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  1. Use anything else other than ISP provided equipment a rock would be better in most cases. find they are typically terribly slow and have to be rebooted constantly.
  2. these also can be unreliable variables depending on how well the driver is programmed. with out the room control driver another good way would be on. when video source in room changes if room power is on drop screen if room power is off raise screen. also many projectors and screens have +12v triggers so this would be another reliable option.
  3. Great suggestion. between the automated locks and garage door control. I have not personally carried my house key on me since we purchased the house 4 years ago.
  4. mine has been rock solid. The driver has had quite a few updates so you may want to make sure you are on the latest version.
  5. Alan is correct. Most all of our systems are set and forget. If you are having to reboot more than once or twice a year there is likely something wrong with your project. Even then that could be an issues at hand. I have some systems out there that other than possible a power outage has not been rebooted in 5 plus years.
  6. depends on what you are wanting to do. If you can trust that the sources are outputting the correct format direct would be you go to. however else you might use dolby digital if you want it to up mix the audio and process it to 5.1. However if you have a customer that watches news and sports and not much else you might use mch stereo. Alot of this can be automated through control4 and make for some easy toggles for them too depending on the content they want.
  7. you can use the regular network attached storage driver and that will work if the dnla does not.
  8. if the nas supports dnla then you can use it with the new driver
  9. if your matrix can down mix for the stereo zones it not a big deal. if you dont have the down mix you might need to connect each of your surround sound devices need to be connected individually to the receiver to get the best audio. I also perfer my amp to have its own connection separate of the tv to allow for video and separate audio simultaneously.
  10. the question is what are you trying to get the audio and video to? what existing equipment is in place and where is it relative to the other equipment. you could use the JAP to distribute the hdmi audio on control4 if that is the only thing you are using. other wise if you have network distribution you can use more controllers or triad one's as well.
  11. correct the second one is the one mounted to the floor.
  12. you should try and not use delays unless the programming you want is getting unintended results. If you need a longer than 5 second delay you should use a timer instead as if the programming could be activated multiple times you might end up with a 10 second plus delay rather than just 5 seconds. also a lot of the commands for devices have the delay baked into the driver so the system would be automatically delaying the correct amount of time to make sure everything responds correctly.
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