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  1. You probably can't program directly to "source", but I'm assuming zone2 is another room in your control4 project. You can use the room control driver to sync that room with your surround sound room. So if your main zone is on input 2 Control4 will know it needs to set the zone 2 room to input 2.
  2. It takes them somewhere between a few days and never....depending on priority. They aren't typically going to give out updates though so one day a fix wont be there, the next day it will.
  3. To piggyback off of Cyknight if you need to cluster switches closely together like that try to have a controller running zigbee close enough so that those switches can talk directly to the controller. This can help avoid a zigbee hop nightmare.
  4. It could be the amp, cables, a grounding issue, or the source. I would unplug all the audio cables coming into the amp and see if it goes away. If not it's an amp or grounding issue with the amp. If it does go away it's likely a bad cable or source, which you should be able to track down by plugging things back in one by one.
  5. Is it? A Sonos Port is almost that much and gives you nothing except an audio output.
  6. Well using your examples....most of those devices (appletv, roku, blu ray, etc) have gotten rid of their additional audio output and are now HDMI only as well. TV's are really the only ones keeping them and they are forced to for all of the people simply using powered sound bars for better TV audio. I'm with you though, a simple adapter is an easy fix, especially for you as an end user. It gets a little crappier for us dealers as those things fail or need to be rebooted constantly after some time. We refuse to put them in, luckily with a little customer education and setting expectations we rarely have a hard time spec'ing the correct C4 controller vs adapter workarounds.
  7. That's not exactly comparing apples to apples though for $10. That adapter doesn't provide an additional stream, it just taps into the hdmi stream. The EA 3 provides 2 additional, independent music streams (as well as more processing etc).
  8. The CA-10 is badass but won't help if you're maxed out on Zigbee as it doesn't run a Zserver. You would want an additional EA controller or a CA-1 to add another mesh. The CA does add loads of processing power and some redundancy features though. It will give you a noticeable difference in speed with certain functions of your project.
  9. You used to be able to create your own but I believe that has gone away. There is an official process to request them from C4.
  10. do you have special characters in the password? I've seen C4 not like that with this sort of thing before.
  11. I probably have one laying around. I'm working out of town until friday, shoot me a message friday night or saturday to remind me to check.
  12. They already have. They know of the struggles of that piece.
  13. Device image updater allows you to select which OS to send to an individual controller. It's software your dealer can get.
  14. Make sure the firmware and driver are both current (really important). Also make sure the system is calibrated with all sources and displays turned on. There is also the possibility you are indeed just having hardware issues. If those baluns were ever hot swapped that is known to blow ports.
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