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  1. We’ve sold our house with C4 and it literally has about 300+ devices that the new owner will keep; locks, thermostats, panels, theater equipment, 60+ dinners and switches, security, cameras, irrigation, landscape lighting, etc. I’d like to transfer this to him as easily as possible and the dealers around me are crap and will most likely wipe it and start over. He’ll need to add his tv’s, cable, etc. Can someone remote help me and FNG with the transfer? Neil Blasingame is gone and that pains me, as he is the only person that knows the system as well as I do. New integrator needed... 😄👍🙀
  2. I have two of them left over
  3. Dimmer - yup correct driver. The thing even before I identify it just blinks orange and green rapidly.
  4. It was used in a 2.9 project so I’m assuming yes.
  5. I can’t pair this thing for the life of me. I’ve rebooted, left the mesh, and all the other key presses and nothing. Tried to upload the video, but it basically just block orange and green over and over rapidly. OS 3.1.0 this is an original LOZ- 5s1-x wireless dimmer switch
  6. ouch! back to IR. Man my older 55", which was like $500 has it. That's crazy. 🙂 Thanks as always guys!
  7. I have the 55" version of this tv and the IP driver was fine to setup and it works perfectly. I just got a 75" - Model UN75NU6900 and I can't for the life of me get the driver to pair. I've tried turning off IP control and back on and every combination of adding the MAC, pairing, etc. It's mind boggling. I read these models have a problem with SDDP - which is obvious, because it doesn't even show up in the SDDP. Anyone got any bright ideas besides use IR? 🙂 Thanks guys!
  8. Got an extra HC 250 if someone needs one. power cable and some IR blasters.
  9. We don’t need this anymore. I used it for about a year or so for an older TV. Comes with power supply and 1 IR blaster. Car Access - Model #: z2ir10a-Zp
  10. Anyone need an HC800 and 3 HC 250's? I have some for sale.
  11. Found the issue - seems you have to turn off and back on Windows Features>SMB1 and the reboot. It now allows me to upload. Wife is happy we have a doorbell again! She was sick of flashing the lights on and off. 😄. Hey, it was a good workaround.
  12. For months now - since the upgrade to 2.9, announcements has never worked right - or in the case of my doorbell - AT ALL. I deleted the announcement agent and readded and started to build the myriad of announcements again (pain the arse). I went to add a simple doorbell sound to the announcement agent and low and behold I am now getting an error that it can't upload the simple wav or mp3 file from my desktop. See image for error. Something about an SM1B protocol for file sharing. Says I need SMB2. Crazy! Any idea what the heck happened to announcements?
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