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  1. hi all, thanks again for all the replies. I do not use a ISP router thankfully. Since I indicated my willingness to change, they came back to the table and offered me what I was after in the first place, which was getting rid of my landline as I have not used it in 2 years and go on a lesser plan as I only use less than 300gb per month sports having an unlimited plan made no sense. originally it was either unlimited or 100gb data and the ISP router included. I told them it didn't not suit me so I will cancel my membership and try another ISP. $8hrs later, they have given me 500gb, no landline and no router for half the price which his great fo me as I don t have to do anything anymore... thanks again for all your advice
  2. Hi all, thanks heaps for the advice. I thought it was a major pain to change ISP but glad it s not. I have been putting it off but I think I will jump ships very soon. What about the account on the ea3 being under a specific email address. If I change ISP I will also loose my email adress. cheers
  3. Hi all, I am thinking of changing internet providers. What should I be aware of in regards to C4. Will I have to re configure everything?
  4. Thanks mate, i will look it up. m really annoyed that my preamp starting to play up with the HDMI as it s a super audio device otherwise.
  5. Hi guys, i have a nad m51 preamp that accepts hdmi but now it won t work or recognised 1080p signal. I have to lower the resolution to 480 or 576 for it to work. i will try to upgrade the firmware to see if this fixes it otherwise I will get a hdmi switcher. can anybody recommend a switch that is able to work or be programmed with c4 as to changes input when required.
  6. All fixed. just retired the ir as I had a broken strand. now, just need to get the new Apple TV controlled by c4
  7. Hi guys thanks for the replies. are all if the same or are some not compatible with c4. at the moment, I have the troublesome it for my tv, but forgot to add in my original post that the ir Does not go directly to the tv, but is cut and crimped to a cat6 cable as the tv is some 20m away from the ea3 controller. i think I will try a spare ir directly on the ea3 and see if it flashes. If it does, then it s safe to assume the issue is within the cable.
  8. Hi all, my c4 system has been working flawlessly for the last 2 years but all of a sudden the tv won t turn on or off. I replaced the ir emitter and it worked for a week or so then dead again. I haven t metered the voltage coming out of the controller to see if it s more of a cable or controller issue. Any body got any ideas or happened to them.. on a slightly different topic, i use to have a apple tv 3 and again all worked correctly over ip control, but i recently replaced it with the 4 th ben. Any issues with the driver for 4th ben. obviously, i ll have to get a programmer to remove the 3 and install the 4th gen driver. let me know
  9. Hi all, I have been away from the C4 forum for a while. I am wondering if I have missed an update or something as last time i jumped on the control4 website, it appears that spotify is now integrated with C4 natively? Am I wrong.? Is c4 available thru the EA range of controllers just like deeper, tidal..
  10. whilst o n the topic of press and tap, i have a question. I have a multi keypad button controlling (just on/off), family lights, dining, kitchen, bench top lights, flood lights and a lamp. It works great, no issues at all. But m I able to control different location by any chance by means of x2 press or hold or can the multi key pad control other light loads, such as pool, deck, garage...ie:, the single press, turns the light on off in living, family, flood light, dining, lamp and dining and double tap turns the light in the pool, garage, deck...? I was about to buy a few more multi keypad buttons to control all the other lights but if i can halves the amount of keypad thanks to the x2 press it would be great. regards
  11. Hi zap hold, just did a search on led strip and your post fought my eye, especially with the Dresden Elektronik controller. I already have a hue system integrated and running with c4. Does the Dresden Elektronik controller simply tie in the hue app and then do I simply get the dealer to integrate it in c4? and can in purchase any led strip to work with it? I have three large sliding doors that i want to put strips above, so does it mean I need 3 controllers or can I simply buy one and have all three strips connected to it ( around 15m all up). regards
  12. dave, thanks for the heads up and glad i don t need to reconfigure everything. I like your idea of the injector, looks like a winner. My only reasoning for the ubiquity poe switch as that the unify AP have a particular poe, so thought that i would keep it all the same to make things easier. I have emailed the ubiquity dealer in regards to the poe requirements for the AP and cameras. In the end they may not even be the same thus might get something like you mentioned. EJN1, glad you r happy with it. didn't even know they had a driver for them. I was going to get the ben software which i believe also has a driver. Are you using them with their native nvr or something different? Jfizzle, same findings as you. I love those unify AP, they are great and such a good coverage. So much better than off the shelf gear..I am trying to convince a mate to ditch his apple time capsule and get some unify AP>>
  13. Hi gents and ladies, I currently have a no issues at all with my network or wifi. I have a off the shelf netgaer modem/router that i turn off the wifi so only use it as a modem. From there it s connected to a 24 port nether switch which then i have 2 unify AC LR access point. the wifi is rock solid everywhere in the house and also quite a fair bit away in the garden. I am about to purchase and install a few ip cameras ( probably the ubiquity range of G3)which are POE and use the security spy software from ben software. to have 4 cameras powered over ethernet i will thus have to buy a poe injector for each camera or a 4 port poe switch. The current unify AP are also poe via seperate injectors. My idea was to ditch the 24 port netgear switch and get a 24 port unify with poe as to remove the current seperate injectors for the AP and power the cameras. Question A: will I have to get the dealer to reconfigure everything as no longer the same switch or it s only if i change modem/router? Question B: Is there any real advantages to ditch the netgear modem/router in favour of a ubiquity modem, which means i d be redoing my whole network system again.? Question C: anybody tried the ubiquity cameras?
  14. ok, thanks heaps for the reply and the heads up. ever made a comparison between hue by any chance and do the wifi switches and device work generally better than the bulbs/controller kits. i am leaning more towards the wifi devices as i now have a strong wifi coverage courtesy of 2 x unify AC AP, where as if using the controller and bulbs, id be stuck with one location. regards
  15. Hey mate, May be interested in them. - 1: would you consider shipping them to Australia? - 2: are they 240V? -3: most importantly, how do they work in the whole scheme of things, are they temperamental and do they integrate well with c4. I heard that earlier versions were a bit hit and miss. regards
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