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  1. After a similar thread a few years where i was pretty vocal, ago a C4 exec called me to discuss after he had taken a look at my project and some of the programming. My biggest complaint about HE was that the (then) Detective Suite functions weren’t available to HE users. DS didn’t change anything but allows reports of configurations/bindings and, more importantly, programming to be searched/printed. For a project with anything more than some very basic code, trying to manage it without DS is challenging at best. Apparently as a result of that call, allowing HE users to run DS reports was formally added to development’s requirements list. Since then the stand alone module that ran the function (usable by Pro or HE users) was folded into Pro and additional DS features were added to Pro. HE still does not have any of the basic function, let alone the new stuff in OS3. I think that sends a pretty clear message to HE users. Some might even call it a middle finger salute.
  2. ‘And I have 5 poker buddies with houses much larger than mine who were interested in C4 after seeing my system until they learned they couldn’t update the system. I think only one of them would actually do it, but no Pro ended up costing some dealer some significant projects. We are indeed not the normal C4 customer here. But we are exactly the fraction of the customer set C4 could use to evangelize and promote the product. Licensing Pro to non-dealers who are willing to pay for official C4 training and agree to reasonable restrictions (e.g. locked to owner-only projects, support restrictions) is reasonable. But all these threads end up the same way - those with Pro defend the status quo and try to convince the world that non-dealers with Pro would shatter the dealer model and destroy the company.
  3. Don’t hold your breath. Control4 has shown no interest in doing even basic additions like letting HE users print out programming. I was told two, maybe three years ago by C4 that was a reasonable request that had been added to the development list but It’s still not in the code (nor is any of the new programming detail in OS3). (Essentially the DS functions). And the locking down Pro to a specific project wouldn’t bother me, but it seems a little disingenuous to say that dealers would be concerned that non-dealer Pro users would encroach on their territory when existing dealers already do the same thing by offering remote services outside their area.
  4. Mine are / have been working correctly.
  5. Yes. You will have to recreate all programming if you move to v2.
  6. Set up an Alexa routine with whatever trigger phrase you want to use. A lot less hokey than linking the myQ skill. Have the routine call the pseudo device for on, off or set. This is easy if using the Epic Systems driver and doable with C4 support. I posted detailed programming examples recently in one of the other Alexa threads.
  7. The emoji drivers are resource hogs. When you say “things fall apart” what do you mean? Are you having the latency issues that some have seen (myself included) with OS3 where commands seem to get backed up and then execute rapidly?
  8. That’s part of Windows session management not SQL.
  9. Does C4 have any guidance for what type of projects the CA-10 would be good for? I’d like to have some idea whether adding a $4k controller is going to help or not before taking that plunge.
  10. Media player integration is apparently broken in 3.1.0 (from another thread) Any brave early adopters care to share their experiences with 3.1.0 including fixes and new bugs?
  11. Is there a list of bugs fixed in this release? Or is it just new function? I’ve been having unexplained lags in control since moving to 3.0.0 and wondering if that’s been fixed.
  12. It looks like the new CA-10 controller adds processing power and power redundancy to an existing system and still requires another controller for I/O. Is there any guidance to dealers yet on which type of C4 systems would benefit from adding a CA-10? i suspect it won’t be of interest to a large percentage of the install base but I’m intrigued by it. I have a large number of driver instances and devices, though probably not near the thousands it claims to support.
  13. But isn’t the CA-10 a replacement for an EA5? The link to the product sheet on the C4 isn’t live yet.
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