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  1. Hi - my Rotel amp is having issues again after a prior repair. I was considering the Triad 8 zone amp to replace it, but the above comment questioning its reliability makes me nervous. What is the preferred 8 zone amp that people are using these day? Thanks! epike
  2. I currently use Spotify with Sonos and Chromecast, but we don't have C4 yet. I'm trying to figure out whether it makes more sense to continue with Spotify via what appears to be a clunky Sonos C4 driver or switching to Tidal since it's natively supported on the C4 controllers. Anyone care to share their views? Thanks, epike
  3. Any thoughts on whether it would be better to consider switching from Spotify to Tidal, since Tidal is supported natively in the C4 controllers and presumably would provide for better integration?
  4. I will be needing 3 - 4 separate streamers, as we aren't using a matrix. I already have 2 Roku Ultras. So I would just need to buy one or 2 more Rokus and a Qnap TVS471 with i3 ($1,000) or build a FreeNAS for Plex. I'm leaning toward the Qnap based on simplicity/time. I'd need 3 - 4 Nucs or Shields and a basic QNAP or Synology NAS. The rough math seems about the same for my particular situation and therefore unfortunately doesn't help with the decision. Would I need to buy a single instance of Alan's Plex or Kodi driver for my entire system, or a separate license for each streamer/C4 controller/NAS/TV etc? In other words, what dictates the number of required licenses? Thanks!
  5. Great info guys! Much appreciated. I was leaning toward Plex (I'm not quite sure why), but this is making me think twice about Kodi with Alan's driver. Cyknight and Alan - why do you prefer Kodi over Plex? What is the preferred device for Kodi? I currently have a relatively small collection in iso and I do like the menus. But I would give that up if necessary. I'm tech savvy but time is in limited supply. I just need a setup that works, that requires little of my time to add new movies and is simple enough for anyone in the family to find and watch what they want using C4 without me around to provide tech support. I'm not interested features other than movie/TV series play back. Thanks again!
  6. I'd love to hear more thoughts on the pros/cons of Plex vs Kodi!
  7. I also like the Apple TV Netflix interface better than Roku, but we could live with either. I only recently bought a Roku to experiment to help make this decision. It does seem like Roku has more to offer, but we use Netflix more than anything else and we are a split Android/iPhone house. Maybe we could have a Roku and Apple TV on each TV (we aren't doing a matrix), using Apple TV for Netflix and Airplay and Roku for everything else? On the other hand, I don't think Apple TV Netflix supports 4K, if/when that becomes relevant (we will probably only upgrade 1 TV to 4K in the near term).
  8. Thanks Elvis. Maybe "integrate" wasn't the best word. I was just trying to determine what's the most common or best way to use Spotify with C4. I don't mind Spotify Connect, but it would be nice if we didn't have to leave the C4 environment and use a second app (that's one of the reasons we are considering C4 vs using a hodge podge of other "smart" offerings). If using Spotify Connect is the best options currently available, I can live with that. epike
  9. Ok, last question :). What do you recommend for inexpensively playing movies stored on a NAS? I'm intrigued by Plex via Roku with the Chowmain Plex Full driver but I haven't used Plex before and I'm not sure how this would stack up to other options. The primary goal is something is easy enough for anyone to use. Thanks! epike
  10. What is considered the best way to integrate Netflix with C4? It looks like most people here mention Roku and Apple TV? Any guidance would be much appreciated. epike
  11. I hopefully just have a simple question - what is the best way to integrate Spotify into C4? It looks like most people here mention Sonos or Denon Heos, but it looks like the Sonos driver recently changed? Any guidance would be much appreciated. epike
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