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  1. Anyone got any Card Access Motion Sensors? Also, I'm maxed out of zigbee devices. I was thinking about the CA10. I know they say it can do thousands of devices. Are the advantages that great compared to just adding in another 800, or jumping to a EA5.... Thanks in advance. If the Kool-aid really is that good, what's the price on a CA-10 currently? TE
  2. No, it was disconnected from the network first I believe. I didn't watch him when he did it. I was just alerted after it didn't work.
  3. I had my dealer come by yesterday and try and connect an old switch for me. This switch was working just fine before the move and was working at the new house. I did not label some of them and wired it in the wrong place. I had him un-identify (disconnect) and re-identify it in place so i didnt have to remove and rewire in the room it should have been. silly me for thinking that i could do something the easy way. well. when identifying, four times on top button, it flashes yellow, the it's blue as if it has joined my network and then solid green on both top and bottom. he thought that he would factory reset them.... not a thang!!! Any ideas? it's been awhile since i was a dealer and I've forgotten a bunch.
  4. Diagnostic Testing,Formative Testing,Benchmark Testing or Summative Testing?
  5. Well! That was easy! Controller was registered but the device wasn't. So it still lead me to conclusion! Thanks @Dunamivora
  6. Good evening. It's been awhile since i've had to ask a question. Long story short, i closed on my new home back in Oct and now have time to o set up all my gear. My lights are labelled and i know where they all go. In getting them set up, i wanted to test my lights and i noticed the c4 app for android no longer works. I'm not a dealer anymore and dont have my access. Anyone care to share what they think might be going on? i still have a 4sight subscription. Thanks in advance. btw, it's good to see some old faces and funny to see some of these new folks and their comments. gotta love the community! ~jedi
  7. You dont happen to have anymore dimmers do you?
  8. Good morning... do we know if there is a driver for these blinds yet? They look awesome if no one has seen them. I suspect being that they can be controlled by echo, that they might have a good chance of working well within C4. https://www.tiltsmarthome.com
  9. Good day, I've got a client that is about to order the DSC TL880LTVZN. I see that the older DSC systems have drivers and compatibility, but I wanted to make sure that I could support this guy with this new system. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I know Chow makes EVERYTHING!!!! thanks, jedi~
  10. I'm just curious the option you went with? Bowers and Wilkins in wall?
  11. Wow! Did you say a mouth full! I'd buy a few myself! Even the rechargeable covers too. I doubt you can get them separately though.
  12. WoW! Congrats Neil. What a huge loss to the community. I am happy that you'll still be around, but it won't be the same. Again congrats and good luck in your future career! C4jedi
  13. Good morning... So I have a project. Client wants to connect a separate Echo in each room... no big deal. Then have the voice go to that specific room. Well the room is already connected to a 16 channel matrix. I thought about upgrading the ea1is in the room to ea3's and then have the echo out go to the ea3 audio in and the ea3 audio out into the speakers. but then I didn't want to cause any issues with blowing the 16 channel... so I need a little creative juices folks.... all good ideas welcomed.
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