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  1. Many thanks for the responses so far. So if I can get the account login/pass then any dealer could assist with equipment modifications, etc. As far as equipment, I was looking at replacing the router with an ASUS AC66 as I have that in my current home and change the AVR to a Pioneer SC 67 that I currently use and update the projector to an Epson 5020. Would those pose problems for the old dealer as they are different from what is currently in the home? Is one brand of product more challenging to work with than another? Or will the lack of familiarity of a brand of product deter the current dealer from wanting to be involved?
  2. I'm looking at purchasing a home that has a control 4 system in place. The current owner has some AV equipment that I would like to replace, but for the most part I would be keeping what is in. I was wondering do I need to work with the dealer that did the original install in order to modify the project, or can I choose any dealer that would be willing to work with the components I wish to bring in new and would they be able to access the project for this house in order to modify it? Or would the new person need to start from scratch?
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