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  1. Please add me into your beat test list if possible.
  2. Will this driver ever see daylight? 😋
  3. The eKey drivers are developed by Houselogix for them. Here's a working driver, but they may have newer version, suggest you ask eKey. ekey_Control4_drivers_home_multi_net.zip
  4. Yes, i used this in my home, on my Sony 55X8500E.
  5. Yes he should be able to easily get this added remotely.
  6. I've found none, so i modified the bravia_selector with plex icons... 1) Install app on TV if it is not already installed. 2) From Driver Actions in the main TV driver, run the ‘Build App URI Map’ action. 3) Add the Bravia Plex Selector mini driver to the project. 4) Bind the mini driver to an available RF_SONY_TV_APP Channel connection on the TV driver 5) Refresh Navigators 6) Execute the 'Get App List From TV' Action from the Driver Action Tab 7) Select the desired app from the 'Bravia App Selector' Property on the Driver Property Tab. Once you make thi
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