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  1. you can program in different call groups based on a various number of events.
  2. going to be hard to find ebay is your best bet they are on back order now.
  3. also we have started a course training end users on how to use composer home edition. In this course, we will be using the same Composer Home software available to you as the end user. We will go through real life situations to automate your home, troubleshoot your system, and educate you about the tools you have as a consumer. We hope this course will help to take full advantage of your investment in Control4. You can see our first video here for free on youtube.com . You can sign up here on our Pateron Site. We will be offering a lot of benefits for our supporters including: discounts on a
  4. I have an older version of these and absolutely love them. looking to buy these next time they are on sale.
  5. if you have a neo or sr260 with the latest version of c4 os you can get volume gui on your remote.
  6. i have one with the irusb and it works great i also paired it with the Plex driver and it has been great other than needing the occasionally reboot. dang android
  7. Great idea and we added it to the list
  8. also if you have a compatible DLNA server it might be best to get it connected to that and use the new dlna driver it handles media so much better. can check the used market too.
  9. oh bummer could have been a driver leaking memory or something as well. hopefully and automatic update fixed it.
  10. did you find the cause of what was crashing your controller?
  11. also might have to check the network connection. Samsung has some issue with the mac address becoming unknown. after factory resetting the issue the tv sddp will display correctly and it will start working again. you will have to pair the tv again with the driver after doing so.
  12. just depends on the needs of your home. if you are using cable or satellite it can have some monthly savings and if you have expensive video equipment you want to use on all of the tvs it can be cheaper to have one distributed. Also is nice to pause a program and pick it up exactly where you left off by doing nothing more than just turning on the tv.
  13. you can by process of elimination. if you have an audio matrix its easy to check the matrix active input and outputs. if not check what input control4 is switching the audio devices they should have unique inputs and based on which is used you can see the selected output that way. you can also just mute each output until you find the active one.
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