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  1. It works with a handful of 3rd party door stations like 2n and a few others.
  2. if it were $99/year just for the intercom app yes it would be expensive especially since it doesn't include any cloud data storage etc like Ring offers with some of their paid services. When you look at what is offered for the $99/4sight the value proposition may or may not change depending on the user given the security of your data/name, remote access, voice integrations, When/Then, etc.
  3. most dealers I've spoken to make their money off new installs or large upgrades which include programming and hardware. I don't know many dealers who make a living off going to someone's place to update some firmware on hardware and reprogram 4 buttons on a keypad. its part of the job - but that is why they try to sell service contracts so they can make money off it vs just charging hourly to do those types of jobs. you of course are usually different, I am just speaking about some dealers I've talked to on here and the 3 larger local c4 outfits in my area.
  4. yeah certainly steering off topic but it comes down to support 1) Dealers dont make a ton of support, they make money selling hardware 2) it would cost Control4 a ton of money to hire more support so if someone takes Composer Pro and messes it up, who is going to fix it? you can say you'll have to pay a yearly fee to use Pro but is that enough for c4 to staff a 24x7 help desk? You can say buyer/user beware if you use Pro but it comes down to public perception, people complaining on forums (here, reddit, AVS, etc). So they are trying to protect their brand value for what its worth.
  5. agreed I mean I am ok with the dealer model - I knew it coming in and made my decision and do not regret it. But after being involved with c4 for the last 8 years, I can clearly say there are moron integrators too 🙂 Not Muj directly but just in general there are enough horror stories to know there are bad end users and bad integrators. That is getting a bit off topic but...
  6. eggzlot


    Not sure why you are getting political on a tech forum. American politics have been screwed up for decades no matter what side of the fence you sit on - but then again so are most countries so we aren’t any different. The referrals all have a smooth system? If so something doesnt add up. Either they used different hardware systems in the project, had a different tech assigned to their project, etc. Control4 hardware works, its the programming or networking that usually sends things sideways. And yes I know there are no guarantees but here in American you can go to a Honda dealership and get your car serviced, doesn’t mean Honda is training each of those people - the dealerships are franchises aka independent businesses paying for the Honda name. So some tech’s may be good, others may be awful. Same with C4 - they are independent companies using the C4 name. I am sure C4 does some check ups and if they get numerous complaints may pull a license, but in general it would be impossible for C4 to oversee every install/every dealer. Here in the States there is a Customer Advocacy group you can speak to when you call C4 headquarters - wonder if they have such a service over in Europe.
  7. eggzlot


    What’s the guarantee your electrician or plumber will be good? What about your car mechanic? Did you get any referrals on the C4 dealer from their current customers with a house/project your size?
  8. Thanks for the tip on the Composer Home Edition. I will check with the company.


  9. eggzlot


    1) bad programming 2) bad networking 3) get savant only 3 answers I got before my morning caffeine if you think you are trapped read about remote dealers and / or research composer Home Edition. what region of the world are you in as well?
  10. I am not a dealer but a quick search shows there are Rako Drivers https://drivers.control4.com/solr/drivers/browse?&q=&fq=manufacturer:"Rako+Controls" and they list C4 on their website: https://rakocontrols.com/integration/system-integration/ When you say TVs that is very vague - Tv's can be controlled via IR, Serial or IP. So your mileage will vary based on the model TVs Just realize the HC250 is EOL and cannot get the new OS3 firmware/UI that you see Control4 Advertising. Not that it cannot run a small project but it will be left behind with future features and updates.
  11. You need a dealer to set up your project find one here https://www.c4forums.com/forum/26-looking-for-an-integrator/
  12. Think about what you interact with daily, what you wish you didn’t have to press, etc. A bit self serving as this is a thread I started but tons of great ideas here that can spark even more ideas/discussions
  13. Just curious if you have enough APs or the proper layout design of the APs on hand. Swapping hardware wont improve poor/under designed system. Nothing wrong with Unifi but its not in the same league as Rukus and it is coming from someone with Unifi APs.
  14. from what I am told by someone more knowledgeable than me - the underlying SIP Server/Implementation used by C4 is fairly weak and that is a major source of the issues with anything with the IA app, speed, etc. I am using a 3rd party / 2n Doorstation and I have the same issues as those with a Chime, etc.
  15. it was a fair response with both pros and cons so no need to cue "why do you post here" - the OP is looking for critical feedback which you gave I've had the system for 7+ years now. Like anything else it has its strengths and weaknesses. I never really looked at the competition too - if I were to do it again I'd really interview the dealer/integrator and probably compare it to Savant. If you aren't chasing the latest hardware and the latest firmware/OS update every day and you want a rock solid system to cover lighting, AV, HVAC, Security and everything else and you seek automation vs control, C4 is a great option. If you like to tinker and want to buy every piece of hardware you see at a big box store and integrate it that day for control, C4 may not be for you.
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