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  1. Sounds like network dhcp reservations aren’t set id post a new topic as this has nothing to do with this thread on batteries
  2. Moved to native streaming services with C4 and in ceiling speakers. All devices are about 5 years old: 2x Play 3 in Black 1x Play 1 in White 2x Sonos Connect 1x Sonos Bridge No boxes but comes with all original power cables. I’d conservatively rate the condition 8/9 on all pieces. Though used no scuffs etc. Open to offers. Cash or potential other C4 hardware.
  3. Your question is too vague hence the response to call a dealer. Only looking to watch tv? Want to stream music? Or you wanting to control other TVs in the house? Centralize video sources? I have 4-5 more questions likely and that is just AV. Are you doing lights or security (cameras, locks or alarm)? What about hvac? so not being rude but you are saying I need a car to commute to work. Ok - you live in snowy areas get a 4x4, on the beach get a convertible etc. 3 mile drive or 30 mile drive? you are leaving out major details. Dealers are trained to ask questions and provide solutions. If unsure bring those ideas back here for reconfirmation or conversation. Prices are msrp so it is mostly what it is
  4. Well I wouldn’t suggest 11 outlet switches unless you demand perfection. That said you were talking about 1 area with guests. Likely worth the investment for that one use case My background - c4 user for about 5 years. That’s it. I can do basic programming with c4 but nothing extreme. Just a hobby to frustrate myself - it’s my golf. Expensive and headaches galore!
  5. I don’t want to hijack the thread. But c4 makes a dimmer and switch outlet device. You can control it natively within c4 on remotes and navigator. Higher price point and physically larger. Pros and cons. But as a dealer you probably knew of this device?
  6. Any modern pc or Mac with a drive can rip a disc. Software is built in most times as basic utility. iTunes can even do it.
  7. I know Mitch likes the Bond device. I use the native Somfy MyLink if compatible. Its native to Somfy so no worries about something extra breaking an API down the line, going out of business, etc (nothing personal against Bond) Bond is more robust as its good for general RF Devices. The Somfy MyLink was a little flakey with wifi connection but since 5.20 and beyond their device has had 100% uptime in my house and just works.
  8. put a $20 dot in the room and have them say alexa turn off lamp and it will go off or even just alexa room off or whatever to turn off the room?
  9. yep no problem i have 1-2 keypad buttons in my house using the same concept (just different times) but yeah just use the scheduler to change a variable state and then program off that variable state. 99% of the programming I have done in C4 (not my dealer) is based on T/F variable logic. I keep it simple :-) Mostly because I do not understand the other types of variables!
  10. i do that with variables and the scheduler agent. Every day at 9am I would have a variable called XYZ become true, and at 4pm that variable is False. Then with your button you program IF variable XYZ is true... IF variable XYZ is false...
  11. my wife likes diverse content - its not even like its weekly shows - she gets enjoyment out of finding bad 80's movies or sitcoms she watched years ago to watch again for mindless entertainment. so her span of channels is large. Basically I think its a no win game - stick with Altice and suffer internet issues, move to Fios and lose some service and do an unsupported set up or go streaming and wife isnt happy. There is really no clear cut winner. Though price is a factor, some of this is also hardware/IT related and not just how many channels can I get for the cheapest price. I am a sports guy but for months I had Hulu and did not realize I do not get MSG - maybe because the Knicks and Devils are so bad. But the funny part, the Theater at MSG is called The Hulu Live Theater! Yet Hulu does not have MSG channel - go figure. Anyways the point is I can even deal with less sports - I just find myself watching less and less. So it is a balancing act to keep the wife happy with the service she is used to having but also not messing up our network by using crappy ISP hardware.
  12. Yeah I figured no direct channel access due to the Roku/Shield/Apple TV type remotes. I just wish there was a way to "favorite" them then maybe a way to trigger favorites with a standard remote - not really a C4 thing per se, what if you used a Harmony remote, etc? Know what I mean I signed up for the 14 day trial last night for YouTube TV I had used Hulu for about 7-8 months. 2 price hikes without 1 service added and at least weekly technical issues. Lots of random Error messages with cryptic codes, and the worst, I paid for ad free but I'd constantly see that Ad yellow box in the corner. Heck I'd be watching Jeopardy and while Alex was interviewing candidates I could not fast forward because it was an "ad" - WTF. I'd call, they would look at my account say oh you are add free, let me make a change and reboot your device. That call would happen every 2-3 weeks. Hulu also cuts off every sitcom for 10 seconds to go so you miss those last few sketches that are funny - they do not offer a way to extend your recording by 1, 2, 3 mins, etc. So at this point, I'd rather not go back to Hulu and I'd explore YouTube. My wife likes to go direct to channels. But her office IT Dept wants her to have Fios not Altice due to bandwidth constraints, yet Fios if you use their Internet + TV it is very hard (if not impossible) to use your equipment plus not lose services like on screen guide, on demand, the Fios Apps, etc. so I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.
  13. Well Altice TV + Fios Internet is very expensive. Altice Internet is substandard. Fios really limits your ability to use your own hardware, you can easily get Double NAT or there are workarounds but then you start to lose On Demand services or ability to use the Fios Apps, etc
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