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  1. Hi, Thanks for the tip. Does it import other movies that typically are not on the web? Home videos? Other language movies that I have ripped? Chandra
  2. I got a workaround for this. It happens only on ISO files. I used makemkv and converted it to a MKV file with just the main movie and C4 picks it right up
  3. Hi, I solve the issue of movies added in MyMovies 5 not being brought into C4. The C4 driver looks at a MyMovies table called dbo.tblTitles. If you add a new movie to Mymovies 5 as a "movie", then it inserts that record into dbo.tblMovieGlobal. That is not a table that C4 driver looks at. Brian from Mymovies told me that I had to create it as a "Disc title" in Mymovies 5 for it to be inserted into dbo.tblTitles. I did that and, sure enough, C4 picked it up. I still have the problem with some movies getting stuck in scanning and C4 timing out on Mymovies. Was there ever a solution for this? I had read that it was on multi-disc movies. Chandra
  4. @bbassinger Thank you!! what do you mean when you say "deleted the mymovies database and started over"? How does one go about doing that? I've tried uninstalling Mymovies and reinstalling. For some reason, even when I do a "rebuild database", control4 only adds the movies that were added to mymovies when I was on version 4. Anything that I added after upgrading to Mymovies 5 is not even being considered for import.
  5. Hi, I upgraded from Mymovies 4 to MyMovies 5 recently. I started getting the timeout error and when I tried to rebuild the database in Control4, it would time out at the same movie. So, I deleted that movie from my collection and it would move forward. There were a total of 3 titles that were causing trouble for me. Once I deleted them from my collection, everything else (OR SO I THOUGHT) got added. When I went to look for the movies that I added recently (after the upgrade to Mymovies5), they were not showing up in Control4. So, I have two issues. 1. Some movies are causing Control4 to time out in its' connection to mymovies. 2. It is not even seeing the movies that I added to the collection after I upgraded to Mymovies 5. It is almost like Control 4 is looking in a different place (and finding the old data) and adds only those titles. Chandra
  6. Hi, I am having audio mp3 scanning issues. I added a folder to my NAS with 3 MP3 files in them on Sept 30th. I initiated a scan from Composer HE and it picked up the files and added them. Yesterday, I added another folder with 5 MP3 files. I didn't do a manual scan and let my nightly scan pick it up. But, this morning, those songs were not on my music. I tried a manual scan and it just doesn't do anything. Usually, it goes through all the folders in my music folder on my NAS and adds any new albums. But, now, when I click on scan, it doesn't do anything. It just sits there "Connected to xx.xx.xx.xx (Controller IP)". Director status sits in "Idle". It also shows that I have 71 driver updates pending. I am running 2.10.4 Composer HE. Any ideas? Thanks Chandra Update --- I rebooted the C4 Director and then did a scan from Composer HE and it picked up the files on a scan. I'm hoping that I don't have to keep rebooting the director every time I add some songs.
  7. I rebooted my control4 director and went to collection management and rebuilt the database and it brought everything back and things are fine now. I guess I'll have to stay away from doing a SCAN from the media tab for movies as I'm using collection management.
  8. Not sure what that means. I installed my movies and made it work with control 4 (using Extra Vegetables) before C4 bought Extra Vegetables. I use mymovies collection management to add movies to Control 4.
  9. Additional piece of information to the above question.. If I go to "Media" section on Composer HE and do a scan for my movies, it deletes all the movies (if I have the option "Remove media from the database if file doesn't exist"). But the files are very much on my NAS. After that, if I go to "Monitoring" and choose "Collection Management" and "Rebuild database", it finds all the movies and adds them to the database again. But, the artwork is one thing that doesn't come back. I'm totally confused how one portion of HE could think the files are not there and delete everything and another portion of HE finds all the files and adds the movies. Could that be causing the artwork issue too?
  10. I used to have all artwork show on both the touchscreens and the iphone app (control4 app). Suddenly, after I did a scan, it shows all other information but the artwork. Anyway to bring that back?
  11. Did you ever fix this? I am having this problem now
  12. csekar15

    Apple Watch App

    I have a different problem. My apple watch app was working fine until recently. Then it stopped controlling stuff. For e.g., if I turned a light on, the app on my watch will show that it turned on, but if you look at the same light on the phone app at the same time, it will not change to "ON" nor will the light actually turn on. The same with OFF. The watch will show "OFF", but nothing changes on the phone or the actual light. It used to work fine. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and then I had difficulty as it would just sit at "setting your system up" and wheel circling. That went away and the app is now visible and i can go to the different rooms. It just doesn't actually do what it is supposed to do. Any ideas?? The phone app works fine (both on wifi and on LTE outside the house) AFTER ABOUT AN HOUR OR SO, IT STARTED WORKING ON ITS OWN. HAPPY, BUT FRUSTRATED.
  13. I fixed it guys.. Sorry for the false alarm.. I reinstalled My movies collection management on top of it and clicked Repair and it worked
  14. Hi, It's me again.. I broke something..again. My NAS crashed and I had to restore all movies from a backup. I brought everything back and checked playing movies and everything worked fine. My music were missing from Control 4. So, I went to scan for music (without unchecking remove media that is not present) and it deleted all movies from my collection and I don't even see "Movies" in the "Watch" section. Last time something like this happened, my IP address was wrong and another time, the firewall on my PC was not allowing connections. But, today, I checked my firewall and it is OK. Also, turned the logging on and it keeps checking and coming back with "Valid IP". But, none of the movies are getting picked up. I tried rebuilding the database (not sure if I am doing it right) and that is also not helping. PLEASE HELP!! My settings: Under "Monitoring" on Composer HE, it has "My movies" and the location is pointing to a directory on the control 4 server and status shows "Online". Under "Collection management", Fake network drive shows "MyMovies" and the IP address is accurate. The API Key is accurate as well. **** ADDITIONAL INFO *** I turned debug on and this is what I see Valid IP address EVQ - Offline unexpectedly on connection 6001 EVQ - Failed to connect - count: 1 on connection 6001: check IP address
  15. @lippavisual Thank you!! I read an article on my movies website and realized it was a firewall issue. I turned off AVG and that didn't help. I had to turn off the firewall completely (both to internal and external networks). Then, I decided to try something. I created a rule on the firewall to allow TCP traffic on port 51414 from both internal and external users. Then I turned the firewall off and it is still working fine. At lease this way, I don't have to have the firewall wide open and I'm exposed only on one port.
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