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  1. It really is when a killer piece when it comes to things like signal to noise ratio, resolution supported up to 192khz/24bit, etc. You may not hear a night and day difference from their audio matrix vs others, but it is indeed a kick butt matrix.
  2. Yes, the amps is where you'll see the biggest difference for sure.
  3. Ok, so I was simply answering a direct question with regards to old C4 audio stuff vs the new Triad stuff. Didn't even bring up VS, Zektor etc, although I've worked with a bunch of dealers who use both so I've actually seen and experienced all of them (I really like the Zektor stuff too for large systems). The biggest difference in audio quality will come from the new amps vs the old amps. It doesn't matter if we are talking specs on paper or actual listening experience they are flat out better. I had the old stuff, I now have the new stuff and there is a noticeable difference even when using streaming content through my in ceiling kitchen speakers, especially with Tidal and Deezer. So that partially answers your question as to who told me they are better, the other answer to that question is pretty much everyone who has used and heard them, dealers and customers, and several other people in the industry who have no skin in the game either way. There are tons of people out there who don't care about quality audio but the OP has specifically asked about it several times in this thread so that makes me think it's at least a little important to him. Oh, and I sleep just fine thanks
  4. based on the insane amount of time it took comcast to get their IP driver released I wouldn't hold your breath. Would be cool though.
  5. Yes the new triad branded matrix and amps are all much,, much better sound quality then the old stuff.
  6. I kind of don't blame them. It's not something I would necessarily want to support as a dealer either. Doesn't mean it wouldn't work though.
  7. You can pull audio out of the HDMI with either the "regular" or the downmixing version of that matrix. the difference is the downmixing version can take a source sending multi-channel audio and pull the audio out, while the regular matrix can only handle a 2 channel source coming in. I've seen sources that can't send 2 channel audio via HDMI so that becomes an issue unless you have the downmixing switch.
  8. Is all of this gear in the same location? I feel like you could figure something out where the integra does the switching and you feed zone2 pre out to the triad one. Might become complicated audio paths for Control4 to switch reliably but may be worth a look.
  9. If you're only sources are streaming sources out of Control4 controllers you will not need to use Y cables at all. Just send audio outputs from controllers to each matrix and you can still group those rooms no problem. If audio quality is a concern I would absolutely stick to the Triad gear. Their stuff sounds fantastic, especially if you're playing any high res/uncompressed content.
  10. blackwire design has a dbx driver. They actually provide support as well.
  11. Hate to ask the obvious, but are you sure the new batteries are actually new? If so I'd pull the batteries for a few minutes then put them back in and see if that works.
  12. They are still a partner product for Control4 and can be purchased through Control4 by any dealer. Just reach out to your dealer they can get you some.
  13. I've seen a few jobs where that's happened with the Schlage locks and the locks needed to be factory defaulted and re-enrolled to be fixed.
  14. This would be my recommendation as well.
  15. My two cents....let's not start controversy over something that is purely speculation at this point. The HCs have limitations due to being flash vs android, and there will absolutely be fatures that work on one but not the other, but the 800 is still a killer controller.
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