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  1. If the only thing you need POE for is 3 cameras, I would install the rackmount 24 port Dlink DGS1024D and a small 4 port POE switch. No reason to pay the $$ money for 24 ports of POE.
  2. Q2 earnings announcement was today after the close. Missed slightly on earnings and guided in line on future earnings.
  3. The current customer promotion is an HC800 for $1000 (instead of $1500) plus 10% off any additional c4 gear installed at the time of the controller upgrade. The time required for a 1.74 upgrade to 2.53 is more involved if there are multiple lighting devices (switcher/dimmers/etc) as the upgrade process is multi step going from zigbee to zigbee pro. Based on this, I think the $1250 is fair to complete the upgrade.
  4. I thought I would bump this thread 1 time. I got my heatermeter built along with an auber instruments fan for my big green egg and all is good! The android app is functional but I would love to see someone write a c4 driver!
  5. That is interesting. I can't comment on the direct order response as all of my nyce stuff has been ordered through the c4 store and has been shipped and received in a very timely manner. Did you ever get any response from your order? I may have the card of sales rep I met at Cedia if you think that would help.
  6. I just started looking into building a HeaterMeter for my BGE. It's a DIY temperature controller built on a RasberryPi. http://tvwbb.com/showthread.php?35674-HeaterMeter-v4-0-for-RaspberyPi-Standalone That project is completely open source so it should be relatively easy for a C4 driver writer to create something as someone has already written an android app/etc. I have been lurking here for a while and this topic finally made me create an account!
  7. The garage door sensor is in fact available as I have one sitting in our warehouse. Unfortunately, I haven't had an opportunity to install and test it.
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