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  1. I agree especially if not needed for the ds2. I’d have to assume the firmware is 80% the same and the big differences may just be the UI rebranded for C4. That is why I thought I’d ask
  2. Contact somfy they will tell you what you need
  3. Ah ok, I thought you meant he suggested ripping out the 12 already installed I am 99% sure your 4mp cameras can have the resolution lowered to 2mp. So go into the settings, lower it, and see what it looks like with 2mp. My thoughts: 1) SnapAV isn’t bad quality, but is dealer only, ie you cannot find the pricing, he gets his mark up on the item and he makes money - I do not begrudge dealers for making a living. The Hikivision you can buy anywhere. He makes more money on product + labor to do the Snap vs just labor to the do Hikvision and he may not want to support a product he does not sell you so you’d be on your own whereas the Snap he may provide more support on the product (set up, firmware updates, returns if necessary, etc). 2) Re: 2 vs 4mp I am likely in the minority here but for security cameras the height/angle of camera placement is way more important than the MP. If the camera is too high up on the house and has the wrong FOV, 2 or 4 mp wont make out a face, a license plate, etc. Though I mentioned you can just lower your 4mp to 2mp to test it out, there are also sites that will show side by side comparisons of frames at different resolutions. Most of my security cameras at my house I’ve lowered the resolution and the frame rates because it is just not needed and I get more storage on my NVR. Some of the best rated affordable cameras are still 2MP Starlight Dahua cameras - they are supposedly the best night camera though they have a lower MP. Photography (not video) is a hobby of mine, and Megapixels are used as part of a marketing gimmick to get you to buy another new camera body. The size/quality of the sensor is almost as important which is why those 2 MP Starlight cameras are so highly rated. I forget but I think I once read the cover of Time Magazine used to be shot with the equivalent of 2 or 4 MP camera. This was years ago but still, it was a very widely circulated magazine! I am basically not answering your question with my rant above on megapixels but with hobby cameras it can touch a nerve! going with Snap you’ll likely get better service and a happy dealer. If you are chasing Megapixels the Hikvisions are fine cameras but then you may be on your own to install/support, etc?
  4. Quick google search points to somfy having products and they integrate with c4
  5. Agree with everyone else. He is trying to make a buck. If you like their look and video quality and integration into your system leave them. Did he give a reason why he doesn’t like them? Otherwise it’s an upcharge on his part
  6. First question - why are you looking to replace? If you have no issues with the current set up I’d leave it
  7. I believe it’s a c4 driver? Have dealer ask support? I mean the KB article points it out so if c4 is the author I guess they are aware?
  8. 4k would be the big one. Otherwise it is up to C4 to wow us with some surprises, otherwise they will not move product. Maybe better zigbee antennas or extra I/O's or a built in battery back up - I mean who knows. They also may want to attract customers on an HC800 who do not want to upgrade to a ~3 year old device knowing there is only 3-4 years left of support based on past support timelines. 100% that is why I am not using an EA3/5 right now. I do not mind a 7-9 year support cycle, but I certainly would not buy 3-4 years into that cycle. They could almost take the EA5, toss in 4k to make it an EA6 and I'd be sold just so I know I have more of a support arc for the purchase.
  9. because you lost me at SSH above my technical pay grade :-)
  10. well this would run C4 software, not Neeo software. So if they take the pretty Neeo design and add the C4 software, maybe we get the best of both worlds (not that C4 software/hardware is 100% perfect either but from what I gather its better than Neeo)
  11. maybe they had an SR-270 ready to roll with the guts and they are just using the Neeo hardware, or maybe even with additional resources they couldn't get it in time and maybe for the conference in February?
  12. ok thanks. Maybe I'll ask my dealer to nudge tech support or something to write that line into the code as you mention. For now I'll just send myself a text reminder
  13. no - it is for the 2n Helios VideoKit. I believe its a C4 driver and its a known bug that you need to run the Lua upon reboot. Log into the project with Composer Pro. Click on the 2N doorstation driver, then click on Lua. Paste the line below in the Lua Command window then click Execute. helios_ip_eventlogstart() Contact/relay programming should begin working almost immediately. Refer to KB 2315 for full instructions to set up a 2N doorstation to work in a Control4 system
  14. EA's were released Jan 2016 HC 800 released Jan 2012 so 2019/2020 to me always seemed likely given how technology is turning over at a faster rate and the EA controllers are still behind re: video quality, etc.
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