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  1. I don’t think they operate outside China, never managed to get any pricing nor how to acquire their devices!
  2. Yes, C4 is very limited unfortunately ...
  3. There is a driver that allows u to do basic renaming using HE, of course the driver has to be installed by a dealer!!!
  4. I used Schnider Electric Unica normal Toggle Switch, it’s usually used in homes for Outdoor Bells! Its impossible to use 3 Pucks in same Backbox, they are bulky! You can only house 2 max! For the 3rd u might need to use an adjacent backbox if u use more than one ...
  5. No, all pucks are single loads with two control switches, they also support illuminating swiches if you desire (I don’t like light in house at all). The two switches works perfectly fine you can have one switch in first floor and a second in the ground floor both are great for lighting stairs for example ...
  6. This is a great hardware and maybe a much better solution than C4's, the Ubisys is much slimmer and euros 119/piece is a great price indeed.
  7. Old crap @ $50 a piece, attractive thought. never mind high res audio, its just perfect, all this will be replaced in the future by 16 channels amp ...
  8. Yep, too modern for our taste and basically doesn’t work for me and ruined the taste ... with all these caveats Control4 was just what we was looking for ... Goodluck for your retrofit work, it will go well at the end ...
  9. As you can see here is an example of 2 loads on a normally looking faceplate, 2 toggle switches that control 2 loads in my case here one goes to C4 IO extender module and the 2nd I used a Puck to have a distributed Zigbee mesh! In some other locations all loads goes to IO extender for example. We Don’t have 5 gangs switches only 3 max, so you use 2 if you need more ...
  10. Normal Toggle Swiches, this works as change of state from on to off or vise versa, so basically all toggle switches with cat goes to my rack that have 3 x C4 IO units. The electrical wires that is attached to my loads goes to the distribution board that have 4 x C4 DIN rail modules. Binding each relay to each cicuit of the DIN rail to control each load! The only draw back is no dimming capabilities, but with Alex in every room, u just turn on the light and dim it if u want or u can initially program it to go to 50% with first toggle and a second one take it to 100%, it’s what we exactly needed to keep the house as vintage as possible!
  11. Yes I got you, one Puck for one load, I some time use one pick for parallel loads but they all go ON or OFF, the only way is to use Control4 IO and DIN rail units, these are all 240 in my case and it’s an excellent solution, probably more economic as well ...
  12. Yes, but you will need to reflash them and use David’s Berto driver to have a local MQTT setup for a reliable control. However this is a WiFi solution, my experience with WiFi is not that great, it not as reliable as C4 Zigbee or any Zigbee BTW. Am moving out of WiFi to Zigbee for everything, so WiFi lamps, Water Leakages detectors, Sockets, etc are all phased out and replace by Zigbee either For Control4 or another solution.
  13. Am not sure what you mean by multiple, do you mean one switch for multiple loads? Meaning one switch for 3 On/Off loads for example?
  14. This is for new homes only, am not sure this can be done for existing homes, the idea is to use the 8 relays of Control4 IO extender unit. This is the most economic solution if u don’t use C4 modern Dimmers/Switches which in my case was not needed at all to keep the house as normal as possible. Anyways, u pull a cat 5 or 6 cable from each switch box you need to control to the Control4 IO extender to use the relays. Electrical loads wired normally to the Control4 DIN rail Units, each can control 8 On/Off loads or Dimmers. You dealer program each relay that corresponds (binded) to a specific load, etc.
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