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  1. Which IR driver are you guys using that works with this model? We've tried a few but Power on Off doesn't seem to line up. Thanks. Greg
  2. We are looking for a solution to put an audio playlist on either a NAS or media player. And have the ability to manage the playlists without needing Composer ME. The customer only has Mac computers and doesn't want to have a PC just to manage playlists. We've looked at the iTunes driver but it relies on iTunes being alway on and available and Airplay. Looking for a more reliable solution where customer can manage playlists from say a web browser. And Control4 would then recognize those playlists and albums etc. Curious what solutions people have tried and or had success with. I'm goin
  3. We've had a production builder where we installed a mixture of Wbox and Hikvision cameras. The cameras are standalone not tied into an NVR. We use the Control4 Hikvision camera driver. Recently we've had problems with them randomly resetting back to a state that was basically a factory default. We have to go reactivate the cameras, put in a new password again etc. We've tried updating firmware and C4 software. But still have the same cameras resetting. Just curious if anyones had any issues with the Hikvision or Wbox cameras as well. And if you found any solutions? Thanks,
  4. Have a customer who has an Audio button on his keypad. Currently 1 press turns a the playlist on in the room, and 2 presses turns audio off. Customer would like to set it up so that one button press can toggle the audio on and off. So if audio is on, it will turn the audio off, and if audio is off it will turn it on. I can't find a conditional though to let me say if Audio is on, or if Audio is off. Just curious if anyones tackled something like this or had any suggestions. Thanks -
  5. http://www.xantech.com/Infrared/Infrared/IREmitters/282TPD/I've had a hard time sourcing one of these IR emitters. It has one emitter, but two 3.5mm jacks and inline diodes. This allows two control systems to control the device, and the diodes prevent voltage from feeding back to the other system. Anyone ever make one of these on their own, or know how the diodes would need to wire in to create same setup.Thanks,Greg
  6. Is it the UPC Pace driver? The Pace driver is old enough that it doesn't have HDMI, so I assume that's not it. I didn't seen anything specifically for Centurylink or Prism in the database.
  7. I'd be interested in the Prism Centurylink Driver if you have one available. It's becoming popular in my area. The customers I've talked to have the Pace box it looks like. Greg
  8. Did either of you create or have a driver for the newer Vizio's. If so I'd be interested as well.
  9. We've installed a lot of DSC panels using the IT-100. I thought it was the only option available. What is the IT-230, I've never seen one or used one. And is there an advantage to using it over the IT-100 with 2.8?
  10. I thought I heard mention of this being an new option during the 2.6 keynote. But can't find a way to do it. I'm trying to get an AppleTV to come on and play through a receiver for Airplay in listen mode. But leave the TV turned off. Best thing I've found is some programming to turn the TV off after the Apple TV is selected. However this will turn TV on, then immediately off. We are hoping to simply keep it from coming on. I could try so different connections that weren't HDMI in composer so that it doesn't have a video stream. But I need to receiver to tune to that HDMI input. Tha
  11. If they have the MyQ logo on the motor unit then they are compatible. That being said if they are only 2-3 years old they should be compatible too. Chamberlin is part of parent company that does LiftMaster, so you won't need the Universal kit. You will need 1 MyQ gateway for the home, and a keypad/button for each garage door you want to control. If the unit is new enough and the keypads already have a MyQ logo on them, or a button labeled "Learn" you won't need new keypads. My guess is you will.
  12. Some new construction homes come with the MyQ system installed, and it's not compatible with the Control4 relay system. As I understand it it uses RF from the keypad to the motor for control rather than a wire that when shorted opens and closes the door. So until now, those systems couldn't integrate. Just curious, does this integration prevent a user from also using the MyQ app standalone? Other advantage of MyQ is that it's UL listed. So for anyone concerned about closing a garage door remotely it has built in safety features. It flashes the lights and makes a noise prior to closin
  13. I'd second this - a remote quote is probably a good idea. Easy to share the blue print or home plans and have someone create a bid. Then either you or electrician can pull cable or they can come into town and assist someone who's licensed in the area to do the work.
  14. I believe you do have to have a qualified tech to be listed. However, some companies like ours may be listed in its main location, but not others. We have locations in TX, UT and ID. Whenever we sign up with a new product, we usually can only get one of those locations listed with the vendor. So far I think C4 is the same way. Haven't checked yet. I'd be more concerned with is the person doing the install certified. I've seen a lot of friends of friends get equipment and set stuff up. They get the AV space, but aren't certified, or haven't been trained by Control4. So they setup a gr
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