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  1. put an hdmi sync device by the tv will likely solve the issue, has its a handshake issue most likely.
  2. sounds like the triad matrix has fallen offline. would try rebooting it and checking the network connections
  3. @Kevin L if they have a web gui bet you can use his driver for t3 screen to access the website.
  4. think you need to use unique mini drivers for each or it will trigger both.
  5. Hi Matt.

    I have Control4 Director 2.5.3 and i need upgrade to 2.6 this because i need the app i found in play store, but this only function with os 2.6.

    And if you have the procedure to upgrade it, i will be very gratefull.

    Thanks in advance.



  6. also have to worry about the batteries on the tablets always charging.
  7. yea no luck there optical is not variable with that setup. some tvs do have analog outputs that are variable, and then even some tvs are 2 -way with volume control so it is possible.
  8. whats driving the audio on it? might be able to use a different volume end point and might even get 2 way feedback we have one fed by an hc250 so we use the variable output on the 250 to get 2 way feedback on volume.
  9. they might have to be removed using the older camera proxy that is not support is os3
  10. you would need to have the dealer check those devices and see what issues they are having. Likely just need to moved to another mesh or may be to far on the fringes and might need a closer zap.
  11. has been much faster for me. curious for those that it is slower if you have defaulting to the last page or to a room and wonder if that has an effect. mine reverts to my favorites room.
  12. replace the ea3 with ea5 and move the ea3 to the bedroom. just have to be careful when using hdmi audio in distributed system you will have to pay close attention to the timing so you do not get an echo between rooms.
  13. fairly positive the are 120 only as they are just cheap power bricks.
  14. the technology is there is works for cameras, well, any time motion or a door opens the respective camera pops up on TS's and PIP if the tv is on.
  15. keep in mind intercom works of your phones too. so often my wife leave her phone on silent so i can call here from a screen, or check in on the dogs when i am not home
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