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  1. Is your controller an HC800? Apparently your controller is the one without site license, turn down your controller and see there is a white sticker with C4-HC800-BL-1, if your controller doesn’t have the -1 then u are out of luck and you need to replace it with one with a site license, if your project is small u can skip that and go directly purchasing an EA3 of eBay at a very decent price or check with your dealer who upgraded u to OS3 and gave u this 90 days trial of 4Sight.
  2. I have my HC800 upgraded from 2.10.6 to 3.2.2 a week ago and is working just fine, no issues at all, you should have look at the migration wizard, what was the warning messages? You should have exported that to a PDF and workout these warnings!
  3. Pls move from MyMovies, it’s a legacy solution and full of issues that will not be fixed!
  4. I saw a script on HA someone did for charging tablets, as a lot complained tablets will burst their batteries by continuously charging them, this can apply here as well, but what a hassle, we have invested some 1000’s on our setup(s), just buy a charging station in each floor and that’s it! You can use the App until the remotes gets a charge! 😀
  5. Roku has 2 consistent problems for me I can’t fix or have to redo one of them every month or so, beside the awful UI it’s always producing HDCP error, makes them useless, I have to reboot it and my HDMI matrix for this to clear.
  6. I still have my account after IBM acquisition because my station still transmit data to WU, so as long as your are “suppling” my account still works!
  7. I have both, 250’s are more conservative consuming batteries slower than 260’s. I tend to but them on cradle every week. For all my kids rooms I use IKEA 2500 rechargeable batteries lasts 3-4 months with moderate use …
  8. Done, removed Nest totally and replaced by C4 Thermostat, this is should be done long time ago, I just need Turn ON/OFF beside Compressor turned off while the temperature in the room reached the settings, No scheduling, no smartness no, nothing 😀
  9. I can confirm it’s IOS related nothing appears on IOS locally or remotely only android not thumbnails nor Cam when selected, the same god damn bug that happens before in OS2 is now repeating! This will take 6 months to fix of course!
  10. Am using the generic camera driver with h.264, all urls for all cams had been correctly configured, Axis and Akuvox cams are working instantly except all Amcrest cams I have, some appears (3-4 cams) and rest not. As I explained locally they are super fast they just not working remotely!
  11. Let me check, can’t remember, I think there only available Public button, the IP am using is the local IP of each cam in my network
  12. And you have dual sound in this case from both TV and Soundbar? In my case I need to set TV volume to zero and hear only Soundbar! I already have that as a custom button but not convenient at all.
  13. Yeah, it’s history now, am on holiday 😎 from this incident, also need to give credit to C4 for creating this power horse the HC800 that is 12 years old and still kicking 😀
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