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  1. Depends on the shades. If you want to be safe I'd run a cat cable and also a "shade" cable that is a 4 conductor (18/2 for power, 2 wire for control).
  2. Id be highly, highly surprised.
  3. correct. and i would'nt be surprised if that went away now.
  4. It is so funny watching people who are in the know but can't talk about it interact with people who have no idea what's going on but will talk about it like they do. (FYI just a general fun statement not calling anyone out).
  5. It's not that simple though. Control4 dumps devices in "buckets" so that it's easy to add lots and lots of devices without having to reinvent the wheel with each one. That's what gives it the flexibility to integrate with so many things. that also creates limitations though as each device in that "bucket", at least to an extent, has to follow the same rules. That is a very crude way of explaining this but the point is it's difficult from Control4 to make sure every command on every device makes sense because they aren't even the ones actually writing a lot of these drivers, they have just created to space for these drivers to exist.
  6. Shairbridge does not run on an HC250, nor does Spotify connect. As for your second question if you are happy with the music services available through a control4 controller i would highly recommend using a controller for audio vs a 3rd party integration.
  7. Do you mean for media? there is a network file storage driver. If you're trying to allow access to devices on another network there is the allowed network tab in the project properties.
  8. There is a voice scene driver, where you create a phrase then program it to do whatever you want. You'd have to create one for every station, playlist, etc you want to be able to turn on in the living room then program it to actually turn on that music.
  9. Either create a voice scene for every music action you want Control4 to fire off, or feed a dot into your control4 audio system.
  10. It's just a driver. Once it's added you need to select what it will control then it has an icon that can be placed on the watch, listen, comfort or security screen. Once he has that set up you'll be able to select if it's in record, playback, or stop mode on the interface.
  11. One other thing you could try if you happen to have one is put an HDMI splitter between the EA5 and the matrix. Sometimes those things can help solve an EDID issue if that's the problem here.
  12. Experience Drivers is an option in the device "type" drop down in the driver database but that's on the dealer portal, not customer facing.
  13. No list that i know of. I've got a doc on them but it is very out of date and missing a bunch of the newer ones. Experience drivers are drivers that can be placed on any watch, listen, comfort or security screen. They have a wide range of functions depending on the driver.
  14. Yes, just make sure you cap the red wire. Also, there is no way to remove that light driver from the project so you'll just want to hide it in navigators.
  15. You can program off of the watch or listen button being pressed at the room level. I know this works for remotes, not sure I've ever tested it for touch screens. Worth a quick shot though.
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