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  1. $150, bonds are $99, referb $69 via Amazon. Just loose MyLink 🙂
  2. In another word MyLink is not as stable as bond or URTS!
  3. I have 16 Somfy Shades around the house and I use the classical integration to C4, URTSII - Serial - HC250! $160 solution that works since day 1 with 0 issues at all, I also use a couple of RTS repeaters one in each floor.
  4. It’s currently working, need to figure out what do in the future like moving DS2 way, etc.
  5. Do they ever listen to their customer base?
  6. Lovely gadget, but am gonna wait for the coming generations of the SR’s!
  7. My 2 cents here since it’s a buzz feed, am not disappointed from this announcement at all, it’s just an option for a fancy remote may be in a guest room, who know little to nothing about C4. As for hardcore users like us we will pass for a better than SR-260’s that C4 should work on!
  8. I also use the old CardAccess ZCA WCS10A-2-ZP, it’s a Zigbee Wireless realy, it’s the old version of Z2IO but will set you down $50 max when buy used via eBay.
  9. Your dealer should get it to you, u can also source once from eBay (not advisable) I believe it’s retail for $120. Lots of dealers in the forum can sell it to u and remotely help u to add to your system.
  10. C4 Zigbee to IO allows you to hock up Wireless remote realy and other IO if u don’t have a wire, works pretty much the same if you have a decent Zigbee Mesh.
  11. See if it has a NO/NC Connection which am sure it will have it as most Italian gate openers have it, if you can run a wire to C4 controller and use a relay connection, there is a driver for dual relay which is better than 2 keys for On and Off on your GUI. You can also go wireless with Z2IO as well. Don’t get the WiFi module, once you have integrated to C4 u can do a voice scene as well!
  12. Well this just unacceptable, will they ever fix this?
  13. I suggest you dig deeper for a root cause to prevent it from happening again, headache but preventive maintenance is a must for a smooth life with home automation ...
  14. Yes, it’s the opinion of many Apple Fan boys like myself 😁
  15. No sir, I mean the entire navigation with the apps, folders, transitions, Menus, App look and feel the entire TvOS experience is much better and is so polished. I do have Roku launching quick Apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime via MiniApps, my Kids love it but I still prefer to go to ATV and move from there.
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