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  1. Sorry, missed your post, yes, both are still available.
  2. Both of them have licenses, just need a dealer to register the controller to an account for you.
  3. Still have the HC-800's sitting on shelves, cutting the price of them to $200 each.
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  5. The Wireless Music Bridge has been sold. The HC-800's are still available.
  6. I've got 2 HC-800's pulled from systems, both on 2.9.1, and come with original packaging. One has rack mount ears included. $300 each. I've also got 1 Wireless Music Bridge (C4-WMB-B) that we never used. $30.
  7. If you take the battery cover off the the remote, a small cover plate is seen attached by 2 small screws. If you remove those screws you can remove the contacts and bend them ever so slightly until they "protrude" more out of the battery cover. Might take a little trial and error, but it's what worked best for me.
  8. One thing I've noticed in some of the 260's I've gotten of late is the contacts on the remote, which make contact to the prongs on the re-charging cradle, are slightly recessed which is causing the 260's to not get a recharge from the cradle. I've had to fix 4 remotes in the past few months. Could be your 260's are not getting a good charge consistently.
  9. $125 and hour may be a little steep, but that all is market/region dependent. Sure, you can rush through installing in-ceiling speakers, but it's best to at least figure 30 minutes a speaker to make sure everything is done properly. So figure 2 hours in labor for the 4 speakers alone, another hour or two for the speaker wire, then termination, cleanup, etc. From an estimating standpoint you're looking at a day's labor. From the C4 standpoint the most important thing he (your dealer) needs to be aware of is your network. If you've got a solid and reliable network, setting up a single room with an EA-3 (or EA-1), with the equipment you listed, isn't going to take a whole lot of time. At the end of the day, you've got a room with a Kaleidescape system and some nice equipment, so don't short change the room on control or the Atmos install.
  10. Build as much as you can, program as much as you can, at your shop. Don't overthink the "scenes", as so often many go unused. Use the C4 lighting design service and go over it with the builder to simply the lighting plan. You can eliminate 3 ways which can actually lead to a "saving" on the electrical side. It also wouldn't hurt to go over house wiring in general with the electrician, as to prevent any issues with your low voltages, or them running too much out of a single gang box, or them wiring lighting circuits using switch leg drops. Alexa can be... "fun" ... it can also be a pain, aside from simple commands, don't think you're going to do everything with it. Good luck.
  11. The other added benefit of the EA3 and EA5 is better High Resolution Audio support.
  12. The EA3 is better suited if you plan on adding onto the system in the future.
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