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  1. My win10 pic restarts after a power failure, skips the password requirement and it launches blue iris as it’s set up as a service. Did it years ago with some help from google but super easy.
  2. if audio cables meet power cables they should cross perpendicular and should not be running parallel - that could cause some interference. speaker cables, RCA cables, etc. anything audio oriented.
  3. First I'd see if you can limit it to a zone/zones. Then you can look at any hardware they share. If it is just when switching sources it could be just the "dead air" you are hearing between sources? Does it get the new source audio pretty much ASAP once you see the video on the screen? Sounds stupid but make sure all connectors/speaker wire etc is firmly attached to their end points. Are audio cables running parallel with any AC power supply cables?
  4. agree with the others, i'd get a more updated Neo panel if possible. That said, I moved into a house with an older DSC system that worked perfect. I got the IT-100 module and a 3rd party driver and its been flawless, lots of programming options, etc. For sensors - the stuff you want on an alarm (especially if you are monitoring it) then keep on the DSC panel. I have windows and exit doors (Front door, basement door to garage and patio door) on my DSC panel along with alarm motion sensors (for break in), glass breaks and water sensors. I have NYCE and Axxess motion sensors and window/door sensors for controlling lights in rooms, monitoring my wine fridge, turning on lights for closets/attic spaces, etc - not really "alarm monitoring" level type stuff. Is that the best method, no idea.
  5. only mention a FOB because you mentioned her hands full of packages coming into the house. This way if everything is unlocked from the car, you can use your arm/elbow to physically move the lever to open the door but no need to interact with the keypad on the door (put the bags down, etc) again everyone's use case is different but this works for us. this way I do not need hands to put a code in at the door, i can do it while sitting in my car outside the house. again its how we open the garage door too so its done all the same time.
  6. Fob is in the car. All done prior to entrance.
  7. I have these: https://www.nycesensors.com/product/lifestyle-automation-keyfob I wont disclose but I have a complex series of button presses that if done in the proper order within a certain time allotment (10 seconds) the garage will open, alarm will disarm, basement lights turn on, door to the house unlock, etc I would not have it on geofence, I would not have it with a single button press. Again all for sake of security. The code is so complex that now I am not leaving the house often due to COVID sometimes I even need to pause when I return and really try to think of it 🙂
  8. What’s your field of view? A lot of the big box store consumer items you mentioned have a better wider FOV. How and where you mount it can make a huge difference. ring is 150-160 degree FOV. DS2 is 120. That’s huge. The original DS was roughly the same and didn’t work for me. So I had to find another solution that allowed the angle of the physical camera to be adjusted or a camera with a wider FOV. I have a plain install - doorststion right to the side of my door. Nothing out of the ordinary.
  9. Ah ok. Not familiar with NX-8 but see if they have some sort of broadcast feature.
  10. What alarm system? With DSC you need to broadcast the zone names across all keypads as it sees c4 as a keypad at least with the IT-100 driver. You can google how to do that on your current alarm keypad. Or maybe you can use the rename driver from @msgreenf ?
  11. So just increase the timer. As long as you keep hitting the programmed button the timer won’t reset to 0 if you use 10 seconds the 10 seconds can restart every time you hit the button during that 10 seconds. It could go on for infinity
  12. Could probably leave our variable now that I think about it if timer is not running execute original macro which is select / delay / right arrow if timer is running just do a right click command when timer is over just reset it I think that should work. length of timer is up to you based on how long that scroll bar stays active etc. I don’t have ATV so can’t comment but I’d set up timer based on how long that bar stays active before disappearing
  13. Make it easier. Use that macro originally discussed. If you want to keep fast forwarding just press the right arrow button. If it’s annoying to flip between the two buttons use the timer/variable as mentioned above. with c4 you are rarely limited. You just need to think outside the box. You’ll see the light after hanging out here long enough. also my example was off the cuff. Maybe a 5 second timer is ample. But once it’s locked it it’s super easy to increase / decrease a timer.
  14. So then you use a timer and true false variable when you first press execute that macro and start a 10 second timer and make a variable called fast forward true so when you press the button on the remote if that variable is false just do the original macro I gave you. If the variable is true then you have a different macro just pressing the right arrow button and not the select button so you’ll have 10 seconds to keep it going. Should be ample time. You may need a reset on the timer but the general idea will work
  15. create a macro called fast forward the programming would be press select button 250 millisecond pause press right arrow attach that macro to your remote via programming - if you have the SR260 you could execute that macro upon pressing the single, double or triple dot, the 4 color buttons, the * or # or whatever those two left/right bottom buttons are (Forget the symbols) I used to do this with hulu, for the live guide I wanted to skip 5 rows at a time so I created a macro that basically pressed down 5 times super quick and attached it to the # button. so I'd press pound and C4 would execute the down command 5x. You may have to play with the delay but I find 250 milliseconds (not seconds!!) is enough where c4 wont miss the command you wont notice any real lag
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