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  1. I had the same problem and broke the link simply by powercycling the controller. Was then able to link via the extras screen. I already had the updated driver and the code was no longer 4 characters but 8 in the form xxxx-xxxx. I don’t know when the format of the pin code changed but my Ecobee connection has been solid after having to re-establish it about once a week.
  2. The bug isn’t related to the SMB1 (and I think C4 now supports SMB3). The HE announcements management bug is a holdover from 3.2.0.
  3. Three things: 1. Are you using a v1 or V2 hub? What versions of the hub and motor drivers are you using? Pretty sure there is a later version of the motor driver then 0.55. 2. Calibration really isn’t used/needed/useful in the newer versions of the drivers so you can pretty much ignore it. Just make sure you have the upper and lower stops set for each blind (outside of C4, using the blind remote). If that’s done, calibration is of no value unless you change the motor speed (and probably not even then). 3. Have you verified the bindings for each motor? (Presume yes if they a
  4. I agree with you in general; was just curious about real-world experiences. I suspect by the time I sell my house I won’t really care. However, it may be like selling a house with a pool. It used to be considered a selling point. Now many consider it a liability.
  5. Did you have different sale price figures based on whether the system was included or not? If so, any idea what % of cost the C4 up charge was?
  6. Makes sense as mm.db ends up corrupted every time I do a restore. But if I manually move the mm.db backup over I’m still able to scan / add new music / do new backups. I already rebuilt everything from scratch once or twice and still had the problem so, at least for now, it’s not worth spending $ for support to look at it. (I’ve been in this situation since 2.9.x or 2.10.x I think). I’m more concerned that what Destroyer mentioned might be a new problem since I thought there was a bug fix related to media scanning in 3.2.1.
  7. Try restoring mm.db from your latest backup via putty. In /Control4/db on the controller delete mm.db.corrupt, move over a copy of mm.db from the backup file from windows and reboot. Unless something else has changed in 3.2.1 you should have your music and playlists back. I haven’t upgraded to 3.2.1 yet but every time I have to restore a backup mm.db becomes corrupted (same symptoms as you) and I have to fix it manually.
  8. @Gary Leeds UK and @South Africa C4 user - did the Announcement bugs get fixed?
  9. Routines are not linked to the C4 skill. They are tied to the underlying Alexa account.
  10. The problem appears to be related to the recent 510 firmware and an issue with the camera driver’s authentication. Here are my notes after a support call this morning I still have a minor issue in the iOS ap with an old Wirepath camera and haven’t verified that the Android ap displays the cameras but I get my live feeds on T3s faster than ever. In a nutshell the extreme delay on the 710s was because the Third Substream was not active and C4 would go to mpeg after multiple attempts at H.264 and the latest firmware changed how the streams were served (I don’t really understand thos
  11. It appears that a remote firmware update was done on the NVR Friday just before I noticed the problem. Makes sense to start looking there, though I don’t totally understand the changes listed in the firmware file (LUMA 510 V3.4.95 build 200708 released in October). V3.4.95 build 200708 Priority: REQUIRED Released: 28 Oct 2020 Models Affected LUM-510-NVR-4CH-0T LUM-510-NVR-4CH-1T Issues Resolved LUM-510-NVR-8CH-0T LUM-510-NVR-8CH-1T LUM-510-NVR-16CH-0T LUM-510-NVR-16CH-2T 1. Fixed purple line/artifact on Luma x10 series IP cameras when using the plugin free s
  12. Thanks. There is some info in there I can use. The camera stream configurations were never changed from the defaults and I have no idea how each should be set for optimum recording quality on the 510 and have another stream set for the T3s so I suspect there could be some improvement. But the bizarre thing is everything was working fine for months until a couple days ago with no obvious changes. Is there some sort of step by step guide somewhere on how to best configure the individual cameras? The ones with the biggest problem are all Luma 710 cameras. The older Luma 500 and HikVisio
  13. No progress with the Chime. I wasn’t going to try mounting it outside until I get get a C4 accessory kit. (Deleted comments on camera issues unrelated to Chime)
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