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  1. Any "experts" around here? Things are mostly fine on my network but I notice sometimes my guest network isnt always showing up as available. In fact, when I am on my computer or phone and go to my wifi settings to find a new wifi signal the 2 that always show up are my RZHomeNet (main SSID) and RZGen (i created it just for a generator that was having issues but I had to do something else so I am not even using that SSID and you can see it is gray'd out). So I am just confused. I have 3 access points, all have the same set up as what you see below. FredGuest is my guest access - it says enabled yet I rarely see it as an option. RZGen is grayed out, but its always there on my devices when I look for available networks. RZHomeNet has 90% of my devices and it doesnt say enabled or disabled. RZMyLink is for my Somfy MyLink because it too was having issues hopping APs and though it says Disabled I believe it is still connected to that SSID So though my network is well working, I want to try and make sense of it.
  2. I have sr250 and sr260 with rechargeable batteries. 2 person household. They go on the cradle every other Friday when the housekeeper comes over. 1x in 7 years I had to charge outside of that 2 week window. Could last longer - no clue. But it’s a good rhythm for us. Keeps them charged and out of the housekeepers way
  3. I could turn it on as part of the script. for now I kept it basic - two people live in the house with 6 Tvs. 80% of the time we watch TV together. so my programming via IFTTT is simple Alexa Trigger {Camera Name}. That sends the PiP request to all 6 TVs. if they are on, it will show the PiP, if the TVs are off, nothing. If I am by a TV that is not on, its just as easy to pull up my phone and look so why wait for the TV to turn on. Also the PiP signal starts ASAP so I'd need even more logic - if TV is on send PiP request, if TV is off, turn on TV, wait 10 seconds, then send PiP request. I could get more granular and do Alexa Trigger {Camera Name} in {Room Name} and only send the PiP request to that room. but that seems like a mouthful, Alexa Trigger Front Door Camera in Living Room TV. Then when it comes to our bedroom did we name it bedroom or master bedroom? We have two offices so we'd need distinct names, etc. So I kept it simple for now, see how often we use it, and tweak from there. And if I went to the ability to turn on the TV and launch the PiP I'd have to go by room name otherwise I could ask to call up a camera because I am in my office and my wife can be in her office on a conf call and all the sudden the TV will turn on, etc. Just would be odd. This way it only appears on the TV if it is on. Video Storm has 2 Alexa Skills - Netplay and SimpleC4 (via Splashtiles). Since I had Alan's driver and used it before, it is what I used first. Since they are cloud drivers not sure one would be faster though I guess Alan's hops from IFTTT to Pushover to C4 and maybe Netplay is Amazon direct to my system. Maybe next week I'll mess with that driver to see the difference.
  4. I am not installed yet - but I am going the alarm sensor route tied wireless into my DSC panel. I have an older DSC Powerseries alarm but the newer DSC Neo have a specific outdoor sensor made just for gates. Not sure about the other manufactures. I've seen people on the forums mention using Axxess or NYCE sensors especially if they live in mild weather conditions. If going this route, I've also heard its best to treat these as "disposable" - get some silicone caulk and seal them up so they are water tight against rain. May make it impossible to change the batteries so in 3-5 years you may have to junk it - ie they become disposable.
  5. More control vs automate but I started to use Alexa to do voice control to show my security cameras for PiP display on a TV. Using Video Storm Netplay TV + IFTTT Driver I can say "Alexa Trigger {Camera Name}" and on the TV I'll get a PiP pop up for 20 seconds showing the camera I called to Alexa. When someone rings my doorbell that happens automatically, but sometimes we think we hear someone outside, maybe a package being dropped off, etc. This way we can pull up the cameras whenever we want vs going into the C4 or Blue Iris app (assuming we are near a TV that is on).
  6. Is 2n Available in your country? They are based in Europe. They make the guts of the DS2 (its basically a rebranded 2n device) and they have certified drivers for Control4. I use 2n and it works great.
  7. You have an active 4site account?
  8. It’s funny you had that experience. I had issues early in with my kwikset hardware. I went from rechargeable batteries to those fancy Engergizer Ultimate Lithium batteries and now no issues at all.
  9. Fair but you are locked into 3 equal buttons and 2 smaller buttons. Grant it its $50. but like you said no engravings/backlighting and with the c4 keypad you can do various configs to get to up to 6 buttons. I also see press 1x or press/hold, do not see 2x or 3x presses to get different commands. Again C4 and Lutron lights are premium, pay a price but you get features. For $50 what you are linking to isnt bad, but its still some features short. Is that worth $200 to people, well that is for them to decide which is the beauty of capitalism.
