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  1. My 4Sight subscription ran out two days ago and I just renewed today. After renewing I can no longer remotely connect to my controller or add the Control4 Alexa skill. When I check my Control4 account it shows 4Sight is renewed but my controller has not checked in since the day it expired. I would remove the controller and re-register it but I believe that is no longer an option I can do on my own. I only have HC800s in my project and I am on 3.1 so I no longer have an on screen menu. How do I re-register my controller or get it to check in?
  2. My 4site subscription is about to expire and I have some things that need to be taken care of before I have extra funds. I know it's not safe but it would only be temporary. If it is possible which ports need to be opened?
  3. My original control4 thermostat was located in my laundry room with a temp sensor in the center hall of the house for a clean look. The newer control4 thermostat with humidity control has the humidity sensor built in and you can't mount one in a remote location so I had to move the thermostat to the hall where the temp sensor was. Not as nice but had to be done.
  4. Possibly but all I see in the drivers folder now is the c4z driver. If I did I imagine it was just overwritten when I updated.
  5. Thanks msgreenf, it was the driver. Everything is working properly again. The funny thing though is both my old Pandora driver and the new one were showing version 810. The only things that I could find to tell them apart was the newer driver has a different Pandora logo and a more recent modified date. Seems like the older version would have an older version number. Oh well I'm just glad it's working again.
  6. Thank you chopedogg88. Changing the zigbee channel seems to have fixed the issue. Hopefully the effects are long lasting.
  7. All of a sudden my remotes are barely working. When I press a button to turn on the remote screen it seems to take a bit longer than usual and now it takes several button presses before the signal seems to work. It's not just input commands, it's also buttons like watch and listen. Quite often when pushing buttons I will get an hourglass until the room shows up again. This is happening with two remotes. Is it possible they have just gone bad? Connection signal to the network is strong. I have tried restarting the controller and leaving the mesh and identifying again but it doesn't help. Any suggestions or thoughts? For now I am using the Control4 app on my phone with no issues but it is way more inconvenient and functional as the SR260 remote for TV.
  8. Yeah I have been using Quick Select but I was hoping by now there would be a way to program a room to a certain button. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Is there a way to fast switch between two rooms on the SR260 remote?
  10. I don't know much about routers and networks but if it was one of those causing the issue wouldn't it also effect my Android tablet and phone? Because those are working fine for me. It's just my Apple devices.
  11. After hearing you have the same issues with your Apple devices and knowing it works fine nativity through the television and on Android devices, I would say it certainly must be an Apple update issue until someone here can verify that their Apple phone or iPad are working properly on the new 12.4 release.
  12. Are you having the same issues with any other services in Control4, like Amazon Music? I ask because I am having the same issue as you when I use any Apple device (2 different iPads and an iPhone). See my post but everything works like it should on my Android devices. I'm relieved to know its not just me but kind of surprised also. Seems like if it was affecting all apple devices more people than you and I would be reporting it.
  13. It wasn't up to date. I updated it to 12.4 and deleted and reinstalled the Control4 app and it still does the same thing. I had my sister bring over her iPad so I could put the app on it and it's doing the same thing on her iPad. Since it's doing the same thing on both iPads could it be something in the controller programming? I rebooted the controller but it didn't help.
  14. When using my iPad to navigate the iPad listen screen to select Pandora or other services the screen starts to load and then goes back to to previous page. For example I will go into Pandora, Stations and then touch one of my stations the square box that pops up in the middle of the screen to select play will start to open and then close. If I use the three dots on the right side to open the play menu (square box) it will open and stay open but when I try to close it, it does the same thing. It will close and then reopen. The listen screen works fine on my phone. I have tried login out and then back into my services and erasing and reinstalling the Control4 app. Have you ever seen this behavior? This wasn't happening before 3.0. What can I try to do to fix it?
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