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  1. I'm selling Control4 equipment and a Honeywell Vista 21ip Alarm panel with honeywell vista to control4 card. I have all power cords, antennas and lots of IR flashers. It can all be integrated together if you're interested or have questions please email me at stein79@gmail.com. Pictures available. $350 takes all. HC-800 1 unitHC-250 2 unitsSR-250 Remote 1 unit1 Honeywell Vista 21ip Panel1 Honeywell Vista to control 4 card
  2. Hi all! This is the last of my C4 equipment that I'm selling. It all needs to go. I'm selling all of it for $500 or best offer plus shipping. For question email Matt at stein79@gmail.com HC-800 1 unit HC-250 2 units SR-250 Remote 1 unit 5 auxiliary keypads model c4-ka 1 wireless dimmer model loz-5d1-x 1 zigbee card reader z2ir z2ir10azp
  3. I selling some Control4 equipment if you're interested or have questions PM me or email me at stein79@gmail.com. I have trim plates for all the switches, some of the cover plates will need to be replaced. I have all power cords, antenna and lots of IR flashers. Prices do not include shipping. HC-800 1 unit-$300 HC-250 2 units-$125 (each) SR-250 Remote 1 unit-$50 10 adaptive phase dimmers model c4-apd120-$50 each SOLD 5 auxiliary keypads model c4-ka-$35 each 2 fan speed controller model c4-4sf120-$65 each SOLD 1 wireless dimmer model loz-5d1-x-$50 1 zigbee card reader z2ir z2ir10azp-$50 Thanks for looking! Matt
  4. Is anyone aware of a module that will connect control4 with a Honeywell Lyric alarm panel?
  5. Is anyone aware of driver that works with C4 and August Smart lock. I'm looking for a smart lock to install with my c4 system. Thanks for any feedback its appreciated
  6. No. I have a switch that’s not responsive to using the Control4 app. This happened once before and there is a sequence that you push on the switch to re sync it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. One of my adaptive phase light switches went out of sync. Does anyone know how to re sync this to the controller? This happened once before, but I forgot the sequence to re sync it. Thanks for any help with this! Matt
  8. I've notice over the last few weeks that my C4 system has a delay in the response in the system. There is 4-8 second delay after a button or action is commanded. The only thing I've change in the system is I added a trial wink API driver. Could a driver cause the system to slow down? I've reset the system a couple times and that doesn't seem to help. Any ideas on what could cause this ?
  9. Do you notice any long delays in the garage door operator working....the driver I was using seemed to work about 60% on the first try.
  10. So I thought it was the Follow me driver. It was actually the MYQ EDS driver (free version) that stop working. I understand that there is a wink and houselogix driver that also works with chamberlain. Does anyone have any experience with these other drivers?
  11. Is anyone else having my iCloud followme driver problems? The last few days the driver doesn't seem to be working? I am running 2.9.1, not sure if that matters or not.
  12. Has anyone heard if there are any drivers for apple home kit?
  13. I'm currently on c4 2.9.x. Can anyone tell me if there has been any major updates since the release of 2.9 and where can I find the release log/notes/current version?
  14. I have MyQ setup and I have delays in the response time. How does the polling effect this? And what would be the correct polling number to set it at?
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