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  1. In my case Pushover part has been working very well for months (more then 6) as close to the perfect as it gets, I actually like it better over C4 home assistant new driver. Seems to be faster. If I may ask: What is Your local network build of?? Also I would check if it wasn't me creating self repeating loop.
  2. I made it to send an email to myself, the things I have changed:: 1.Refreshed Webhooks key by copy and pasting it from IFTTT to C4s "IFTTT maker" 2.Copy Event name from IFTTT website to C4, not vise versa. Doubtful ... but
  3. I noticed this in lua command "Encrypted Driver or Execute Not Allowed" doesn't stop over applets to work, I'm mot sure what to make of it. I just created new Home Assistant to control4 applet just fot testing and worked. Can't make Control4 to IFTTT
  4. Thank you for response, I'm appreciate it. I think all of that verified by the fact pushover part is working, unless key is responsible for Webhooks only. while "Pushover Secret" and "Pushover Password" for Pushover. Can you Check screenshots above Thank you for great service
  5. Anyone using IFTTT maker and webhooks can confirm whether it is working or not???
  6. As of yesterday non of those drivers works, While Google Assistant does. And I would live to be able to trigger IFTTT by C4
  7. Check Repeating number in driver, Alternative code: should not be there, Ones I had to cover My hand, remote and processor with the towel to learn codes. ether questionable remote or environment. well You mast of knew , You start with fresh battery
  8. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or I'm doing something wrong or else. Try not to laugh. Working on controlling Ecobee thermostat over Ifttt, like many cloud based services it worked best up until it is not. and in general i want to figure out the way to outbound commands from C4 to IFTTT, I know i've done it at the time of IFTTT maker installation, just for testing,but now I can't redo it. first I would love to confirm the webhooks part of IFTTT maker still does works, A and Your fresh look at my screenshots. Thank You.
  9. Thank you. it works kind of, I can't us "percent" in the phrase , now I made it to composer part, Regarding Google API I do appreciate any input, cos I start feeling I may have all my eggs in the wrong basket, but according my research it only affects gmail and Nest. Again, Thank you. A Do appreciate You are taking time
  10. Well it seems I have hit the wall, I've been doing Google/IFTTT/Pushover for some time and last night I've decided to program dimming commands for my lighting. no matter what I do, Google's responds " Sorry I can't find any dimmable lights. You can add them in the Google Home App" I've followed Chowmain's instruction for the letter still no lack, The strange think commands like turn bedroom lights on/of works just fine hope my post is clear enough, If anyone feels in need any clarification, Just ask Thanks everyone.
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