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  1. If you want to feed an input on the connect and then stream that out to the other sonos devices you need to use the global line in driver. can't tell if that's what is in that picture or not.
  2. Use a room control driver specifically for that keypad and select both rooms in the properties of that room control driver. Bind your volume and you're all set, but can still control the rooms independently from any other interface.
  3. Definitely sounds like you need a new dealer, he is giving you dead wrong info.
  4. Nothing reported at the moment and I'm able to connect to systems remotely. This isn't really the best place to ask that question though, I would get with support.
  5. You need to favorite watch and listen back to that room from a touchscreen or mobile device.
  6. You about just described what the actual C4 interface is like. Sounds like you just need to set up your favorites and turn your screensaver off
  7. What makes you doubt MyQ has no interest in integrating? They already have an absolute stranglehold on their market and I'm sure they prefer people use their app for all of that precious data.
  8. I want to put the green puke face emoji here but it doesn't seem to exist on this platform.
  9. There literally isn't a way to copy from one project to another, nothing will happen if you try to do that. Think of it like the clipboard your are copying to lives on the controller running the project. It would be like hitting ctrl c on one laptop then ctrl p on another.
  10. Pretty much just to add engraving options for the new lighting plastics.
  11. You need to work for a Control4 dealer to become a certified programmer, or your company would have to sign up to be a Control4 dealer.
  12. Did you change your customer.control4.com account to the new dealer? I'd make sure the controller is set to DHCP and try again.
  13. If that dealer is cut off by control4 the systems that are registered to that dealer go off into a black hole never to be seen or heard from again. It's not quite that bad, but they do get put in a no dealer queue that isn't much better. On top of that your son's credentials would be cut off. You need to get this thing registered to an active dealer.
  14. The dimming is the big benefit of going to something like 0-10v low voltage lights. They will have a very clean dimming curve basically down to 0%
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