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  1. What devices are not being discovered? Did you check the automation tab on your control4 web browser
  2. We are looking forward to doing a series on Hue there is just a lot to cover. Also wanting to show case how it looks in the home.
  3. Can learn more about our course here on patreon https://www.patreon.com/waltstv also have our first video here. Really got to update it we have certainly improved since then haha.
  4. You can only see unknown mac addresses in composer pro. sounds like the tv just needs to be paired again. but could also been the sddp issue mentioned above. only fixable with pro.
  5. can also press the button on the remote. or change the setting on the tv using c4 as it is typically the tv that reverts to tv speakers.
  6. I just use it on my bedroom tv controlled VIA ARC. Its fairly reliable, but occasionally it will not power on so i will have to do it manually.
  7. might also try a resistor at the mr.steam side. Sounds like you have some power issues in the house so this is only a bandaid and not a solution to the problem.
  8. I am not aware of any such functionality plex would be your best bet. You might be able to get really creative and create a fake room with fake outputs to hold your place when the room is turned off. then you could join that room and resume playback.
  9. if you are going to go that far and know your way around a volt meter test for output voltage from the power supply to see if it is dead
  10. Also can look at lighting fixtures that are DMX compatible that would be one of the best options.
  11. itll likely take some work to make them work in control4. My recommendation would be to get LifX or Phillips hue.
  12. larger fan will be quieter. I personally when we upgraded the A/c in the home we added a return duct to my office where all of my equipment lives. This has reduced the temperature of my office by a few degrees but during the summer i run another fan to draw air out of the room into the hall.
  13. i would recommend interviewing several local dealers and find someone that can help you with the system design and that you will want to work with, this can be done remotely as well but you will need to know how to install all of these devices. you got most of what you are needing but there is still more you will need to get a system working. the only stuff you can buy online is used. New is only provided by local dealers that can actually provide warranty and service. Any used product will be as is and it will be hard getting warranty service, but i can happily help you install and program it an hourly rate.
  14. Cause the errors are simple. It may be connected to the wifi but unable to connect to the controller and getting the same error. With out a lot more information on from the project controller, basically shooting in the dark. you need to have someone contact control4 tech support and find out the issue.
  15. from what i know this is part of why Ubiquiti is on the blacklist. I do not pretend to be an expert on the matter. However there is likely an issue with multicast traffic getting to the neo causing these issues.
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