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  1. Please see https://github.com/davidmassot/Berto In beta
  2. Please see https://github.com/davidmassot/Berto In beta
  3. These are drivers I've written myself. You need to flash the Sonoff kit with Tasmota or ESPurna, see https://github.com/xoseperez/espurna/wiki or https://github.com/arendst/Sonoff-Tasmota/wiki. You then need to setup an MQTT broker either locally or in the cloud, see https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-and-secure-the-mosquitto-mqtt-messaging-broker-on-ubuntu-18-04. My driver does not currently support SSL so I use a local MQTT broker and rather than open firewall ports to it I bridge it with a cloud based broker eg. AWS IoT or Digital Ocean as above.
  4. Yes. This is a good piece of kit. Open source hardware. Out of the box it requires that you use the Sonoff app and their AWS MQTT servers but you are able to put your own firmware on the device which opens it up eg. ESPurna or Tasmota. I have a full MQTT Bridge driver and Sonoff Relay driver that enables you to use your own MQTT Broker. Works a treat.
  5. Thanks for the comments. I don't understand how a driver to populate meta- data could ever be tied to the media player that was playing the movies unless there is something I am missing. Any views or enhancements much appreciated. I do notice that the initial update of a movie library is very intensive on the Director, to the point were it will stop other processes working eg. lights and TV controls etc. until the update has finished. Updates after that are only minor and don't impact performance. Thank you David
  6. You could have either :- Sky only Sky+ giving ability to record etc. Sky+HD as above with HD as well For serial feed back to work you will need to connect a serial cable from the back of your Sky box to an available serial port on your Home controller or an IO extender or another serial interface. Do you have Composer HE? Thank you David
  7. Gary, No problem. Do you have the Sky Dusk serial controller or do you control your Sky boxes using IR? What Sky boxes do you have? Thank you David
  8. Please see Driver Bundle topic posted above. Updated drivers included in that post. Thank you David
  9. All, I have been working on several drivers that I have started to use in our projects as standard in new build properties in the UK. I am will be gradually adding more drivers as time goes on but thought that I would release the set that I currently have as I am now happy that they are working stable on several systems including my own. The drivers all need a the installation of a common driver called Stonetree_Command.c4i which provides some additional Lua modules for XML parsing and SMTP negotiations over SSL. I currently have 2 drivers in the bundle :- Stonetree_MyMovies.c4i - Th
  10. Are you run OS 2.5 or above? The additional Lua modules should get loaded as when the Command driver is loaded. I am working on a new install so will post when complete. Thank you David
  11. Thank you controluser007. Have fixed several issues. Have also moved all the additional modules and functions code to a separate driver called Stonetree_Command.c4i. I have done this because I have started work on several drivers that all use the same code and this helps maintain a common base of functions. The Stonetree_Command.c4i module needs to be loaded into the project first followed by the SMTP driver. I have also added a QuickMail command that sends an email without the need to setup an Email Notification as you suggested. When using Email Notifications you should not need to
  12. Hi All, Does anybody know if it is possible to get the raw configuration of a C4 project from a DriverWorks driver? I know that the DirectorState.xml file contains all the detail on the project but this appears to only get written to disk every 5 mins or so. Changes that occur in Composer take a while to appear in DirectorState.xml so I wondered if the actual configuration is stored somewhere else? Help much appreciated. Thank you David
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