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  1. i just go off what ever sounds right.
  2. if you still want the rooms to turn on you can leave them the scene but check the option for independent control.
  3. just have to find out whats right for you. could also edit the driver if you have the ability add some additional time for the power on delay before the input commands are sent after a power on event. could send the input commands again too with programming. all just takes time.
  4. We are working away to get a good number of videos out for release. Obviously with the covid issue we have been pre-occupied.
  5. it would address everything and you can vlan inside the switch. So the ports with the cameras are vlan to the camera vlan only and the rest can be the main and trunks to wifi and other switches.
  6. if it does not have wake on lan you will need to use serial or IR control ip will not be able to power it on. you could do some custom programming for on and off. but will always lend to having issues.
  7. network topology is not done well. You should have a primary switch connected to the router and it should be managed and setup vlans in the pakedge router. Then Access points should be connected to the main switch. Just add power should be on a secondary switch connected to primary switch Cameras can likely be on the primary switch and just have those ports vlan'd then third switch connected to primary would be the primary. you would have trunks on all ports between switches switches and access point and switch and router.
  8. trying uninstalling the app and reinstalling. has any one checked the that controller is connected? does everything else work excluding the c4 app?
  9. its unlikely it will be able to do it by station. But you would need to check the station variable again the driver in what is currently playing, but i have not looked that closely for the variable. what i might suggest is have the button presses tied to the station and then color tied to the button presses. The room control4 driver is perfect for this application.
  10. you could get a shield tv and use the nas a storage for plex. just run the server on the shield.
  11. Mine works as intended only thing would be that it is very slow to actually switch. Might suggest waiting at least 30 seconds to see if it actually switches.
  12. yep should work fine if you can test using VLC player and can get working rtsp and jpeg streams the camera compatibility driver will work just fine.
  13. they are pretty sweet got our first order in yesterday.
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