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  1. Cyknight: The Telus android box has a Bluetooth remote and not IR. Is this problematic for integrating with the C4 remote, or the system in general? (We currently have a older Apple TV with an IR blaster that works reasonably well. I assume that the latest Apple TV still uses IR for their remote?) BraydonH: Thank you for your frank comments/opinons on Telus services and hardware. I can definitely see your WIFI concerns especially for our home that is still on copper. At our C4 home we have the top tier Telus Pure Fibre service (160 Mbps down, 80 Mbps up) so speed/traffic may not be a problem. I will also investigate the Shaw Bluesky service, however, I don't believe that there will be any cost savings going that route. Robbie3130: I concur that the Telus Pure Fibre is extremely stable and quick. I will also look into the Optik TV option. Thank you all for your comments. It would seem that we should be prudent and possibly wait for more real world data on the Telus Pik TV, rather than being out on the "bleeding edge" of this new Telus service. Kindest regards.
  2. Telus has just released Pik TV in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. The pricing is very good at $5 per month for 23 local channels plus 5 specialty channels. They have teamed up with Google (I believe) and deliver the channels via a Telus Android media box or Apple 4K TV box. You will also be able to view TV on your Android or IOS phone or tablet. (No mention of Linux unfortunately and not surprisingly either.) I have two homes , both with Telus Internet and Shaw TV. One has Telus Fibre with a Control4 system and the other has Telus 25, but is also wired for fibre. The Shaw services alone cost ~ $250 per month. I would like to convert both homes to Telus Pik TV to reduce the cost of the TV services. Telus Pik TV would appear to be an obvious choice for the home without the Control4 system. The Control 4 home currently has two Shaw DTV boxes located in the rack and distributs TV via component cabling and distributed audio system to 4 TVs in 4 separate rooms. Most of our viewing is on streaming services (i.e., Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime) and about 30 to 40 % TV using the Shaw DTVs. My question is, could Telus Pik TV be integrated into the Control4 home as described above. While I understand that that there is a problem integrating the current versions of the Apple TV, could the Telus Android media box be integrated in place of the current Shaw DTVs? I look forward to hearing your recommendations. Kindest regards.
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