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  1. If you have a decent size install invest in some cable testing devices before you run and terminate new wire maybe you just need to re-terminate one end of the current cable
  2. Amazon is way more open with their api. Compare what works with Alexa vs what works with HomeKit or Siri. C4 is far from perfect and I’m an Apple user but I’ll blame Apple here
  3. I’m using a Knockii in my steam shower attached to the linen closet that shares a wall with my steam shower. Wondering if you had a place to put one. Works w c4 via IFTTT. People say the old card access ones were pretty good in light water conditions. Some people keep them in a small plastic bag. Camping/boating stores sell special bags too for this application
  4. Ah bummer. Maybe Vera. Not sure
  5. Mylink is that works with Bali. I don’t see why not
  6. For a steam shower? Steer far away from steamist if you want integration. Love the unit on its own. But the driver doesn’t work anymore with the newer steamist firmware and the team that wrote is non existent when it comes to support. Literally for weeks my dealer and I got no response and finally they would say ok we will remote in, we gave them a few dates and no reply again for weeks. Luckily this was with a trial license so I didn’t lose any money. I emailed steamist and they didn’t seem to care either that the driver was broken again the unit works great standalone. Just not integrated into c4. I ran audio thru c4 not their music device and I control it with a Knocki via IFTTT so I can change stations, mute etc. I have a linen closet that shares a wall with the steam shower so the Knocki is in that linen closet.
  7. YouTube has some unofficial videos to help. C4 released this 90+ page guide too https://www.control4.com/docs/product/composer-he/user-guide/latest/composer-he-user-guide-rev-s.pdf
  8. Agree 100%. Support 2x with myq has been fantastic
  9. https://www.axxind.com/smarthome/contact-sensor/ in black next to the door handle? May blend in better than a white sensor. You would have to measure though as it’s bigger than the NYCE but those only come white and would stick out more nyce has a hinge sensor too. I can’t see your hinges though
  10. I mean if someone hacked the camera and is flooding your system with pings or denials or something. I’m no expert. Likely doubtful especially if the system went down prior to the camera install too
  11. Almost 2 weeks. Call support. Someone needs to log in that knows what they are doing and can diagnose your issue(s)
  12. It’s expensive anyway you shake it. I’m in the same boat. Difference is I have a ton hooked up to c4. But I won’t spend 5500-8000 on new hardware to get past 2.10.6. The pretty interface isn’t worth it at this point I agree. Ill go against the popular consensus here but cost wise you may be better off with harmony if all you do is look at 2 cameras on your TS. If that is all it boils down to set up a tablet with NVR software for your wife harmony wont be perfect either and as mentioned support would be hit or miss. But it’s a fraction of the price. I'm well too invested in c4 to consider such a move at this point
  13. I have roughly 100 zigbee devices in a 3600 sq ft house. 2 of the 3 doors have 3 c4 dinners/keypad/switches at the door next to the lock. The 3rd door has 1 switch next to it. I have to assume the coverage is fine in those areas
  14. Interesting i knew of that agent but thought it just simplified low battery warnings. Not provide real time on demand levels if not “low”?
  15. in a month? I may beg to say in a week. :-) Snap also sells Yamaha but also Autonomic. I have to figure most dealers would spec Autonomic as its CI only and the end user cannot price check the quote as easily. I realize Autonomic may not have a stand alone wireless speaker like Sonos, but a dealer selling Snap products will likely be looking at doing in ceiling speakers, centralized runs to a rack area, etc so Autonomic matches up well vs Sonos. I understand the CI guy has to make a buck so that's fine. But its why a CI guy who sells Snap would suggest Luma vs selling Hik or Dahua in their quote. If I was a CI shop I'd quote Autonomic over Sonos because of the price protection but also because the customer feels like they are getting something unique that their friend who shops at Best Buy is not getting. They hired a "pro" and they are getting "pro" gear.
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