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  1. sound like more than can be trouble shoot over a medium like this. if you are a dealer i would recommend contacting dealer support. if you are consumer you will want to contact a dealer to trouble shoot further.
  2. pathsetter driver would also work for this. you could also use any digital amp driver and fake it as well.
  3. yes this a contact your deal and get a warranty replacement. Unfortunately a common issue.
  4. sounds like you need the right solution for the job. You will need to make sure the escalator team has the correct products and devices to keep the system up to local codes. That would not be your purview. Control of on or off could be very simple in that control just shuts off the power or activates a stop relay on the system. Otherwise all of the motion control would be controlled by the escalator system. you do not want to get involved with that. Then you could add camera system with people recognition and have a nice control4 interface. Be very clear in your design and the interface that y
  5. It can be a great system with the right dealer. This is the most important part of any good home automation product. Most every major automation system will work well and do just about anything most people can think of. However the person installing it may not have the same vision as you do or the ability to do it the way you need. Spend some time interviewing some dealers local and remote. Get their ideas and see what their design philosophy is. Find some one that you can work with to get the most of your system. Now that does not mean they have to do all of the work for you. You can have a l
  6. Have a couple of clients that need to have work done in the LA area. I am okay with doing work nearby as well if someone needs help. I plan to have a scuba diving trip in August so trying to make any reason i can to stay longer! If you are interested in some on site help with install new products or automating your home Please contact me and we can work out some details. matthewslowe1@gmail.com
  7. might be a loose connection. might worth while to go in and re - terminate the connections on each of those devices.
  8. It's with their permission and it's for customer that trust me with their most sensitive information. Mostly have access for trouble shooting nothing to do with the intercom. Could do that to but too lazy.
  9. second this. home insurance might be the best coverage for a total loss of your system. but for one or two keypads the other suggestions are better advice so far.
  10. could likely be an issue with the controllers ability to stream. first thing i always check is the DNS. secondly the driver may need to be updated. Thirdly unistall and reinstall the drivers. or add new instances with the add music driver.
  11. I also like the multi home usage with this on android now. its also slightly annoying as some of my more trouble some customers i have access to their systems personally and my phone constantly rings with ds2 and chime calls.
  12. i second the use of the backlights and do this as well in my own home. I also use black during power save hours to save them pennies!
  13. the consistent and good driver is IR.
  14. use a sonos amp. then feed control4 audio in from a connect or port. you will have to get tricky with timings, but i have done this in my own home.
  15. What part of Arizona are you? We are based out of Tempe. I can help remotely as well but locally might be much faster fix.
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