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  1. If I do that wont it tell C4 to change settings at the TV location not the rack where the receiver is located? Just tried to switch it and no change. Still controlling at TV. Wondering if there is a setting on the receiver that is blocking the control?
  2. I recently lost volume control on my Sony 1000ES. I have the receiver in a rack in my basement feeding audio surround sound in my family room and video to a Sony Receiver in the same room. Using the Control4 remote in the family room to control the volume now changes the volume on the Sony TV not the receiver, as desired. Here are the connections: Am I missing something in the receiver setup? Everything is setup per System Design Documentation. All thoughts appreciated!
  3. Already cleared the receiver and reset. When it runs back through the initial setup it says that an internet connection cannot be made yet C4 recognizes the amp as connected. Driver current and firmware current.
  4. Reset everything. Even reset the receiver, deleted from C4, made all new connections - still shows up on C4 as connected but it does not show up as connected in the GUI of the receiver. I don't think the receiver is setting an IP address so C4 is sending commands but the receiver is not accepting. When I try to manually input IP on the receiver, I cannot even access the network menu. Seems like a programming issue with the Integra unit. Thoughts? Anyone ever worked with Integra customer service? Any thoughts on replacement for the Integra 40.6 receiver?
  5. Did you ever find a fix for this? I have an Integra 40.6 and I am having the same issue. Setup through discovered tab, set to disable HDMI, network standby on. Receiver says that it is not connected to the internet but C4 system recognizes it as connected. Thoughts?
  6. So not to take this a totally different direction but what about cables and amps for stereo? I used to purchase cables from Tributaries Cable but typically don't spend the money on them any longer
  7. Cheers for all the responses. So the consensus is short runs the cable doesn't really matter so long as the specs meet the required demands. Longer runs either use a fiber cable or a balun.
  8. Thanks for the responses. I know there are a lot of good cables out there but what makes one worth more than the other? Is it just marketing? I know Belkin makes good product but why do they sell there cable for $20 and the AudioQuest Coffee is $850. I believe, Blue Jeans cables uses Belden cables and then has the ends added in China. Are there cables better? Does it matter? Does 60Hz matter for most connections? Do you just use whatever HDMI connection you have and if it works stick with it? Will a client even notice the difference? There are also discussions like this: https://www.cnet.com/news/why-all-hdmi-cables-are-the-same/ The articles states that under 20ft. it doesn't matter what cable you use so long as there is no disruption in a picture. Is this fact? I have also read a post by an "audiophile" that claimed the AudioQuest Coffee is worth it because of the Fibonacci sequence and instead of only 0s and 1s there are actually 2s which means if you are not using a really expensive cable you only get 2/3 of the actual signal. Over my head. There is also discussion that higher quality HDMI cables lead to better audio. Thoughts?
  9. Looked around on the forum but haven't seen much recent discussion in regard to opinions on HDMI. Found standard mention of places to purchase - BlueJeans, Monoprice, etc. I am more interested in opinions of best HDMI for installation in rack, long runs, w/baluns, etc. Also on price - best value, least expensive w/ function, best high-end, etc. Is fiber worth the money? Where is the best place to purchase? Is it pointless to invest in any expensive cable given 2.1 release? All opinions, thoughts, analysis is appreciated. Cheers!
  10. FYI - They just emailed me the file this afternoon. You need to ask for the advanced networking dept. They will put you on hold and ask for your email. You will received a dropbox link where you can download the file. Pretty simple upgrade but kind of a PITA.
  11. So which Ecobee (Echobee or Ekoobeee?) would you use? You mention the 3 but not the 4 too much. It has amazon alexa. Cool feature. Plus would drive my wife nutz so that is a plus. Does thee 4 handle humidity controls - i.e. 2 speed air handler/condenser activation to lower humidity? What about the Ecobee Smart SI or EMS si? Also if you already have a Honeywell security system any benefit to sticking with Honeywell thermostat? Mention of c4 driver 4 years ago but still only driver was previously stated by msgreenf. Looking at installation of three new thermostats - basement, first and second floor. Replacing old C4 thermostats that do not control humidity on first and second. Basement thermostat is new. BadJ - just out of question, if you are a new build why did you choose Lyric opposed to wired route?
  12. I did not use DSC drivers from driver central. Started with poor installation which led to difficult integration. Not necessarily blaming the DSC equipment and it probably would have performed better with the correct drivers. Just an overall poor experience so moving to Honeywell. Sometimes you just get a bad taste from a certain product and it is hard to get rid of.
  13. Forgot to mention that Tuxedo panels on special for $225 right now. That is why I am looking at them.
  14. Not to hijack the thread but msgreenf, you said you like vista. Are the tuxedo panels overkill for a C4 system? What about the new Lyric product? What control panel do you think works the best vista. Also, swapping out old DSC system. Previous integration with C4 not all that great.
  15. Thanks for the feedback. Going to keep an eye out for an "after Christmas" deal! Now I have to choose Plex or other "player". Also what is the best current program for ripping my bluray collection?
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