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  1. 2 options really not much out there, RMA to C4, I have no idea what the cost would be or eBay one as low as $200 but you will need to be patient to get the number you want. I got a replacement one just in case for $260 barely used ... I have no preference yet to update now to EA, I need to wait and see where the acquisition will take C4 to then will decide on my next $$$ refresh cycle.
  2. Me too, 2 years delay but finally it's here, did not install yet as I have no need for it but will think of something ...
  3. Ari, a quick question as my dealer is stuck with the programing, I have an echo dot per room, how do I use it to launch Apple TV for example without saying Master Apple TV, Living Apple TV, etc?
  4. Access through C4 app itself? Either with the $100 4Sight annual or by setting up a VPN to your home and connect the app to your network, or use BlueIris to connect to you cams remotely.
  5. Not yet, planning to get some Xiaomi cams, reflash them and test, I bit you it will work flawlessly. I had a lot of good results with these Mod units, e.g. Xiaomi Desk Lamps, Sonoff, Shelly’s, etc. All working locally on my network and very stable, cost is really nothing.
  6. The only use case am hanging over the C4 touch screens till now is to have my Outdoor DS1 to ring, video chat with the caller and to open main gate, other than that I can completely live without it. The whole issue also in retrofitting a new solution, a total pain specially the DS1, it costed my at least $500 to cut into the stone and fit a back box with all necessary wiring ...
  7. With the Mod firmware, there is no server, you stream to your local network, like the rest of the devices ...
  8. This is not true, am on 2.10.6 and you can move rooms, refresh navigator and the rooms appears as per the order in composer, my dealer just moved one room for me a month ago!
  9. C4 deliberately strips out functions from IOS/Android to force you to go there hardware root. I strongly advise you don’t go with their hardware unless you want to spend Thousands every 3-4 years. Only use C4 controllers and Remotes. I went 100% with C4 and end up stuck with Intercom, touchscreens, room controllers that all rendered obsolete now and require more than $15k to be replaced not to mention the tons of rework needed to replace this hardware.
  10. Okay, I will go back to Epic Driver now, with some extensive programing I can achieve most of native C4 control, my dealer will hate me for this ... I also need to invest sometime learning Alex Routines I might end up with very comprehensive automations.
  11. Ari, Am still on 2.10.6, do I need to use the new driver? Any enhancements on the number of devices that can be used?
  12. Alex discovers the devices only one time, if you have something new it will add it otherwise it will not find anything. Are you suffering that it is not responding to C4 devices? This is something else.
  13. Drag and Drop in Composer Pro only not In HE.
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