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  1. Did you manage to resolve this? I am buying a TV shortly and would like to get the 2019 Frame (in the UK) if it works with Control4... Thanks
  2. I was also planning to get one of these TVs in the U.K. in the next few weeks but I also know someone else with one - is there a setting option I can get them to check which would answer the question regarding whether IP control is available?
  3. Thank you - I think I am clear for now. Was there anything tricky you had to do to get the SmartCom to connect to Control4 after using the app or did it just start working with the Control4 driver immediately and dropped the app functionality? Thank you
  4. Yes - thank you! Also consistent with a call I just had this afternoon with a Texecom support and I just hadn’t had a chance to post yet - the SmartCom will allow for app control OR Control4 interface but not both. If you want both, you need to install both the SmartCom and the ComIP. I would like app control initially before the C4 system is set-up so I think I go for the SmartCom and then can swap to using C4 only later. Thank you
  5. My alarm installer is insisting that I need IPCom to interface with Control4. Does anyone have any documentation which refutes this other than me just saying Gary’s system works?! Thanks
  6. Pg 9 of the manual indicates that the SmartCom incorporates the reporting functions of IPCom. They still sell IPCom so presumably there is something extra that IPCom provides? https://www.texe.com/uk/uploads/INS760_Texecom_Connect_Guide_2.pdf
  7. I am having a new Texecom alarm installed next week and my alarm installer is saying I need IPCom to interface with Control4 - it sounds like this is not correct and I just need SmartCom? Is SmartCom the upgraded IPCom and IPCom is now redundant? Thanks
  8. Does this driver allow for control of mini apps? I am looking for a device to play iplayer, Netflix, etc with an Ethernet port (Roku Ultra is not available in the U.K.) so could use Apple TV which would have the added benefit of AirPlay, etc Thanks
  9. I specified a full C4 install some time ago and due to delays with the building of the house, it was put on hold. We are now two months away from install with the build almost complete and I have received the updated proposal from my dealer. Previously we had Pakedge networking equipment specified but my dealer is concerned about the Pakedge wireless controller and have replaced with the equipment below. To be honest, I am not convinced and would appreciate some validation or comments! I am not sure what the issue is with Pakedge wireless and if there is an issue, would Pakedge core networking equipment make more sense than the Draytek router and Cisco (or Cisco-lite as a networking friend of mine described the Cisco SG220)? I asked about Ubiquiti which they said they use for lower end installations but not one of this scale/complexity. Cisco SG220 network switches Draytek 2862 router ZyXel WiFi controller and WAPs For information, we have an FTTP connection - we will probably have 200Mb/s initially but with potential to upgrade to faster if beneficial later. We have two networking head-ends given the layout of the house with a fibre link between the two. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thank you in advance
  10. Thanks Matt - that’s reassuring
  11. I am having a Control4 system installed with Lutron lighting and shades - I had intended on using Mockupancy but I just thought about whether it can work with the combination of Control4 and Lutron. Can Mockupancy monitor and control Lutron lights and shades (through Control4)? Thanks!
  12. I think this driver will be really helpful for me but I am trying to figure out best practice. We will only have two TVs initially (projector in home cinema to come later...), both of which will be IP controllable by C4 and we watch: 1) Freesat (we don’t want enough TV such as Sport to warrant Sky) 2) On demand, particularly iplayer but some Amazon Prime and 4OD, etc 3) Movies from our Kaleidescape system (with a player connected to each TV) I have not installed video distribution but have the cabling in place should it be worthwhile in the future. We would like to have the C4 navigator on the TV with access to CCTV, etc. Should I have a HDMI switcher which can be controlled by C4 and connect an EA3 and Kaleidescape player to the switcher and then will a combination of C4 control of the TV, the switcher, Kaleidescape and the Freesat driver allow seamless control of all the TV we use? Or would another input be helpful for on demand TV (eg through a Roku) if the Sony, LG, etc TV drivers do not allow for control over the built-in TV apps? Or is there a better solution? Thank you!
  13. For houses with Control4 and Lutron for lighting, what is the best approach for Alexa? Can Alexa talk to both systems or should it all go through Control4 with Control4 then passing on commands to Lutron? Thanks
  14. Has the Heatmiser Control4 driver been fixed yet? Thank you
  15. I realise a little off topic from the original question but why do people want a keypad on their doorstations? I’m not sure what the benefit of it is?
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