see if you can get them matching. I tried with hex color codes or whatever, programming, etc and I couldn't get it. I have well more than 55 loads and I've defaulted to no backlighting EXCEPT if the alarm is on, its red. which is basically just at night so I do not have to see them and its a good reminder if I go to open a door to take the dog out I need to turn it off.
  8. https://ipcamtalk.com/wiki/choosing-hardware-for-blue-iris/ a great FAQ for building out hardware. My 4-5 year old PC is doing fine running 14 cameras.
  9. I do. It’s fantastic. Super quick. Can watch recordings and clips.
  10. I forgot why but I needed to do CLI to make some changes in a unifi router. Had issues doing it and returned it. Using Mikrotik now and it works fine. All the features are within the UI. It’s a lil basic looking re the UI but its 100% functional. I only mention the CLI re: Unifi because that is why you want to ditch the Cisco stuff.
  11. iTunes Store shows an app. No idea if it casts but if so start there. Keeps it easy for the few times you may use it
  12. Qnap have an app? Synology has a photo app. Maybe you can cast it? Though I have a synology I also host my photos at smugmug. Smugmug can be cast. Is casting an option?
  13. Thanks didnt feel like blowing up my house tonight 🙂
  14. Can these be used interchangeably or there are differences in the 250 charging base vs the 260 charging base?
  15. First and foremost what’s not working that used to work fine?
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