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  1. there is a paper manual included with the device. There is one small allen screw that are access through the hole on the bottom of the unit. the allen came with the unit as well.
  2. yes you need to remove the cover plate and then the doorbell will come apart to add in your nameplate.
  3. I would probably use a VRX040 at the tv and what ever the sources are the vrx will handle the rotation for you. the shield tv cannot do this natively. from what i know at least.
  4. Clearveiw have some great DVR options and play nicely with control4.
  5. VS should be able to handle this if you have the sources available. I would use chrome-cast shield or similar device for casting and make sure you have good wifi. However no way to orient the samsung frame photos so that aspect of the tv will likely be useless. Also talk with future automation Im sure they could get you a mount that will rotate the tv if you have the horizontal space.
  6. its allows you to monitor motion and doorbell events from their cameras. The alarm has no integration at this time.
  7. In our prewire we typically run 3 cat6 1 coax to each tv and if its a primary display run fiber or fiber hdmis as well.
  8. all of your existing im sure would stay in place as is. Sonos is fine with control4 just integration is limited. its all a matter of exactly what you have to each location. if you are running new cables and want video distribution run FIber or Fiber hdmis that are 8k certified. it will be cheaper and save you a lot of grief dealing with baluns
  9. i think you may have a dealer that is not interested in supporting older hardware the hc800 can update to the latest software. the rest of your project may not be the case. even an hc250 should be able to replace your hc300. sent you a pm.
  10. you can buy them seperately from control4 but its quite the hassle.
  11. I can already say the snapshot seem to be much faster and so do the live feeds for cameras. Always love a good speed boost
  12. Hello Matt. My name is Jesus I'm a Dealer from Venezuela.

    I read that you have used the Bose Lifestyle V35 Serial Driver and make it work. If it's possible I would like some help getting it to work because I'm having some trouble with it right now. I'm using a serial 3.5mm port on the EA3 to the DATA port on the BOSE receiver but It doesn't seems to work.

    Thanks in advance for all the help you can give me.

    1. Matt Lowe

      Matt Lowe

      pm sent


  13. Thank you all for being so patient. We unfortunately had a major opps and our editor lost most of our talking head video. Still have the composer work and programming speechs so may have an early release and will go back and update with my pretty face later. Looks like we will be using pateron for our video platform and will have some tiers with different benefits based on what you purchase. Tier 1 - free email support, specials discounts on products from walts.com, access to our entire video library 5 to start and will add at least 2 a month, access to a discord chat to discuss yours and other supports projects, automation, and if 1 year bought in advanced or though a year of subscriptions free composer home edition or 4sight. Tier 2 - includes all of the above with unlimited phone support tier 3 - includes all of the above with remote programming support from myself up to 5 hours a month. if there is anything else you guys are looking for, or more videos ideas beyond what i have listed please let me know. Hope to get this rolling and help all of you have the best control4 system that you can!
  14. They've changed this its date of purchase for the customer with proof of purchase.
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