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  1. I have 7x WMS10-2, most of them installed outdoor for the past 3 years no issues at all!?
  2. I built an IR driver as well, it’s just more convince to work with a serial driver
  3. I can see that the info are dimmed for a reason I don’t get like configuration is wiped out? Best thing is to delete them, add them back and provide all correct info IP, username and password, they will come back for sure.
  4. Really didn’t get your double questions, of course you need to have a registered controller to be able to update to OS3. Composer HE is also available for purchase through your dealer. Once he upgraded your controller he can also sell you the HE edition!
  5. Don’t think this will happen and if it will happen it’s not going to be C4!
  6. Well the FC4 is really promising as according to the article it directly integrates z-wave devices natively in C4. The FCC is a direct competition to Bond. While I liked Vera in the past, I had to remove it entirely from my system as it was a hassle to program everything in Vera then integrate to C4.
  7. Yes, go with bond much cheaper and way better with Chomain Driver, I replaced my MultiX with bond and couldn’t be happier.
  8. No cheap solution is there yet ... Doorbird, N2 and the likes is expensive as well!
  9. Well, after a whole year of testing with Shelly’s 1 and 2.5, I came across multiple issues, from continues dropping from WiFi network to some of them just fried with no reason, I had moved entirely to Sonoff Mini, much robust and stable hardware and even cost less ...
  10. Do you have any idea what is the firmware on it?
  11. really thanks Amr for your reply,and how much care u showing to me .. really thanks


    first of all ,my friend has 4 devices c-250 ,every device is connected to its own samsung smart screen

    he use control4 device only for simple use ,to watch the satellite channels

    the connection is as follows

    control 4 + satelleite reciever + Denon AVR-X1100W(Sound System)


    and he just enter the home screen that has watch+listen+security+APPs+setting

    and choose watch which has many icons like Ipod +directV (sattelite)+....... and he choose directv to watch the channels and thats it


    now i install new cameras for him ,and he told me we can some how add this cameras to be watched from security icons(as he already has 2 installed cameras and he can watched them from the security icon ) ... and i can't do this :(

    i get the ip for every control4 device but he apparently has a password that me and him doesn't have .. and he told me he doesn't know anything about it ..

    is this the main way to add the cameras or we can just add them from the remote controller

    the second thing ,he told me he needs to control the thermostat for the A/C from the control4 also .. lol

    and ican't do anything regarding this .. as i don't know what to do

    so could you help me with anything even ican read to figure this out and know about this system .. as it seems to be very interesting .. and i just want to ask you are this things connected to the control4 from the netowrk .. they have to connected together through internet cable or wifi in the same netwrok in roder to add them using the control 4


    sorry for this long speech and thanks again man


    1. Amr


      Control4 is a closed system meaning you need a dealer to add devices and drivers to the system to be able to do what you need, does your friend have a dealer that installed the system to him? How did he got it installed?

      Also does he have a master controller beside the 4 HC-250’s you mentioned?

  12. I will recollect how I did it! Have done it in Jun/Jul time frame this year and it was a snap, I will try to send you links of the resources I used to make it work
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