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  1. If there was a recall, the notice didn’t filter down to me but the replacement was approved without any issue.
  2. Incorrect. I’m running 3.1.0 with an Echo v1 just fine.
  3. Turns out the WB700 is defective and was randomly resetting devices plugged into the lower bank. This is apparently a known problem with some units and a precursor to the entire unit failing. A warranty replacement.is in progress.
  4. You want a function (Alexa TTS) that, to the best of my knowledge, is not available in the API. Everyone that has C4 and uses an Echo wants that (and the ability to know which device processes the request). i know you don’t want to hear this but without changes by Amazon and/or a skill that requires resources most developers wouldn’t be able to support what you want. If you want to use an Alexa routine as a trigger (and an Alexa generated custom response) to C4, you can do that today. You cannot do the reverse (today). Using a device with an Alexa skill would provide NO BENEFIT over using an Alexa routine so I’m having a hard time understanding why you would want to go in that direction anyway.
  5. The devices that show/allow you to manipulate states have specific skills written using the Alexa API which allow that. In order to do what you want a C4 driver would need to interface with such a skill. That skill has to reside on a server somewhere. And, other than being able to have Alexa speak a specific phrase when the routine was completed, you would get no other function available to you from C4. Why not just use routines to trigger C4 macros? If the function works it makes no difference to the end user if the command is recognized by an Alexa routine or a C4 trigger. The only ‘disadvantage’ is that everything isn’t self-contained in the C4 project.
  6. Alexa routines can be used to trigger C4 actions. I do it all the time using the Epic Systems driver (and a light level for the device in the Alexa routine). You cannot do the reverse.
  7. Ah. Interesting. Yes, the 800 is on lower inputs. I’ll add that to my to do list.
  8. Yeah, can’t see using more than two or three (two plus background stream for the arcade). I think the only time I ever used four was when I tested the order the other day.
  9. I have four audio streams fed into my audio matrix - two from an HC-800 and two from an EA5. When streams are activated the first is HC800 #1, the second is HC800 #2, the third is EA5 #1 and 4th is EA5 #2. How can I make C4 use the EA5 streams/outputs first?
  10. Very early on PoE was apparently part of the plan but didn’t make it in v2.
  11. Something is not right. How are you changing the level? Using the slider in the GUI or with the SET command? With the v2 drivers the set value is the reverse of v1. Ignore the calibrate function in v2. (I thought it had been/was being removed for the v2 drivers. I will have to look). First thing to do has nothing to do with the drivers or C4 — Make sure the blinds each have top/bottom limits set. Verify with remote. Then fully open/close them in the Automate ap. If things look normal, go to C4 set the slider to 100, then 0. This will set/reset position level info in the motor driver (check the position info on the properties page). There are still some minor issues with the new drivers (I think mostly with groups) - will see if I can note them later. What version of the hub and motor drivers do you have? On the Automate 2 hub itself, make sure the firmware is at least 0.9.0 - the firmware initially shipped had all sorts of issues. Make sure the ap itself is updated (i.e. the stop buttons exist/work.
  12. From the event log. Don’t know what it means, but doesn’t look good. User admin Login 801 2020/03/20 22:33:15 Notification Voltage return to normal. 123.0V (88V ~ 138V) 800 2020/03/20 22:33:04 Notification Voltage out of range. 14.0V (88V ~ 138V) 799 2020/03/20 14:20:18 Notification Voltage return to normal. 120.0V (88V ~ 138V) 798 2020/03/20 14:20:07 Notification Voltage out of range. 14.0V (88V ~ 138V) 797 2020/03/20 11:09:30 Notification Voltage return to normal. 123.0V (88V ~ 138V) 796 2020/03/20 11:09:19 Notification Voltage out of range. 13.0V (88V ~ 138V) 795 2020/03/20 07:40:59 Notification Voltage return to normal. 120.0V (88V ~ 138V) 794 2020/03/20 07:40:48 Notification Voltage out of range. 18.0V (88V ~ 138V) 793 2020/03/20 06:58:07 Notification Voltage return to normal. 120.0V (88V ~ 138V) 792 2020/03/20 06:57:56 Notification Voltage out of range. 14.0V (88V ~ 138V) 791 2020/03/14 02:04:36 Notification Current return to normal. 1.1A (0A ~ 14A) 790 2020/03/14 02:04:25 Notification Current out of range. 20.6A (0A ~ 14A)
  13. I found this from last year on another forum :“ I just had a 12 outlet Wattbox crap the bed late last week. Other then the bad run a few years ago this is the first wattbox failure I have experienced.The bottom bank of outlets would power off, stay off for about 4-5 minutes then power back up for 5-10 minutes, over and over again. It didn't turn on/off in sequence, just all powered off at the same time.” The two outlets I was having problems with (2&4) are on the bottom. The other devices plugged into the bottom outlets are infrequently used or I would have to look specifically for failures. I’m leaning toward saying there is a strong likelihood this is a WattBox going bad.
  14. WattBox policies are whatever the defaults are. I will have to look. Whatever they are, I haven’t changed anything for years (Including, until this afternoon, the outlets used for the TiVo/800) and I only saw the strange behavior today. The WB, TiVo and 800 all have fixed IPs and there are/have been no IP conflicts. IP assignments haven’t changed since December. No changes to router config. without the TiVo constantly rebooting every 7-10 minutes or so (because it’s unplugged), streaming (presumably through the 800) has been issue free. It seems like each Tivo reboot caused the 800 to burp. If so, what else could cause that? AFAIK, rebooting the TiVo has never caused any issue with the 800 before but it’s probably been rebooted once every 3-4 months, not multiple times an hour.
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