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  1. their video shows placing it outside on a table: https://www.netatmo.com/en-us/weather/weatherstation I am talking about the base station vs any additional add ons. Is this something you install on the roof? Being in NJ I have to plan for high winds, snow, ice, etc.
  2. where do you install the outdoor sensor? Just looking for ideas. I do not have a fence. the wind would knock it off a patio table or something. just stake it in the ground? I got a lot of deer and other animals in my yard so not sure staking it to the ground would work well. can you attach under a soffit like you would a camera? or its too blocked there to get a good reading?
  3. I do not think anyone said it isn't a nice piece of gear, did they? Nor did I tell the OP not to go that route. And I do not even know the cost of the Triad gear, but the VS gear has a public price and 1 unit fits his need so the suggestion was how much are the 2 triads + any extra programming (if any) needed to loop the two together vs just getting 1 VS. If the price is identical and he can get what he wants out of the Triad gear and it looks better and gets great reviews, sure go with it. If VS (or any other brand) is half the price and can deliver what he wants and the audio quality difference is marginal then that could be a reason to sway him in another direction. I would ABX test if there was a dealer/showroom with such a set up. I am not sure there is 1 showroom on the planet open to the public that has an ABX test set up between Audio Matrix 1 vs Audio Matrix 2. Of course I could be wrong but most showrooms have tests for Pre-pros, amps, AVRs, speakers, etc. Not WHA matrix. And btw I said I have been guilty over over examining audio and video components. And yes I have some nice money sunk into them and I've learned a bit over time. I do not begrudge my purchases, I am simply saying if you take crappy speakers and crappy wire in poorly acoustically treated rooms and you are listening to compressed mp3s via a poor wifi signal off your phone via shairbridge with underpowered amps, your matrix doesn't mean squat. He is asking an isolated question in a chain with many components and potential weak points. That's all. And no where did I say the VS or another model is superior to the Triad, on paper or real world "tests" that I guess you have access to because you know people who have said its a better unit. I am merely showing another side/option and my own experience with different matrices, that's all. I'll defend my stance, I personally do not think there is a major discernible audio difference that 95% of the world would here in real world applications with speakers placed to look nice and blend in but not in the optimal locations, etc (not in a sound lab)
  4. I was clear it was not the Triad version but the prior release and as at least 1 other person pointed out, the odds of hearing the difference in real world blind audio testing is slim to none. I clearly said I just switched from Brand A to Brand B for the need of a few features, and the audio quality did not change. https://hometheaterreview.com/why-do-audiophiles-fear-abx-testing/ Audio is very subjective. You can take the same priced speakers from different brands, or the same priced AVR from different brands and hear differences. In the grand scheme of things, doing a big C4 project, picking your matrix should not be such a stressful decision - that is my underlying point. Someone may find the highs in Yamaha speakers harsh or the bass of Def Tech overwhelming, but others may enjoy those traits. Its subjective. Not black and white. So someone may prefer the Zektor over the Triad or vice versa. Its mostly a personal decision made on emotion vs a black and white yes/no answer. People may want a clear yes/no. I just dont think there is one in this situation. That's all I am trying to say.
  5. If someone spends money taking out Amp A and putting in Amp B and it cost them extra money psychology says they will tend to like Amp B and sing its praises to help mentally process the money spent. Its like someone saying a $100/ft speaker wire is better than something $10/ft. On paper with fancy marketing yes, but in real world would 95% of the people know the difference? We all do it, me included. :-) I am not saying spend crap money on audio gear, I have a pair of speakers that are $4,000 for a pair of floorstanding speakers (not including my sub or center channel) - some would call that low-mid range, for my budget it was high end but its a drop in the bucket for high end audio, I am aware. And sure they sound better than my yamaha in ceiling speakers in the bathroom. But changing the Matrix didn't change their respective sound. I am giving my real world advice - as someone who has been there, as a user, in this situation. I had the C4 matrix and C4 amp models prior to the Triad release. I swapped the Matrix to VS and there is literally zero difference. Others can chime in with their real world experience which is why this is a great forum. I will say the Triad hardware is certainly nicer looking than the VS matrix. My AV rack is well hidden away in a back room so really the looks of pieces of hardware have zero impact on me. And I didn't ask if you slept fine at night - if your customers are happy you should sleep fine at night. Because you are doing a good job. I only merely speculated profit margins and knowledge of a platform (going all C4 vs using a 3rd party) may sway dealers to use the Triad set up and push it more.
