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  1. I am trying to set up the UniFi Network Agent driver but a am getting an error message. 1 api.err.Invalid. What am I doing wrong?
  2. I let it sit on the charger for a while, then powered if off and back on and it connected. Is there any way to give it a static ip?
  3. I am stuck at "Which room will you use this remote in the most?". Screen says "Wait until system is updated." The system is working. Mobile devices and SR-260 can control the system. Tried resetting both the remote and controller but still get same message. What else can I try?
  4. In some of my rooms I can set the volume with Alexa without any problem. In other rooms it tells me "Sorry, you can only set the volume between 0 and 10". All my rooms, lights, Alexas, etc. are named differently (I tried not to make any conflicts). How do I get the rooms not working to work?
  5. Login to your Alexa (app) account on your phone. Click the menu in the upper left corner and go to skills. Go to your skills, Control4 and if it's enabled, disable it. Last enable it.
  6. The second driver was on an older firmware. After I updated it, both are working the same.
  7. I have two Shield TV drivers in my project. One does continuous scrolling when I hold the remote cursor and the other does not. I can't figure out what setting I need to change to get continuous scrolling on the second driver. I looked in the driver and on the Shield TV but I can't find anything. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Your right. It's a device button (ShieldTV driver). I don't see anything in the driver so I guess i'm still out of luck.
  9. In the room drop-down menu under 'Commands' I don't see 'Input'. When I press the Input button, it does nothing for me. That seems like a waste. Is there a way I can link this button to another button or command?
  10. If I'm on Composer 3.1.2 do I need one Gen 1 echo in my project or do they all need to be Gen 1?
  11. Yes and Sony support had me do a factory restore but it didn't help. I ran an Ethernet cable though the house for it but even hard wired it was disconnecting from the internet. Sony's warranty is only a year so I had to call some local TV repair men and they all said the same thing. It's the main board because even Ethernet disconnects. I got an IR repeater to it so I can control it. Just no internet without replacing the board.
  12. I deleted the Pre-Shared Key and then saved. Then I put in a new Pre-Shared Key ans saved. Still have the same problem.
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