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  1. What about Favorites. Are they tied to the remote or does it pull the favorites from the apps.
  2. When you say "Remote focused buttons" does that mean those buttons will only show up on the remote and not on any of my phones or tablets? Also, are those 5 different "Remote focused buttons" for each room or just 5 "Remote focused buttons" total that can be active in whatever rooms you choose?
  3. Is there any programming for the remote that can be done in composer or is this remote just pulling the same (or less) information that the C4 apps pull?
  4. I have watched a couple of unboxing videos with initial setup and have a question for anyone who knows. Is the Neeo capable of 2 way communication? I know that the current rooms/devices volumes aren't available on the remote now but is it something that could be added at a later time?
  5. @RyanE are cameras visible on the remote? If not, will this be available in the future or is it not possible?
  6. What if we already have 4sight. Does the year get added onto our remanding time so if we have 9 months left, we would now have 1 year and 9 months or does it reset it to just 1 year?
  7. Yeah, you're probably right, I should just switch back exclusively to the epic driver.
  8. Almost daily, mostly mornings, when I give Alexa a Voice Scene to execute I will get the response "xxxxxxxxx isn't responding". ´╗┐later in the day everything starts working again. Why is ´╗┐this happening and how can I fix it faster when it does or stop it from happening at all?
  9. From time to time when I give Alexa a Voice Scene to execute I will get the response "xxxxxxxxx isn't responding". Eventually everything starts working again but I don't know how this happens or why it starts working again. What causes this and how do I fix it or stop it from happening?
  10. My 4Sight subscription ran out two days ago and I just renewed today. After renewing I can no longer remotely connect to my controller or add the Control4 Alexa skill. When I check my Control4 account it shows 4Sight is renewed but my controller has not checked in since the day it expired. I would remove the controller and re-register it but I believe that is no longer an option I can do on my own. I only have HC800s in my project and I am on 3.1 so I no longer have an on screen menu. How do I re-register my controller or get it to check in?
  11. My 4site subscription is about to expire and I have some things that need to be taken care of before I have extra funds. I know it's not safe but it would only be temporary. If it is possible which ports need to be opened?
  12. My original control4 thermostat was located in my laundry room with a temp sensor in the center hall of the house for a clean look. The newer control4 thermostat with humidity control has the humidity sensor built in and you can't mount one in a remote location so I had to move the thermostat to the hall where the temp sensor was. Not as nice but had to be done.
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