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  1. couldn't you get the same results from a C4 WMB as you can from using an Alexa Link?
  2. I have an iPad wall mounted and connected to a Unifi network router by Ethernet. All my C4 devices plus the iPad are all on the same router. Before upgrading to OS 3 if my internet went down I could still use my iPad to control things. Since updating to OS 3 when my internet goes down I get a can not connect message. Did something in OS 3 change that the app needs to connect remotely now or did something change in some setting somewhere that I need to change? I live in a rural area and losing internet is common so I would like to figure out what is happening.
  3. I ordered a Fing after reading this topic thinking it would be better than just the ifttt tracking that is awful on my Android phone. My current issue with Fing, that hopefully someone that is using it has a solution for, is the timed delay. Fing waits a set time before sending the alert. The shortest time in the settings is 5 minutes. When I pull up to my home I don't want to wait 5 minutes for my lights to come on and my door to unlock. Is there a way to make the time shorter?
  4. In order for the thermostat to be able to keep the house at the proper RH level the thermostat has to know the outside air temperature to avoid condensation. The Ecobee definitely looks nicer than the C4 (Aprilaire) thermostat but if the Ecobees only way of getting outdoor temperature is from the internet, it's unfortunately a deal beaker for me. My internet is just not reliable enough.
  5. My current C4 thermostat manages the house humidity by using an outdoor temp sensor. Does the Ecobee use the same outdoor sensor? Are all the connections the same? Is it as simple as removing the C4 thermostat and connecting the Ecobee?
  6. Does the Ecobee show up in the app the same as the Control4 thermostat? What I really want to know is if I switched out my Control4 thermostat for an Ecobee other than the look of the thermostat on the wall would there be any differences?
  7. You can only do one thing at a time in a room (listen to something or watch something). If the TV and the in ceiling speakers are assigned to the same room you can create a new room to assign one of them to and then you can use both at the same time but you will have to switch between the rooms to control both. At least that is what I do. Maybe there is a better way?
  8. I'm on Composer 3.1 and after I connect my phone to my WMB it plays in the room the WMB is linked to but when I try to add other rooms no other rooms are showing up in the menu. The WMB is connect to a 16 channel C4 amp by RCA. Everything else that is connected to the C4 amp can be played in multiple rooms. Is there a reason why the WMB can't?
  9. I finally received a reply from someone from NEEO about receiving firmware update release notes when changes are made. Here is what I was sent, "The Neeo remote by Control4 can update on it's own, without having to do a full OS update. We don't have anything yet regarding these changes, but I will submit your feedback to receive these types of release notes as a customer.". It would be nice if they let people know what improvements are being made to a new product like this. Especially for a product that doesn't feel as capable as it could be.
  10. Just used my NEEO for the first time in a couple of days and noticed Comfort had been added to the Home screen. Is there anywhere to see the NEEO firmware revisions and what has been added? Now that Comfort has been added hopefully they will add Security soon. I know not Cameras but at least Relays.
  11. Bond does't work with gas fireplaces.
  12. When selecting lighting in the current room on the NEEO, is there a way to see "All" the lights and not just the "Room" lights like you can with the apps?
  13. What about Favorites. Are they tied to the remote or does it pull the favorites from the apps.
  14. When you say "Remote focused buttons" does that mean those buttons will only show up on the remote and not on any of my phones or tablets? Also, are those 5 different "Remote focused buttons" for each room or just 5 "Remote focused buttons" total that can be active in whatever rooms you choose?
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