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  1. Thanks Matt but hat sounds a little too technical for me. LOL! I think I'm gonna need my dealer to do this for me.
  2. No worries Ryan. Thanks for your guidance. Yes I was trying to add my favorite channels via the mobile app, not the Neeo remote. Looks like I have to contact my dealer to add a "channels" option when I select watch. Then I should be able to add favorite channels. Thanks again!!
  3. No I do not have a "channels option" when I go to watch. I will ask my dealer to set it up for me. Thanks for your assistance/guidance!
  4. Good morning, I recently upgrade to OS3 with the new NEEO remote and have searched and searched but cannot find directions/instructions on how to add my favorite DIRECTV channels (i.e. ESPN, HBO, ABC, etc). Does anyone have this information that you can send to me? Thanks in advance!
  5. I recently upgraded my C4 system to OS3 to include 2 new remotes. Therefore, I no longer have use for the controllers and remotes. I will take best offer. If anyone is interested, please email me at rodsshow@aol.com to discuss further. Thank you.
  6. Today, I added two google access points to my network and I had to reset my wifi to do so. Now, I can't get any music from any of my audio zones. When I select Pandora and choose a station, the C4 app says it's playing but I'm not getting any sound from any of my zones. Everything else appears to be working fine. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!
  7. Thank you Cyknight. I just emailed my dealer asking for SPOTIFY and ITUNES to be added to my C4.
  8. Thank you Cyknight. I had no idea.
  9. Soooooo....are you guys saying that Pandora via SONOS is no longer available via C4? If not, I also have Spotify. Can I add that?
  10. I did update Sonos like I always when prompted. Out of luck? What does that mean?
  11. I'm receiving the following error when trying to access Pandora via C4 from my Sonos soundbar "Service Missing. This music service is not set up in Sonos yet. Please configure it in a Sonos controller first. Any ideas on how to fix this or do I have to contact my dealer?? Thanks in advance!
  12. Thanks for your reply! I'm sorry but I am strictly a user. I have no idea what type of amp or matrix. Is this something that I can look up? The controller is hc800. That is all that I know.
  13. Only 3 of my 10 music zones are working. Any suggestions on how to correct this issue?? Thank you!! Rod
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