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  1. i would go to the bottom of the actions side and send the command manually. I have found that the on and off button at the top of device actions are not reliable and do not work well.
  2. there also is typically driver properties that will allow you to adjust what is executed or disable the device specific buttons.
  3. if either of you still need help send me a messag.e
  4. I would love this cause it's a pain to add the channels. Issue it pretty large database of channels. So finding the correct channels numbers and name is not an easy task. Also honestly less than 5% of systems is install use this features.
  5. dont have to contact a dealer as long as the correct cable cloud is connected to the devices. just need to open up composer go to the media tab and add the channels you like. This will be a topic we cover in our course at some point as well. patreon.com/waltstv
  6. delays shouldn't be necessary with a good network and setup. Our store demo has about 30 tvs samsung lg and sony as well as multiple IP controlled audio zones. All of this turns on and off the whole store in less than 3 seconds with no delays. be sure that you are turning the tvs off using the room off or on commands. I have found the tv device controls are not always realible
  7. Everything related to programming you will find in the programming section and then every device on actions and events will have multiple drop downs and multiple tabs. If you want some more materials and information on how to use composer HE you can check out our tutorial course on https://www.patreon.com/waltstv
  8. I also have not see any open source solution that are as easy to pick up and start integrating everything in the home. Sure there are some solutions that have kludgy voice control4 and I do not believe c4 voice is any better. Everything DIY that I have seen, there is usually only one person in the house that can use it. Control4 does sometimes have a little bit of a barrier of entry but with OS 3.0 it has made it easier that ever.
  9. is it is showing on in control4 it means that control4 had to have actuated through something. if you dont have an outdoor device control4 has a new outdoor switch.
  10. if the 12 volt wire run close enough to other electrical wiring it certainly could mess with it. is control4 still showing the fountain on when it is off?
  11. correct two unique streams. even the same stream might cause some issues if control4 decides to grab audio from one room from one output and the other room for another output. it shouldn't do that but it can.
  12. The only issue will be routing. Control4 does an okay job with this but if more than two rooms call for audio another room will lose control. It should update in the navigator so you know what is going on. I would suggest adding another controller and feed each matrix separately. for audio sources that are fixed like the output of your cable box that is a easy split. The only loss will be in the quality of the cables so it might be quieter or more noise than before the split.
  13. Oh great just quoted a customer an install on this later this week.
  14. Looks like there is a global input module. Try useing that for the tv audio with the other players. Use room control or media scene to group the rooms every time when the main room turns on. Media scene should then sink the volume with the main zone as well.
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