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  1. That's unfortunately not part of the Amazon music driver.
  2. Specifically they couldn't talk about things that hadn't happened yet. Products that weren't released yet, acquisitions, etc due to insider trading restraints.
  3. There is a calibrate feature in the driver where it tests the limits of the shades. I'm assuming it's timing the open/close cycles so it can virtually track the state. I have one install out there and it's working fine......Oops, just saw the update you did this.
  4. I've got a pile of HC300 power supplies if that would help
  5. What is your involvement in this? Are you the escalator guy? A Control4 dealer? What else would Control4 be doing there. The reason I ask is if it's just some motion activated escalators I don't think I'd involve Control4 products in that. There really isn't a blanket answer on this one, you'll need to work with the escalator company to figure out how to make this happen and what you can control on there end and how to control it. For what it's worth, if that is the whole scope I don't think I'd let my company get involved in that, and it is extremely rare that we turn down any kind of b
  6. It really sounds like the dealer has that button programmed to toggle the load, not bound in the connections tab. If he does indeed have it bound, delete the drivers and start from scratch, something is corrupt. Also, it sounds like it from the thread, but is that light definitely dimmable?
  7. The Z-Wave drivers are pretty controlled by C4, so I wouldn't hold your breath, especially since people generally like the NYCE motion sensors.
  8. It doesn't take much to trip arc fault breakers, it happens all the time. Generally speaking I've found ELV transformers play much, much nicer with C4 lighting than MLV. How big are the loads on the dimmers that are flashing red? Also, are you sure those loads are dimmable?
  9. There is only so much you can do about lighting. Putting surge/power conditioning on the power coming into a home or device is easy. Protecting every piece of copper in a home is not a cost effective proposition, and lighting will jump on anything. Like Braydon said you can protect your whole house surge wise at the electrical panel but just don't go into that thinking it will protect you from lightning strikes, it will not. I will say we are in Tampa so we get more lightning than most and off the top of my head I can think of 1 job we've had C4 lighting products go bad due to lightning, a
  10. That was more an alternate solution than a separate SSID. I'm with you, I wish it was on Zigbee but it was acquired by C4 as a wifi remote and they wanted to roll that thing out quickly. It would be an entirely different chip even though they are both on 2.4. Zigbee when implemented properly works every....single...time.
  11. Hate to say it but this almost more trouble than it's worth. Remote access isn't easy on software that old. HC300s have power supply issues like crazy, and the old app doesn't work on new phones (specifically new OS of phones). It's hard to imagine it wouldn't be cheaper, and it would definitely be way less trouble, to get a dealer to come upgrade your controller.
  12. The other thing you can do is block the mac of the neeo from other access points you don't want them accidentally jumping to. I've done that on a job or two where they were hopping, and it's solved issues. immediately. No need to change broadcast power, ssid's or anything else with the rest of the network.
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