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  1. Seems pretty self-explanatory. Small benefit to installers, nothing for end users
  2. Ah. Didn’t realize about the C4 logo thing. That would negate the need for what I’m trying to do. I want to use the Room menu for shortcuts for my wife but wanted quick access to everything. Sounds like that’s already built in.
  3. Trying to understand the new Room menu in OS3. Instead of the home menu for a given room, we now see a Home menu which has the normal icons but to which we can also add shortcuts, right? What if I want two versions of Room “Theater”? One that shows Watch/Listen/security/etc like today and one that shows a subset of that with some shortcuts? Does the second option require creating a dummy room in the project?
  4. Thanks. I’m going to ask the electrician for some options but will go back to the switch. Could just have them wire so the outlet is always hot, control the jukebox with an outlet switch and put a configurable keypad in its place. If I don’t have a configurable keypad, can I use the keypad dimmer without a load?
  5. I installed an APD that I thought was an old one from my house (though it may not be). It controls the load but does not respond to identify or 9-4-9 reset. Does that mean the communication is likely fried? Is there another reset sequence I can use to see if the APD can be brought back to life?
  6. I just replaced a switch with a KPD where the load is an old jukebox with a fluorescent light fixture. I really want the keys on the keypad but found an old posting that says non-dimmable loads shouldn’t be used with a KPD (presumably even if I force using 0 or 100 levels for off/on). Thoughts on whether I can safely use the KPD or if I should switch back to a switch?
  7. Thanks. I’d rather have input from someone with C4 experience. There must be a dealer here that has experience with C4/LUMA NVRs and non-C4 NVRs like Hikvision
  8. My entire Zigbee network went offline overnight. Physical switches connected to a load all worked fine, but no programmed functions worked. Fortunately a hard reboot of the EA5 restored communication. I’m just trying to understand what might have happened to cause the problem. Are their logs that might point me in the right direction?
  9. I am looking at a Luma 510 NVR or a Hikvision DS-7616 NVR or an Amcrest DVR. 16CH PoE. I’d connect HDMI out to a video matrix and would like to programmatically jump to individual cameras or grid presets through the NVR. Cameras would be a combination of Luma and Hikvision. From a C4 driver function standpoint does the Luma NVR give me any real advantage over using the HV or Amcrest NVRs? I don’t really care about OvrC. If I can switch to the NVR and have C4 select a grid preset that’s probably good enough. just trying to see if there is any way to justify using a Luma DVR when other options are 1/3 to 1/4 the cost. (I am also looking at Blue Iris and other recording options, but the DVR decision is time critical) thanks for any input.
  10. If they are 1/2 the price of T3s, I might consider upgrading
  11. ‘Any performance benefits of turret over bullet? (Or vice versa?)
  12. I am going to be replacing some old analog and IP bullet cameras with Luma 510s and 710s. 710s would go on the corners of the garage facing driveway and the street. i am adding a 710 dome camera at the front door under a covered porch. Because there is no practical way to run a cable so the camera faces anyone approaching the door I plan to have a dome arm come out from the adjacent garage wall to allow as much of a straight forward view of someone approaching the door as possible. The dome will be about 8 feet off the ground. I’m thinking of the dome because I didn’t see any way to mount a bullet coming out at a 90 degree angle. There will be an additional 710 to cover the walkway as visitors approach the porch. Should I use bullet or turret cameras for the 710s? Is there any advantage to one over the other? Is a dome or bullet/turret a better option for mounting on a perpendicular wall? My thought was that a dome would be preferable because it’s going to be lower to the ground and less prone to tampering/vandalism than a bullet/torrent camera. thanks for any input.
  13. It took you four hours this time before announcement and release. Slacker. Seriously - nice work! Can’t wait for the icing.
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