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  1. sales@audioobsessions.com to purchase the license, was $175 not sure what is the price now.
  2. What is the minimum windows version that is supported by C4 Windows apps? WIn 7, 8 or Just 10? They are not serious, that's why they sold themselves out of the business ...
  3. Main Lighting has to be reliable ,100% reliable, I use Centralized Panels with Normal Toggle Switches on 2 x IO Extenders, robust, never complained, I added more Wireless Lights with Puck Switches and Dimmers for creating a healthy Zigbee Mesh around the house ... My setup is for International Market, all 220 VAC.
  4. No problems, I want to thank you for your excellent work on the drivers and the fact that you had opened up a whole new world with C4!
  5. So is ability to install drivers into rooms had been taken away for a reason?
  6. Appreciate ur illustrative help, was easy fix, topics was not matched on Sonoff device and relay
  7. Any dealer here would be able to quote u the devices, u can always check with https://www.matterlink.sg/locate-us.html
  8. Tasmota firmware, Topic on Sonoff is Control4/Sonoff/Flood, On Berto MQTT driver topic is Control4/#, all Shelly’s are working no issue whatsoever, Sonoff’s require programming I believe, I did couple of programing routines as per your posts but cannot get it to work? So what to review and do I need Nodered to troubleshoot? Also the driver have 4 connections for Sonoff basic I used channel 1, so is this correct?
  9. Amr

    Sonoff RF MQTT

    Yes, I flashed it with Tasmota already, I will try to get it connected to Moasquito and test with Berto C4 driver, I just don’t have time this month, work related load ...
  10. Projector is secured to a wall mount and I use a $20 Interpro Dust Cover for Ceiling... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DVMRG2O?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  11. Can u check the room properties and if the Room temperature is binded to your thermostat? It shouldn’t change but who knows.
  12. All Shelly's are working beautifully without any issue or programming, on the other hand Sonoff's are a pain in neck, can't seem to get a basic On/Off light to work with them? I used most of the steps described, not working, am I missing anything?
  13. Joel, what about countries where 4sight does not work cause the Internet Authority shuts down IPSec and 4sight is useless to use?
  14. This is an FTTH router (GPON = Gigabit Passive Optical Networks) that I have to use, I cannot use any other router, Get it?
  15. I don't use ISP router except for Internet, everything else is running outside, e.g. DHCP, etc. Anyways Am running USG.
  16. Zillion dollar, seriously Triad One is insanely expensive, I believe it retails for $600 or so!
  17. I use the same setup in my living room, the default is the TV, I had made my dealer setup AVR as a secondary source in same room and use it via custom buttons, so I have Vol +, Vol - and Mute buttons, when i need AVR sound I just push Vol+ several times to get the sound out of my 5.1 speakers, otherwise its always muted and sound from TV is used.
  18. Delete the app and reinstall again and sign in again to your system, it should work.
  19. Thank you all for the tip, a USG is my way forward, will spend some time getting it ready before I do the cutover.
  20. Yes, it’s the post just before this one 😃😃😃, not related at all. My dealer had created some custom programing that was not ideal at all, I related all the issues I had to bad programming, helped him and cleaned up most of the odd setup(s) by tipping on the best way to use the drivers, I remember one of the issues was Plex Full Driver has some weird virtual switches, used the correct connections setup and removed all that funcky “Don’t Remove” devices! I have no hacking into my home am not aware off, also I don’t want to blame Huawei Gateway, I have Domotz and Fing and I will for sure use a USG I have but did not setup till now.
  21. Not sure you get VLAN’s concept! They do extend the IP range by creating another 255 address, but it requires setup on the routing side to allow communications between them. A separate network is what VLAN is all about, but not like you describe it. Also what is amazing about having more than 255 IP devices, it is not normal I know but I do have a large house, large number of IP devices, and a big family. What is efficient use of space? My DHCP assign IP address efficiently. Am reducing the use of WiFi devices as much as I can, e.g. went Zigbee with LeakSmart instead of WiFi. Anyways, I was hopping for a tip, I already running now with no issue at all, although not best practice but it works so far, am keeping things under monitoring to see if am missing anything.
  22. What do you mean by Handling? I do have a USG that I didn’t use till now.
  23. So what are the use cases then? Can I use it instead of MultiX to control an RF projector screen and and RF Fan?
  24. Hello all, I’m running out of IP’s for having a higher number of IP devices, I therefore have to either go for /23 instead of /24 or use VLANs. As the later is not straightforward, I decided to go the /23 route, issue is my Huawei GPON Internet Gateway router, does not support so am a bit stuck, but went on and did the change on all devices, I kept my HC800 on xxx.xxx.1.xxx/ and moved all C4 gear to xxx.xxx.0.xxx/ with the gateway pointed to the Internet Gateway, is this a good practice? My argument; all other C4 gear doesn’t need Internet to communicate, only the main controller, so? Also all my Ubiquiti AP’s moved to xxx.xxx.0.xxx and works flawlessly!
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