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  1. I’ve never been happy with a wireless video doorbell; Chime might be different since it supports 5 ghz. If you get past the wiring challenge knowing that it’s always powered and has the best bandwidth is worth it.
  2. Fortunately I don’t live in Hollywood Anyone have thoughts on physical security?
  3. Thanks. I like #1 and #3. I had thought about #1. I would already have a static IP. When you say “and block DHCP”, isn’t that done by forcing a static IP? I use DHCP but most devices have an assigned IP reservation.
  4. It’s theoretical. The potential security threat isn’t the Chime itself but the Ethernet cable running to it. Take the Chime off the mount and someone could simply plug the cable into a laptop and be attached to your network.
  5. Wouldn’t it only need to be on a VLAN with the controller and the NVR? I do have passwords on everything but just never thought about segregation. I’ve always had my PCs and IOTs and C4 and A/V gear on the same network and prefer wired to wireless.
  6. I’m going to be replacing a Ring Elite with a Chime. Looking for opinions on how to handle security; 1) Physical security - how to keep the device from being stolen 2) Network security - don’t know why I never thought of this before but since it’s PoE if someone takes off the camera they have easy access to your LAN. Could this be prevented by configuring a VLAN? I realize the likelihood of both are small but wondered what others are going to do to protect the Chime.
  7. What are people’s experiences so far with 3.2? Notice any issues or annoying bugs? Anything noticeably improved from 3.1.3? Are the announcement bugs fixed? I know it’s early but wanted to see how the early adopters are doing ... I suspect I’ll get upgraded soon (have a Chime coming), but it seems like the Chime and T4s are the major reasons to upgrade.
  8. Not a ceiling fan - a bathroom vent fan with a light with the fan and light wired to separate C4 switches. The C4 switch for the light can do taps and communicate with the controller but the light (load) does not turn on. There are two bulbs in the fixture so unless both bulbs shorted at the exact same time something else happened.
  9. Thanks. The light is in a combo fan/light fixture. The fan still works. The C4 switch on the light is a SW120277 not a dimmer. I think it’s halogen bulb but not sure. If it’s a short in the wire from wall to fixture I’ll have to call an electrician. My first thing to try is to replace the C4 switch with a dumb switch to see if the bulb actually works, if not change the bulb, then a replacement C4 switch. I just don’t want to put in a new C4 switch and then have it blow again.
  10. The switch had been working for over a year. Do the switches just go bad or is more likely there was some sort of over voltage that fried the switch? Electrical stuff has never been my strong suit. How would I test the switch with a meter to confirm the switch is bad?
  11. I have a bathroom fixture that has a C4 switch controlling the light and one controlling the fan. They each have an LED indicating on and off. I just turned on the light and saw a quick flash of light at the top (on) position of the switch, heard a small pop and noticed the fixture light did not go on. The on/off LEDs on the switch still illuminate and C4 senses when the switch is on or off so I presume the switch is ok and the ceiling light just burnt out (don’t remember it it is halogen, incandescent or LED). What concerns me was the quick bright flash. Can anyone tell me what that could have been and if there is an easy way to tell if the C4 switch is damaged?
  12. Thanks. No longer panicking. We never hooked up the doorbell wires, but I use an announcement anyway.
  13. It looks like the Chime has two connections. One is for Ethernet. What’s the other one for? I thought all I was going to need was the Ethernet/PoE cable. Not going to be happy if I need separate wire runs for audio.
  14. That’s the wireless version. I’ll have a PoE version next week thanks to an awesome dealer (Ari). Talking to someone about getting a custom mounting plate made (plastic) that could be used temporarily until a metal one can be fabricated but need exact product measurements first.
  15. Does it come with the mounting plates described in the review (specifically the single gang plate)?
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