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  1. I don’t think there will be an issue with splicing the strips at all, am going to do that for a 20 meter run, not Xiaomi thought as maximum length is 10 meter, or am thinking of running 2 x 10m! Multiple strips can not work with one controller.
  2. I have a question regarding this driver, do I need Internet connection for it to work? Can I move it into VLAN with no Internet access and still can control it locally only?
  3. Yes, I will need to have an exact size of the DS1, I can't decrease or Increase ... Sad Story ...
  4. Well it’s not compatible with DS1, we all tried the trick before and was working but not anymore, you know why ... yada yada yada ... Anyways, I admit my poor planning to go with C4 Doorstation from the early beginning, it’s a god damn headache to change it now, as the amount of construction and preparations done and rework required to go to DS2 is pointless. I will for sure go with another robust solution just to get rid of the HC800/2.10.6 but until that time no Intercom app for me as well 😐
  5. No work around try to leave the application opened in the background all the time, I had it working that way.
  6. Tried that, nothing happened I still have these 180MB, any way to remove it manually?
  7. Not much only occupancy detection, there is a great program I always use “Pulseway”, this would be great if it had C4 Driver, it will give you whatever needed, I tried RedFish before but my 2 servers was not in the list.
  8. Is there anyway I can monitor my HC-800 CPU and Memory resources on my mobile device?
  9. Is is available for HE? I will give it a try, I can’t remember if this was removed or still there, I mean when we introduced Plex NAS might be removed without clearing media info!
  10. Hello, I used to have MyMovies and My Media which had 2,500 movies and 3,000 CD thise like 180 MB at least, now I moved to Plex and DLNA Music so don't need these media fles trhat makes my project more than 194mb, how do I get rid of them on My HC-800?
  11. Yes free driver in C4 database, hunt a cheaper used one on eBay.
  12. No all on same network no VLAN’s
  13. I would choose another big name solution and closely monitor if they will stay in business! There are few companies out there that have the same concept, while they survive or not is questionable.
  14. Hello, Shairbridge is not working its very clear that Instant is running however its not showing at all in my Airplay Network, I had remove all except 2 and still its not working, deleted and added, several times rebooting the controller many times, nothing? Any idea what is this and how I can fix it?
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