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  1. i know some of the brands make some zigbee locks for this style. as far as a c4 solution i do not think you have any options. unless you can add a dead bolt and just not lock the 3 point system.
  2. think its a limitation of the zigbee sleepy devices. not to mention control4 will be putting all their effort going forward into new features for the neeo.
  3. just get the camera you really want now. use a vpn or 4sight to view the camera remotely. some support sd storage. or get the NVR and add the other cameras later. Doorbird might be the closest thing and the do offer cloud recording.
  4. Composer 3 will give you dealer what needs to be done to update. If the ds1 is not allowed to be in the project it will lose all functionality.
  5. as long as the voltage and amps are close and the tip polarity is the same should work just fine.
  6. Included in this Automatic Update: Volume feedback with pop-up Security—locks and sensors User interface improvements Performance enhancements Really would like the sr260 with volume feedback i know it will never will happen but a man can dream.
  7. mine passes full 4:4:4 on both hdmi outs. you can log into the web gui and go to information to see input and output information. Moved away from video storm and using the 8500 for distribution currently.
  8. i can confirm the avr-x8500 has full hdmi outputs on both. I use direct hdmi to my oled and QLED in two zones and get full hdr support from my shield tv and x800 player.
  9. highly suggest it to be on wheel. bring your wire out of the wall up high and leave a loop enter the rack. then when you push the rack again the wall you dont have to worry about any wires getting stuck under the wheels. i have more than enough room to service at any angle and then goes nice and flat again the wall in the corner.
  10. just search the online data base. believe it is just h264 camera or generic camera something along those lines.
  11. what little i have worked with yamaha music cast it has worked well for me. you need to make sure you have followed the setup instructions as they are written and all the functions have worked just fine for me.
  12. any rooms with media have a keypad. living room bedrooms have a button for lights on music tv and lights off/ room off and volume skip buttons kitchen has couple of light scenes and media controls just for music similar to other rooms welcome away vacation buttons at entrance to the garage bathrooms have lights and media controls for music patio has keypads at entrances for lights and media controls.
  13. also need to check that your phone app has permissions for notifications.
  14. I have had issues with all ip TVs none of them are safe 100%. Sony does have the better feature set imo and the best picture quality. PM i can get some great pricing on tvs
  15. get a IRUSB is you are going to do fire tv. or get a roku they have been really reliable and fully featured.
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