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  1. The Mjpeg test worked and the stream was fine when one camera was selected. I've rolled back to v2.5.3 and the grid views updates once a minute.
  2. How slow is slow? I've had it on grid for about 3 hours with no changes.
  3. I have a few Axis P3364 cameras installed and I'm using the Axis generic fixed with H264 driver. OS is v2.6. All of the camera test functions work properly. The grid view on flash navigators never seem to update other than on a refresh of the navigators and even then it does not always take. Should I not be able to leave the grid view on and see the image update every after a certain time (5 to 30 seconds)? Is this not how the system works?
  4. Ok... that's too bad. Does anyone know if this will be changed in an update?
  5. Hi everybody. I'm new to Control4 and have a couple of questions. First, can the colored buttons that appear on the navigator or app when a device is selected be named? Secondly, can the buttons on lets say a dvd navigator screen be customized? I'm referring to the buttons "Menu", or "Eject" etc. Can more be added with other functions or can they be renamed?
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