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  1. Am back to IrSUB Chowmain driver with Xiaomi boxes and will not look back, its only a cable that is thrown in the closet and not really a big deal, it have an IR Bug as well that might be useful one day, who knows ... Its OCD that drive me nuts to reduce clutter with as neat as possible setup but I keep forgetting if it works don't touch rule ...
  2. I just completed the migration to Zigbee Buttons from RF, much more reliable than RF hit/miss for all bedside lights, idea is a small coin button can give u instant access to 3 actions, one/two/three presses that works nicely with besides lights. someone can ask what happened to just turn off the bedside manually I’d say this is the 21 century and press a button is all u need to do ...😀
  3. The only way to achieve that is going with Zigbee2Tasmota using Sonoff ZB Bridge or Zigbee2mqtt using CC2530 based devices and Raspberry PI. In both cases you need Betro Driver (https://www.berto.co.uk/). Am currntly using Sonoff ZB Bridge with Tasmota and Berto Driver and I have added Aqara, Tuya, IKEA, LeakSmart and Xiaomi Zigbee devices to my C4 project.
  4. So What are you using for testing, am using MiBox4 with Ugreen Ethernet adapter, used to work fine with IRSUB and now its not, during boot it connects fine to ethernet, then it dead and reports no Ethernet connection?
  5. Well .... I just lost ethernet, whatever I do is not working, it use to work with IRSUB, now I don't have ethernet and it asks me to switch to WiFI?
  6. One Questions, if I turn on the USB ADB debugging on my Xiaomi box, will I loose LAN and I have to use Xiaomi over WiFi?
  7. This is great new, I had this driver for over a year now and couldn't use it except over cheap Chinees shity Android boxes as I couldn't root the Xiaomi Boxes, Now I will ditch Android boxes and IRSUB as well! Thanks Alan for getting this driver worth the money
  8. No this was old argument, numerous implementations of C4 on Ubiquiti exists, go for it, just get a dealer familiar with Ubiquiti and can deal with it and own it ... What is the reason for moving out of Araknis?
  9. But replacement to Smart ones will cost you money as well, you might need to consider getting a quote for fixing C4 rather than replacing it as it might be less expensive for you!
  10. Hello, why u r posting the same irrelevant question in this thread? Pls stick to one post so pple can help you, spamming the forum won’t help 😁
  11. No need for a hub, the driver supports Shelly’s directly and you don’t need MQTT broker then. This is the most cost effective route for your shades!
  12. Does any one knows what is the limitation for Number of Zigbee Devices per HUB? Is it 30 device or less?
  13. Okay, now am Using LeakSmart Water Leakage Sensors without the HUB, this is just getting better and better, less hassle, also the Coverage for the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge is much much better than the LS HUB, way better and also the LeakSmart Extenders works as well ... I paid $120 for this shitty HUB that gets disconnected from my WiFi way too much, anyways evolution saves money ...
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