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  1. just get any basic gate and run 4 wires to it from a controller with an empty relay and contact on it. Cleanest and simplest option. should be a cheaper motor in general as you wont need wifi or any other special connectivity.
  2. also make sure you are using the new experience button one as there are new options and HD graphics
  3. there is a driver. but due to the API limitations it can be slow to update status. the best is to get the driver for control. and use contact sensors for the door state. or if your crafty wire and extra controller into a relay for controller.
  4. the programming should be on the added driver. when door opens and when door closes should be really easy.
  5. The contact sensors are updated via the ELK security panel. So the panel is not showing the correct information or the contact needs to be inverted. the first screen shot in the security panel i would check to see if the icon to the right changes when the door opens and closes. if it does not that means the panel is not setup correct or the sensor might have a dead battery.
  6. if you want more diy option the DSC series panel with the IT 100 is a great value and reliable.
  7. there cameras and other products do not integrate at this time. So it just the security panel and its contacts and sensors. Get the pakedge cameras they are actually great quality for the money and will have full integration. For NVR there are many choices but lilin is a great safe product choice.
  8. REBOOTING the main controller would be the quickest fix. likely the zserver did not start properly.
  9. your going to need another solution i dont think the samsung driver supports this. I believe chromecast driver from @alanchow or even the android tv driver with irusb maybe able to do this.
  10. just the above options so a CA-1 and Global cache unit you could also get just about any compatible controller, or an io extender.
  11. as the channels are considering a video service it will want to turn on the tv and only be accessible on the watch menu. You could use an experience button as a work around but not a elegant. could also program the tv to be powered off on a button press
  12. If you have kept your system running on 1.74 all this time, then upgrading to the most current thing should be no problem as you will likely keep the equipment for just as long. you really likely only need to upgrade the main controller and the remotes with a dealer. the alarm you could get a dsc panel and likely do it your self. As for pro, likely unnecessary you can do just about everything on HE and you can get a remotely dealer to help with the rest. But with the rate it sound like you are swapping equipment I will assume it is a non issue. I still prefer control4 as the level of integration between all of the devices is still superior than just about everything else on the market.
  13. well bummer. fingers crossed c4 does a refresh for cedia. wont happen though i am sure.
  14. Model announcement_OnOff its or at least an older version
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