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  1. That’s great news! Are there specific models which the driver works with? Would it work with the Fire TV Cube? I am in the UK and want a device with Ethernet and mini-apps and the Roku Ultra doesn’t work properly in the UK. Thanks!
  2. I have installed Heatmiser (which looks similar/identical to NuHeat). I have underfloor temperature sensors in the bathroom floors and temperature sensor thimbles on the walls of other rooms. These are remote temperature sensors and you wire them back to a thermostat which we have hidden in a few locations around the house. Heatmiser fully integrates with Control4. We didn’t want the thermostats (which aren’t ugly but are quite chunky) on each wall so used the remote sensor option.
  3. Has anyone used a nowtv 4K box? I understand these are made by Roku and have an Ethernet port. If it is just a rebadged Roku, does it work with Control4? Thank you
  4. Thanks everyone. A UK Roku Ultra seems to be my only solution but this doesn’t exist.... Until this does exist, could the following be done? Use Roku for the channels possible and then on the SR260 there would be entries for iPlayer and other UK apps but all of these just open the Samsung SmartHub and then I navigate to the relevant app? Thank you
  5. I am in the UK and have a 2020 Samsung Frame TV which I use IP control for with C4. I have a Roku stick in this TV which I used for apps because it worked very well with C4 on another TV I have. Being in the UK, Roku Ultra with a hard-wired ethernet connection is not officially available (and certain UK apps such as BBC iPlayer are not available on it). I have had a few issues with the Roku and got to the final straw last night when netflix wouldn't stream on the Roku but I switched to the native Samsung app and it worked perfectly. I am not sure if it is a temperamental Roku or a wifi iss
  6. Great - thank you. That saves a bit of work!
  7. Do the T3 touchscreens connect to Ethernet at 100Mbps? My electrician is coming back to sort out a few network cabling problems, including some which operate at 100Mbps. The switch reports that the ports which my two touchscreens are connected to are operating at 100Mbps and I am wondering whether the touchscreens just operate at this speed so it is not necessarily a cable issue. If I can avoid removing the touchscreens to give the electrician access to the cable behind, it would be very helpful. Thanks!
  8. I have some C4 commands on Lutron buttons which my dealer programmed and I would now like to copy and tweak these commands for other buttons. For example, I have a button which currently has the programming: "Trigger Preset Source Cycler (Includes Off) on Master Ensuite ->Room Control - Master Ensuite" and I would like to have the same control for the master bedroom. I have copied the command to the relevant Lutron button in the master bedroom but cannot see how to change the Master Ensuite references to master bedroom. I can't even find how to recreate this "Trigger Preset..." command.
  9. This thread may help: Intercom Anywhere Issues https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink/topic?share_fid=76380&share_tid=34064&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ec4forums%2Ecom%2F&share_type=t&link_source=app
  10. Just to update the group in case useful, I had my Texecom alarm integrated (finally!) last week and it works well - if the front door is opened, Control4 kills the intercom rings (touchscreens and phones) so they don’t just keep ringing for ages
  11. I have my Heatmiser system integrated with Control4. All the Heatmiser zones show up correctly in the Heatmiser app but in Control4, there are several (7 out of 20 or so) zones which show as offline. Any ideas on how to fix this please? It’s odd that they are online in the Heatmiser app but offline in Control4... Thank you!
  12. I have 6 CCTV cameras which are a mix of Dahua and Hikvision HD cameras, including one Dahua PTZ and one Dahua panoramic camera. I currently use BlueIris but have realised that the computer it is running on struggles so I either need to upgrade to a more powerful computer or swap BlueIris for a dedicated NVR. I must admit, I haven't found BlueIris particularly easy to configure correctly. I am also on Blue Iris 4 so I might need to upgrade to Blue Iris 5 - I was debating starting again with a clean BlueIris 5 installation. Does anyone have any recommendations for the best CCTV solution
  13. SunSpec is an industry standard data protocol for solar and energy storage devices. http://www.sunspec.org. I would like to extract the data from solar panels to trigger events in the home (eg start a washing machine). Presumably a C4 driver could be written directly or I could run software on a raspberry pi to collate the data and would then need to find a way for the raspberry pi to send information/triggers to Control4. I am definitely out of my comfort zone - just wondering if someone else with more knowledge can make anything of this! Chowmain has a driver for egauge for energy moni
  14. I have been doing some more research on this. The SolarEdge web API is interesting to pull historical data (which I have done to calculate whether a battery makes sense) but you are limited to 200 calls each day so not very useful for real time data. However, I have found you can extract SolarEdge data locally every minute using an RS485 interface in an industry standard protocol called SunSpec. I’ll start a new specific thread on SunSpec which is relevant for equipment from multiple solar equipment manufacturers.
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