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  1. Does anyone have an three state experience button with Open/Closed/Partially Open icons? Or an open/close toggle?
  2. Can anyone tell me where to find the experience buttons shown here (the house ones) https://drivercentral.io/drivercentral-blog/helpful-tips-on-control4-os3/ Thanks!
  3. I don’t see 8k/10k being mainstream in 4-5 years. There are still very few 4K sources and how old is 4K? I would look at an 8k set now but too much of an early adopter tax
  4. Yes, typo. HDMI 2.1. It’s more about future proofing for 8-10 years. I don’t want to get 4-5 years in and say damn, I have to get a new set. I’m unlikely to have a video stream that isn’t mainstream so maybe 2.1 is overkill for the foreseeable future or I’m falling for FOMO on the latest and greatest. I’m actually far more interested in the prospect of 4K OTA broadcasts so i am more interested in ATSC 3.0 tuners but since they are newer I suspect most sets with ATSC 3.0 will come with HDMI 2.1 anyway.
  5. Pretty sure I’m going with Sony or LG. OLED for sure. But likely putting the project on hold until Sony has HDCP 2.1 support and both have some path for ATSC 3.0 tuners (native or external box). Or there are some screaming deals on a 77” OLED set. My wife decidedthis weekend that 65” will be too small for the space and she preferred the OLED picture over LED/QLED (without knowing which was which/“better” so I’m only looking at the market subset of 77” OLEDs. Doesn’t seem to be much new in that space from CES for that subset (8K options are overkill and well out of budget).
  6. Fair enough. My comment was based on reputation alone. I should look at all reasonable options, though I tend to have a Sony bias. Be interested to see what the big 3 announce this week at CES. I’d really like a set with HDMI 2.1 and ATSC 3.0 tuners since I’d like this set to last 8-10 years, I just hope whatever I go with has a good C4 driver with lots of control.
  7. Panasonic OLED isn’t available in the US. If I go OLED (most likely if I switch), I’ll go with Sony or LG. Doesn’t seem like anyone had issues with either in C4.
  8. Yes, LG makes the Sony panels. But, for example, the 65” Sony A9G is $3500, while the LG C9 is $2500. Is the Sony worth the extra $?
  9. Thanks. How about if I stick to OLED? LG vs Sony?
  10. I am thinking about replacing a Panasonic P65VT30 plasma with a 4K set, maybe 75”, and leaning toward an OLED (Sony?), maybe Samsung QLED but whatever I go with I want a driver with good C4 support and programming flexibility. Any experience/thoughts/guidance appreciated.
  11. <deleted>. Subsequent problem was a LAN IP conflict caused by a new router.
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