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  1. The Sonoff RF bridge is a $5 device as well, just google it it’s available in Amazon. I flashed it with Tasmota and have 8 around the house to have a full RF coverage! I use Berto.io drivers to integrate to C4 and to program RF buttons.
  2. Spot on with your answers, its Sonoff standard RF and I do use it for Bedside lights, and most light toggle, super nice and quick
  3. Not at all you all know either banggood or Aliexpress! I have nothing to hide 😁😁 433Mhz RF Wireless Remote Control Switch Transmitter With 1 2 3 4 Button For Home Room Hall Bedroom Smart Home from Consumer Electronics on banggood.com https://banggood.app.link/3aI5Rt3GX7
  4. I just got rid of all Xiaomi Zigbee buttons and Sockets and used beautiful RF buttons instead, nothing wrong with Xiaomi Zigbee, but it an isolated island with no integration to C4! These new RF buttons are fabulous $4 a piece, 1, 2, 3 and 4 buttons in one tiny size, just amazing 😉
  5. Will taste OS3 coming week with an EA1 and a couple of 260 remotes for my summer house, aim is to keep it very simple, let’s see how things will evolve ...
  6. For me it is, it doesn’t work so it’s ridiculous, not C4 fault, I have my own VPN setup and I don’t use native Alexa so I will pass from 2022!
  7. For the Summer house I will use EA1 with 260, so OS3 app will be used 😀 now switching then ...
  8. That’s ridiculous for 4sight! To be frank, it’s totally useless for me, never ever worked for blocking C4 OpenVPN call home, I will never renew, as for the switching, not ideal but not a deal breaker either ...
  9. Will that’s a bad luck with DLI, not a lot have these, but shit happens, you know, what is the conditions with your rack, I mean the temperature and humidity levels?
  10. How this works with one C4 app on my iPhone?
  11. I have a basic question, can I register a 2nd controller for a 2nd house with my account? What to do with the C4 app? If not then how can I controller a 2nd account with a different email then?
  12. I know you have 3 setups for 3 houses with C4 do you use one App and just switch Homes? Of course you use 3 different emails, one for each house?
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