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  1. Thank you. it works kind of, I can't us "percent" in the phrase , now I made it to composer part, Regarding Google API I do appreciate any input, cos I start feeling I may have all my eggs in the wrong basket, but according my research it only affects gmail and Nest. Again, Thank you. A Do appreciate You are taking time
  2. Well it seems I have hit the wall, I've been doing Google/IFTTT/Pushover for some time and last night I've decided to program dimming commands for my lighting. no matter what I do, Google's responds " Sorry I can't find any dimmable lights. You can add them in the Google Home App" I've followed Chowmain's instruction for the letter still no lack, The strange think commands like turn bedroom lights on/of works just fine hope my post is clear enough, If anyone feels in need any clarification, Just ask Thanks everyone.
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