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  1. This may be very niche but I often need to just listen to a work telephone call. Any suggestions on how I can play the audio through a speaker connected to C4 and triad matrix/amp? I would want to be able to switch from my iPhone to the speakers and back to the iPhone. Thank you
  2. I have Lutron Homeworks QS and it integrates well with Control4 so I can program functions for specific buttons with “press” or “release”. Lutron can also trigger actions off “hold” or double tap - is there any way for me to access this through Composer? I have buttons which serve a purpose for lighting and I would like to use them for audio as well with a hold action. Thank you
  3. Thank you. I thought Ubiquity didn’t behave well with C4? Perhaps I’m wrong. I don’t have OVRC today - it was on my list for the future but not essential.
  4. Hi everyone, A network engineer friend of mine setup my network initially but used enterprise Cisco switches and it has proven too difficult for me to manage (I’m techy but the Cisco CLI is too complicated for me!!). I am thinking about replacing all the Cisco switches - I want something high quality and stable and good with C4 but manageable by a competent end user. I have two 48 port POE switches in one location and one 48 port POE switch in another location with a fibre link between them. I have Zyxel router, WiFi manager and WAPs in case this makes any difference. What would people recommend please? Thank you!
  5. Sorry - yes - that sets the ring tone to silent all the time. What I want to do (which I think is reasonable?!) is have a normal ring tone with sound but when the iPhone is on silent, Intercom Anywhere is also silent. At the moment, if you have a noise ring tone and switch the phone to silent, intercom anywhere is still loud. Thank you
  6. Thank you! 1) Sorry if I am being slow but where do I set the app to match the iPhone silent function when selected in the Intercom Anywhere app? In settings I have do not disturb which is a separate override I think? I can’t see anything else related 2) Yes - groups would work. I guess I have to wait for it to be fixed 3) I’ll ask my Control4 dealer about the kill command Thank you
  7. I just had my DS2 installed yesterday with Intercom Anywhere and unfortunately it is already causing issues. Are any of the below issues possible to deal with? 1) Intercom Anywhere overrides the iPhone silent switch. My wife in particular is not going to enable do not disturb mode in the Intercom App each time she wants the phone to be silent at work. Can intercom anywhere not override the silent iPhone function? 2) Can intercom anywhere only ring mobiles depending on other variables? If the alarm is armed, I want it to ring the mobiles but if someone is home (so the alarm is not armed), it doesn’t need to ring any mobiles 3) Can intercom anywhere stop ringing after a trigger event? If someone opens the front door (which the alarm contact can show), the touch panels and mobiles can stop ringing. I know they stop ringing if someone answers but if we are near the front door, we are not going to answer on the intercom first before opening the door My wife will refuse to use the app without these fixes... Thank you!
  8. Gary - I thought the UK frame TV models didn’t have IP control yet but it sounds like you have it working in Control4? I was waiting for the 2020 model to come out to see if these worked but perhaps it already does! Thanks
  9. DSC is not an approved alarm system in the UK. I have Texecom Elite and should be getting the Control4 integration on Wednesday. If you’re in the South East, FSL Security did mine (they are based in Kent and covered me in Hertfordshire): https://fslsecurity.co.uk
  10. Does anyone have recommendations for the type of cable to use between a Triad Matrix and Triad Amplifiers? They are in the same rack on top of each other so the cables can be very short. Thank you
  11. I have run speaker cables around my house and have a Triad AMS-24 and Triad 8 zone amps. However, I didn’t run speaker cable to the correct place outside and now it is too late. I have a CAT6 cable to that location and could add a small switch. Should I be using a Triad One in an IP65 waterproof enclosure connected to Triad outdoor speakers? I won’t have any local audio inputs and nothing other than a network connection to the AV rack where the other Triad equipment is - can the matrix use the Triad One as another output or is it ‘just’ for streaming services? Thank you
  12. Sorry for the tangential topic post but what is the difference between the new IO extender and the old model? Thanks
  13. Thanks - I’ll get a set of those
  14. Are there any recommended brands/models of audio baluns? I have a TV with a Kaleidescape player and Roku locally (both connected by HDMI) and I want to take the audio output from the TV back to the rack so I can put it into the Triad audio matrix and Triad amplifier to feed the speakers and subwoofer in the TV room. Thank you
  15. Sorry if I am being slow but if different family members will want to play different music at the same time in different rooms, do I need an individual Echo (dot or Link) for every room in the rack? For example, to play music from three bedrooms, I would need three echos, one in each bedroom, and three more in the rack? For another example, if I have six rooms but am happy to be limited to three simultaneous streams, I need six echos, one in each room, and three echos in the rack connected to the matrix. In this case, each echo in the rack could be named but how does it know which room to play on? Can it work in a similar way to lights as described in msgreenf’s post (https://www.c4forums.com/topic/33713-making-voice-control-smarter-both-alexa-and-google/?tab=comments#comment-265456)? Or is it just easier to have an echo in the rack for every room? Thank you!
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