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  1. Goes on ebay tomorrow night. dm me an offer if you're interested. I have the POE injector to send with it.
  2. Also have a few SR260 rechargeable and an HC250. Everything works. DM me if you're interested in any of it.
  3. If you have the dip switch set to global, the inputs at that zone itself will be cut off, and that zone would use the global line in. I'd verify you have music coming into that input, and also make sure your gain on the global input isn't turned way down.
  4. Make sure the system is registered and the time zone is correct. Also, could be a cert issue, may need to run the patch on the controller.
  5. I'd get your dealer to work with support and start logs. Chances are there is some sort of driver issue or memory leak or something of that nature causing this.
  6. Last I heard while the API is "open" Carrier wants to charge a fee every time a 3rd party driver hits their server, hence C4 not developing a driver themselves.
  7. If those video sources are available on the remote but not the app in that room you probably don't have the watch favorited in that room. hit the 4 in the top left and you should see it there. Press and hold the watch and favorite it to the room.
  8. the 2 relay blind driver is used for 1 shade that has an open and close relay. are you trying to use it on 2 separate devices, a shade and a curtain? If so you want to use one driver for each device.
  9. Best (simplest) way would be a controller into the TV in those rooms. Otherwise you're going to run into sonos driver limitations.
  10. I'm confused when you say the mesh shows they are split between the controllers? Seems like you only have one mesh but they would all show up under that controller if that was the case.
  11. My understanding is you can still only add 2 sonos speakers as rears to the arc. The "Atmos" they a pitching is a combination of additional height speakers in the arc itself and their trueplay calibration stuff. So while the arc can handle atmos you're still going to just have the arc with 2 rear speakers doing their best to "simulate" atmos.
  12. I don't see how zigbee could be causing interference unless you had a zigbee antenna right next to the motor or something like that. there could definitely be interference of another kind, or is it possibly just a cheaply built remote? Do you ever get intermittent issues if you're using the remote very close to the motor? One thing I will definitely say is make sure that thing is working properly before you integrate. Integration rarely fixes issues like that.
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