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  1. This is a must have driver if you want to tackle the MQTT world, and oh boy it’s a huge world 🤪
  2. No, works like a charm I had zero issues after upgrading 😁
  3. I switched to Intrinsic driver and will never look back, Apple Native Integration with C4 sucks ... Sorry ☹️
  4. If you want piece of mind with all newer ATV models and with any TVOS regardless of the version, use Intrisic Apple paid Driver Works with everything and it’s one driver that can work with Apple OS updates!
  5. My favorite NAS is Synology DS Series, there are 2, 4, 5 and 8 drives models, u pick What u need fit that with WD White Drives, 8, 10 or 14 TB drives and you are good to go!
  6. This how much it costs where I live, basically it’s not much as long as the ATV has proper ventilation, then leaving it ON will be much better experience with C4!
  7. Yes, best thing for all ATV drivers is set a “Never Sleep” ... Costs you extra $20 per year!
  8. Indirect solution, use Shelly 1 or 2.5 behind your normal sockets and you have that integrated into C4 throughout a number of available drivers in DriverCentral.io ...
  9. Pls use OS2 app to connect to your setup.
  10. You have audio in Laundry Room? 😀 You can hide that! Never played with secondary Audio End Points, not sure if it will work by having Laundry as a 2nd Audio End Point to Nearest room ...
  11. Fixed it, apparently I was trying to log in using same user name that of Android, created a new user and Voilà it works again!
  12. Add native MQTT support, the future is here already 😀
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