  6. I am not going to argue specs on paper If you take ceiling speakers in the kitchen and hook them up to Triad vs VS vs Zektor vs others I am sure 95% of the people (if not more) would not be able to guess consistently which Matrix is involved. blind testing, 95%+ of people would not know. sure if its A or B in a coin flip they can guess, but if you asked them over several blind tests to pick I am fairly confident no one can do it consistently. People chase data and #s and oh this has that DAC vs another DAC or something. If you are talking about exterior patio speakers and speakers in your kitchen you are losing sleep over something so inconsequential. Get what fits your budget and makes the most programming sense and has the proper inputs/outputs and features (how many, analog vs digital, audio delay if needed, etc). You are chasing a unicorn otherwise. If you had a $10,000+ system with McIntosh equipment and electrostatic speakers and you did acoustic treatments to the room and other demanding gear you are talking a different ballgame. But whole home audio for speakers on your patio and in your kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms? for streaming services? eh. put your energy elsewhere. oh and who has told you the Triad stuff is better? Triad/C4 dealers? Maybe they get a better profit margin vs selling 3rd party stuff (VS, Zektor, etc)? Not trying to ruffle feathers but again look at your use case and the sources you are streaming. You got bigger fish to fry vs worrying about your matrix.
  7. I had a c4 matrix prior to the triad merger i know use a VS matrix. Zero sound difference
  8. how much do the 2 Triad matrixes cost vs the 1 VS matrix? I am fairly confident no one will hear a qualitative audio difference. Again I had both matrix in my set up (went to VS for better audio delay because I have Netplay) and there has been zero audio difference. I have 1 serious listening space and ~8 non critical spaces.
  9. This is streaming content that you are listening to mostly on ceiling speakers? If so, do not worry about quality. While you are chopping onions in your kitchen do you really think you'll notice the difference? You can isolate specific rooms if higher quality audio is needed and find a solution. But I had a C4 matrix, I moved to a VS matrix and I have not heard any difference at all. No one has come to my house and said gee wiz i think your audio now has more umph or did you get new speakers because these stink. The VS matrix is the right size, it fits your budget and can honestly say from my experience you will not hear a sound difference. And I am not anti sound - I have a fairly nice set up using QUAD speakers in my living room so I've invested in some nice stuff. But for overhead streaming music just be realistic, it is what it is.
  10. C4 app won’t do Intercom your kids will take the iPad and it won’t be around when you want it it takes a few seconds to pick c4 and let it load the c4 app the t3 is better experience. They are expensive thought so really weigh that price vs benefit
  11. I am sure you'll get some advice here no doubt. But for all cam things related, I usually head over https://ipcamtalk.com/ - its a dedicated forum of IP camera enthusiasts to say the least. lots of reviews, photo samples, chat about various models, etc
  12. Platinum is based on sales volume. Nothing about service/support. If a dealer gets a contract with a developer who is building 500 townhomes and they pop in some EA1s with lighting as a "bundled package" that C4 dealer is going to be a gold or diamond or platinum dealer or something but all they did was install EA1s and lighting. Its an example not always the norm. Best I could say (and I am proof that originally I did not listen to my own advice but I was naive to all home owner stuff back then because it was my first house) is get 2-3 proposals and ask to speak to references. I've learned this less for all facets of home ownership. If I want new garage doors I do not call one outfit, I'll call a few, get ideas/costs/proposals and ask maybe the top one for some references. Good companies will give you references to call upon or maybe bring you to a spec house they are building so you can see their work.
  13. you can do this with some logic programming. As an example, if its after 10pm at night but before 8am in the morning, if the alarm goes off, only the master bedroom TV will turn on and show a 3x3 grid of security cameras. Not the guest room or my gym TV, etc. So you can easily program it where cameras never show in the kids room TV. if you have your own sources (some families may have 4-5 cable boxes or 4-5 streaming boxes so you hit watch > dad's tv or something like that) then you can program if that source is used on any tv, then show cameras if XYZ happens.
  14. never mind - coming back to post it fixed. Not sure what happened and why. before I never got to the screen to enter 0000. After toying around I realized that when you hit pair in iTunes the remote icon then appears and you need to click that. maybe that was happening before and I just assumed I'd get a pop up asking for the 4 digit code. so when i clicked it, I got to add in the 4 digits and all is well. Most documentation mentions the remote button is always showing on iTunes and i didnt see it. found an article saying that it appears when the device (c4 in this case) tries to reach out and when I had both applications running side by side I did notice that so i clicked the remote button quick.
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