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  1. This is the driver I am using. Could you please send me the updated version?
  2. Yes. Yes. Worked fairly well from when the driver was released, up until the the end of last year/beginning of this year. Haven't needed it until a couple of weeks ago (work just started back up). When I go to pushover.net and send a message to my phone and the controller, my phone gets the pushover message but not the controller. Same with my wife's Pushover. Her phone gets it but not the controller. Nothing has changed in the system.
  3. IFTTT geofencing recipes are firing on my phone (Android) and my wife's phone (iOS) but my controller will only receive them for about a day after I delete our Pushover user name and password from the IFTTT driver and re-enter them. Since IFTTT is working for geofence tracking, is there a different action I can use to program against other than the IFTTT driver and Pushover? Is there a way to send my controller an email or something like that? Maybe another driver that works with IFTTT?
  4. Is there a dealer here that can send me the new UniFi Network Controller driver?
  5. Agreed. Everyday when I come home it's a 50/50 chance IFTTT detects I have entered the set geofence. Home Notify use to work well for iOS but had no Android support. I don't no if it even still works for iOS.
  6. Isn't this just the Unifi Network Agent driver rebranded? Are you still going to support your Unifi Network Agent driver?
  7. It's been over a year since this post, are there any better geofencing options available now? I have tried ifttt, blue iris, and unifi. All have been poor.
  8. If I buy a license for Blue Iris Camera (Domaudeo), does the same license work for Blue Iris OSD and Blue Iris Geofence? If so how much is it?
  9. I am using Blue Iris NVR Presets along with motion detectors on my property and it works great. My problem is that there are only 8 Presets to program against in the Blue Iris NVR driver and Blue Iris supports 20 Presets. Is there another driver for Blue Iris that does the same thing as the Blue Iris NVR driver but supports more presets? Is there a way to program around the Blue Iris NVR preset limitation?
  10. I would like to have a scheduled program that unplugs my network for a few minutes then plugs it back in. I have two HC800s. One in my house and one 300 feet away in my barn. They are connected by a wireless bridge. I have a C4 wireless outlet switch in the house with the modem, gateway and router connected. In the barn is a C4 wireless outlet switch with a router connected. Both routers are POE and have a wireless access point and wireless bridge connected to them. When I execute my command "open all outlets - delay 2 minutes - close all outlets" the barn doesn't come back online. I imagine t
  11. If Alexa is the audio source, is it possible to have it skip to the next song without a voice command?
  12. Thanks for the codes but unfortunately none of them worked. As for the Tv code. I'm running the TinyCam app on the Sony and everything I watch is connected to HDMI 3. Using the Sony TV driver when my camera gets triggered the TV driver web code PAP is sent. This puts the HDMI source in the bottom corner (PiP) and I can see the Camera full screen. To return to full screen on the HDMI source the only web code in the driver that works is Tv. When the TV receives the codes it works exactly the way I want but it is very inconsistent. That's why I was hoping to find IR codes for those two commands.
  13. I have had nothing but trouble with my Sony X900F when it comes to its ip and web programming. Wi-Fi constantly drops connection but works when it is connected. Ethernet keeps it connection but takes multiple button presses before the code is sent. IR has been instant but the driver doesn't have any of the web commands. Where can I get Sony IR/Hex codes? I'm looking for PiP/PAP and Tv.
  14. Are there any other Control4 drivers for podcasts other than Spotify and TuneIn?
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