  10. When it comes to lighting, you pay for what you get. You can buy $20-$30 cheap switches and dimmers on Amazon that will work. Can you do keypads? Can you do single/double/triple taps? Can you do press/hold? Will you have up/down arrows? Can you do engravings with backlighting as well as status feedback with LEDs? The answer is no. You can do that with Control4. To some degree you can get a lot (not all) of those features with Lutron. But once you rip out all of your C4 stuff and get Lutron across the board it is $$$. Buy a few more C4 lighting pieces to finish off what you need, get Composer Home Edition and you can do 95% of the programming yourself. The cost is minimal vs rip and replace with another quality system that is feature rich. Just need simple on/off - sure you can do a $20-$30 Zwave device. Will it talk to your music, and blinds, and TV/Projector and alarm system, maybe, maybe not.
  11. It works fine on a Sony Android TV. You press "Watch > {Name of Source}" and within 2-3 seconds you start seeing that source appear on the TV. It is not recommended to do it wirelessly. When I first set up the TV though I had it hard wired, the TV was connected via Wifi and the video was choppy. I realized wifi was on, turned off the radio, no issues since. So I would not commend it off Wifi. The link has all the encoders available. Its not a cheap technology, it is what it is. I am an end user, I do not set the price tag on these things 🙂 You may be able to find other encoders cheaper but they have not been tested by Video Storm to ensure they'll work in Netplay. Cant answer your question on lag because I do not understand what is a single encoder vs a multi encoder - I have all single encoders - some are in 1 rack unit that has 4 encoders built into it. In my link above look at the VTX100 (I have 2 of those) and the Shineco 4k 1 Channel. Those are the items I have currently and I've considered getting the new YNS-5000KE but have not pulled the trigger just yet. Yes it all works seamless in control4. You can do fun stuff like PiP, Text on Screen, Cameras popping up to show live video feed, and I haven't messed with it much but lots of features with Splash Tiles, etc. Video distribution is great when you have a lot of TVs in the house and dont want to "manage" 2 streaming devices per tv at say 10 locations. By manage I mean change your netflix password - now go change it on 10 boxes if you have 10 tvs. Or you found a new app you like - go install it on 10 boxes. Or in my case, my wife doesn't like apps and still insists on cable TV. we have 6 Tvs and just 2 people. Renting 6 boxes is costly, having them be an ugly eye sore in rooms is also a drawback. With Video Storm Netplay/Control4, whenever I need a new TV I just buy a Sony Tv, run 1 ethernet wire to the location (ok I run more for back up) and boom I am done. No HDMI cables, no streaming boxes, no cable boxes to hide, no IR buds, nothing. Also another plus - a source is in sync around the house. Having people over for the Super Bowl? UFC Fight? Oscars? Now you can have 2-3 tvs in sync around the house. This also helps with syncing TV audio to audio only rooms (though a matrix isnt needed) and with video storm when I have something on the TV in the living room I can play the audio in the kitchen and dining room that do not have TVs, but the audio is in sync with the video due to the VS Matrix and its audio delay features.
  12. For what its worth I rebooted the Synology Homebridge and now my reading open in both the shortcut area of my iPhone as well as the Synology Homebridge Accessories page. the Door is 100% not open - I visually checked it to be closed and MyQ says its closed too. I'll investigate further.
  13. @cylon147 - question for you. One my device - MyQ garage door - is just "spinning" on the iOS shortcut page - see below. Its been hanging like this for ~1 week at least as far as I've noticed. When I log into my Synology Homebridge instance, it shows the door in the correct state - closed. Any idea why this may be happening? The other MyQ door is working just fine.
  14. what is above pretty much nails it on the head. You need a Netplay Manager to run it - think of it as a local hub: https://www.video-storm.com/proddetail.php?prod=nvmm - the Netplay Manager runs software called Virtual Matrix Manager that is accessible via a computer browser when you go to the local IP address of the device once its plugged into your network. that is where you add all the licenses, name the products and set up and configure the system. For any source you want to share (streaming boxes, cable boxes, Blu Ray players, etc) you need one of these: https://www.video-storm.com/proddetail.php?prod=netplayready Then at each TV you need a decoder - I am personally using a mix of Sony TV's with Android OS (so its just an ethernet cable into the TV for IP control of the TV and getting audio/video from the netplay system) as well as Shields with IRUSBs at older TVs without IP Control: https://www.video-storm.com/proddetail.php?prod=netplayhomedecoder With the Sony TV - you just download the Netplay TV app from the Android store on the TV, buy the proper licenses, and Video Storm's website has instructions on how to identify the TV into the project. Would be the same process using the Shield TV - buy a license, then ID it to your virtual matrix manager which sits in your Netplay Manager device.
  15. Is that what you need the new fios box? The old fios boxes, I forget what model as its been a few years - did work on IR.
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