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  1. Unfortunately the ones in the house are WH (which look like regular white that is a bit glossy)
  2. Hi, I need to buy two faceplates, a white 1 gang and a white 3 gang faceplate. My faceplates are the decora style (I believe that is the latest) where they are rounded Just in case to be specific on what they are covering (I tried to order one online and they sent me the old style flat ones and it doesn't fit well), the one gang plate will cover a C4-KCB keypad and the 3 gang will cover a C4-APD120-WH, C4-SW120277, C4-4SF120
  3. Looking to buy 1 Light Switch (not Dimmer) - Model C4-SW120277 (white preferrably) PM if interested in selling one (I live in TX) Thanks
  4. I have a Leaf video matrix that does the IR emitting, i had a couple of open slots on that matrix so it is easier to add the tv into the system
  5. Buying a tv for the bedroom, figure a remote would be helpful for that...let me know if anyone is selling one (used or new). Thanks
  6. This is a follow up to this thread - But I wanted to separate it out from this because this is a specific question regarding the HDMI ARC input on tvs. Ok, so here is a question for the experts...this might be the only thing that might be locking up those Cat5 receivers for my 4x4 Leaf HDMI (L44 model). The 80" tv that is locking up has been connected via its HDMI 1 input which is a HDMI ARC input, while the upstairs tv is connected on a normal HDMI input. I've somehow got the system to unlock, but considering this Leaf system is very finicky, would having an audio return signal back into the the Cat5 receiver potentially cause only the 80" tv receiver to lock while still maintaining full operation upstairs? I don't really understand the 2 way nature of HDMI, but the HDMI input on the 80" tv hasn't changed between all 3 matrices that I have received (and I know all the Cat5 receivers work well because i have swapped them out). Is the normal install pattern not very relevant to which HDMI port one attaches these Cat5 receivers? I spent time reading both Sharp 60" and 80" tvs' instruction manuals and that was really the big difference (also the 80" has 3D and 240 hertz vs no 3D and 120 hertz for the 60" tv...btw, does that 2 way communicate as well?) Thank you in advance
  7. Unfortunately I need to post here again. Looks like I'm on my third system in 4.5 years and I am still getting these issues on the tv I use downstairs. It's not the receiver device, because I have swapped them between tvs a few times (also had brand new ones) and they work on my upstairs tv. Now the downstairs tv gets that lock light on, I can't even power cycle anything to make it work (or unplug and replug in the receiver). This is an outright piece of sh!t product, especially considering I have now gone through 3 Leaf's, got the POE receivers on the 3rd attempt, and am probably one of the lightest users of my tv (might watch 1-2 hours of tv a day, if that). Also, the upstairs tv is a 60" version of the one downstairs (which is 80"), both Sharp, but what is surprising is we can have the downstairs tv locked out, but the upstairs one is working fine at the same time (so it must be the first balun off the matrix which is wired to the downstairs tv). What is more disappointing is Control4's support here. They are pushing back on fixing this problem. I get it if I had this matrix for 4-5 years and it just broke now, I can sort of get it (would still be quite frustrated). But no, I have had this issue within 6 months of buying this equipment and have gone through 3 different matrices within this time. I find the whole Control4 experience really bad as an end user and want to figure out who to complain to, people don't pay $40-100k in equipment just to see it break. This equipment should last until one needs to upgrade for whatever reason or well into upper single digit ages like 8-15 years (my parents still have a very solid Sony receiver working since 1992, and I can guarantee you it didn't cost anywhere near what I paid for my stuff)
  8. Looking to integrate the Ring pro doorbell into my control4 system. Just installed Ring pro after conventional doorbell stopped working (was wired directly to my HC800, now doing a conventional install of the Ring doorbell and need to the event drivers/motion sensors)
  9. I have about 20 ft crepe myrtles (but sculpted tall and narrow)...and I have street lights across the street due to a park, so I need a pretty decent amount of light to overcome those street lights...thanks for the info!
  10. Cybuch, Thanks for sending the info...did you find the flood lights to be bright enough to illuminate a tree (I have a 10W torchstar light and it was a bit too weak)...its amazing how hard it is to find dummy RGB spotlights in general, let alone 15-18W
  11. Hi Cybuch, I was wondering which RGB spots did you end up getting. I am running into issues of finding decent RGB spotlights despite looking at a lot of different avenues?
  12. Perfect, thanks for the information. I don't plan on doing any fades or effects, just plain static color
  13. That is 14-2 electrical wire, not 14-4 electrical wire
  14. I have a question on those long RGBW strip light runs outside (I will have a 36 ft run, a 50 ft run and two 20 ft runs plus a 100 ft run for 8 uplights)...My question is can you use these amplifiers to power the extra length of strips? https://www.amazon.com/HKBAYI®-Amplifier-Controller-multi-color-Flexible/dp/B00DXIBO42/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1473814613&sr=8-13 I'm trying to centralize all my equipment in one corner of my backyard (I don't need them all powered from the same power supply and there will be different decoders for each run)...I ran 14-4 landscape electrical wire along with 14-4 speaker wire (and another 14 gauge wire to control white light) https://www.amazon.com/Cerrowire-241-1402C-100-Feet-Underground-Landscape/dp/B00FI6WZR2/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1492894818&sr=8-2&keywords=cerro+low+voltage So can I power those amplifiers with that landscape wire if it is connected to a 12 or 24v DC power supply? If so, can I connect the wire to those little amplifiers using these clips? My preference is to not run regular 125V wire and put in power supplies https://www.amazon.com/Paradise-GL22352-connector-Landscape-Lighting/dp/B005NGGG0O/ref=pd_sim_60_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B005NGGG0O&pd_rd_r=TPTZDPC9GR2QRJPNAJET&pd_rd_w=BXctG&pd_rd_wg=lDrJJ&psc=1&refRID=TPTZDPC9GR2QRJPNAJET This is the last step I need before laying out the remaining electrical wire so I can backfill and close up all the dug up areas in my backyard. Many thanks
  15. Ha...i guess you danced around it enough to warrant a hall pass on the question. Thanks
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