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  1. You guys are right! I wasn't making any connections in the "Connections" section, because I didn't knew it was necessary to do so, but know the "Watch" option is available. Since the Tivo Series 3 driver is open source I'll try to adapt it to my cable TV provider, I think it is only necessary to adapt the commands table and not much.
  2. Does it?! When I add a cable driver like "TiVo Series 3/4/5 [iP]" it doesn't show any interface in Control4. Can you point me one driver that has a full interface? I want to control my cable device (post #3) with something like the image attached, but I only have that interface if I use a TV driver.
  3. Well... but neither appears on Control4 interface that's why I'm thinking of going with a TV driver. Attached, is the device for which I'm developing this driver. Basically, I have power connected to input 9, HDMI (input 5) connected to HDMI1 from my TV and the cable signal connected to input 2. My goal is to have something like this in Control4 interface to control this device (but not the TV!). Do you think this could be done?
  4. That worked very well, thank you. Last question, when I unplug Ethernet cable the driver doesn't go offline in Composer but stops working (obviously!) but when I plug the cable again, it runs every commands that were entered while unpluged. Is there any "dump" function I can use or a way to detect if the cable is plugged or not?
  5. Thank you RyanE, for your always helpful replies. I ended up using the second option and not PersistData. Just have one question which I don't find an answer to. When director restarts any devices online, go offline and online again? Drivers restart has if they were added to a project for the first time? I ask this because I'm working with an alarm system that's needs to receive the following command to accept and send commands (only at the first time is connected): C4:SendToNetwork(6001, 1002, tohex("03") .. "LI" .. Properties["Code"] .. tohex("0D"))So when director restarts I have to send
  6. Hi! Has you may guess I'm trying to use PersistData table to keep persistent data across director restarts, but I'm not getting it. function OnPropertyChanged(strProperty) if (strProperty == "Code") then codex = string.sub(Properties[strProperty], 1, -1) if (nil == PersistData) then PersistData = {} end PersistData["Code"] = codex end endIs this right? "codex" is a basic variable that it's just printed a few times (via SendToProxy): C4:SendToProxy(5001, "DISPLAY_TEXT", "<text>Code: " .. codex .. ".</text>")How can I use this? Instead of codex just use PersistData["Co
  7. Hi guys Well I'd like to develop a driver to my cable tv box (http://meo.pt/tv/experiencia-tv/equipamentos/fibra) similar to their app, which emulates a remote where is possible to change channels, volume, etc. And that's basically what I want, some way of controlling the box via 7'' touch screen from Control4. But already had a problem/question about the type of driver I should choose (Cable, Satellite or Television). What do you guys suggest?
  8. Solved, t was declared has local, just removed local and it works like a charm! One question, it's possible to have customized fields in Properties depending on the number of zones entered? (instead of one string with all names) For example one enters 10 zones, so 10 fields should appear below "Number of Zones" to name each zone.
  9. Hi guys! I've successfully implemented a function that adds dynamic bindings according to the value entered in the driver Properties. Now I'm trying to assign names to the respective zones using a string, then split it by commas. That function is already implemented although not sure if programme correctly. An example of how the string should be is attached to this topic. What I have is this: function OnPropertyChanged(strProperty) local prop = Properties[strProperty] if (strProperty == "Number of Zones") then CreateZoneBindings(tonumber(prop)) end if (strProperty == "Zones Names"
  10. Just figured it out. I was executing the CancelclsTimer() function at the beginning of other functions but just moved it to immediately after running the AddTimer and now it's working. One quick question, it's possible to get the last text sent to proxy? If so i don't need to have the variable 'proxy' to keep record of the last message sent.
  11. Well that made the driver run, but the timer it's not working. When I press '#' to clear the screen nothing happens. Could you guys please take a look to the CancelclsTimer() and OnDriverDestroyed() functions to see if they are (apparently) well coded? Thank you all for your support and help!
  12. Ok that makes sense. I just moved the lines below AddTimer to OnTimerExpired function, but know the driver does not even work. Where could be the problem? Functions like CancelclsTimer() and OnDriverDestroyed() are required? function CancelclsTimer() if (clsTimer ~= 0) then C4:KillTimer(clsTimer) end clsTimer = 0end-- code...clsTimer = 0proxy = 0-- code...for Status in string.gmatch(strData, "MD00") do alarm = nil C4:SendToProxy(5001, "DISARMED","") C4:SetVariable("AwayMode","False","") C4:SetVariable("NightMode","False","") C4:SendToProxy(5001, "DISPLAY_TE
  13. Well in this driver for an alarm, when I press "#" the screen is cleared with: elseif BUTTONMAP[buttonID] == "#" then C4:SendToNetwork(6001, 1002, tohex("03") .. "KD0C" .. tohex("0D")) C4:SendToProxy(5001, "DISPLAY_TEXT", "<text> </text>")Now I'm trying to just clear the screen for 5 seconds and display the last message. In order to do that I added a variable to track some messages that are displayed along the way. That variable is called "proxy". And I added a timer of 5 seconds between clearing the screen and display the previous message, the thing is when I pressed "#" th
  14. Ok... so my device probably doesn't support SDDP because one time I changed it's IP address and it lost contact with control4. But, and this one is just pure curiosity, if I upgrade to a device that supports SDDP I can use a dynamic IP address that it will be always connected to control4 or is necessary something special like configurations or a specific coding, etc... And for those who may read this latter I assigned a static IP address to the alarm device and it's working perfectly with control4. Thank you RyanE for your very quick and really helpful replies.
  15. Oh well I didn't knew that and the SDDP concept is new to me. Always learning... So if the alarm IP address is assigned as dynamic, and I use it to identify the alarm in Composer, if that IP changes control4 will automatically identify the device? Or it should be something done in the actual programming of the alarm driver? I'm a bit confused know...lol.
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