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  1. 78 Home Automation Ideas | Home Automation Blog (control4.com)
  2. I saw someone selling the keypads with the engravings on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Control4-Wireless-6-Button-Keypad-Switch-C4-KP6-Z-x/133473665230?epid=16011372712&hash=item1f13a680ce:g:mTEAAOSwk6RfGzAN
  3. How much for C4-AK-3M Antenna kit- wifi/Zigbee?
  4. Use this driver to connect serial over ip with the port 4001 & ip address assigned to matrix: http://www.houselogix.com/shop/free-generic-serial-to-ethernet-driver-4-port In composer: Blackbird Driver(RS232)>Free generic serial to ethernet driver Also I would not recommend the matrix for 4k resolution, only seemed to work properly at 1080p for me
  5. I have one for the Monoprice 24180 that i cobbled together, only serial works in the driver, but you can use the generic serial over ip driver for the ip function, you can try this one or edit the serial commands to suit that matrix blackbird4kmatrix.c4i
  6. Hi, I want to sell: (1) sold (2) sold (3) sold (4) 1x Honeywell 4232CBM module USED $30 (5) 1x unopened Honeywell 4232CBM module $60 (6) Dune HD Base 3d Media Player USED $35 (7) 1x Crestron EXT3 HD-EXT3-C-B_SYSTEM HDBaseT RX TX Kit 4k 60hz @4:2:0 USED $100 (8) 4x TP-Link 16-Port Gigabit Ethernet TL-SG1016 USED $35 (9) sold Thank you
  7. Did you resolve the issue because I seem to be having the same problem?
  8. HI, I want to buy 1) 2 SW120277 Wireless Switches & 2) 1 SnapAV HSIM module. No need for install, Please PM with price. Thank you
  9. How do you move nodes from one zserver to another?
  10. I wanted to know what is the maximum number of instances of Shairbridge I can ask my dealer to run on one project? I wanted to know if you can have one instance for each room? I have 15 rooms in the house with speakers.
  11. iPhone 5S actually got iOS 12, I wish other companies could support their devices for that long, but its unrealistic, I guess they don't sell enough of the devices to support them like Apple does. Can you still at least use the DA2800 as a regular amp in C4?
  12. Isn't the HC800 also a dual core processor, but is it x86 or arm? Because the newer ea controllers say x86 which is better clock to clock than arm, and since its newer would it not have a better ipc per clock rating? Just curious
  13. I do have Composer HE, I will give that a shot.
  14. In my Control4 app when I go to zones to see what rooms are playing, there is a function Add Room, when I click it only shows my dining room, how do I get it to show all rooms I can add? Thank you for responses.
  15. Hi, I have bought the Honeywell thermostat driver from Houselogix and it is not working very well. Once in a while it stops working or reporting weird temperatures. I wanted to know how Cinegration's driver is better and hopefully move drivers because I can't seem to get in touch with houselogix and cannot find the driver in their website anymore for updates, and I have heard Cinegration drivers have been better for other stuff as well.
  16. I have 1 nanoHD, they are nice, small, have good range for me, and they use the same mount as the old AC-LR. I don't think they have all the features up and running yet.
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