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  1. You mean natively? If Yes, then Yes and U do need 4Sight Annual Subs in addition to voice scene driver, you can program any thing!
  2. Triad One is your only way to go if you want Native C4 Support like SP, other solution like VSSL’s or others can also be an option but not native ...
  3. I will wait beyond EA, my rule here if it works don’t touch it, people heavily invested in C4 system like myself will for sure break the bank moving to 3.0, so I’ve decided to wait, save some 💰 as well and will decide later.
  4. $100-$150 on eBay depending on the state of the unit, I sourced one @ $170 almost “New” 3 months ago.
  5. Any Hub-based systems are a total miss and you are on your own, drivers that never updated, outages that never explained etc. C4 is the best among Pro Systems cause it works and you can have a bit of freedom programing automations and scenes not like Crestron, Savant, etc.
  6. HouseLogic used to have an IDTech Keypad with Wigand to Serial board that allows integration to C4 with a DB solution as well. Not sure if that can be sold now as the shutdown this business since Snap acquired them!
  7. No, all am saying if you have an issue let C4 investigate it, they will be able to pin point if it’s C4 related or not, so u can fix your issues. I don’t know if there is a fix for T3 or not, it depends, in my case I had no camera feeds in my IOS app, probably there was others that report the issue and hence a fix is done!
  8. I use C4 for most of the house, Nest for Master Bedroom and Living and Sensibo for all Split units for Kids rooms. Outside US, u need an A/C per room which is extremely expensive to automate, nevertheless the integration is a nightmare as it’s complicated IR based systems. I had to integrate my split units with a modified circuit board to match US wiring for C4 and Nest Thermostats to work. Sensibo is incredibly great for IR based A/C and Chowmain Driver is great, never missed to work and it report correctly even if using the original remote as well not the app!
  9. I had some issues with one of my IE screens that was working over WiFi, My Dealer reset it, reflash it with Image Updater added back to my project and ever since (2 yrs) it never got disconnected. I have a Solid UniFi based network.
  10. Did u open a support ticket?
  11. This is great as I do have the Sonoff RF bridge then I had no time during this summer to figure out what to do with it!
  12. How do u managed to hit the post 3 times like that? What AP do u use? 😂😂😂😂
  13. Testing is part of “Beta”, this is the nature of software, I report back it works and they collect logs and at the end they issue the GA release. As long as you don’t share the app then it’s Okay to talk about it and encourage others that a fix on the way ...
  14. As you can see they have almost identical controls, I believe the names on the remotes belongs to the Fan/Lamp manufacturers not the device that control it, all have the same and or was easy to program the MultiX to capture the codes for both fans!
  15. One of Control4 staff that was working on my issue provided me with an invitation to test the beta version for fixing all my camera feeds, a problem I reported back in April, they had access to my system since then and worked a lot till they figured out the issue and provided the fix in the beta release!
  16. Agree 100% it’s a bulky MF! It’s larger than a regular smoke detector for sure I wish they can shrink it to Ubiquity AP size or smaller, why do they need all this size for! Pricy as well, you will need 12 or more at least to cover a full house.
  17. I have the beta version and it’s fast, it for sure working with the current 2.10.6, as for why it takes this long to release beats me, probably they are fixing other things or additions new features as well! But remember C4 was never fast ...
  18. I didn’t! My fan was not listed but it has a similar control to one of the supported models, I toke the risk and bought MultiX, programmed it with my Fan and worked without issues since then!
  19. What are the other options that integrates with C4 beside the Triad One?
  20. And it toke you 5 months to reply? Lame ...
  21. Move to Zigbee channel 20, most of your your interferences issues will go away, do that first and try the system for a couple of days if you still have sluggish or slow remote operation then u have a weak Zigbee network and you do need to boost it!
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