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  1. The keys in the properties page haven’t changed in years. How do I tell which one is the problem and how do I get new ones if needed?
  2. Thanks for the update. Will you let us know which, if any, drivers need to be updated after you figure out the fix whether it be yours or any individual third party driver?
  3. I’m going to be contacting them directly. But by also posting here I hope to raise awareness in a way just opening a support ticket doesn’t. This seems to be a DC problem. But it should concern every developer who uses the service because most people are going to blame the driver and not DC (look at this thread - my first instinct was to fault Chowmain)j
  4. I agree DC probably isn’t going to change the whole model and your suggestion is more practical. I wa mostly questioning the current logic. Perhaps it’s DC that we need to petition to implement my “fire an event if something is wrong” suggestion. I’m going to suggest both that and the 90 day check in to them and hope others will do the same. @DriverCentral can you comment?
  5. Also a good idea though I would prefer local keys/certificates stored on the controller to validate the licenses rather than having to check with an external server at all. Aren’t most licenses lifetime and/or tied to a MAC anyway? I really didn’t think about driverCentral bing a single point of failure until this happened.
  6. Thanks. Going to see if I can load/use UK Amy. That seems to be the most pleasing English language voice.
  7. The driver doc indicates thee are 50 voices yet my driver doesn’t show anywhere near that many. Is there something I have to do to get more? is there an Alexa voice somewhere?
  8. I also found that Advanced Announcements no longer works even after fixing the licensing problem. Don’t know if the two are related. But this is very disconcerting- the function of my system relies HEAVILY on Chowmain drivers and not realizing one or more isn’t functioning as expected is a big problem. @alanchow is there someway we can get a Chowmain driver health check function with event(s) that will fire if any driver is unlicensed or returns an error?
  9. Sometime in the last week or so the Advanced Announcements driver has stopped working and logging the following error: data = ERROR: The API key is not available! The properties page shows License Activated and both Speech and voice RSS API keys are filled in. Can anyone help?
  10. Forcing driverCentral Cloud to check in seems to have fixed the problem. I would have expected that to happen automatically on a controller reboot.
  11. Apparently sometime after March 8th almost all of my Chowmain driver instances have stopped working with most having an Activation Status of “Please purchase license”. Rebooting my controller did not help. Any suggestions on how to recover @alanchow
  12. Yes, noticed that as well (or my wife did). Thanks Chowmain! would still like to see an event fire on error and/or unexpected condition.
  13. Getting server error 500 tying to upload today. Opened ticket with support
  14. Pictures aren’t being uploaded (or displayed) for me this morning. No changes on my end and camera working fine. Anyone else seeing issues? looks like a 500 internal server error showing up in my event log. Presume that is from the Chowmain server? Can’t upload the screenshot of the error update: I’m getting a URL for the image that is supposed to be uploaded so don’t know if the failure is on the upload? The following shows up in the Last Uploaded image property in the driver: http://server.chowmain.software/image/<html> <head><title>500 Internal Server Error</title></head> <body bgcolor="white"> <center><h1>500 Internal Server Error</h1></center> <hr><center>nginx/1.10.3 (Ubuntu)</center> </body> </html> Any chance we we could get a driver update that has a program event for image upload that triggers on a Chowmain server error after an upload attempt? (opened a ticket with support)
  15. I have done this in the past and it was ok for a while. At one point MLBTV stopped working through the VPN and I didn’t pursue other providers when online discussions indicated that MLB changed authentication based on credit card billing address and not just IP address. That was a couple years ago so maybe it works again (though it clearly violates the terms of service).
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