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  1. might try calling tech support or the dealer forums. you might be out of licenses.
  2. programming should look like this. set misc room volume on to 50 to get rid of the volume programming when up is released Stop volume up when up is pressed If suite is on Start volume up else if 1st room is on set suite to value of 1st room else if 2nd room is on set suite to value of 2nd room else etc
  3. lots of ways this can be programmed. what are you looking to accomplish?
  4. if you have a hc800 and a 300 in the rack you should have more than enough outputs to do this. THE WMB should likely be moved to the rack connected to the amplfier directly if possible. Then the hc800 will need two outputs and a for the digital if the amp does not have digital in. the hc800 and wmb would give you 4 right there you could add two more from the hc300 but you will only be able to update to 2.9.1. effectively allowing you 6 unique streams but that will be pushing the hc800 pretty heavily as well.
  5. very strange its possible the driver is corrupted reinstalling them could fix the issue.
  6. 1. going this route it will be most cost effective route, but adding video storm could give you some great benefits if everything is hardwired and you want to share some sources. 2. roku has the best native integration imo, shield tv with the irusb is best non native control. can be done with the fire tv driver though for cheap 3. video storm with shield tvs is my favorite.
  7. just simply programming to save the matrix outputs and then reapply those on tv selection. quirk of control4 not easily over come.
  8. I second getting a good vpn is your better option
  9. with the native control4 skill you can log into customer.control4.com in the alexa section edit and change most of the naming as well as activate extra abilities, and print off a sheet of all of the commands that you can use.
  10. be sure to strip the audio from the hdmi with the path setter dirver or control4 will always select the hdmi audio first. However i do not believe this will solve the problem as control will still give you transport controls even for listen only devices.
  11. the only way to switch sound modes would be to use a navigator device. the AVR proxy has a gui for selecting sounds modes. The remotes do not have this options at this time. If a customer really wanted this on the remote we would program custom buttons, experience buttons, or the remotes customer buttons.
  12. Been a while since i have used the itunes driver. Honestly I would suggest using apple music and airplay to get a better experience here. The itunes driver is meant to pass through to a AV device, so once you have selected something the driver will switch the navi to the gui of the device playing the music, you should be able to just hit the back arrow top right to go back to the itunes selections.
  13. works fine on my windows 10 machines. might try uninstalling and starting fresh. should just need adobe air and the flash player. also be sure to reboot machine after
  14. I use both in my home. If i could get rid of sonos i would do so instantly. but still keep the connect for some of the features. i have 4 rooms of wireless play speakers and 4 rooms hardwired. the limitation is getting everything to play in sync with no echos is difficult to say the least. cost wise the 8 rooms hardwired would have been the cheaper solution, however through some great deals and work rewards I ended up with what i have now. i do not use the sonos app at all. Alexa control is much better with Sonos, but I think control4 has caught up, I just need to update the sonos rooms to use control4 alexa commands. However I will still be limited in pandora and amazon station selection. For app control i use the native control4 services and feed sonos through the central connect. adding a second one would be best if i wanted multiple streams between the wireless rooms but this is almost never the case. I do cheat and use the older sonos drivers still for the announcement function as it works much better than current solution for my haunted smart home, for halloween. Going all sonos and limited c4 to the control is doable, but past 1 or 2 rooms control4 becomes more and more cost effective. To each their own they are both great products with great build quality you cannot go wrong.
  15. should be possible to create a vpn between networks and make it into one large project. Also believe there is a MDU agent to allow several system to connect to the same intercom but i do not know if this would work in this case.
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