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  1. I'd reboot that matrix if you haven't already. Those things need constant reboots.
  2. Also just an FYI the essentials line of dimmers are forward phase only which is not ideal for most LEDs.
  3. Hate to be that guy after all of this....but I wouldn't use the NK-1. They are not great at best. Just manage your WAPs individually.
  4. You'll likely need to use the device image updater to accomplish this. It's on the dealer portal.
  5. We have dozens of Neeos out there at this point and while they have had some hardware issues mainly related to the screens we have not had issues like you are describing. Do you separate your 2.4 and 5G SSIDs? Also, if you've worked with C4 tech support and haven't gotten it solved get with your rep and ask for it to be escalated. That gets a high level tech on the issue and they basically work it with you until it's solved with really good results.
  6. Ruckus has embraced wifi6 as well. Hardly think AC is no good anymore though.
  7. I'm sure there will be but they don't pre-announce anything so you'll just have to wait and see.
  8. There are probably a million options for this that didn't exist in 2013 when this thread was last discussed 😜 For everyone else I'd like to state that although my name is Matt and I was indeed born in 1983 this is not my burner account.
  9. I've seen this randomly lately. Typically making sure the firmware and driver are both updated fixes it but I have had a few where I needed to program the call to initiate on the button being pressed.
  10. The Hunter Douglas stuff has come a long way the past few years. Still considerably louder motors but even that is getting better. They also now have a former C4 product manager in charge of the integration and are embracing the C4 world. I don't have many bad things to say about them at this point and that was not the case at all a few years ago.
  11. mstafford388

    Music Android

    While I see the value in those features the vast majority of Control4 projects still do not use voice control (likely not the case for end users here but end users here do not accurately reflect the average user). Having that built into the hardware increases cost so it's likely deemed not worth it at this point. It also would require the companies you mentioned being willing to play ball, which some are more than others. It also then opens up the privacy conversation which is an entirely different can of worms.
  12. First place I'd look would absolutely be the network. After that Zigbee, not just interference but do you have multiple ZAPs on the same ZServer, sufficient coverage etc. I'd also check the CPU usage on director to make sure you're not overloaded.
  13. We use the RGB experience driver which gives the ability to easily cycle through however many preset colors a customer wants. Have yet to have someone complain about that. It's simple and it works.
  14. Without getting a meter on those wires to figure out which is truly your hot wire coming from the breaker box I will say typically when you have black wires bundled together like that in a box they are your power coming into the box, not your loads to the light. It's weird that it did work for a bit if this is indeed wrong though. The yellow wire is a Control4 thing for wiring multiple switches together on a 3 or 4 way, not an issue that it's not hooked up. Do you have a volt meter or power sniffer?
  15. Ha, yes. That's what it sounded like in my head, thanks for making it more clear to understand.
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