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  1. Reduced the price on the EA-3 to $650. Can upgrade the EA-3 to version 3, and take the 250's to 2.10.6
  2. Both HC-800's are gone. The EA-3 is looking for a new home, and the 250's would combine nicely with the touchscreens for a good starter system.
  3. Yes. Both are BL-1. EA3 does not come with the serial adapter, but I can throw one in with it for an extra $20.
  4. I have the following used inventory to get rid of: 2 1 - HC-800's (2.9.1, with Rack Ears): $150 each (2 sold) 4 3 - HC-250's (all on 2.10.4): $50 each (1 sold) 1 - EA-3 (on 2.10.4): $700 $650 (reduced price) 2 - 7" In-wall Touch Screen (Model C4-TSWMC7-EG): $100 each All items are in excellent working condition and include original packaging. Pricing does not include S&H.
  5. Sorry, missed your post, yes, both are still available.
  6. Both of them have licenses, just need a dealer to register the controller to an account for you.
  7. Still have the HC-800's sitting on shelves, cutting the price of them to $200 each.
  8. PayPal Details View File Details Submitter Mntneer Submitted 07/05/2018 Category Documents  
  9. The Wireless Music Bridge has been sold. The HC-800's are still available.
  10. I've got 2 HC-800's pulled from systems, both on 2.9.1, and come with original packaging. One has rack mount ears included. $300 each. I've also got 1 Wireless Music Bridge (C4-WMB-B) that we never used. $30.
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