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  1. are you sure the integration was done properly? you selected the player in the dropdown? you could post a pic of the driver/endpoints if you want us to take a look at them.
  2. have you made the optical connection from the TV to the soundbar in composer? if not composer can't see an audio path to the soundbar and will not control the volume.
  3. Make sure you change the default login on the Lutron processor. Lutron integration does strange things when not changed.
  4. Could be a few things. If there is a cold start value set to 80% the lights would immediately go to 80% for a specified amount of time then dim/fade from there. Second it could just be a fixture/bulb that doesn't have a big dimming range so even though though it is actually being dimmed from 0-100% there isn't enough of a difference between 10% and 60% to notice it. Are you sure they are actually jumping to 80% or does it just appear they get pretty bright right away? Can you dim them down to 20% and they are considerably dimmer?
  5. Hard to know where the issue is without seeing endpoints and programming.
  6. If you were starting from scratch maybe (probably not) but I couldn't imagine putting out that kind of investment to be going backward into a system like harmony at this point.
  7. I can see where you would speculate those possible scenarios but that's really just not what's going on. Control4 users probably make up less than 1/2 of a percent of sonos users if that. So at the end of the day Sonos really does not care about the CI channel. They'd rather have people using the sonos app so they can collect more data. This isn't just a Control4 integration issue either, it's a limitation with the Sonos API which is the same for all other control systems so clearly it's not just the guys at control4 not having the right conversation. The past several years Sonos has made it very clear with their actions that they have zero interest in supporting the CI channel, which you can't really blame them, they're really just a blip on the Sonos radar.
  8. Yeah I wouldn't get too excited about that.
  9. We just did a pretty killer LED job using converging systems e-node for control/integration. Should work with any RGB strip/fixture so you'd just have to find waterproof RGB stuff at that point. Can't imagine that would be too hard.
  10. You can now favorite icons to the home screen on a room by room basis, as well as rearrange and delete icons from the home screen. Since 2.9 you've been able to use the scenario driver to put custom icons on the GUI, now you just have the flexibility to favorite those custom icons. You can also now do custom background images per room as well. With a little tweaking you really can give a much more personal feel to the interfaces on a system.
  11. Is Airplay and Sirius don't work there is likely a network issue that wouldn't be solved with a new amp. Not saying the amp setup isn't janky though.
  12. Haha. that's not what happened at all. sometimes in the manufacturing world things happen that are beyond your control.
  13. You may want to dump the frame rate down. Too high of a frame rate and it's just too much to process and things get choppy.
  14. Agree with Alan, you need to get either Greg or your TFM involved. You really need to make sure you get the design right on this or it's going to be a big headache. Also I'd highly recommend getting the comm server and some of the other gear in ahead of time to test and get familiar. If you do it right though the MDU solution is pretty awesome.
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