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  1. Sonos Integration with C4 is pain as per my extensive reading throughout the forum, I'd rather go for the HomePod Mini if u are into Apple echo system or you still can keep the echo and play whatever u want through the Music Services Alexa features ...
  2. I got my self an XPS off ebay for a rally decent bargain price 4 months ago $260 it was a steal really and super nice laptop
  3. Flic buttons + Flic Hub LR + IFTTT driver, a bit slow like 1-2 secs, but very convenient and slick ...
  4. I also used Shelly 3i to automate 3 blinds, another great device from Shelly 😊 Happy holidays to all ...
  5. Added 3 Lighting Points using the great Shelly 1L devices with regular LED Lamps and retiring Xiaomi WiFi Lamps instead. These Shelly’s 1L require no neutral wire and this is exactly what I was missing at the switches 😃 Used it with Shelly Bypass at the lamps and it’s just amazing ...
  6. Never worked for me, I used Parallels since then, huge size with Win10, but at least it’s working fine ...
  7. I have A Russound 4x4 matrix with Keypads and it’s solid rock for 6 years now ...
  8. I use me remote most of the time specially at night where I can’t ask Alexa to dim lights or close it in the Living Room for example 😀😀
  9. Well I contacted them directly sends me to US agent that never responded, am trying again to understand who has them in the world!
  10. Am using Xiaomi LED’s, excellent quality, they have a jacket and can go up to 10m using one single power supply, WiFi and have a C4 driver written by Chowmain, what else I need 😃😃
  11. My 2 cents here as I compared DIY to C4 for a couple of months before moving to C4 and will never look back; solid foundation! Pretty damn good system, polished interface, with tons of drivers for accommodating hundreds of hardware out there, backed by a huge echo system and a company that is there to last, so what are u missing in other systems that u don’t have in C4?
  12. They are shipping, I will have more info in the coming days ...
  13. Garbage upgrade, the buggiest ever, I lost iPhone Safari, some topics are repeated with error codes, can’t read any contents of any topic, I had switched to Chrome only to browse the forum, annoying shit!
  14. No news for more than a year now, I can’t get any updates either, it sounds like a great enhancement and a most wanted addition. I will try to write to them and see if there is any real development after the announcement!
  15. Am Epic all the way, faster and better IMO, I don’t have options thought native doesn’t work in my country for blocking C4 OpenVPN ports!
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