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  1. I'm posting on this old thread again because I've been getting phantom events from the doorbell contact lately. It was working quite reliably until the last few months, and the wiring hasn't changed so I'm trying to figure out what's going on. See my post directly above for how I've wired the ELK-930 into my C4. The ELK-930 is wired like in "Method 1" from the instruction manual here. At least I think I've done it correctly that way. I've swapped out the 10K resistor to see if that will help, but I'm wondering if something else might be wrong. When I measure the voltage at the ELK-93
  2. I guess I've answered my own question... When I went to reboot the hallway landing keypad (a KC120277) via 15 presses on the top button, it did nothing. None of the buttons responded to presses, although the backlighting worked and the status LEDs accurately tracked the load of the linked light. I flipped the breaker off then on for that circuit and the keypad buttons are working now. Best guess is that something happened around 4AM (minor power brownout or surge perhaps?) that messed up that one keypad.
  3. I woke up around 4AM today because the hallway light outside the bedroom came on. Check out the events at 03:56:11.012 and 03:56:12.641. I don't have any programming that invokes "press" or "click" on any of those buttons. The "Bedtime" keypad buttons are linked to a dummy switch named BedtimeAndArmedState, and the only programming for that is to turn it off at dawn or change the LED colour. The controller is running OS 3.1.0. 2019-12-22 03:56:09.944 -0500 hc-800 [4507] INFO: FireEvent: Driver Main Floor Thermostat(932) fired event Unknown(114) 2019-12-22 03:56:09.944 -0500 hc-80
  4. If anything is controlled via IP rather than IR, the most likely culprit is that the IP addresses changed due to the power failure and the C4 has the old IP addresses in its configuration.
  5. The item was sold on 2020-07-17. Selling a used CCZ-T1-W thermostat. The unit is in good condition... just a couple of spots of paint on the back from where it was attached to the wall. It's on firmware 3.25.27, which I believe is the latest. Asking US$50 or CAD$65 plus shipping.
  6. Yes, but only if you need a sensor object in the project for the sake of programming or binding. The issue is that the panel side of that binding doesn't even appear in Composer. If it did, then the [Add Zone Drivers] action button would/should create the contact and wire it up, but it doesn't. It only adds objects for the first 12 zones:
  7. I don't think so - I don't think the new zones even show up in the list of contact sensors until they show up in the top half of that display. A lot of zones might not have/need any bindings unless you plan to use them in automation programming.
  8. I don't have an issue with the Control4-supplied driver other than this, so I'd rather not drop another $180 on the problem.
  9. The driver is: Just to be clear, the only problem I'm having is that I can't get the top half of the security panel properties display to expand to 14 zones from the original 12. The Android C4 app and the Composer status for partition 1 know about the extra 2 zones, but I can't change their name & type since they're not in the list above.
  10. The panel is a PC1832. I'll try enabling auto scroll mode to see if that does anything. As an aside though, when my system was upgraded to OS 3.1 the security panel driver had to be completely redone (I was on 2.8 previously). I never had to do any of this stuff when the tech remotely updated my system. The newer driver pulled the zone names & types the first time through, it just doesn't want to expand the [Zones] tab portion of the properties to include the new zones.
  11. I've got one of the nice PTK5507 touchscreen keypads upstairs. The original (builder-supplied) PK5501 is down in the basement near the panel, but it doesn't get much use unless someone is doing stuff right at the panel. The touchscreen has a [Broadcast Labels] button in its installer menu. I used that as well as the *998* option and it hasn't seemed to make any difference for getting the 2 extra zones to show up in Composer.
  12. I just tried that and then did "read from panel" again... no change :-(
  13. I've got a DSC security panel using the IT-100 serial interface. It's working fine with my C4 system (HC-800) running 3.1.0, but I just added two more security zones and I can't get Composer to show the extra zones. In the panel properties I've bumped up the number of zones by 2 and added those new zones to the partition 1 list. I've clicked on the little "read from panel" button at the top right of the properties page several times and I can see from the debug log that it knows about the new zones (I went from 12 zones to 14): ReceivedFromProxy(): READ_PANEL_INFO on binding 5001; Cal
  14. Good to know - thanks. At least I know it's not something I misconfigured.
  15. I'm running the app ( on a Kindle Fire HD 8" tablet. The only issue I've noticed is that the Kindle tablet shows up in the My Account / Users & Devices / Devices section of the customer web site, but not in the My Automation / Notifications / Devices section, and I don't get any notifications on the tablet. I'm getting notifications on my Android phone and they show up in the Notification History of the web site. Do I need to do something extra to get notifications to appear on a Kindle tablet?
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