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  1. I have T3s using the wall smart bracket so they are flush with the wall. Is it possible to upgrade to a T4 without causing damage to the wall? If it just means replacing the wall smart bracket, that could be feasible but if the wall smart dimensions are different so the wall needs work, it is much harder! Thanks
  2. I am not a Texecom expert but have the same setup as you (but did it the other way round - SmartCom for the app and then added Control4). I understand the app needs SmartCom so you will need to swap C4 over to the ComIP. I have part arms setup through Control4 and notifications (although I think I need to work more on these) - I’ve never looked at history. crustyloafer helped me with some remote Texecom configuration and events.
  3. So does that mean 2,500 free look-ups per month? Is the response time still around 2 secs? Thanks!
  4. I have this issue as well. I have Lutron shades and while Lutron generally controls them, C4 has a role when closing some shades (happy to explain why if helpful). If C4 closes the shade, the Lutron keypad requires a double press on the open button to open the shades again. It doesn’t sound like anyone has a solution to this issue? Thanks
  5. Just following up on this as I am trying to find a patio heater that could integrate through C4. Bromic say their system can be smart controlled but I'm not clear how. Thanks!
  6. Do we need a particular Sensibo product (Sky or Air)? Thanks!
  7. Is this a new build so you can choose your door/lock or retrofit? We did it with an electronic lock on a UK newbuild but it is probably harder on a retrofit
  8. I have Lutron lighting and blinds but went with Silent Gliss curtain tracks because the stackback with their wave curtains was about 20-30% less. Silent Gliss have a Control4 driver so it integrates really well - I use Control4 to control the blinds in response to button presses on my Lutron keypads.
  9. Thank you. The tab swings out correctly but the blue threadlocker stops me being able to screw any further. Could the threadlocker be in the wrong place? Would a bit of WD40 lubricant overcome the threadlocker so I can screw them as normal? Thanks!
  10. I just received my FireTV Cube today - when amazon say "full ethernet support", all they mean is that they include the same ethernet adapter which zaphod mentioned above in the box! Anyway, I'm just waiting for the C4 driver to be released now...
  11. Because all the HDMI devices are in a cabinet behind the TV and the WiFi signal doesn’t penetrate. I could put a WAP in there but that seems an odd way to fix it - a better option would just be an Ethernet connected streaming device...
  12. Assuming the driver will be released imminently, can anyone comment on whether it will work with a Fire TV Cube in the UK? (I need an Ethernet device and Roku Ultra is not available in the UK) Thanks
  13. I use my Samsung TV with Roku (but will swap to Amazon Fire Cube as soon as the C4 driver is available) and Kaleidescape. So I guess once the Fore driver is available, I could use your driver as well for some of the time
  14. Can either the C4 or the Chowmain Kaleidescape drivers reboot a particular Kaleidescape player? I have an M300 player which needs regular rebooting and I currently do it through the Kaleidescape server web page but it would be good if C4 could do this on a schedule so it works for the children without my input. Thanks!
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