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  1. how close to the shower are the speakers going? i have an enclosed shower/steam room and got invisible speakers that sit above the tile in the ceiling. i mean they aren't "audiophile" but I am surprised by their quality. they are wired back to an older C4 amp (model prior to the Triad/c4 amp) https://www.kbauthority.com/steamist-tss-in-audiosense-invisible-speakers.html
  2. Was an IR driver as of 2 years ago. Doubt much changed
  3. the Eufy and Chime certainly share some common characteristics - and yes to me C4 is a software company not a hardware company so it makes sense to partner with an ODM. I am actually giving c4 credit for listening to customers who wanted a Ring. The Chime is the same form factor and its 1/3 the cost of the DS2 with a better quality lens - regardless of who designed it.
  4. first of all - c4 didnt make the Chime - its a rebranded Eufy nor did they make the DS2, its a rebranded 2n. that said - is the Eufy that much different in design than the Ring? I mean to the casual observer they seem to be roughly the same in design. If you want something flush mount you have the DS2, Doorbird or various Doorbird-powered products by Holovision. any 2n device would work too and they have several products in the US Market for purchase. There are 2 other companies that work with C4 and the SIP platform but the name escapes me right now. So I can think seriously at leas
  5. Check out this thread and then look for wall mount options - plenty of generic mounts available
  6. access control would be great, but likely an experience nightmare to set up. For instance if you lock it down to a room - all of my rooms have access to the alarm in case i open the app and its in any room i want to access the alarm panel ASAP. that said if I give a guest access to the guest room only they could then maybe see the alarm? so you'd have to not just have room access but then drill down to different services. while I am sure it can be programmed, the idea behind C4 is to make it an easy experience for the end user, so its probably a big UX thing to figure out how to do it neat
  7. again ring may be better. but c4 can look at an image and say its fine because based on the lens it is fine. you may not like said lens and its output but that doesn't mean its broken and not working properly. given someone called c4 support I am assuming they thought something was "broken". its just not a quality camera. Though I see the DS2 was at least discussed at ISE in 2016. So its 5 years old and its also a rebranded 2n Device so it could be even older. So its hard to compare it to a more modern Ring regardless of cost. Technology changes in 5 years fairly rapidly - hence look
  8. not defending C4 - had the Ds1 was awful and I skipped over the DS2 for other hardware from another manufacture. that said the image may be acceptable depending on the stated resolution of the camera, the lighting involved, your network settings, etc. Yes the lens is super important but there are factors further down the chain that are out of the control of the C4 hardware like compression, lighting, etc.
  9. Ethernet hardwired is always better than Wi-Fi if all terminations are done properly and quality switches are used etc.
  10. Google or outlook calendar integration and subscribe to those teams calendars in one of those services?
  11. what is your budget? these 200 series and 400 series models may work - the 400 series model was super close to the size of the DS1. I had a DS1 and I removed it for a 400 series from Holovision and I just had to make the cutout a drop larger for the slightly larger back box. They aren't cheap though that's for sure. You are paying a premium for tons of metal options and a "fancier" face plate over doorbird guts if you will https://www.eholovision.com/solutions/doorbird-solutions/
  12. As someone who has heated stairs - these elements/pads usually need to be on for a while to help continually melt the ice and snow. So a camera seeing someone and turning them on will not really provide a good melting experience not to put down your idea, but not sure it is practical with these devices. They aren’t so hot where they will melt ice/snow ASAP.
  13. NYCE sensors work with SmartThings Hub SmartThings hub works with IFTTT lots of cloud hopping and maybe some latency but sure it "could" work.
  14. thanks - actually got an idea from @msgreenfto use the wake up agent. So for now I am going that route as I can turn it on anytime I want within a 5 min window. Never used the wake up agent before so it was kind of a mystery to me but took me all of 5 mins to get it up and running.
  15. So I have some a small patch of my patio and stairs heated so the ice/snow melts and its easier to take the dog out quickly. That said they should go on a few hours before the start of the precip to warm up the surface area. They work via some high voltage conversion to end of day a regular C4 switch. Using Alan's weather driver I can control the stairs but his driver only allows for "total accumulation" for the present day, for the past hour and expected accumulation for the day. So I cannot program it off that driver to turn on ~3 hours prior to the snow starting. My wife and I
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