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  1. never noticed this although the 90 qled series does have one and i would image the q900 does as well as they share a similar one connect chassis.
  2. you could also use the snap shot driver as well to accomplish this as well. just need to be sure to change the room source when selecting the cameras. Also may need more than one driver if multiple rooms can be activated simultaneously and on separate sources.
  3. you may also want to add the snap shot driver too so that you can restore the previous state of the room before the camera is selected.
  4. if your on android could just program google assistant and use voice commands for the actions you need most accessible. Or possibly automate these function in a different manner.
  5. might trying clearing the driver. Be sure to check that the driver is actually recording when the security system is disarmed. If not it will have nothing to playback.
  6. my x8500 has been rock solid video wise. But im likely going to be boxing it up as well after the holidays two of the channels have a constant buzzing noise. All of the rest are just fine.
  7. How do you expect this to age? Is it possible future apple tv updates will break it like the original driver?
  8. might be easier for you to list your specific equipment and setup. to see if it applicable.
  9. known issue if you search the forums. TVOS13 broke the integration. you need to use the new apple bridge driver or IR
  10. the driver has the documentation on the documentation tab.
  11. what volume level is getting lowered? You can also set room default volume levels so that when it turns on it is set to that volume everytime.
  12. you need to log into the c4 app on the device. Then it will show on customer.control4.com to add it to the notifications.
  13. there is some settings in the web gui related to this, but never got it to work. Was trying to change the doorbell on it so the dogs quit barking so much
  14. 2Fly4WiFi ICanSeeYou Stacy'sMomisHot Hidden (ssid hidden option not check) HidingInYoCloset 2Fast2WiFi
  15. does not work at all? is poor quality? gives you an error? what actually happens? screen shot would be great!
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