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  1. I used the glasses on the site. I forgot about the drivers section... got tired of reading through all the forum questions. after about 6 pages worth.. i thought I'd ask. Thanks Cyknight
  2. I have done a search and not able to find a Mcintosh driver.... do we have one?
  3. Good day...... looking to buy a fusion research premiere movie server 12 TB..... please let me know.... thanks in advance. c4jedi
  4. How long is the battery life?
  5. qmotions reviews are the WORST! 2 stars...
  6. I still have that issue with mine Neil. any ideas as to why my HC800 hasn't checked in since OCT2017? or should i just look at getting an EA5 and calling it a day?
  7. so I love the Philip's Hue lights..... they work great with C4...... but was just reading up on the Sylvania Smart + zigbee bulbs and lights. Anyone had any luck integrating these yet? just curious.
  8. I didnt know they had zigbee friendly blinds... what make and model are c4 friendly?
  9. what voice scene driver? where is that found at?
  10. yes.... I have mine programmed to do TVs and all sorts of things.... haven't gotten th volume to work well.... almost blew my receiver and amps up....as the damn thing continued to only go up after I did a test of the volume. had to unplug the amp and receiver....
  11. I'm curious.... why not just ask the dealer to give you cheaper gear? I don't get it..... you have champagne taste.... champagne money but only want to pay beer prices.... not judging just a little confused. I got a friend of mine building a 16,000 sqf house..... wants everything I have ( a 50k system) but don't want to pay.... I dont get it... maybe someone can explain this to me. just my thought.... I have no buyers remorse... be happy spend the little extra and get what makes you happy. or buy cheap and buy twice because of all the issues you start to have.
  12. Does the old door station work with 10. whatever? thanks in advance.
  13. A poor college student with control4? Wow have times changed! when I was in college, I was lucky if I had enough money for Ramon! lol
  14. Has anyone seen the garadget and do you think it's possible to create a driver for it? It is open source......
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