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  1. I have my Heatmiser system integrated with Control4. All the Heatmiser zones show up correctly in the Heatmiser app but in Control4, there are several (7 out of 20 or so) zones which show as offline. Any ideas on how to fix this please? It’s odd that they are online in the Heatmiser app but offline in Control4... Thank you!
  2. I have 6 CCTV cameras which are a mix of Dahua and Hikvision HD cameras, including one Dahua PTZ and one Dahua panoramic camera. I currently use BlueIris but have realised that the computer it is running on struggles so I either need to upgrade to a more powerful computer or swap BlueIris for a dedicated NVR. I must admit, I haven't found BlueIris particularly easy to configure correctly. I am also on Blue Iris 4 so I might need to upgrade to Blue Iris 5 - I was debating starting again with a clean BlueIris 5 installation. Does anyone have any recommendations for the best CCTV solution (with remote access from ios devices like the BlueIris app) which also integrates with Control4 and works with both Dahua and Hikvision cameras? Would you use a dedicated NVR or BlueIris? The integration I would like with Control4 is to change the recording profile depending on whether the house alarm is set (or if it is triggered) and to move the PTZ between preset directions/zoom based on Control4 triggers. Thank you!
  3. SunSpec is an industry standard data protocol for solar and energy storage devices. http://www.sunspec.org. I would like to extract the data from solar panels to trigger events in the home (eg start a washing machine). Presumably a C4 driver could be written directly or I could run software on a raspberry pi to collate the data and would then need to find a way for the raspberry pi to send information/triggers to Control4. I am definitely out of my comfort zone - just wondering if someone else with more knowledge can make anything of this! Chowmain has a driver for egauge for energy monitoring but it is both more comprehensive, requires additional hardware and it doesn’t use the source data from the solar equipment.
  4. I have been doing some more research on this. The SolarEdge web API is interesting to pull historical data (which I have done to calculate whether a battery makes sense) but you are limited to 200 calls each day so not very useful for real time data. However, I have found you can extract SolarEdge data locally every minute using an RS485 interface in an industry standard protocol called SunSpec. I’ll start a new specific thread on SunSpec which is relevant for equipment from multiple solar equipment manufacturers.
  5. Sorry - this is the updated version of the lock: https://www.abloy.co.uk/en/abloy/abloy-co-uk/products-mpc/electric-locks/motor-locks/standard-stile/mp520-push--pull-function-multipoint-lock-case-for-solid-doors/ The lock just takes an electrical pulse to unlock so both the relay output of the ekey system and the EA5 can send an electrical pulse down the same cable to the lock.
  6. I used the multipoint lock below in a front door and also installed an ekey fingerprint reader (and a DS2). The ekey system is connected to the lock, there is an ekey driver for Control4 and I also have my EA5 connected to the lock. This allows the following: 1) family to unlock the door with their finger 2) we have an unlock button in C4 which gives us the ability to unlock the door from a touchscreen/phone when someone rings the DS2 3) trigger other C4 events from ekey (e.g. notifications when someone comes home or if someone uses a specific finger on the fingerprint reader, it opens the garage door, etc.) Lock: https://www.abloy.com/en/abloy/abloycom/products/product-catalogue/electric-locks/europrofile-range-abloy-certa-motor-locks/small-business/electric-lock-mp518/ ekey: https://www.ekey.net/
  7. Just another recommendation for Chris - addressed everything I need really well (going beyond what I could have expected!), incredibly responsive and also fixed issues that my original dealer didn’t seem able to. Really great to work with - thanks Chris!!!
  8. This is the first time I have set it up since the electrician installed the wiring - it has never been working before. I have tried different outputs on the amplifier. Would people agree that a cable kink or similar could cause this? Is there no way for an electrical test to show this? Thank you
  9. It happens with every source. I have swapped the sources on the matrix and the amp. I have swapped the actual speakers and different speakers still stutter. I put the same speakers on different cables and switch the stuttering cable for the other cable and it works fine. I am 95% sure it is cable. I don’t expect the electrician to troubleshoot the system (I need to use the same electrician as did the original wiring and he is definitely not going near my system!). That’s why I’m hoping he can find a faulty cable with pure electrical tests - ie he doesn’t need any AV knowledge (which he doesn’t have). If the cable tests fine for him, I am going to get into an argument about whether he has to fix it. Thanks
  10. This is not Control4 specific but I’m hoping someone with more experience than me can help! I have been trying to troubleshoot stuttering speakers connected to a Triad matrix and Triad amplifier. I have realised that the speakers stutter a lot above a volume around 40 in Control4. I think I have narrowed it down to a faulty cable. Would this make sense to others? Is it a kink or a cut somewhere or something simple? Would the electrician be able to see the problem by testing the cable with a signal tester? Thank you!
  11. I was really thinking about taking a shower while still being able to listen to a call so I was wondering about whether I could use the speaker in the bathroom. I guess it is too complicated.
  12. This may be very niche but I often need to just listen to a work telephone call. Any suggestions on how I can play the audio through a speaker connected to C4 and triad matrix/amp? I would want to be able to switch from my iPhone to the speakers and back to the iPhone. Thank you
  13. I have Lutron Homeworks QS and it integrates well with Control4 so I can program functions for specific buttons with “press” or “release”. Lutron can also trigger actions off “hold” or double tap - is there any way for me to access this through Composer? I have buttons which serve a purpose for lighting and I would like to use them for audio as well with a hold action. Thank you
  14. Thank you. I thought Ubiquity didn’t behave well with C4? Perhaps I’m wrong. I don’t have OVRC today - it was on my list for the future but not essential.
  15. Hi everyone, A network engineer friend of mine setup my network initially but used enterprise Cisco switches and it has proven too difficult for me to manage (I’m techy but the Cisco CLI is too complicated for me!!). I am thinking about replacing all the Cisco switches - I want something high quality and stable and good with C4 but manageable by a competent end user. I have two 48 port POE switches in one location and one 48 port POE switch in another location with a fibre link between them. I have Zyxel router, WiFi manager and WAPs in case this makes any difference. What would people recommend please? Thank you!
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