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  1. Your right. It's a device button (ShieldTV driver). I don't see anything in the driver so I guess i'm still out of luck.
  2. In the room drop-down menu under 'Commands' I don't see 'Input'. When I press the Input button, it does nothing for me. That seems like a waste. Is there a way I can link this button to another button or command?
  3. If I'm on Composer 3.1.2 do I need one Gen 1 echo in my project or do they all need to be Gen 1?
  4. Yes and Sony support had me do a factory restore but it didn't help. I ran an Ethernet cable though the house for it but even hard wired it was disconnecting from the internet. Sony's warranty is only a year so I had to call some local TV repair men and they all said the same thing. It's the main board because even Ethernet disconnects. I got an IR repeater to it so I can control it. Just no internet without replacing the board.
  5. I deleted the Pre-Shared Key and then saved. Then I put in a new Pre-Shared Key ans saved. Still have the same problem.
  6. I have a static IP address. What is the "passphrase"? Do you mean Pre-Shared Key?
  7. My Sony XBR85X900F IP control has worked great for over a year. Now when the TV goes into standby it falls off the network after about 5 minutes. I can see in the router, that over night when it's off for the longest amount of time, that it is reconnecting for about 2 minutes and then falling back off every few hours. As soon as the TV is turned on with the Sony remote the TV connects back to the network and stays connected until it is turned back off. I have the newest XBR85X900F driver (01/23/2020) and have tried both the "Simple" and "Web" Network API. The "NetworkKeepAliveIntervalSeconds" is set to 15. I have talked to Sony tech support and they were no help (factory reset didn't help). I am on a slab and have no way to get an Ethernet or wired IR cable to it. I don't want to use two remotes, what are my choices to get power control back?
  8. Finally working again. Remote version is 1.26.1-fa8907f5. Not sure what it was before.
  9. Tried twice. Always returns to the same 'Updating' screen.
  10. Haven't been able to use my Neeo remote for the past hour. The screen says "Unable to process commands while the system is updating. Please standby." Is anyone else experiencing this.
  11. When programming in Composer, where do I find the touch screen 'Input' button?
  12. I use the hard buttons more than the screen. It would be nice to have an option to toggle the screen instead of it always just coming on.
  13. Is there a way to disable the screen from turning on when the remote is moved?
  14. I tested the 8 inputs by connecting an Echo Dot with a headphone jack to RCA cable while playing music through the Dot. I programmed each input on the amp to turn the light of the room on then off when it sensed audio. The first 4 inputs (input 1-4) triggered the lights when I plugged in the Dot. The last 4 inputs (input 5-8) did not. All 8 inputs play the audio when selected and the green lights under the inputs come on when audio is playing.
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