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  1. Hi - We dont seem to be able to purchase NYCE in Australia. Is there a dealer that would be happy to purchase some items for me and ship to Sydney, Australia? Will pay via Paypal with USPS shipping I need 2 x Ceiling Motion Sensor 5 x Garage Door Tilt Sensor Thanks
  2. Hi I am looking for a wall mounted T3 series 7 inch touchscreen in White Thanks Andrew
  3. Hi All I am looking for the following items to add to an existing project.. 8-Channel Dimmer (C4-DIN-8DIM-E) 8-Channel Relay (C4-DIN-8REL-E) Decora Wired Keypad (C4-KCB) Bus Power Supply (C4-DIN-BPS) Thanks Andrew
  4. Hi - thanks for the great information, i have just managed to install and get a camera working on blue iris on my pc. Are the drivers from control 4 or a 3rd party? Can i please have the links or inf to the drivers. thanks
  5. Hi Community - I am looking for some assistance in getting my IP cameras integrated into Control4. My current dealer hasnt been able to do it and doesnt have the knoledge to build a driver and get them connected. He also couldnt find a commerical driver that worked Camera Models Below Pro 5MP Mini-Dome https://illustracameras.com/products/cameras/pro-mini-dome and Pro LT 2MP Bullet https://illustracameras.com/products/cameras/pro-lt-2mp-bullet Thanks
  6. Hi I have a HC-800-BL that doesnt have the My Home Licence. We need to use it as a primary controller but it wont work with 4sight. Does anyone have a licence spare they want to gift or sell that can be applied to the unit. Thanks
  7. Hi All - I need to factory reset an EA-1 but the silly tiny factory reset buton is damaged... Does anyone know if there is a Command I can enter via putty/SSH that will do a factory reset? Thanks
  8. Hi All I am looking for current generation new or used 240v lighting switches, Pucks , Keypads etc... I am located in Australia Thanks
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