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  1. Oops, why upgrade to 260? Wait for a better remote...
  2. Will on WiFi turf, am very happy with Xiaomi WiFi lamps/leds, very few to nil hiccups in the past 2.5 years, Shelly/Sonoff allows u to use a local solution not cloud based at all, also u can reflash them with Tasmota or whatever and u never need cloud for anything. WiFi will evolve for sure as for reliability, C4 Zigbee is the ultimate but take a look at the x10 or x20 cost ...
  3. U have nothing except battery based WiFi then, with every power outage it will also wait till AP’s work again so not going to be faster, maybe u can use Zigbee Extender 3 for a stronger signal?
  4. Amr


    Give it some time and it will pop up in an upcoming release
  5. Is the missing cables including power cables as well?
  6. If u r using the 250’s for IR only then u can drop all of them for Z2IO or Z2IR, as for EA3 it depends on your project size if mid then it can replace the 800, but an EA5 is solid choice and u can’t go wrong with this. You can also use the 800 but u will loose the GUI, this is what the rumors are predicting ...
  7. You are correct, change Apple TV and Roku’s IP’s from HE. Of course I have all DHCP enabled but all is locked from the router/NAS, So I basically have my DHCP server controlled by Synology and I can have upto 255 IP address per subnet.
  8. Mak sorry didn’t really get this correctly, I was referring to Xiaomi MiLight not Mi-Light, it’s a totally different hardware, I know for a fact that the Mi-Light bridge can be Modded as it’s not a very stable WiFi connection.
  9. Shelly has came up with a killer WiFi RGB hardware that works with MQTT, all drivers are free and it’s really fantastic hardware. $22 a piece and it’s on the way for me to test, I plan to completely go this way and abandon any other WiFi solutions e.g. Sonoff, Dlink, etc https://shelly.cloud/product/smart-wifi-shelly-rgbw-switch-dimmer/
  10. In the driver tab itself, select auto update, Central Cloud Driver will force an update to all drivers, it’s not an auto update.
  11. Any thing would do, I have Cisco and Ubiquiti and they are working fine, there are some prerequisites required to make sure nothing interferes with C4, Like turning off spanning tree etc. these are listed in the site here.
  12. If you don’t have the AddMusic app installed then yes a dealer has to install it for you ...
  13. I know most of the folks here hates the SP as an old damn piece of equipment in comparison to Triad one, but I have a summer condo that will be moving all the old stuff to it to upgrade to the new gear. Is there an outdoor enclosure I can use with SP’s that also have good ventilation? Closed boxes will for sure destroy it with causal use!
  14. There is a driver for the 4x4, driver of the 8x8 u can get J-Switch or no hassle drivers, but as I indicated before Monoprice equipment is pure junk with a very high failure rate, there Support stinks, just buy cables from them and u will be on the safe side ...
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