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  1. If Alexa is the audio source, is it possible to have it skip to the next song without a voice command?
  2. Thanks for the codes but unfortunately none of them worked. As for the Tv code. I'm running the TinyCam app on the Sony and everything I watch is connected to HDMI 3. Using the Sony TV driver when my camera gets triggered the TV driver web code PAP is sent. This puts the HDMI source in the bottom corner (PiP) and I can see the Camera full screen. To return to full screen on the HDMI source the only web code in the driver that works is Tv. When the TV receives the codes it works exactly the way I want but it is very inconsistent. That's why I was hoping to find IR codes for those two commands.
  3. I have had nothing but trouble with my Sony X900F when it comes to its ip and web programming. Wi-Fi constantly drops connection but works when it is connected. Ethernet keeps it connection but takes multiple button presses before the code is sent. IR has been instant but the driver doesn't have any of the web commands. Where can I get Sony IR/Hex codes? I'm looking for PiP/PAP and Tv.
  4. Are there any other Control4 drivers for podcasts other than Spotify and TuneIn?
  5. Are there any other Control4 drivers for podcasts other than Spotify and TuneIn?
  6. Make sure none of your amazon devices have the same name as any of your rooms. If they do then volume commands will change the volume of the amazon device but not the room.
  7. Yes, two years is what my dealer just told me. I had to wait until they opened but there was no one in yet that could answer any C4 questions. Does anyone know if the Neeo hardware has changed since launch? Would exchanging it help or are they all this way depending on your network?
  8. How long is the warranty on the Neeo? I have a launch remote that seems to be getting worse by the day. I setup a 2.4GHz only SSID and it didn't help at all. It's having me redo the setup daily and almost every time I use it stops working for a few seconds with the network pop-up.
  9. "Alert house that the dryer is done". What if your dryer is gas?
  10. I have cameras connected to motion detectors that trigger an announcement. If I wanted to have the camera feeds pop-up in overlay mode on my TV what exactly would I need to purchase?
  11. Is this just me or is something down? "We were unable to link Control4 at this time."
  12. I followed the directions in this video but after adding the compressed folder to the Control4 drivers folder I can't find the driver in Composer. What did I miss? Also when I named the compressed folder to .c4z I did not get a warning like he did in the video. It just populated the zip folder.
  13. Any plans to add the new/upcoming Atari VCS or Intellivision Amico?
  14. I just want to change a couple of drivers I made that only change inputs for some game consoles.
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