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  1. i would do a timer for when any door opens. set the hvac state to off when it expires when it closes start another timer if no other windows or doors are open and then when it expires set hvac back to on. leave it on auto set your temps set and forget.
  2. I have not had this issue. Really the only thing i have heard to be an issue is price and finish options. However i typically win them over on programming features and rgb status and ease of use with in control4.
  3. this is something you would want to talk to your local FSM with control4. they will help you with design and equipiment needs.
  4. also there are some preset color changing modes in the driver that can be programmed.
  5. i would check that all the drivers have the correct login and passwords if they have been changed from default if you are on the latest software you should have had to change them. There is also a KB article your dealer should be following to make sure they are setup correctly after the latest firmware update.
  6. Yes likely just need to get the controller properly registered and running. We also offer a training course if you want to take a more hands on approach after your system is initialized. https://www.patreon.com/waltstv
  7. info for others, as @calbear spoke about this over the phone looks like the failure was due to a faulty automation board. We are still actively trouble shooting the new board but at least no more errors on the security panel.
  8. I know i have programmed a few as far as I can tell they worked just like the rest of the devices in the system. If it works well connected to the vera bridge and its app it will work just fine in control4.
  9. just about any fans will work. if you can get them in a way to exhaust heat out of the cabinet it is typically best in that configuration.
  10. Something to check out is our premium tier we offer 5 hours of free remote programming each month. I know a lot of the other dealers here as well and they are all great guys so you can not go wrong with any one of us here. patreon.com/waltstv
  11. there are a few ip drivers that will work for them. It can be done. Honestly ir is your best bet.
  12. Matt Lowe

    Music Android

    there is also a driver for DNLA support as well.
  13. make sure you have a solid network connection. image updater is one of the most reliable updating option, other than it wipes everything on the controller.
  14. since the two controllers are feeding each other the announcements would work in OS3. he will lose video intercom unless you keep a dedicated touchscreen to stay with the older controller. but that touch screen will basically only be for the camera. if you have an os3 compatible camera then no need.
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