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  1. Yup. A great option if you are on a budget. Most of my switches are now C4, but my main floor was almost all Lutron Castea for a few years.
  2. You will need a dealer to add the receiver. Look in the remote dealer forum for a number of guys that can help if the dealer you bought it from can’t help.
  3. Yeah, tried learning about that a few years ago when I kept having a switch fail but never understood mosfet.
  4. I can’t say specifically but my button presses seem to respond quicker than they did on the EA5. You might have some other issue though - I’ve never had lag times like that. Could also be because the EA5 is no longer running the project and is the primary mesh controller.
  5. I don’t know how to properly determine size but here are a few numbers: 16 actual rooms or zones + 6 dummy rooms CA-10, EA5, HC-800, 2x EA1, EA3, Z2IO, IOX 8 or 9 T3s (can’t remember if one is hooked up) + 2 iPads as navs 87 active Zigbee devices 15 audio zones) 2x C4 amps 3x AVRs 8x8 video matrix feeding 7 TVs 19 motors (though 17 are shades) lots of A/V components (changers, media players, TiVos, etc.) 614 driver instances (with more Experience Buttons planned, but maybe 25 other driver instances can be dropped)
  6. I just got a replacement WattBox 700 for one that failed the same way. The failing unit was installed in 2016. I have been unable to find any info regarding any change to design/parts to make the units more reliable or if there was just simply a bad batch. But I may get a DLI unit for backup. They seem to be mostly well reviewed and the price is a lot more reasonable.
  7. That would be nice. And I’d like a 12” model. But C4 really has to figure out a way to price touchscreens at something close to reasonable. And for touchscreens I would also like the ability to have user defined folders/sub folders and the ability to programmatically press a button
  8. SA has posted his before. 700 some driver instances if I remember. Mine is nowhere near as big and I’ve never counted mine but will post a summary later.
  9. For those using a CA-10 at home - how are you connecting the Ethernet ports? I have only one ISP and right now have both ports connected to my router. When I move the CA-10 into the rack I was thinking of running one to the router and one to my main switch but not sure that buys me anything useful unless the switch dies (which pretty much takes most of the system with it snyway). I got the CA-10 for processing power. Is there much other benefit to a home user?
  10. Even if you don’t have the awesome C4 system that @South Africa C4 user has
  11. Thanks @alanchow I will have to lobby the Zappiti US folks to get you more feedback through the API then It’s a very small team, but they seem helpful. Definitely need status on basic transport events. I would hope they could give you “Is Paused” at minimum (my wife is going to be all over me when she realizes I can’t do anything with the lights when a movie is paused). While I would love to have a Kaleidoscope it’s just way out of my price range. I saw this exactly as you suggest - a better version of the Dune HD. The Zappiti will get me going on digitizing my collection and getting rid of two massive BluRay changers. Two other questions for now: 1) should the virtual switcher be hidden or exposed in the watch menu for any room the player or library is visible in? 2) The Zappiti doc says an Oppo (or any device supporting SMB) can play from the library. Is there a way to do this through your Oppo driver and would that give me the ability to use the Oppo to detect that a movie had been paused?
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