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  1. I have attached the IR driver. projector_BenQ_HT2150ST.c4i
  2. Looks like, with the new drivers, it requires Drivercentral Cloud activation to get a token. My original dealer went out of business. Drivercentral was able to get my original purchased key cleared so a new dealer can use and provide me a token. Can anyone here help? Thank you!
  3. Just tried that and multiple combinations of deleting and putting the activation key back in. I reached out to Cinegration. Hopefully they can help! Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. I just upgraded to 2.10.4 and using the Cinegration IT-100 driver for my DSC home security system. It never happened before, but under activation status, it says the Trial has expired. I have an activation key that was purchased and tried updating it with the same key, but will not work. I never had this issue when upgrading from 2.9.0 to 2.10.2. Only on 2.10.4 I am having this issue. Anyone else having this same issue? Any suggestions on a fix? Thanks.
  5. Yes. I will post a screenshot of what I have programmed.
  6. Yes, I tried to modify the macros and add the delay in different intervals. For whatever reason, it is not accepting the second pulse for power off.
  7. Hello, trying to program macro for Power Off. Current projector requires the off button to be pressed twice. When I create the macro for off, it does not work. I have options to select pulse, start, end. Can any help with best practice for creating power off macros for IR drivers? Thank you.
  8. I created the BenQ HT2150ST IR driver if anyone needs it. The macro for the power off works!
  9. Yup. Battery fixed the problem. So funny the power went out immediately after the 2.10 upgrade.
  10. Got it. I think the sensor might be out of power. It would be ironic if it went out the same day the 2.10 updated was installed. Will check it today.
  11. I recently upgraded a system to 2.10 and now the garage relay sensor is not indicating if the garage door is closed or open. I checked the drivers in the system and they are connecting with the CardAccess relay, but it does not show open or close. Anyone else have this issue?
  12. Got it. Thanks! Needed to add the Communications agent to replace from Intercom Agent.
  13. We received this issue when trying to upgrade from 2.9.1 to 2.10. It won't let Composer connect with the system. Any suggestions? 1. Intercom - End of Support The Control4 Intercom Agent cannot be included in systems running OS 2.10.0 or later. You will need to connect with a ComposerPro version that matches the version of the operating system and remove the End of Support Agent.
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